My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 315

Chuck couldn’t stand the woman’s grievances, but he came here just for Yvette, otherwise, Chuck could only grieve others.
“How can you do this?” Yvette Ran continued to ask, and the more he asked, the more wronged he was.
Chuck was also embarrassed to say that Chuck admitted that he was wrong. What he said was that he really promised Yvette Ran to come over, which was also his promise to Yvette Ran.
“Where are you going, I’ll accompany you, is this the main office?” Yvette Ran made a step back, and it was a big deal. She didn’t want to go where she wanted to play last night.
“Okay, but I don’t know where to go. I’ll open a room first,”
Chuck didn’t want to wander around blindly, he could only wait at the hotel, so that his heart would not bother him, otherwise he would be more anxious to wait for Betty’s phone call in so many places.
“How can you do this?” Yvette Ran blushed, saying that he had to open a room with himself for a long time? Is this too fast?
Unexpectedly, you sneered Yvette Ran.
“How am I doing?” Chuck was strange, what happened? What’s wrong with what I just said? Is she blushing?
“Can’t be so fast, you have to see if it’s not suitable for me. How can it be so fast?”
She thinks that, she admitted, she took the initiative to let Chuck out this time, she felt that she might be a little interesting to Chuck, she was peeped by Chuck when she was studying, and she was angry last time, but she felt I still feel it. At least in the bar that day, Chuck’s line figure really attracted her.
This is something that she can’t escape. How to say that she has a good figure and people can do it, it’s a bit ugly. Everything else is fine.
Yvette Ran thinks so.
But she didn’t plan to give Chuck her body this time!
This is too fast, what if it is not appropriate?
Chuck finally understood what Yvette Ran meant. After a long time, she thought she would go out to open a house with her? How can Chuck have that thought? Yvette Ran is young and beautiful, but Chuck doesn’t like her at all and doesn’t have any feelings. How could he mention this with a cheek?
Besides, last time I saw Yvette Ran in front, she was slapped by her, and Chuck didn’t want to be beaten again.
“Don’t think about it anymore. I said that it was you who opened the house, and I opened one. I had to wait for someone to call. Forget it. Tell me. I came here to find someone and found my wife.” Chuckzhi said.
“What? Your wife? Are you married?” Yvette Ran was shocked. how can that be? She knows Chuck’s age, it is impossible to get married, because she is not young!
“Well,” Chuck doesn’t have to deny it. His wife is Yvette.
Yvette Ran hummed, “Well, a ghost, I only believe you have a girlfriend, wife, are you stupid?”
With that in mind, Yvette Ran felt wronged. You actually have a girlfriend. You still grabbed me in front of you, twice.
Chuck didn’t say much, “Will you go?”
“Okay, let’s go.” Yvette Ran pouted and took Chuck to open the room, but she said seriously,
“Hey, you have your wife. You won’t be allowed to look at me and peek!”
Chuck looked back at her. Was Chuckxin wronged? What is peeping? Is it your own bow body every time?
Chuck didn’t say much. Forget it. It seemed to me. But when I arrived at the nearest hotel, there was only one room. I went to several places to ask. There was only one room. It was even full.
Chuck muttered and Yvette Ran blushed. Don’t look at me, can you have any thoughts on me…”
Chuck didn’t have it, so he can only continue to find…
After finding the night, Yvette Ran was exhausted. “Forget it, I’ll open a room with you. I’ll sleep on the bed. You sleep on the ground.”
Yvette Ran actually has friends, but why? Come here with Chuck, can’t you be alone?
Chuck thinks it’s okay, anyway, he has no interest in Yvette Ran, but ah, if Yvette Ran walks around the room in sexy clothes, let alone Chuck, even a man can’t stand it, how to say Yvette Ran’s figure is still very good, although not as good as Yvette, Logan, Murong Qing, and even Zelda…
However, the two entered a hotel, Yvette Ran took out his ID card to open the room, Chuck finally received a call from Betty, said Yvette finally went to a company, but never came out.
This made Chuck anxious and never came out again? All night, what happened?
“Hey, what are you doing? What did you run out for?” Yvette Ran saw Chuck suddenly ran out.
She was shocked and ran out with her, “Hey, what are you doing?”
“You open the room and rest, I have something to go out.” Chuck stopped a taxi on the side of the road, opened the door, and went in, but Yvette Ran also came in. “No, you must have opened me deliberately, to find the young woman Murong Qing. Right? I don’t want it!”
Chuck is speechless, is Murong Qing not a young woman? She hasn’t gotten married yet, but this sentence will be heard by Murong Qing.
But Yvette Ran came up, there was no choice but to let her follow.
Said the address, the taxi drove past.
Soon it was just the downstairs of the company that Betty said, Chuck had never been here, but Yvette Ran was curious, how many times did she come to Hong Kong? I definitely know that this company is very capable, and the boss is rich!
“Chuck, don’t tell me, this company is yours?” Yvette Ran is very serious, maybe the boss behind the scenes may also be.
“Ah…” Chuck was ready to say no, he had never been to Huagang, how could there be a company?
“Haha, are you kidding me? The boss of this company is Xiao Shihao. How could it be him?”
The taxi brother smiled first. This is the way young people now chase women?
“How is it impossible? I tell you, he is very rich!” Yvette Ran was angry, so why should I say Chuck?
“Well, if you have money, please pay the fare.” The big brother of the taxi laughed sarcastically.
He has seen such people a lot.
“To you.” Yvette Ran hummed out the money for the fare, and Chuck took the money out, but Yvette Ran gave it first.
“You don’t need to pay, come out quickly!” Yvette Ran came out carrying his luggage, of course, Chuck is also the same, but this time, the company has closed, because it is more than nine o’clock in the evening, but what does Yvette come here to do? ?
“Chuck, what are you doing here?” Yvette Ran asked. The boss she hadn’t seen before, certainly had more money than her family, plus Yvette Ran’s family was not here, so they couldn’t get in touch at all.
“Find my wife.” Chuck walked in, but was stopped by the building security.
“Hey, is your wife working here or something else?” Yvette Ran caught up.
“No.” Chuck looked up. Betty said the company was the whole building. The two people who monitored Yvette saw Yvette come in, but were killed.
That is to say, Yvette went in, but never came out.
Chuck wanted to force in, but Yvette Ran grabbed Chuck, “Don’t mess up, the police are here quickly, and you will be done when someone calls the police.”
This was also considered by Chuck, but Yvette was inside, and Chuck was worried and didn’t want to wait for a minute.
Chuck began to find a way. At this time, the elevator door was opened, and the security guard immediately respected, “Mr. Xiao…”
“This should be the boss, you ask him!” Yvette Ran said.
Chuck also saw it. When he walked over, Betty sent a message and said that the boss was the person. Then Yvette came to find him, and it must be him. Chuck asked, “Do you know a person named Yvette?”
Chuck was nervous.
The man glanced at Chuck, and there was a killer in his eyes. He had never seen Chuck, but since he asked Yvette, then he was not stupid and instantly thought of Yvette’s husband Chuck, the son of Karen Lee. .
How dare you come here?
“I know, but left an hour ago,” the man said.
Chuck frowned, and Betty said that those two people could not be contacted, and it was resolved.
So was this man doing it? Ten out of nine.
When the man finished speaking, he went outside, and Chuck stopped him. “Wait, Yvette hasn’t come out yet. What’s wrong with Yvette?”
Chuck’s eyes have become cold. If Yvette is in trouble, Chuck will kill his family! Didn’t come out all night, Chuck had to think about the bad place, was he caught, imprisoned, or killed? ?

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