My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 112

Mu Jiachen shook his head: “He doesn’t know.”
Mu Tingxiao sneered. If it wasn’t for Mu Jiachen and Mu Nuannuan to mix together, he might praise Mu Jiachen’s courage.
“What’s the matter with you and Mu Nuannuan?”
It’s no wonder that Mu Nuannuan’s behavior has been abnormal in recent days. It turns out that he already knew his identity.
Although he had thought about this, he didn’t think it was because she met Mu Jiachen.
Mu Jiachen asked Ai Ai, “Is she really your wife?”
“Otherwise?” Mu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at him with a smile.
Mu Jiachen said angrily: “Isn’t your wife ugly?”
“You say it again.” Mu Tingxiao’s tone remained unchanged, but he was not angry with himself.
Naturally, Mu Jiachen didn’t dare to say it again, but honestly told Mu Tingxiao about the events in the last few days.
Finally, he emphatically praised Mu Nuannuan’s cooking skills: “Mu Nuannuan’s cooking is very delicious.”
Mu Tingxiao glanced at him sharply: “What do you call her?”
Under his deterrence, Mu Jiachen spoke weakly: “…Cousin.”
Mu Nuannuan hid beside the escalator on the second floor, looking at Mu Jiachen’s inexplicably familiar.
It seems that she sometimes looks like this in front of Mu Tingxiao…

Mu Tingxiao ordered Mu Jiachen to arrange a room for Mu Jiachen at night. As soon as he looked up, he saw Mu Nuannuan walking downstairs with a suitcase.
Mu Tingxiao’s gaze stayed on her suitcase for a few seconds, and then he said coldly, “What are you doing?”
“What do you mean?” She couldn’t live peacefully with Mu Tingxiao under the same roof now.
“Madame Help, take Li Xingbox to the master bedroom.” Mu Tingxiao looked at Mu Nuannuan, but what he said was ordering the bodyguard.
The bodyguard immediately came forward to lift Mu Nuannuan’s suitcase, and went straight upstairs to the master bedroom where Mu Tingxiao lived.
Mu Nuannuan couldn’t stop them at all.
Mu Nuannuan bit her lip, turned her head and said loudly at him, “Mu Tingxiao, don’t go too far!”
Mu Tingxiao said lightly, “What’s the problem with the couple living in the same room?”
Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Tingxiao’s shamelessness was no less than that of Mu’s family.
She couldn’t say that Mu Tingxiao was too lazy to argue with him anymore. She raised her foot to walk outside. She didn’t even walk to the door, but was stopped by the bodyguard.
She turned her head to look at Mu Tingxiao: “What do you mean?”
Mu Tingxiao didn’t answer her immediately. He stood up and adjusted his sleeves slowly, with a strangely indifferent expression: “You think that the door of my Mu’s family is that you can enter if you want to enter, and if you want to leave, Is it out?”
Mu Nuannuan’s complexion changed slightly.
There are rumors outside that Mu Tingxiao is a disfigured and inhumane man, but in fact he is very healthy, and those who know the truth must be very close to him.
And now Mu Nuannuan also knew the truth, so he wouldn’t let her go easily.
Seeing Mu Nuannuan’s face changed, Mu Tingxiao knew that she had understood what he meant.
He slowly walked to Mu Nuannuan and curled his lips, but his smile was cold: “The person who has a relationship with me, Mu Tingxiao, can get away so easily, not to mention you or me. My wife, don’t have extra thoughts, and don’t do fruitless things. Even if you die, you can only be buried next to me.”
Mu Nuannuan has been married to Mu’s house for nearly three months, and all she saw are the arrogant “Mu Jiachen”. This is the first time she has seen Mu Tingxiao showing such aggressive and dangerous eyes like a beast. .
This look is not something a simple rich kid would have, but rather like a devil crawling out of the darkness.
She thought of Mu Jiachen’s evaluation of Mu Tingxiao: Big Devil.
Mu Tingxiao looked at the expression on Mu Nuannuan’s face with satisfaction, and there was a chilling tenderness in his lowered voice: “Don’t show such a scared look. Be good, and I will treat you well.”
Is she scared?
Mu Nuannuan clenched her palms tightly, only to realize that her palms were sweaty.
She also thought that when she was in the rental house, she would fetch bullets for Mu Tingxiao who was not injecting drugs. He didn’t say a word all the time, and he fainted.
She should have thought long ago, how could a man with such inhuman perseverance be just a arrogant and domineering rich young master, he must have a deeper mind than anyone else, he must be the devil who crawled out of the abyss.
Mu Nuannuan opened her mouth, but found that she couldn’t even speak.
Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand and touched her head, moving softly and almost strangely: “You haven’t seen our room well. I’ll show you.”
Mu Nuannuan struggled a little, but Mu Tingxiao didn’t take it seriously, but forcefully pulled her upstairs to the master bedroom.
He took Mu Nuannuan to the cloakroom.
As soon as Mu Nuannuan entered, she was stunned.
In the cloakroom, most of the positions are hanging ladies’ clothes, all of which are new seasons, bags and shoes are available.
With so many clothes, it takes months for her to change clothes every day.
Mu Tingxiao stood by, watching the change in her expression.
Gu Zhiyan said that there are no women who don’t like these things.
Seeing Mu Nuannuan’s face in surprise, Mu Tingxiao said, “I asked people to prepare them according to your size.”
Mu Nuannuan turned to look at him, her beautiful cat eyes were cold: “It seems that Mr. Mu is very good at “slaps and rewards a sweet date” skill!”
There are probably no words like admitting mistakes and apologies in the dictionary of people like Mu Tingxiao. What he wants is to control and hold the absolute initiative in his hands.
Mu Nuannuan had known his true identity first. She had the initiative in her hand and had no time to use it, but she was found out by Mu Tingxiao and found her and Mu Jiachen.
Mu Tingxiao laughed: “You can think of this as a little fun between husband and wife, it’s more appropriate.”
Damn little fun!
Mu Nuannuan walked out with a sullen face, not wanting to talk to him.
She looked at Mu Tingxiao again, and she couldn’t help but want to go up and tear his face, but she didn’t dare, the best way was not to look at him.
After going out, she returned to the room she lived in before, but found that the bed in the room was missing.
She turned around and ran to the corridor, and when she took a look on the guardrail, she saw the bodyguard lifting the bed out of the hall.
“…” Mu Tingxiao must have a brain problem!
In order to let her live in the master bedroom, she even moved her bed away.
Mu Jiachen didn’t know where he came out. He walked to her side, followed her posture, leaned on the guardrail, and followed her line of sight to see: “Cousin treats you very well.”
Mu Nuannuan: “Ho ho.”
Mu Jiachen looked serious: “If it were me, my cousin wouldn’t let people lift the bed out, he would just throw me out.”
Mu Nuannuan was not comforted, and looked at him indifferently: “Are you his cousin?”
“Yes, my mom and his dad are brothers and sisters.” Mu Jiachen spread his hands, expressing that he was also helpless.

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