Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 83

Zhang Xuan remembered that he had just read on that document, this Shuguang medical equipment, has always been the first brother of the medical industry in Yinzhou Province, almost which medical equipment, are from him, can be said to have earned a lot of money, this time the new medical project out, he is the most crisis one, but also the most competitive one.
After all, in terms of medical care, Aurora Medical is the professional, this point even Lin’s can not compare.
Mr. Huang laughed out loud, “Mr. Lin, you are too much of a lift for me, compared to Lin’s, I have no chance of winning.”
This kind of language offensive, almost in every business between will produce.
Zhang Xuan found a seat belonging to Lin’s, sat on his butt, and quietly watched these entrepreneurs fighting in the open.
Time slowly passed, the whole of the Chinese medicine hall also more and more people, in the second circle of seats, many physicians have been seated, entrepreneurs talking to each other’s voice is getting smaller and smaller.
Look at the second circle, almost every seated physician, followed by a young man, with an excited expression on their faces, with their qualifications, to participate in such an exchange, for them, it is a rare opportunity, whether in this exchange to learn something, or later to take out as a talking point, are able to make them proud, for this one exchange quota, each of them, also paid a lot of efforts.
A middle-aged physician wearing a white lab coat and with a long face walked in from the entrance of the Chinese medicine hall, and at the same time as this physician appeared, the sound of communication in the tube was much smaller.
“It’s Chairman Ma, the medical president of Ning Province!”
The appearance of Chairman Ma made most of the eyes within the medical tube focused on him, at the same time, those entrepreneurs, also spoke out and greeted Chairman Ma.
This time, the official project was given to the medical association to decide, and who the decision maker of the medical association was, everyone knew very well in their hearts.
President Ma nodded at the entrepreneurs and sat down on the main seat of the second circle.
Once President Ma arrived, this exchange meeting, it was time to start completely.
“Chairman Ma, shall we start then?” A physician opened his mouth and asked.
“There is no hurry.” President Ma shook his head, “Old Mr. Yan Li has not yet arrived.”
As soon as they heard the word Yan Li, the physicians present subconsciously revealed an expression of admiration, this was definitely a person who could make people stand in awe upon hearing his name.
“Old Mr. Yan will really come ah?” A physician some disbelief.
Yan Li in China’s medical status, almost every place held medical exchanges, will invite Yan Li to participate, but Yan Li did not once appear, most of these exchanges under a banner, Mr. Yan old may be present.
This “may” three words, has been a big white, but there are still many people, in order to this very little possible, countless times to participate in the exchange.
This time the Ning Province Medical Exchange, we also when Yan Li old man’s name is a gimmick only, but now listen to the meaning of President Ma, Yan old man will really come? Oh my God!
After guessing that Mr. Yan Li really will come, these original sitting posture casual physicians are slightly adjusted sitting posture, sitting straight, that look, like waiting for the teacher to walk into the classroom of elementary school students.
The agreed opening time of the exchange is two o’clock, it is now five minutes past two o’clock, none of these physicians face impatient look, but rather a face of nervousness, and expectation.
“Creak” sound.
The door of the Chinese medicine hall made a light sound, which made the physicians present all look at the direction of the door with a look of expectation.
Three completely different footsteps sounded, an old man in a black Zhongshan suit, accompanied by a man and a woman, two young people, came over.
This old man, is none other than today’s Chinese medicine sage, Master Yan Li Yan.
“It’s really old Mr. Yan!”
“Old Mr. Yan is here!”
The faces of these physicians, revealing an excited expression, standing beside their disciples, also can not hide the excitement on their faces.
After Yan Li appeared, the first time with his gaze swept around, sweeping over the faces of every new medical talent, the results let him down, that young man that day, simply not here.
As for those entrepreneurs sitting, Yan Li directly ignored.
“Mr. Yan old man, you can come, really make us shine!” President Ma hurriedly stood up and took a big step forward to greet Yan Li.
The rest of the physicians also all stood up.
Yan Li nodded, “President Ma, you are polite, and everyone, please sit down, today is to discuss academic, there is not so much polite things.”
“Yes, yes.” President Ma nodded repeatedly and invited Yan Li to the main seat, while he was seated in a side booth.
Zhang Xuan sat in the outermost circle, watching the arrival of Yan Li, his heart a little chill.
Yan Li’s medical level, Zhang Xuan has seen, the needle is very accurate, the perception of acupuncture points is also very accurate, in general, this is a super solid basic skills of the old Chinese medicine, but the brain is too pedantic, do not know how to adapt, his method of needle, completely the kind of textbook level, no mistakes, but lack of spirituality, encounter some difficult cases, it is difficult to deal with.
Such a person, now become the so-called masters, it seems that now the Chinese medicine in China, has begun to go downhill.
When Zhang Xuan studied medicine, once promised that one, to carry forward Chinese medicine in China, to carry out a new reform of this line, while not forgetting their roots, carry out innovation.
When Master Yan Li arrived, the exchange session then officially began, first by the major physicians to come up with some difficult diseases, and put forward their own insights, and then there is a common discussion, such a brainstorming, a great help to their own improvement.
What these physicians said, the entrepreneurs present could not understand, but all of them took careful note of it.
“Zhang Xuan, you have to write down what they said, later when bidding, all these things may be useful.” Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan, who was sitting beside him, idly panicking, and reminded.
“Don’t worry, these things are not useful, some small symptoms, remember these for what.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand and said with disinterest.
These physicians raised difficult and miscellaneous diseases, in Zhang Xuan’s opinion, are only some small trouble, and these physicians discuss the treatment methods, are also some books, no innovation.
Zhang Xuan has always maintained an objective attitude toward what is taught in books.
The reality is not a textbook, what is taught in the book, can be used, but can not be used to death, learn this, is only to let everyone to learn from one example.
Lin Qinghan saw Zhang Xuan this way, some regret shook his head, it seems that this person’s mind, or not in this ah, she looked at Zhang Xuan a few eyes, did not speak again.

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