My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 101

She thought of what Mu Nuannuan had just done with “Mu Jiachen”, and a jealous flash of jealousy flashed in her eyes: “Why are you still entangled with’Mu Jiachen’? Don’t you know that you are a married woman? Mu Tingxiao deserves to be indifferent to you!”
Mu Wanqi’s words hit Mu Nuannuan’s seven inches.
Mu Nuannuan’s complexion changed slightly, but she was unwilling to show weakness: “Even if he doesn’t care about me, I’m still Mu’s grandmother, and you? If Mu’s bankruptcy, what are you?”
Mu Nuannuan’s face turned pale, and she pointed at her and said sharply, “Shut up!”
Although Mu Wanqi was pampered with lawlessness at home, she also knew that she could play unscrupulously outside because of the Mu family behind her.
Although Mu’s is not a big company in Shanghai and Yangtze markets, it has been founded for many years and has a solid foundation. There are also many old companies with fixed cooperation, and it has some reputation in the industry.
At that time, Mr. Mu founded the Mu family, and he was kind and friendly. Even if he had gone abroad for retirement ten years ago, most of the companies in the Shanghai Yang market would still give Mu Liyan some face.
The Mu family also had some foundation, but compared with the Mu family, it seemed insignificant.
Mu Wanqi was used to squandering, naturally she didn’t dare to imagine what kind of life she would lead after Mu’s bankruptcy.
“If you have time to quarrel with me here, you might as well think of a way to solve the Mu’s crisis.” Mu Nuannuan knew that although the Mu’s would be hit hard this time, it would not go bankrupt. She just said to scare Mu Wanqi. That’s it.
Mu Wanqi and Mu Liyan had a quarrel, and they were in a bad mood. After hearing Mu Nuannuan’s words, she cursed directly: “When will it be your turn to teach me a bitch!”
On the contrary, Mu Nuannuan was not angry at all, turned her head slightly, and asked her with a smile: “My sister, don’t you know that we have the same blood? I’m a bitch, what are you?”
“Mu Nuannuan!” In addition to being arrogant and domineering, Mu Wanqi can be said to be useless, and even quarrels can’t quarrel with Mu Nuannuan.
With a daughter like Mu Wanqi, Mu Nuannuan began to sympathize with Mu Liyan a little.
Mu Nuannuan turned around and walked a few steps before being pulled forward by Mu Wanqi, “You stop me!”
Mu Wanqi wears very little. She wears a low-cut dress inside and a coat that looks not cheap on the outside. Underneath are thin silk stockings and stiletto heels, which looks a bit sexual. .
As soon as the wind blew, her coat spread out, revealing her chest that was already cold with goose bumps…
Mu Nuannuan glanced, and involuntarily gathered her coat, she really admired Mu Wanqi’s perseverance.
Mu Wanqi was actually quite cold, but she couldn’t lose her momentum. She was a bit taller than Mu Nuannuan in eight-centimeter high heels, but it was not obvious.
She lifted her chin and gave a natural command tone: “Give me the phone number of’Mu Jiachen’.”
Mu Nuannuan frowned slightly, suspecting that she had heard it wrong: “Whose phone number?”
The woman just scolded her as a slut, and now she is so arrogantly looking for her phone number called “Mu Jiachen”, who is it that gave her the face?
“Of course it’s Mu Jiachen!” Mu Wanqi repeated it again, her tone was already impatient: “You can’t let Mu Tingxiao go out, of course I have to figure it out by myself!”
So, what she thinks of is to find “Mu Jiachen”?
Mu Nuannuan sneered: “Go and ask him for it yourself.”
“What’s your attitude? You are ruthless and unjust don’t help Mu’s family. You don’t even want to give a number. Don’t forget that your surname is Mu too!”
Mu Wanqi’s remarks were righteous and confident, and there was no guilt on her face.
The smile on Mu Nuannuan’s face deepened, but her expression became colder and colder, and her soft voice became a bit colder: “Of course I won’t forget my surname Mu.”
All the disasters in her little half of her life were due to her surname Mu, and they were all contributed to by this surname.
“How could I forget my surname Mu?” Mu Nuannuan’s voice became softer again: “Sister, you want the phone number of’Mu Jiachen’. It is impossible for me to tell you, but I know he often Go to Jinding.”
Even if she hates “Mu Jiachen” anymore, she can’t easily tell Mu Wanqi about the phone number’s problem.
However, she can reveal to Mu Wanqi that “Mu Jiachen” often goes to Jinding.
Mu Wanqi might not meet “Mu Jiachen”, even if she did meet him, the probability of success is too low.
In fact, to put it plainly, Mu Nuannuan just wanted to make “Mu Jiachen” some trouble.
Who made him so shameless!

