My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 365

After Ouyang Fei said “I reject you”, she felt happy.
This should have been the case. Only Ouyang Fei can choose a man, and no man can set her off. This means of attracting her attention is really rubbish.
She was uncomfortable looking at Chuck originally. At this time, she felt particularly cool!
Huh, hit your face hard, right?
Was it at this time that I rejected it, and you were sad and dead? Despair is dead?
Are you ready to ask me? Want to confess to me affectionately? Tell you, I will still refuse you! !
Ouyang Fei’s thoughts made her feel proud!
“You don’t have to refuse,” Chuck was shocked for a long time. This woman is really bad. When did she attract her attention? When did you like her?
Is there paranoia?
I’ve been around her all over the world?
Betty is also speechless, she heard it, this girl! So confident!
Young Master’s girlfriend, Yvette is prettier than you, and he is better than you.
You can’t compete with Yvette except you are a little younger than Yvette.
What’s more, Karen Lee also introduced Logan. Logan’s gentleness is not comparable to your little self-girl.
The young master does not lack women, would like this little girl?
Betty thought it was impossible.
“Anyway, I refused you. Whatever you do to make up is useless. Anyway, I won’t like you!” Ouyang Fei was proud, still covering up?
It is no use dying for face, I have pierced you.
“You just refuse, but don’t get me wrong, I never liked you.” Chuck said with a shrug.
Ouyang Fei frowned, “Are you still pretending? I’m a school flower!”
“What are you doing? I don’t take it seriously,” Chuck said. “You just said that I invited the whole school to drink milk tea. It was for you. I think you made a mistake. I didn’t know you when I asked. How can I ask you to drink?” Milk tea?”
“Don’t know me? What are you pretending? As soon as I came in, the whole school knew my name. What are your men thinking, do you not know me?” Ouyang Fei sneered and felt ridiculous!
She understands the idea of a man too well. She knows well in front of many men.
She clearly knows that Chuck’s idea is that when he went to school, he was attracted by his own beauty and his body, so he made a series of Things come out.
“You are just asking me, but I didn’t drink, you can only think of another way. You actually asked where I lived. You went to squat in advance to create the illusion of accidentally encountering me. This method is really shameless!! “Ouyang Fei was angry and was so designed. Of course she felt uncomfortable!”
“You think too much. I go to the place where you live, mainly to send someone home. It has nothing to do with you. At that time, I saw you for the first time,”
Chuck shrugged.
Ouyang Fei frowned.
“I won’t tell you anything, and create some illusions, and then meet you deliberately, despised by you, I can’t do that kind of thing.” Chuck certainly can’t do it, he used to be, but now Chuckhui How about hitting the face of such a woman?
“Can’t do it? You are lying!” Ouyang Fei was angry.
“No matter what you say, you are wishful thinking that I like you to understand?
To be honest, you don’t want to give it to people like you,” Chuck said with a blank expression. Ouyang Fei was beautiful and her figure was good, but Will this kind of ego woman like it?
It’s more lazy to care about her. It’s more appropriate. Ouyang Fei must have been duped by Du Xinye the night before, leading to different psychological thoughts.
Although Chuck doesn’t have a plot like this, Chuck hates this dirty woman.
“You! You! I was rejected by you, and you began to attack yourself with anger and anger? Are you really not a man! Dare to be a dare not!” Ouyang Fei was angry.
Will you give it to you? You are talking about dreams!
“I have to attack you? You are beautiful, you have a good figure and a good figure, but compared to my wife, do you know?” Chuck said coldly.
“Your wife? Huh, prettier than me? Better than my body? Then you let her out to meet, Bibi!” Ouyang Fei mocked.
She thinks that the whole school is the most beautiful, but the whole China can match her. None of them is the most beautiful and the best.
Is there any prettier than yourself? No? Chuck was looking down the stairs, so he said that on purpose. Really low-level means, this kind of person, in addition to rich, no, on the rich, certainly much worse than Du Xinye.
Such people can find a better woman than themselves? This is impossible!
Of course, Chuck wouldn’t call Yvette for this trivial matter, what’s the point?
“Can’t call it? That’s lying!” Ouyang Fei disdain, it must be lying!
“I tell you, this lie has given you no chance at all. From today, no matter what you do, I will refuse, refuse! You still want to…” Ouyang Fei said with a sneer, feeling cool.
Hit Chuck’s face and make Ouyang Fei happy! I refused you all my life and made you heartbroken! but. .
“Her husband.” When Chuck wanted to speak, there was a voice coming. Chuck turned to look at Yvette, who was rather haggard.
Chuck was pleasantly surprised. She was originally looking for Yvette, but how did Yvette come?
Yvette didn’t put anything here, so he came to get it himself, but unexpectedly saw Chuck arguing with a girl, Yvette couldn’t help it.
Husband? ? Ouyang Fei froze.
Yvette didn’t dress up, it was very ordinary clothes, but the figure was uneven, which could not be covered completely. It was too uneven, how could there be such a figure? Is it mixed? No, his facial features are very Chinese, not mixed-race, but why is his body the same as the beauty of the United States!
Big eyes, high nose bridge, is it a facelift?
Absolutely, otherwise how could it be so pretty? The front and back of the figure is definitely a pad, silicone! But it’s natural!
Ouyang Fei felt a sense of shame when he saw Yvette, but she immediately reacted and had a facelift!
It’s not pure natural, garbage!
“Wifey, what are you doing here?” Yvette came. Where does Chuck still want to talk to Ouyang Fei? Can’t wait to kiss her immediately.
“I have something to put in the hotel room.” Yvette said.
“I’ll get it for you.” Betty went upstairs directly.
“Huh, which hospital did she do? It’s natural!” Ouyang Fei laughed.
Yvette froze, what does that mean?
“What hospital?” Chuck was impatient.
“When I don’t know? She has a facelift, her nose is padded, and the front and back are padded. Isn’t it expensive?”
Chuck subconsciously looked at Yvette, she was speechless, “I have no plastic surgery.”
Chuck has been with Yvette all the time, and has been beautiful since childhood, how can there be a facelift? No need!
“Liar! What about you behind your back?” Ouyang Fei couldn’t help but expose Yvette behind him.
Yvette frowned, and his eyes cooled down. Only Chuck can touch this place.
Ouyang Fei was stunned. If the silicone pad was put on, then it definitely felt different and there would be an unnatural feeling, but she just took it, but she didn’t!
Is there no pad? ? How is this possible?
Ouyang Fei feels incredible!
If there is no facelift, then Yvette is really better than himself, really prettier than himself.
Ouyang Fei feels dreaming, is there any prettier than herself?
She stared at Yvette for a while, and suddenly thought of something. When she applied for this school before, she saw some teacher profiles. It seemed that she saw a particularly beautiful teacher who was a bit like this in front of her. It is more like a real person.
Yvette! ! Yes, that beautiful teacher is called Yvette!
“Are you Yvette?” Ouyang Fei asked tentatively.
“Yes!” Yvette’s eyes narrowed.
Ouyang Fei took a breath, this Chuck actually soaked the beautiful teacher, my goodness!
Ouyang Fei feels unbelievable dreaming!
Chuck has such a beautiful woman, is it true that Chuck doesn’t like herself, is she really wishful thinking? No, Chuck just likes himself! But you have to reject him!
“Hubby, who is she?” Yvette asked.
“School Flower, she insisted that I like her.” Chuck was helpless, but found that Yvette’s eyes were cold, Chuck expects, his wife is going to get angry!

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