My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 861

Logan has the same keen sixth sense as Karen li, she knows this feeling!
She also died once!
This sense of calm, she knew, was stronger than last time!
Because, last time on the plane, Wan Ziwen’s bodyguard was a little stronger than Logan.
The feeling at the time was completely different from now!
Therefore, the assassin who came here this time was definitely not the bodyguard, but someone else!
Probably one of the strongest among the ten thousand bodyguards! !
“I feel like coming!”
“I also feel like coming!”
The two of them spoke in unison and had the same sixth sense, telling them that this man had arrived!
The beautiful eyes of the two of them looked at each other, and they were all dignified to the extreme!
This is definitely the strongest opponent they have encountered in their lifetime! !
The expression on their faces is calm!
Die if you die!
Not the first day out!
“Then I go over there, you go over here!” Black Rose carried a sniper rifle with him! !
“it is good!”
Logan, Black Rose cooperate separately!
Behind a tree, Black Rose quickly assembled the sniper rifle, and her sixth sense told her where to point the muzzle!
Logan also brought a gun!
With bare hands, it will not be the opponent of this person!
So, use a gun! !
Already at the sniper point, ambush! !
boom! !
Black Rose took the lead in pulling the trigger!
The muzzle fired and a hot bullet shot out!
Shot into the grass!
However, there is silence!
Terrible quiet!
Black Rose continues to shoot!
Still nothing?
Black Rose is cautious, has never encountered this situation, can you explain?
That is, this person is too powerful! !
Logan’s sixth sense told her that she shot in one place!
Bullet shot!
It was also a hit!
Several shots passed, and of course, no one was forced out!
Here, the air is about to freeze!
Suddenly, a particularly soft chuckle sounded in one place! !
“Oh, why are there two people?”
Black Rose, Logan was surprised at the same time! !
Is it because a woman assassinated Karen li?
This woman’s voice is at most thirty years old!
is it possible?
“Let me analyze and analyze, the one that fired the first shot just now, the accuracy of the gun is ok, but I can’t find the target and I’m blind, but, there are not many shots with you, so what are you? Let me Think about it, who is that? The first killer, Black Rose? Is that right?”
This laughter is echoing!
The black rose sinks!
This voice, she is too strange!
Never seen!
She actually knew herself well!
“Yes, it’s me!!” Black Rose responded coldly!
“Really you? That’s a pity. Why should I help her? I haven’t planned to kill you yet! Just want to die?”
“You can make me not find where you are now. Explain that your mind is extremely meticulous, and more clearly, you will find me and Logan through the clues, and you will still kill me at that time!”
“Why are you so smart? You’re awesome! When I came here, I suddenly found another person’s footprint. I really will find you through this footprint! Because, let others know, I don’t have What about this habit! Logan? You are the third shot!”
“Yes, it’s me, did you assassinate Aunt Karen li?” Loganmei was cold!
She was scarlet, moist, and it was this man who killed Karen li, who was supporting herself!
It’s her! !
“Good! Karen li was assassinated by me, I designed it well?” This is laughter!
“Logan, I haven’t paid attention to you. You can prepare in advance to show that you already know who brought me over, did you?”
“Yes, Wan Ziwen!!”
“Oh, you are awesome, and guessed it! So why didn’t you seize this time and tell Chuck? Why?”
“What are you saying? Chuck doesn’t know anything now! You can kill me, don’t move him!”
Logan’s bottom line was irritated!
Everything about Chuck is now her bottom line!
“Oh, I can’t kill him. I haven’t received the order from the girl yet! But yeah, you two are clever, but you two are a bit rubbish! Well, not a bit rubbish, but real rubbish!! Want to deal with me in this trap? Really, I look too small!”
A bullet came out of a place where neither of them noticed!
What did you hit!
What is triggered on the ground!
The bomb exploded!
A layer of smoke rises!
Logan was shocked and carefully designed, but she was destroyed by a bullet! !
Black Rose is equally surprised!
What does this mean? At this moment, she knows everything!
The thick smoke spread around, and the visibility has been reduced!
It’s the same as the fog!
“I am proficient in assassination. You can trap this kind of trap when I am ten years old. You are only ten years old. You said you are rubbish? Well, next, I will send you two. Trash goes to hell!!!”
Suddenly, a person appeared in the thick smoke! !

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