After get off work in the evening, “Mu Jiachen” did not come to pick her up.
However, the night came.
It started to rain in the evening, and it was already dark in the rainy weather.
Mu Nuannuan got into the car and said, “It’s not that I’ve already said that, you don’t need to pick me up and down.”
“It was Master Biao who asked me to pick up Mrs. Young. He said that it is not easy to take a taxi on a rainy day.”
Shi Ye was a little anxious lately, he didn’t dare to pick up Mrs. Young, for fear that he would say something wrong in front of Mrs. Young, and show his feet. The Young Master would not be easy to explain.
Mu Nuannuan looked suspicious: “Are you talking about Mu Jiachen?”
Could it be that “Mu Jiachen” said before that he would come to pick her up at night because he knew it would rain tonight?
Shi Ye reacted a bit before responding: “Yes.”
Mu Nuannuan’s heart is actually quite soft. He thought of telling Mu Wanqi his whereabouts in the afternoon, and asked with some guilty conscience: “What about others?”
“Young Master Biao has something to do and went to Jinding. He said he won’t go home for dinner at night.” If the Young Master is not busy with anything, he might come to pick up Mrs. Young himself.
Mu Nuannuan felt a sigh in her heart.
Wouldn’t it be such a coincidence that she would be met by Mu Wanqi?
Shi Ye saw Mu Nuannuan’s anxious face from the rear view, thinking she was concerned about the young master, so she said, “The young master is going to deal with some business affairs, and he won’t be home late.”
Mu Nuannuan nodded absent-mindedly, and did not notice what Shiye called “Mu Jiachen”.
After Shiye reacted, he was shocked and sweated.
Back home, the villa was empty.
As soon as Mu Nuannuan entered the door, she looked around subconsciously, not knowing what she was looking for.
She went upstairs and changed her clothes a little irritably, and went into the kitchen to cook.
“Mu Jiachen” was not at home, and Mu Tingxiao’s whereabouts became a mystery like an invisible person, so she could just cook her own meal.
During the meal, she didn’t know what was wrong, so she called Xiao Chuhe to find out if Mu Wanqi had gone to Jinding.
“Mom, have you eaten yet?” Mu Nuannuan tried to hide the eagerness in her tone.
Xiao Chuhe’s tone sounded a bit of surprise: “No, I’m about to eat. Your father and your sister are still talking about things in the study, waiting for them.”
“Oh… this way, I’m just asking, I’ll have dinner first, and goodbye.” Mu Nuannuan hung up the phone, breathing a sigh of relief.
On the other hand, even though Xiao Chuhe felt that Mu Nuannuan’s call was a bit sudden, but when he thought that Mu Nuannuan still cared about her so far, his mood improved involuntarily.
At this moment, Mu Liyan and Mu Wanqi just came down from the stairs.
She hurriedly walked over: “Come and eat, the dishes are going to be cold.”
Mu Wanqi glanced at her: “Stop eating, I want to go out.”
Xiao Chuhe only noticed that Mu Wanqi changed her clothes and put on a delicate makeup.
“Where are you going, it’s night…”
“Don’t worry about it, of course I am going out to do business.” Mu Wanqi glanced at Xiao Chuhe, took out the mirror and took a photo, satisfied with her makeup.
She didn’t believe that “Mu Jiachen” could refuse her sexuality.

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