My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 730

Chuck also heard the voices of many people chasing after it. No wonder You Shiwen would run so fast.
You Tianle’s people are chasing her!
Want to kill it! !
You Shiwen was seriously injured at this time, so she must escape.
But Chuck is strange. Who is the owner of this gun?
Chuck also understood that he was framed by someone. Someone deliberately dropped a gun here, waiting for time to let You Shiwen who escaped see it.
Let You Shiwen break with himself, this person has ulterior motives, who is it? ?
Chuck was annoyed. You Shiwen’s eyes were so strange, and she didn’t blame her. Who told you to have a gun? ?
You Shiwen misunderstanding is normal!
Chuck sighed, thinking of You Shiwen being so seriously injured, and wondering if he could survive.
“Go!” Black Rose pulled Chuck away!
After chasing too many people behind, the guns and bullets rain, this is a must kill ten articles!
“Okay, Sister Rose.” Chuck didn’t stop, and ran quickly with Black Rose.
Chuck’s running speed is particularly fast, and the speed of Black Rose is also similar to that of You Shiwen.
There are too many people behind, and hard work may not work.
More than ten people behind chased out of the woods! !
Everyone has a gun in their hands!
Fierce and evil!
Suddenly, a leading eye pointed to Chuck, Black Rose!
He called! video call!
“Master! We found the other two people, are we going to kill them?” The lead man pointed the camera in the direction of Chuck’s escape.
You Tianle saw it, and grinned abruptly, “Haha. It’s really a narrow road! No matter how you come to Chuck, I don’t care, you are a sheep and a tiger! Kill, give me all three of them! Kill the man! Bring me back!!”
You Tianle was just caught by You Shiwen, and his mindset has changed dramatically!
The kind of shame that You Shiwen gave him, he has to return multiple times?
The lead person hung up the call and ordered, “Give me the two people who ran just now, the man, the young master wants his head!”
These people sent out with a killing opportunity!
Rain of bullets!
Chuck, Black Rose ran in front, and Chuck could feel the bullet slipping by.
Chuck’s scalp became numb, and the black rose face didn’t change color. This is really the gap of psychological calm.
“Over there!” Black Rose saw a commanding height, she needed to use her sniper means to quickly kill all of them! !
Chuck saw that the two of them ran over and instantly covered their bodies with stones, and the big black roses and blue eyes were cold! !
Her white fingers pulled the trigger!
The bullet came out!
The next second, a scream!
The other person was shot deadly!
Without struggling, he shot his head and died!
His partners are exclaiming!
Chucksong said with black roses as the number one killer, she has the ability to fight back!
Chuck was still a little relieved. Now Black Rose stopped these people. You can kill them one by one as soon as possible. At least, you can give the injured You Shiwen some time!
Chuck still holds someone’s sniper rifle in his hand. He hasn’t fired it. According to the black rose, he fired it! boom!
A bullet came out and hit a man’s leg, screaming everywhere! !
“Not bad, I was able to hit the person the first time!” said Black Rose.
I was also shocked, Chuck was determined, good, even top, this person is really a genius in fighting and killing!
If you didn’t study at that time and directly worked as a mercenary, Black Rose felt that Chuck’s terrifying talent could also make a quick start!
“Be careful!”
Black Rose exclaimed suddenly, a bomb came over!
Black Rose wants to pull Chuck away, but Chuck has taken the lead in pulling her! ?
The reaction speed seems to have surpassed the first killer Black Rose in an instant!
Black Rose is stunned!
Chuck arms her long jump! boom!
The bomb burst!
Protect him yourself, but now he protects himself? ?
Black Rose did not expect! thump!
Black Rose fell on Chuck, and Chuck used her body to protect her. Black Rose instantly felt warm in her heart.
She didn’t understand, she was dull.
Is this the feeling of being moved? ?
Chuck got up, ran after pulling the black rose, they had bombs, and didn’t he wait for identity?
“Chuck…” Black Rose was at a loss.
Feeling like a dream, she never thought that she would be protected by a man.
The first time I felt good, I lingered.
She accepted this feeling, click! suddenly!
While running, Chuck suddenly felt that the black rose had stopped. Chuck looked back and was surprised!
The black rose was shot!
Blood flows!
“Sister Rose?” Chuck hugged her, and the black rose’s face suddenly turned white.
Chuck felt guilty and ran around her!
Chuck did not expect that Black Rose was actually shot.
“Sister Rose, how are you?” Chuck was furious!
“I’m fine.” Black Rose shook his head and closed his eyes!
She felt so bored that her body was blocked.
Chuck was shocked and angry. The black rose was covered with blood. Was she dead?
Chuck went crazy shooting with a gun! boom! boom!
Each shot represents Chuck’s anger!
The dozen or so people who are catching up are all highly trained masters!
The shootout broke out in an instant!
Suddenly, a scream!
The blood burst, just like the watermelon was opened!
Someone was headshot!
A bullet appeared in the air and hit a man’s head!
Chuck looked up and saw a plane!
Mom is on it! boom!
My mother’s stern eyes, she shot like a god, hit every shot, every time you trigger the trigger, there was a scream!
“Master, master, rewind!”
The people over there exclaimed, completely frightened by Karen li’s marksmanship!
After escaping, Chuck continued to pull the trigger until no bullets came out.
“Mom, Black Rose was shot.” Chuck shouted.
The plane dropped a rope, Chuck pulled the rope, hugged the black rose, and the plane took off. Take Chuck out of here.
Black roses must be first aid!
Otherwise she will die!
Chuck got on the plane with his mother, Betty, Yvette, Logan.
Yvette and Logan felt distressed when they saw that Chuck was covered in blood.
Karen li took the black rose, tore the clothes of the black rose, and began to take bullets for the black rose. Karen li was very fast and very professional!
The medical equipment needed on the plane!
This process lasted for half an hour, almost home, Karen li wiped off the sweat on his forehead, the black rose still did not wake up. Chuck pimples, “Mom, how is the black rose?”
She was motionless, her face pale and black rose, was she dead? ?

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