My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 106

“Are you blind? This is the car you ordered?” The bodyguard yelled, and stopped Chuck.
Her mother is a bodyguard, even the car will admit mistakes?
Do you want to do it?
“Yeah, did your kid deliberately? You don’t need to follow a star! It’s so shameless.”
“Oh, fuck, does this kid like Zabrina too much? So he chases stars this way?”
“Sure, how red Zabrina is recently?”
“I will do the same next time.”
The onlookers nearby started talking, some were envious, some were contemptuous.
Zabrina frowned, she saw more of this way of chasing stars.
When she was on the plane just now, she just thought that Chuck was someone who had never done a plane. She was not disgusted, but just thought it was fun, so she took the video specially, but now Chuck came over and said that the car was his order, Ye Zi Mei is a little angry.
She cooperates with a hotel all the year round. As long as she comes to the capital, the hotel will send a Mercedes-Benz to greet him. She knows the driver. How could he make it?
“Mr., if you make trouble so unreasonably, you will be at your own risk!” Zabrina said. She was too tired today and just wanted to sleep, but this person actually blocked herself!
“This car is really my order, I have a phone.” Chuck was going to ask Betty for sure.
Zabrina interrupted Chuck in irritation, “Don’t be so troublesome. You insist that you decide it. Okay, I ask this driver brother, he always knows who he will pick up?”
“Well, you ask,” Chuck didn’t care.
“Brother driver, who are you here to pick up?” Zabrina looked at the driver in the car.
“Of course I came here to pick you up.” The driver’s brother gave Chuck a contemptuous look. He just wanted to talk. Their hotel is one of the top ten hotels in Beijing, and it’s not affordable for ordinary people.
“Have you heard?” Zabrina was even more angry, wasting so much time with this person?
“I warn you! Go away!” The bodyguard scolded, and immediately escorted Zabrina to sit in.
Several bodyguards also sat in.
“Drive!” Zabrina said coldly.
The driver’s eldest brother started to drive Zabrina to the hotel. Zabrina cast a look at Chuck in the rearview mirror and snorted softly!
Chuck touched his nose, so Zabrina was in the same hotel as himself?
“Did I? This kid just pretended to be talking to Zabrina, really shameless!”
“That is, the key is to be shameless and you can come in contact with Zabrina so close, I really envy you!”
“He didn’t look at it either. The hotel where Zabrina stayed was tens of thousands a night. How could it be affordable for ordinary people?”
“Hey, shameless people are invincible in the world!”
The onlookers at the nearby airport immediately despised Chuck. Who are these people!
Can you think of any way to strike up a conversation in this way? What kind of shame is this dog?
At this time, Chuck’s cell phone rang, and Chuck took it out to see that it was an unfamiliar number. Chuck answered, and a respectful voice came from inside, “Hello, is it Mr. Chuck? Wait a minute. , I see you!”
Chuck glanced around and saw a Rolls Royce not far away slowly approaching, and slowly stopped in front of Chuck.
“Fuck! Rolls Royce!!”
“Is this here to pick him up?”
“Impossible, how could Rolls-Royce come and pick him up?”
The people nearby were surprised. This car is really beautiful. Who do they think is welcoming a big person? How can you meet Chuck who just pretended to be slapped by Zabrina?
In the next second, they were all stunned, with their mouths open, enough to put an egg in!
I saw a man in a suit came down, respectfully took over the luggage in Chuck’s hand, carefully put the luggage in the trunk, and then opened the door for Chuck.
Chuck sat in, and the man immediately drove, for fear that Chuck would wait a second, this Rolls-Royce slowly drove Chuck away from the airport…
The whole process, only respect! Unspeakable caring service.
After more than ten seconds, the people who witnessed this scene will be overwhelmed, but there are still many people who are dumbfounded!
How is this possible?
“Really, Zabrina is a popular star nowadays. The hotel only uses Mercedes-Benz S-Class to pick up and drop off. But this person, the hotel actually dispatched Rolls-Royce? He is more VIP than Zabrina?”
“Isn’t it possible? Rousslaus welcomes the treatment that can only be enjoyed by the highest distinguished guests in ordinary hotels! He actually enjoyed it once!”
“Hey, that car really didn’t pick him up just now. People have a more advanced Rolls-Royce. How can they ride so many low-grade Mercedes-Benz S-Class?”
“I want to know how Zabrina would react if she knew about this!”
“Haha, I also want to know… I want to know who this person is even more! That’s awesome, Rolls-Royce picks up, envy!”

“This car is very good.” Chuck’s first feeling in this car is luxury, quiet, and indescribable comfort.
This is really different from Chuck’s BMW 7 Series. It’s so enjoyable that Chuck wants to buy a car of this type.
But when this idea came up, Chuck shook his head, and waited until his square started to make money, then he could buy it with his own money.
“Mr. Chuck joked. As Mr. Chuck, our hotel is too ashamed. The car sent out doesn’t match your identity. Don’t mind it.” The driver showed a hint of humility.
Chuck smiled and shook his head. Tonight, get a good night’s sleep, and then go to Yvette tomorrow.
The car quickly arrived at a five-star hotel, similar to my mother’s hotel, both of which were very high-end.
When the car drove to the door, the man got out of the car and opened the door for Chuck. Chuck smiled and shook his head, “No, thank you, I will go to the room by myself. Go and rest yourself.”
Chuck got out of the car by himself, opened the trunk, took out his backpack, and walked directly in. It was too late and there was no need to bother others.
The driver’s eldest brother was surprised. He had already got out of the car and saw Chuck enter by himself. He exclaimed, “This Mr. Chuck is really easy-going, much better than many rich second generations… I can meet him. , Really lucky.”
Chuck went to the front desk to declare his identity. A waiter immediately led Chuck. Chuck took the room card and shook his head, “No, I’ll go up by myself.”
Presidential suite, this is the room Betty ordered for him.
He went up by himself in the elevator.
Zabrina had just got out of the elevator. She lived in the presidential suite all year round. She had reserved that room all the time. She walked to that room. At this time, her mobile phone rang and it was her agent.
“How is it? Is it there yet?” The agent’s voice was on the phone.
“Nothing happened today, right?” The economic man asked. In the past, there were all kinds of fans. There should be some weird things today, right?
“Yes, I met someone who made me angry.” Zabrina said.
“is it?”
“Yeah, when I was on the plane, someone had booked first class, and he had been playing with Coke, that’s fine. When I came out, he robbed me of the car!” Zabrina said.
“This kind of weird thing? Let the bodyguard teach him!” said the agent.
“Forget it, he is pitiful enough. He probably likes me. He bought me a plane ticket for the same trip, and it is still first class. He should have spent all the money he has saved for a long time, but he used the way of grabbing the car with me. Strike up a conversation, this method makes me especially disgusted! This kind of person, I don’t bother to say it. A fan!” Zabrina walked to the door of her room, and she took out her room card.
“Get used to it. The company asked me to help you read the script. I’m busy, and you have to attend the party tomorrow. If you go to bed early, I will call you tomorrow.”
“it is good.”
Zabrina hung up the phone, she opened the door and went in, but from the corner of her eye she saw a person approaching, and her brows immediately rose. Why was it him again?
“What do you want to do? Are you sick? I’ll call the police if you do this!” Zabrina was wary, how could there be such a silly fan? Is this person abnormal?
Chuck tilted his head and glanced at her, opened the door of a presidential suite with his room card, and walked in directly.

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