My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 872

“Husband, what are you going to do?”
“Yes, Master, how do you lead You Shiwen out?”
Yvette and Betty are asking.
book=net the reason is simple!
Chuck has completely broken with You Shiwen thoroughly!
Chuck called You Shiwen to make an appointment. It may have been simple before, but now it is impossible! !
“After three days, I will tell you, let’s go back and prepare first!” Chuck’s eyes shone!
To be truly first, besides fighting, IQ is especially important!
Indispensable! !
This is most obvious in Wan Ziwen, who can’t fight!
Even if it is the world’s first combat master, it is not a brain, it is just a machine.
The importance of IQ is not worse than fighting!
“Uh huh! Husband, let’s go back first!”
Yvette was just too worried. She wanted to put Chuck to sleep.
It’s been a long time since this happened.
Thinking long ago, Yvette was used to sleeping with Chuck.
This feeling is getting farther and farther away.
Yvette wanted to regain this feeling of green plum, because she felt that she might die…
Betty flew the plane, and, Chuck, Yvette went back.
What must this matter?
It must be foolproof!
Because, if you miss, then there should be no second chance!
You Shiwen will be crazy to use the family of thousands of years to deal with Chuck!
Commercially, Chuck can’t bear it!
Because, Chuck has not grown up to the point where his mother!
After all, the experience is still too little!
Chuck wants to prepare, kill You Shiwen, and avenge his mother, Logan, and Black Rose! !

What Chuck didn’t know was that there was a telescope across the house, far away.
The person holding the telescope, Chuck has seen, is Long Yi!
She never found Zhang Qingyang this time!
When she was collecting news, she decided to grab Yvette first! !
This can at least make her, in front of Wan Ziwen, not so embarrassed…
“You are Yvette? She looks as beautiful as a lady, rare, rare, but you are a little wrong, wrong, you are the man who the lady likes. This is your fault! No wonder I am wrong. You…” Long Yi already stared at Yvette!
Her experience tells her that she knows nothing about it, grabs Yvette, and takes her to see Wan Ziwen…

Alice walked around the house.
Chuck just called her and said she would come over!
I didn’t say much on the phone, but she knew that Chuck had something wrong.
Indeed, Chuck came to ask her for something, and was also ready to catch Shiwen! !
“Mom, what are you doing so nervous? Who wants to come over!?” Emily was particularly strange.
My mother, what are you doing walking around at home?
“Nothing, Chuck will come over later,” Alice said.
“Really? Chuck came? He, what should I say? His mother died, how should I comfort him!”
Ever since Emily knew.
Chuck rescued her from You Tianle that day!
In her heart, it was all Chuck!
She liked it before!
I like it more now!
“Alas!” Alice sighed, her daughter, too.
She herself…since that accident, she has fallen.
But what should I do?
Alice knew that she and Chuck would not have a result.
However, what should I do with my fallen daughter? ?
Because my daughter is still young!
Less than twenty years old!
She couldn’t think of a way. It’s easy to fall in love with someone, and it’s too hard and hard to forget someone!
she was. . During this time, I have a deep experience! !
“Mom, what are you doing with sighs? Me, I’m going to change my clothes,” Emily looked forward to the room.
Chuck is coming, the hero in her heart is coming.
She wants to give Chuck her best look.
Alice waited for a while and Chuck was brought in. The two looked at each other, and Alice felt distressed.
She knew Karen li’s death immediately.
What she wanted to do, but could not do anything.
What identity to do? ?
She couldn’t find her identity!
“Chuck, how are you doing?” Alice asked distressedly.
Chuck, haggard.
His eyes were firm, but he was haggard.
Alice was distressed.
“I’m fine, I want you to help me, go to your arsenal…”
“I will give you whatever you want,” Alice was emotional.
What is comfort!
A hug!
Alice embraces Chuck! This hug filled her miss these days.
Want to see, but not see again.
Alice has never felt uncomfortable and painful.
Just because there is one person, this person is Chuck.
Chuck was silent for three seconds, “Alice, me…”
“I know, what are you going to say, I know… I don’t need anything from you, just hello.” Alice looked away at this age.
Chuck is young, he still has a bright future, himself. . Can’t stop it.
However, Chuck does not mean this.
“Mom, what are you doing?” Suddenly, there was a trembling voice outside the door, and Emily saw this scene…

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