My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 435

Du Xin’s ambition was complicated, but he was afraid, what did he do just now?
“Yes, I’m sorry.” Du Xinye supported us.
He feels ashamed, feels no face, feels desperate, so he was trampled on his feet by Chuck all his life? ?
He is not reconciled!
“I’m sorry it’s over?” Chuck looked at him lightly.
Du Xinye shivered.
Du Pei was anxious, “I’m sorry, my brother really knew it was wrong.”
Chuck’s words scared her. What does that mean?
“I’m not so generous, give me a reason to let him go.” Chuck said.
“I, I,” Du Pei froze, a reason? What reason?
What does Chuck let himself do?
“Give you a day to think.” Chuck got into the car.
Yolanda drove Chuck away.
“Sister, sister.” Du Xinye called.
Du Peixin’s heart has been extremely complicated, “It’s all good things you do, it’s you!”
“Sister, how do I know he is so powerful? Actually, even the Zhao family can be destroyed, you tell me, how did he destroy the Zhao family?” Du Xinye felt dreaming, it was too unreal. Zhao family, he dare not think about it.
Du Peixin slapped his brother!
Du Xinye felt wronged and touched his cheek, “Sister.”
“I tell you, starting today, if you provoke Chuck again, I will rush you out, and, if Chuck wiped out Zhao’s family affairs, if you dare to say it, see how I clean up you!” Du Pei went angrily to the hotel entrance go.
She was thinking what to do? Chuck gives himself a day, what reason should he find? Do you continue to work for Chuck for another five years?
Then she will collapse, but except for this reason, how should she find it? What else can I find?
“Hey, elder sister, elder sister…” Du Xinye continued to look at the mobile phone, the more he looked, the more afraid he was, how could Chuck hide so deep!
He was trembling and didn’t know what to do. At this time, the beautiful woman who was just going to open the hourly room just came out, “My dear, that person just now…”
“Don’t presume him in my face!!” Du Xinye was angry!
“But, is he very powerful? It’s called Chuck? What family is it, Zhang family? But there isn’t a great Zhang family in China,” said the beautiful woman, her eyes lighted up. If she is powerful, you should go to him Yeah, he has a good figure, he will love it.
Du Xinye slapped her.
“Laozi said it, let him not be said,” Du Xinye was annoyed.
The beautiful woman covered her face and was dumbfounded, “What are you angry about me?”
Du Xinye went to find his sister, but Du Pei ignored him, Du Xinye could only come out by himself, he thought, what would happen to his sister? Does Chuck imply that his sister wants to accompany him?
Thinking of this, Du Xinye was so angry that he would vomit blood!
He drove out, but at the door, a car stopped him.
At first glance, Du Xinye was actually a big beauty!
Yes, Qian Yueying is driving!
She is checking who killed the Zhao family, so coming to this hotel is the most direct way! Huaxia had such a big accident. As one of the four big families, she must find out who this person is, otherwise, if she accidentally offends in the future, wouldn’t she step into the footsteps of the Zhao family?
Du Xinye was disturbed just now, but at this time, when he saw such a beauty, he had an idea and opened the car window, “Hey, beauty, I invite you to dinner. In this hotel, my sister is the general manager. It!”
“General manager?” Qian Yueying was surprised. Was that Yolanda? When she came over last time, she saw Yolanda.
However, unlike, how does this boy look like Du Peixin? ?
What’s going on? How could Du Peixin be the general manager here?
“Is your sister Du Pei right?” Qian Yueying asked.
“Yes, you know my sister!” Du Xinye is beautiful, or his sister’s friend, so is it better?
“Yeah, know. Eat over there, I invite you,”
“Okay,” Du Xinye laughed, a play!
The two drove to a restaurant not far away and found a private room to sit down.
“Why is your sister the manager of this hotel? Who asked her to do it?” Qian Yueying asked, this is the key!
The hotel was acquired. The behind-the-scenes boss should be the one who killed the Zhao family. Then find out the boss and find out that person.
“Do you want to know this?” Du Xinye smiled. What is this asking about?
Inquire about Chuck? ? Du Xin’s ambition was annoyed, is she, Chuck actually so womanish? ?
Of course he didn’t want to say it, let this beauty take the initiative to chase Chuck? He couldn’t do it, he had to stop such things from happening, and Du Xinye was jealous.
“Yes, I want to know, can you tell me?”
“What’s your name, beauty?” Du Xinye smiled slightly and looked at Qian Yueying, too beautiful, how could there be such a beautiful woman?
“Qian Yueying.”
“What?? Qian Yueying of Kuff?” Du Xinye suddenly lost his mind, this is The money family of the four big families, he can’t afford it, not to mention, this woman Kuff, the man died several times after marriage, who dares to play? Do not die?
Qian Yueying frowned, “Yes, it’s me!”
Du Xinye suddenly had an idea in his mind. Is Qian Yueying such a husband, can he be introduced to Chuck?
Haha, this idea is good.
“I can’t tell you this, my sister said that this boss is so powerful that he can’t tell it,”
Du Xinye smiled slightly. It’s a pity that such a beautiful woman is actually a husband, hehe, still keep Chuck for you.
Qian Yueying frowned, stood up, took out 30,000 cash out, and given the money for the meal, she was ready to leave.
“Wait,” Du Xinye also stood up.
“You can ask someone and he should tell you,”
“You go to Haishi to find a night-light hotel and ask the owner of the night-light hotel, he will tell you, but don’t say that I said,” Du Xinye was serious, this is not a joke.
If Chuck knew, then he would be finished.
“Good.” Qian Yueying went out, Du Xinye sneered, “Chuck, I found a great beauty for you, you have to catch it…”
Qian Yueying sat in the car, listened to Du Xinye’s words, and went to the Yeshi Hotel. He had to find this person who had destroyed the Zhao family!

Yvette came back and said this to his mother Yan Li. Yan Li was stunned.
“Daughter, what are you saying? Chuck gave you the Zhao family?”
She did not hear that the Zhao family was destroyed, but she knew who the Zhao family was. Now Chuck actually gave such a big family to Yvette?
“Well, Mom, I will continue to be a killer. You will manage everything in this family!” Yvette had already taken another task on the road when she came back.
She must improve herself!
Be the killer first!
Yan Li thought carefully, and she resisted in her heart. How could she particularly hate Chuck and don’t want Chuck’s things.
But this is an opportunity, Yan Li wants to seize it.
If you take over the Zhao family, are you a lot safer?
“Okay,” Yan Li nodded and must agree!
Yvette relaxed, and after telling Yan Li everything about the Zhao family, Yan Li nodded clearly. She also had a management company before. How could she not know?
Yan Li started to take over the Zhao family’s industry. This process is complicated and cannot be completed in a day or two. Yvette continued to be a killer. The task she received was…
Chuck came back here, Yolanda went to the square, Chuck came back to find Logan to learn fighting, after all, after so long, Li Overlord may have to do it himself, he must prevent it in advance!
I haven’t seen Logan for several days and miss her.
Chuck smiled slightly, thinking about Logan’s gentle smile, which was a particularly wonderful thing, but when she entered the hotel door, a woman ran over, it was Ouyang Fei!
Chuck still has a picture of her in her hand, you must get it back!
“Hey, give me the picture!” Ouyang Fei pulled Chuck.
She has been squatting for many days, and Chuck didn’t even go to school.
Chuck frowned, “let go!”
This shabi woman actually appeared again, but at this time, Qian Yueying had drove over, Ye Ye Hotel? She heard of…

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