My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 849

“Chuck are you all right?” Yolanda found Chuck dull. Did you just break a cup?
She gave Chuck another one.
“It’s okay, it’s okay…” Chuck suddenly froze.
Yourself. .
what happened? ?
“I’ll clean it,” Yolanda took the broom and cleaned it.
Chuck was still dull, and Yolanda asked, “You are too stressed, just scared?”
This is still possible, but she recently saw Chuck without any rest and has been discussing investment.
Under the condition of high mental tension, there may be such a situation that is suddenly scared.
“No.” Chuck recovered, he shook his head, just dull, just a little strange! !
“Then I will prepare the car below?”
“it is good!”
By the way, Yolanda took out the pieces of the cup.
Chuck didn’t stay too much. He really didn’t sleep well. When a cup fell to the ground, he was frightened.
Chuck laughed bitterly! !
After getting off the parking lot, Chuck took the car from Lu Yuwen.
She has arranged a good time with the hotel chain owner!
As long as people talk in the past.
“This is information! There are 361 Chinese hotels in this hotel chain, with a total market value of more than 30 billion! Now 300 are in a profitable state! Fifty are in a state of no loss or profit, the rest Is at a loss! You can use 32 billion to win all!” This is the hotel information made by Yolanda Lianye.
Chuck looked at it and felt good!
It is a project that can be invested!
In terms of business control, Yolanda now has his own set, and taking over, there is no problem in making money!
Therefore, Chuck is planning to invest now!
“How do you like Chuck?” Yolanda asked.
“Yes, when you meet the hotel owner, you can give him money on the spot!” Chuck is an impatient person in this respect. The opportunity is fleeting!
Failure to seize the opportunity is a loss for yourself! !
“Okay, this hotel, I have visited before, yes…”
“Stop to the side!” Chuck’s eyes suddenly froze.
Yolanda was stunned, and the obedient stopped on the roadside!
“Change location!”
“Okay!” Yolanda is not sure, why Chuck should do this himself!
But what she said about Chuck’s words! !
Changed position!
Chuck slammed on the accelerator, the engine was roaring violently, and the car shot out!
Yolanda was dull, “Chuck, what’s wrong?”
“Someone is following!” Chuck’s sixth sense has also improved with the increase in fighting strength!
This is the basic quality of a fighting master!
Yolanda was shocked!
She didn’t see it!
“Found by him!”
In the car!
You Tianle is annoyed!
Chuck’s series of actions in China, but he all looked at his heart!
The success of the pharmaceutical factory, the popularity of the jewelry store, and other real estate, the movie also blossomed, he was jealous! !
Chuck, there are commercial abilities? !
“Not surprisingly! My strength is improving, he will also be improving!” The first officer, Ouyang Fei said indifferently.
“Then you are sure to defeat him now?” You Tianle thought that he would fight a little.
However, the gap with Chuck is still huge! !
He knew that he still had it.
“Why should I beat him? I am a killer now, and I will assassinate him!!!”
The uninterrupted killer career has tempered her.
In other words, if you have a gun, use your bare hands?
Unscrupulous, she will not do such a brave thing!
Just assassinate Chuck with a gun! !
“Yeah, I only need Chuck to die miserably!…I’ll lose it soon!” You Tianle was exasperated.
“That’s useless for you! Don’t chase it yet!!”
Ouyang Fei hated to the extreme!
“It should be here! What are you going to do?” You Tianle asked.
Ouyang Fei got out of the car and brought a box. This is her sniper rifle! !
She observed the environment!
“Go, go across!!”
The two of them came across!
On the top of the building, Ouyang Fei put up a sniper rifle? !
Aiming at the sight, Chuck is found!
He and Yolanda went to a boss’s office and were talking! !
“Found him!”
“Let me see! Haha, it really is him!” You Tianle looked at it, and he was so excited! !
“Will shoot me later! Don’t kill him with a shot, I want to see him and die slowly!” You Tianle said abnormally.
Ouyang Fei responded! !
Suddenly, You Tianle received a call!
In less than ten seconds, You Tianle laughed wildly!
Ouyang Fei Liu frowned, “What’s the matter?”
“Haha, something you can never think of!”
“forever and always?!”
“Yes, do you know? Chuck’s mother, Karen li is dead!!” You Tianle wanted to laugh!
Because it can’t help it!
“Karen li is dead? How did you die?” Ouyang Fei came to spirit!
How awesome is Karen li. She has been in Squinting for so long, maybe she doesn’t know? ?
Such a mythical person will die? !
“He died in a car accident. This is her retribution. She gave birth to a spicy chicken son like Chuck. This is the god who will take her.
Ouyang Fei finally came back to China and she finally smiled slightly, “This is really something I never thought of! Good death! Second death!!!”
Chuck, you don’t have your mother, what are you doing?
Super rich second generation?
Ha ha ha!
You don’t count on anything! !

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