My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 248

The elevator was dark.
Murong Qing, who was teased by Chuck, was particularly angry. “Can you not be so disgusting?”
Chuck shrugged, he was joking, and he wouldn’t really touch Murong Qing, he thought, such a woman, Chuck could not touch him.
Murong Qing’s figure is good, but what has been said, everyone has said, don’t like to do anything with her younger, what is Chuck’s cheeky? What is the difference between that and Qiang?
Besides, Chuck Rong doesn’t like the character of Murong Qing.
Chuck didn’t speak, the elevator was very quiet, but Chuck heard Murong Qing’s shortness of breath, Chuck asked, “President Murong, what’s wrong with you?”
“Who made you call me president?” Murong Qing’s voice was as cold as ice.
Chuck heard it, but Murongqing’s voice was not right. What did it do?
“OK, OK, I won’t stop calling, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck thought of it. Was anyone afraid to stay in a small dark space, so he felt afraid?
It may be that Chuck took out his mobile phone, turned on the flashlight, and saw that Murong Qing had sweat on his forehead, and Murong Qing beauty stared at Chuck.
“It’s okay,” Murong Qing’s voice changed a little.
“Say something, don’t be afraid, someone will come to repair the elevator right away,” Chuck shrugged. He was not afraid of it.
“Yes.” Murong Qing was a little tangled, and whispered, “You talk, I stay in this place, I’m not used to it.”
Chuck didn’t have much to say. In addition to talking about her, she didn’t have the idea just now.
“You will feel sick when I speak,” Chuck said honestly.
“Then you can avoid saying disgusting things, and say something else?” Murong Qing said.
“Then please, I will say.” Chuck looked at her in the dark.
“You’re so disgusting,” Murong Qing stepped aside and didn’t want to rely on Chuck so close, asking you for a word?
“Did you not ask me to beg you last time? I beg you too.”
Murong Qingmei looked over and said, “Please beg me.”
This was overbearing, and Chuck grumbled, “You are too unreasonable. Who will be your boyfriend? Does it require you to do that kind of things before you can cooperate?”
“What do you think of all day?” Murong cleared.
Chuck shrugged, “It’s normal for men and women, don’t you think about it?”
Murongqing was choked, she had no confidence, she has been dreaming in recent days, she is almost collapsed, why do you think so? Or was he saved twice by this little man and his heart was rippling? Murongqing couldn’t figure it out himself.
“If you don’t speak, you’re thinking about it.” Chuck smiled and came over. It’s human nature.
Chuck dreamed about Aunt Logan last night.
Seeing Chuck’s aggressive, Murong Qing was even hotter, “Don’t say it.”
“Haha,” Chuck smiled, really thinking? Yes, Murong Qing is 30 years old. It is normal to have ideas.
“What are you laughing at?” Murong Qingmei stared at Chuck.
Chuck smiled and said nothing, but when he saw Murong Qing’s face, he was a little bit pale. He didn’t joke, “Don’t be afraid, someone will come to save us soon.”
“Who’s afraid?” Murong Qing turned around, his voice unconsciously lowered.
She felt Chuck approaching, and Murong Qing said, “Don’t be so close to me.”
“You still owe me twice to sleep with you?”
“Not forgotten.”
“It’s bad luck for me, arms around you, it’s your next time.” Chuckke didn’t want Murong Qing to collapse in such a place.
He didn’t need to see this. He heard that this kind of phobia was very uncomfortable. He would defeat her heart defense step by step. Has Murong Qing been abused in this respect as a child?
“Don’t touch me.” Murongqing struggled, but Chuck didn’t do anything about her. Murongqing didn’t struggle anymore, and she felt a lot of restlessness settled down.
Indeed, such an environment reminded her of her childhood and was locked up in school by her classmates. At night, she curled herself up and was crying and sleeping in the classroom.
At that time, Murong Qing, ten years old, was unforgettable. The current situation made Murong Qing think of the night at that time.
“President Murong, you…”
“Don’t call me president, I am not your boss.” Murong Qing shook his head.
