Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 982

Zhang Xuan turned around and reached out to put his arms around Lin Qinghan’s thin waist.
The woman who was asleep immediately felt the big hand on her waist, when she was touched by someone in her sleep, she was extremely sensitive and let out a soft chick.
“Yeah~” The woman’s soft chirp came into Zhang Xuan’s ears, like a potion of strong medicine.
“Wife.” Zhang Xuan cried softly in Lin Qinghan’s ear.
The slight breath flicked on Lin Qinghan’s earlobe, the itching sensation made Lin Qinghan unconsciously develop a layer of goose bumps, and the man-specific breath made her feel a little soft.
Zhang Xuan strongly hugged the woman’s waist and brought himself closer to her. This is a stunner, a stunner enough to make any man crazy. She is a queen in the company, but at this moment, it is the same. Just like a well-behaved kitten.
“Sister! Brother-in-law!” An energetic voice suddenly sounded outside the door, and it was Xu Wan’s. “What time is this, why are you still sleeping? Many people come to pay New Year’s greetings, and they can’t see you both.” “When Zhang Xuan heard this voice, he sighed suddenly, “It’s okay, don’t make a noise, this is out.”
Although Lin Qinghan didn’t make a sound, she could still see the look of loss in her eyes.
Having been married for so long and still in good health, but they haven’t had sex with each other until now, such a couple can’t find a few in the hot summer.
Regarding the matter with Zhang Xuan, Lin Qinghan has always had a knot in her mind. She always feels that Zhang Xuan does not belong to her. The policewoman in the Shennongjia tomb last time, including her girlfriend Milan, had been with him. The kind of feelings that are unclear, and he is obviously a husband and wife with whom he has been certified, but there is always such a layer of paper that has not been pierced.
The two got up, put on their clothes, opened the door, and saw Xu Wan wearing a red knee-length down jacket, especially festive, with broken hair on her shoulders, her eyes narrowed into crescent shapes, and she looked cute, just like those The seller show pictures in a certain treasure are the same, but there is still no P.
Xu Wan saw two people, then opening said: “Sister, brother, I said you guys this great New Year to work too hard ah, brother is physically strong, but some loss, starting from the inside.”
While saying Now, Xu Wan looked at Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan with an ambiguous look.
“You Nizi, you thought badly all day.” Zhang Xuan stretched out his index finger and gave Xu Wan a thud.
“Oh!” Xu Wan covered her smooth forehead and exclaimed, her bright eyes full of grievances, “Brother-in-law, what I said is the truth, it’s almost ten o’clock, you two are still out of bed. People are here for seven or eight waves, and I haven’t seen my sister.”
“I’ll tell you, your sister and I are the purest love in the world!” Zhang Xuan patted his chest and slapped the guarantee with a serious face. , This is the most confident sentence he said.
Xu Wan curled her lips and looked up and down Zhang Xuan, “Come on, brother-in-law, my sister is such a beauty, if you two are in a pure love, I will doubt you.”
“What are you talking about? “Lin Qinghan quickly reprimanded, “When you were in college, you didn’t study well every day, right.”
“Hehe.” Xu Wan covered her mouth and smiled, “Sister, you have also been to college, and you are a little white flower as a college student. , Haha.”
Xu Wan turned around, brought a gust of fragrance, and ran away in a hurry.
Both Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan looked helpless.
Countless luxury cars are parked in front of the Lin family compound.
In the past few years, every Chinese New Year, many people would come to Lin’s family to pay New Year’s greetings. After all, Lin Zhengnan’s identity, but the leader of the Yinzhou business community, but the number of people who came to visit the New Year this year is far more than the sum of previous years.
Overnight, Lin became the richest man in the business world in the summer. This was a transcendent advancement of his status, and Lin announced several big plans a year ago, such as cooperation with two major companies in the capital, and some With regard to the other channels discussed, it is no exaggeration to say that Lin used the 500 billion of circulating funds to complete a leap-forward transformation from a domestic enterprise to a multinational enterprise, including Faguo. The partner company also issued a statement that it will make further progress in cooperation with Lin’s.
As a result, Lin’s immediately became the top company in the entire Yanxia. Although Lin’s background is not deep enough, it can be expected that within a year, Lin’s will inevitably be on par with those old-fashioned companies in the summer and give Lin more For some time, with Lin’s current liquidity, even if Lin’s current connections and channels are not as good as those of established companies, it will be a matter of time before he surpasses.
In this way, there are very many people who come to the Lin Family to pay New Year’s Eve this year. Not only local enterprises in Xixia Province, but also neighboring provinces, are all coming today.
In the main hall of the Lin family, countless gifts can no longer be placed, ranging from top-quality jade bracelets to large mountain and sea screens, all of which are good treasures that money can’t buy.
At the main table where Lin Zhengnan was sitting, the business cards were almost piled up into a hill.
Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan walked into Lin’s main hall.
Those guests who were still sitting in the main hall of Lin’s family all got up when they saw Lin Qinghan, greeted them one after another, and said New Year’s greetings.
Lin Qinghan also responded with a smile one by one.
Zhang Xuan shook his head. He didn’t like this kind of occasion, and it was very troublesome to deal with it, so he simply found a corner to stay.
Lin Qinghan has seen such scenes a lot, and he can handle it with ease.
Outside the Lin Family Courtyard, a luxurious Rolls Royce parked in front of the Lin Family Courtyard.
The car door opened, and Zu Xian, wearing a black suit, got out of the car. Zu Xian’s hair was behind his head, and the whole person looked very energetic.
Four bodyguards dressed in black followed Zu Xian, all of them hellwalkers.
Zu Xian glanced at the gate of the Lin family in front of him, and muttered: “The Lin family…” After that, Zu Xian stepped into the gate of the Lin family, and four bodyguards followed Zu Xian.
9bbfe374 Zu Xian strode forward and went straight to Lin’s hall.
Walking into the hall, the house full of people, Zu showed his eyes and looked around, and finally settled on Zhang Xuan who was sitting in the corner.
After seeing Zhang Xuan, Zu Xian strode over, ignoring everyone in the hall, including Lin Qinghan.
Zhang Xuan looked at Zu Xian, who was tidying up and carrying bodyguards, and didn’t say anything. It was just a hint of breath that was inadvertently revealed on Zu Xian’s body, which made Zhang Xuan slightly surprised.
As a person who crawled out of the sea of ​​blood in Shishan Mountain, Zhang Xuan could see a certain degree of change in a person at a glance, but with this glance, Zhang Xuan was sure that Zu Xian’s hand was dead!
Zu Xian strode to Zhang Xuan’s body and knelt down on one knee, “The disciple Zu Xian, I have seen Master!”

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