My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 870

This is Chuck’s confidence.
Intimidate and lure!
How big is Wan Ziwen’s ambition? How much control?
Zhang Jia’s situation is very clear to him!
Chuck felt that Wan Ziwen would start the Zhang family on the day he inherited the Wan family!
In this way, Chuck felt that Wan Ziwen was the ancient emperor!
Want to control everything! !
The second hidden family?
The third hidden family?
Wan Ziwen doesn’t need it, one by one will be eradicated, she needs to be the only one! !
After Chuck said, he was content with himself!
“Homeowner, Chuck said, maybe! The woman Wan Ziwen, you don’t know, maybe, your deployment, she already knows it!” Huolong reminded in a low voice.
The Zhangjia family’s turbid eyes are cold, “Huh! What does she know? I’m still afraid that she won’t?”
He is not afraid, everyone is a secret family!
The only difference is in strength!
He admits that the overall strength of the Zhang family is not as good as 10,000!
Because one is first and one is third, this gap is obvious!
“But Wan Ziwen… You have seen Wan Ziwen, and I have also seen this woman. It feels terrifying to me… No one can do anything in front of her…” Huolong worried.
He had the pleasure of seeing Wan Ziwen before!
Wan Ziwen’s calm, lazy, control of everything, so horrible!
“I know! But let me cooperate with Chuck, and he is also worthy?? He is just me instead of a chess piece!!!” Zhang Family Master sneered!
“Cooperation is cooperation, but the identity of the replacement piece will not change, just put it another way,”
The Zhang family owner was reminded.
He was mad by Chuck, because no one had ever threatened him like this!
“How is it, Zhang Family Head?” Chuck shrugged.
“How do you want to cooperate?” Zhang Jia’s cold eyes stared hotly at Chuck!
It seems that Chuck has decided!
“I have just said, I will deal with Youjia with you. I only have to You Shiwen, and everything else for you. You have eaten Youjia, and you have no ability to fight Wanzi Wen? I am also for you. !”
“Good for me? Why do you say this kind of deceptive words in front of me? Maotou! Let’s say, what are you going to do? When it comes to cooperation, do you always have an idea? You can’t kill Youjia directly? If so Simple, I still have to wait so long?”
This is the truth!
Each of the three hidden families has passed on for thousands of years!
It has always been safe, but yes. This peace of mind is superficial!
How many years have you been fighting openly?
If it’s that simple, his Zhang family doesn’t need to lay out for so many years!
It’s hard!
Not to mention, what?
What’s more, after You Shiwen took over Youjia, the progress was obvious!
He was worried in his heart. Is it possible to give You Shiwen enough time to be on par with Wanjia?
By then, isn’t the Zhang family more isolated? ?
“Or are you just a stunned young man, you don’t have any ideas, just come over and talk to me about cooperation?” Zhang Family head smiled and sneered when he grinned.
Chuck naturally had an idea!
“The most common way is to turn your face with Youjia, but I don’t think you will do that either, then there is only a more direct way, you! Find a way to invite You Shiwen out! Please go out!
At that time, she gave it to me! I will solve her! She died as the head of the family, and the dragons have no heads, is that you can easily invade Youjia?” Chuck said with a shrug.
The most direct way is this!
You Shiwen is out of the house!
Chuckhui arranged the best way, grabbed her, then killed her, and avenged her mother, Logan, and Black Rose! !
Chuck doesn’t want Wan Ziwen to help, only Zhang family has the ability to invite Shiwen!
What’s more, if the Zhangs follow this method, it also shows that they will flip their faces with Youjia and will work hard to lay out!
Because, after turning around, you still don’t try to die you? ?
Then, with the help of the hidden family Zhang family, Chuck is more likely to catch You Shiwen! !
Zhang Jia’s opaque eyes have bright light, “This method is feasible?”
He whispered the opinion of Huolong, the first master of his family.
“Feasible! It is indeed the most direct way to draw Youjia You Shiwen, but ah, You Shiwen is so easy to be led out? What is the reason!” Huolong couldn’t explain the reason.
At least he couldn’t find a reason.
What do people do to control their homes, their strength, their minds?
Is it top-notch? ?
Will it be easily cited?
The Zhang family owner agreed with Chuck’s most direct method!
“Okay, this method is okay, but ah, what method is used to lead her out! How confident are you that you can catch her?”
“You ask me, isn’t it good? You and I are a cooperative relationship. Do you want to watch me perform? You watch a drama? What kind of cooperative relationship? If you think that this is a cooperative relationship, then OK, I will put Chair, see you perform well,” Chuck said politely.
Zhangjia family is angry!
It was totally ironic by this kid!
It’s so sharp! !
“You also have to contribute, you agree or disagree! Say!” Chuck said coldly.
The owner of the Zhang family is mad!
This kid is also a grandson of his grandson!
Just talk like that!
“Okay, I agree with your cooperation!”
“Okay, you start to prepare, and three days later, I will contact you!” Chuck walked away without saying anything!
“Slow down, what method are you going to use to lead You Shiwen out!” Zhang Family’s head didn’t understand what Chuck thought!
But, in Chuck’s body, he saw a shadow of Karen li!
Passive, unconsciously became active!
Chuck is already out!
Zhangjia’s owner was extremely angry, “I really want to mince him!!”
“Don’t be angry, Chuck, this person is not capable of fighting. Just 200 kilograms of things can’t be picked up. If the IQ is not high, it’s really useless! I think Chuck already has an idea in mind.
That’s it!” Fire Dragon said.
“Ideas? This kid has a fucking personality. This is the character I hate the most! However, Karen li is dead, you should also be arguing, it is good for me… OK, you start the layout! The design is good, How to let You Shiwen stay!” said Zhang Family.
“Yes! Homeowner! Suddenly, I have a word I don’t know if I should say it!” Fire Dragon came up with an idea.
“Actually, Chuck is also the biological son of the young master. Otherwise, give Chuck a name and let Chuck into the family tree of Zhang’s family? What do you think of the owner?”
“Introduction to the genealogy? Just him? Qualified? His mother is just one of my chess pieces, he will never be possible!!!”

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