Chuck was surprised. Murongqing’s voice suddenly became so gentle? This feels pretty good, but wouldn’t it be a hug, just hug her tenderly?
Chuck looked down at her, Murong Qingmei’s eyes were closed, “Continue talking,”
“You have a good figure,” Chuck said. This is Chuck’s sincere feeling now. After all, hug her, how could you not feel it?
“Disgusting,” Murong Ching opened her eyes and struggled a bit, how to say, she was originally resisted in her heart, because she really hated the young man close to her, but she wanted to struggle, but how to say At this time, Murong Qing felt held by Chuck, as if Chuck saved her own feeling for the first time at that time.
She struggled a little bit reluctantly.
Chuck smiled, “I praise you.”
“Who made you compliment? Don’t touch me again if you are sick,” Murongqing said.
Of course Chuck let go of her, he doesn’t have to ask for fun, this woman, just doesn’t know how good a man is.
Murongqing felt that the soft embrace suddenly disappeared, and she turned to stare at the policy, “You are disgusting.”
Chuck was speechless, but after a few minutes, the rescued person had not come. He found that Murong Qing’s face was paler, and there were trembling marks. She bit her lip and closed her eyes to endure anything.
Chuck sighed, his heart was still too soft, he walked over and hugged Murong Qing again, this time, Murong Qing did not refuse, let Chuck hold her like this, her restless heart gradually settled.
“Don’t be afraid.” Chuck comforted.
“Well, I’m not afraid.” Murong Qing said softly.
This situation lasted for more than ten minutes, Chuck finally heard the movement, someone outside was opening the elevator, Chuck was relieved, and she could finally release her, after all, embracing a beautiful woman is very uncomfortable.
Fortunately, Chuck was pure once, and the first time she met the beauty, she didn’t think about it.
Murong Qing was a little empty in his heart. He was surrounded by Chuck and didn’t do anything, but it felt good. For a long time, he was not embraced by men for many years…
The elevator door opened and Xiao Shan came in anxiously. He just waited below and found that Chuck had not come down. He waited a long time before he realized that Chuck was trapped in the elevator.
“Master Chuck, are you okay?” Xiao Shan was nervous.
“Chuck,” Yolanda also worried.
But the two of them saw that Murong Qing was silent and Chuck didn’t care. They were curious.
What happened in the elevator just now?
“It’s okay, you can go out.” Chuck didn’t have anything. He just felt hugged around the beauty and nothing else.
Chuck followed the others and came back to see that Murong Qing didn’t move. He said,
“Murong Qing, okay, don’t you come out yet?”
“En.” Murong Qing came out. Chuck and Yolanda walked up the stairs to the parking lot.
Murong Qing followed him. Now he had to go through the land handover procedures. Chuck took out the key and Yolanda sat in.
Xiao Shan had been waiting in his own car for a long time. Chuck’s background was so great that he could not afford it!
Chuck was ready to get on the bus, and Murong Qing said, “Chuck, thank you just now, what do you want, I will give it to you,”
This is to repay.
Chuck shook his head. It was uncomfortable just now, but it was also quite enjoyable. “It’s a trivial matter, there is no need to ask for anything, let’s say…”
“What more?” Murong Qingmei looked over.
“I said you would say I’m sick again.” Chuck shook his head.
“Well, you said, I can make you sick.” Murong Qing said.
“Well, embracing you uncomfortably and comfortably, is this sentence disgusting?” Chuck asked.
“It’s okay.” Murong Qing said, “However, it’s a little disgusting.”
Chuck is helpless, but also feel sick? Praise you. Forget it. After Chuck finished speaking, he got into the car and he drove with Xiao Shan to go through the remaining formalities.
Chuck left, Murong Qing sat in her car, and felt that she was also uncomfortable with the matter just now. How can she be hugged by a man with so many young men? And it’s the actor in her dream recently. She is even more uncomfortable. Fortunately, she had no idea just now, otherwise the situation in the car last time will appear again, and Murong Qing will collapse,
“Chuck…” Murong Qing said, suddenly laughing, “Little disgusting man…”

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