My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 740

“Master, that Chinese man is the master?” The boss was frightened. [Read Novels at]
So many mercenaries who originally helped him treated him like this, and he had to believe this fact that he still could not believe.
Fear drowned him!
Snapped! !
These people took the feared boss down, his men, and the front desk of his hotel were afraid…
The hotel lobby is silent!
Hundreds of mercenaries came down under pressure!
The onlookers were long lost and forgot to leave. This is the owner of the hotel, some of them know.
“Master, spare your life, spare your life!”
The boss knelt down and gave Chuck a head!
When he saw the white man, he was shocked and completely believed.
“Rao Ming? I asked, is there a doctor on it?” Chuck asked directly.
“Yes, yes! Master, are you here to find the doctor?” The boss caught this life-saving straw!
“Yes, where is he?” Chuck was nervous! do you died?
Chuck loosened his breath, just glanced at the old man. The old man immediately scolded,
“Don’t take the doctor down yet?”
The bald man ran up.
A minute later, the bald man brought down a man who was about to go into a coma. Chuck saw him, and he was relieved, it was him!
I did not find the wrong direction!
“Yes?” The doctor was very confused. Why did so many people on the scene focus on this Chinese person?
When the bald man went up to rescue him just now, he felt incredible. Someone came to save himself!
He was about to cry.
“I came here to get a medicine. I had a friend who was shot next to the heart…” Chuck said straight away.
“Medicine?” The doctor suddenly realized, “Yes, yes…”
“Okay, give it to me!” Chuck was more than pleasantly surprised, and Black Rose was saved!
“It was in my backpack upstairs, but it was taken by William,” the doctor said fiercely.
The hotel owner was so scared that he actually grabbed the young master’s stuff?
“Go get it!” Chuck waved his hand, and the bald man ran up again! three minutes!
The bald man took off a backpack, and the doctor took out three boxes of medicine to Chuck.
“all these are.”
Chuck was all taken down and excited, and now he can go back to save the black rose!
The black rose can wake up!
I can see the big blue eyes of the black rose again.
“Okay, well done, and take good care of him!” Chuck ordered this sentence!
The bald man took the doctor to rest and to treat, because the doctor was tortured too much.
“Master, forgive me! I don’t know this doctor is the person you are looking for, otherwise, don’t dare to give me ten guts!” The boss knelt down and pleaded.
Chuck looked at him plainly, “It’s so vicious, it’s useless to stay, kill!”
A mercenary came out!
The boss was terrified, “No, young master, I will give all my things, give them, please beg the young master not to kill me! … Ah, I have a woman, a Chinese woman I just caught, I give Master!”
“A Chinese woman caught?” Chuck frowned. What could happen here?
“I, my friend caught, she did this specifically…” The boss caught the straw!
“Oh, bring me the Chinese woman to see!”
“Yes, I’ll call her immediately and bring it over!”
The boss was busy calling, “Mother! Bring that Chinese woman to my hotel, hurry up!!”
After that, the boss changed his face and smiled.
Since this kind of thing was encountered by Chuck, it would be good to rescue the arrested Huaxia woman.
After all, they are all Chinese.
Chuck felt that when the outsiders encountered difficulties when they were outside, they still had to help. There is no other reason. It is enough that they are all Chinese.
“Master, can you let me go?” The boss offered attentiveness. When he told him about this at the hotel reception, he said that the Chinese woman was very beautiful and had a good figure. The young master would like it. If he was saved, he could survive.
“I didn’t say anything,” Chuck shrugged!
The boss was shocked, “Master?” what!
A mercenary grabbed his neck and broke the boss’s neck.
The onlookers were stunned. Chuck said in a sentence, to make someone else’s life or death! !
Chuck looked at the dead boss and called Betty, “Hey, Sister Li, you can come and pick me up. I have got my medicine,”
Calculated according to time, it is less than one day in the past. My mother gave three days. The faster you do it now, the greater the chance that the black rose will wake up! !
Betty is ready to come over there, at most three hours.
Chuck just waited here,
“Master, wait a minute, I know that woman, she will soon bring that Chinese woman over!” said the old man with white hair carefully.
“In the future, I don’t want my mother’s place, there is such a thing to appear again!” Chuck suddenly apathy!
The old man with white hair was startled, “Master, don’t worry, it will never happen!!”
He was sweaty and Chuck was really scary when he was cold!

“Don’t, catch me, let me go,” Qian Yueying, who was in despair, feared that the woman who had brought her just now appeared again.
“Release? Tell good news, someone fancyd it,” the woman smiled sinisterly.
Hotel owner William called to ask for someone, this William is abnormal!
“No, please, no!” Qian Yueying was struggling, but she had no strength at all. She drank the potion and had no strength to get up.
“Let’s enjoy it! Come, take her to the car!” The woman went out.
Qian Yueying shed tears of despair, and she would end up like this. No one came to save herself, no one…
Tears couldn’t stop, Qian Yueying closed her eyes.
Someone carried her out. Qian Yueying got on the bus, and she felt that the car stopped and went to the place, what she would encounter next, she wanted to get it.
Qian Yueying wanted to die, but his hands were weak.
She wept silently! !
She was taken off the car!
“I hope to sell me a good price!” The woman laughed!
She strode into the hotel, but in an instant, she was stunned, so many people in the hotel!
Also, William… lying down, dead? ?
The woman was startled, “William…”
“Not yet!” The old white-haired man scolded!
The woman was shocked, what’s going on?
“Here, come in,” the woman was frightened.
“Kneel! This is the young master!”
The woman knelt with a trembling knee. She came in and found the problem at first glance.
Everyone was standing at the scene, with respect and respect, but sitting alone, this is a Chinese! !
“Master, people have brought him, Master! Fate!” The woman begged, Chuck’s eyes flashed, and saw several people carrying a woman in.

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