My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 119

Mu Jiachen was a little surprised: “You all know my brother?”
He knew that Si Chengyu was an actor, but he did not know that Si Chengyu was so famous in China.
“Of course I know. Teacher Si Chengyu is a senior in the circle. He is a good acting person and a fan harvester!” Shen Liang took out his mobile phone after speaking, “Teacher Si Chengyu, can I take a picture together?”
“Of course.” Si Chengyu smiled mildly: “But you have to keep things a secret for me today.”
“Must!” After Shen Liang turned on the phone’s camera, he pulled Mu Nuannuan over again: “Taking pictures together.”
“No, you can shoot…” Mu Nuannuan doesn’t chase stars, but simply likes Si Chengyu’s movies.
She also didn’t have much interest in taking photos together.
Si Chengyu looked at her with a smile, and said mildly: “Miss Mu should surrender her life to accompany the gentleman.”
Si Chengyu’s attitude was too gentle, and Mu Nuannuan was no longer able to refuse, so she had to stand over and take a group photo together.
The three stood together, and Mu Jiachen took photos of them.
Si Chengyu stood in the middle, and Shen Liang and Mu Nuannuan stood on either side of him.
After taking the photo, Shen Liang took the phone, and there was a call. It was from the agent. She hung up without answering. She turned to Mu Nuannuan and said, “The agent called me. I have to go first. Up.”
Mu Nuannuan nodded: “You go away.”
“Then I’ll go first, see you senior.” Shen Liang waved to Si Chengyu, turned and rushed out of the restaurant.
Mu Nuannuan turned to look at Mu Jiachen and Si Chengyu, only to realize that they did look a little alike.
Maybe because it was a close relative, Mu Nuannuan felt that Si Chengyu and Mu Tingxiao looked alike.
She remembered the time when she had dinner in Jinding. Si Chengyu greeted Gu Zhiyan in the past, and saw that Mu Tingxiao was there and he didn’t talk to him. He also knew about her and Mu Tingxiao’s affairs.
But he was Mu Tingxiao’s cousin, and he helped Mu Tingxiao conceal it, which was normal.
In order to deceive her, Mu Tingxiao really tried his best.
Mu Nuannuan’s lips curled up involuntarily, and her smile was full of mockery.
Si Chengyu seemed to see her thoughts, with a slightly restrained expression on her face, and said sincerely, “I’m sorry to help Ting Xiao deceive you.”
Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips and said, “Mr. Si needn’t say that, everyone has different positions.”
Mr. Secretary?
Si Chengyu smiled helplessly and said, “Are you planning to go back now? I’ll drive you.”
Mu Nuannuan glanced at Mu Jiachen suspiciously. Mu Tingxiao disciplined him so strictly. Logically speaking, he saw his own brother, so he should go directly with him.
However, listening to Si Chengyu’s tone, he still wanted to return to Mu Tingxiao.
Seeing Mu Nuannuan’s doubts, Si Chengyu explained: “I’m too busy at work and don’t have time to take care of Xiaochen. It’s better for him to live with Tingxiao.”

Si Chengyu drove Mu Nuannuan and Mu Jiachen back to the villa.
Mu Nuannuan and Mu Jiachen walked ahead, and Si Chengyu followed them, half a step behind.
As soon as Mu Nuannuan entered the door, she happened to see Mu Tingxiao coming down from the stairs.
He raised his head and glanced at Mu Nuannuan with a natural expression, but when he saw Si Chengyu who was following her, he narrowed his eyes slightly with an unpredictable expression.
“Ting Xiao.” Si Chengyu first explained: “I was eating out, and I met Xiao Chen and the others, so I sent them back by the way.”
“Yeah.” Mu Tingxiao replied, sat down on the sofa, and ordered the bodyguard: “Pour tea.”
Seeing the two sitting down on the sofa, Mu Nuannuan took Mu Jiachen upstairs as if there was something to talk about.
As soon as Mu Jiachen returned to the room, he started to do his homework, but it was not his own, but the primary school homework.
Children really struggle to make money.
Mu Nuannuan returned to the room, and after washing out, she received the WeChat message sent to her by Shen Liang.
[Have you and Mu Tingxiao done? Can he do it? ]
[I think since he is different from the rumors, he should do it in that respect? ]
Mu Nuannuan smiled helplessly, and gave her a message: [Go to bed early, don’t talk about the mess. ]
Shen Liang not only didn’t listen to her to go to sleep, but instead sent her a voice.
Mu Nuannuan opened up and listened.
“I’m not talking about messy things, I’m talking about serious things, although Mu Tingxiao’s actions are a bit excessive, but you have to take him down first, otherwise if you are known by the little bitch Mu Wanqi ‘Mu Jiachen’ is Mu Tingxiao, do you see if she will pounce on…”
Shen Liang’s words reminded Mu Nuannuan.
Mu Wanqi had been playing the idea of ​​”Mu Jiachen” before. If she knew that “Mu Jiachen” was Mu Tingxiao, she would definitely not give up.
“What happened to her when she pounced, Mu Tingxiao must not even look at her more.”
She didn’t dare to say that for the former “Mu Jiachen”, but he is now Mu Tingxiao, and it is even more unlikely that Mu Wanqi can be seen in the eyes of Mu Wanqi.
As soon as she uttered this voice, she heard Mu Tingxiao’s voice coming from the door: “Really? Know me that way.”
Mu Nuannuan looked up stiffly in Mu Tingxiao’s direction, and his mind was in confusion.
When did he come up?
Did he hear the content of her chat with Shen Liang?
Ding Dong——
Facing the Shenliang seconds, Mu Nuannuan pressed the lock screen button and was anxious to see new messages.
“When did you come up?”
“I heard everything that should have been heard.”
Mu Tingxiao didn’t answer her question positively, but his answer was enough to show that he heard everything.
The embarrassment on Mu Nuannuan’s face couldn’t be covered, and Mu Tingxiao curled her lips, with a slight joy in her tone: “I’m going to take a bath, so you can think about it first.”
“What do you think?”
“Think about how to take me down.”
“…” Ho Ho.

Because of Mu Tingxiao’s secret help, Mu Clan swept away the haze that had previously been plagued by black materials, and began normal operations. There are too many to count on the cooperation that has actively sought out door-to-door financing.
Mu Liyan felt that the Mu family was about to usher in a rise in quality. He was so happy that he was busy socializing every day, and even wanted to take Mu Nuannuan out to meet those partners.
Mu Nuannuan refused directly: “No, Dad should take her sister. Mu Tingxiao doesn’t like me to go to dinner.”
Now whenever something happens, she uses Mu Tingxiao as an excuse, which is still very useful.
She and Mu Liyan had different ideas. She knew Mu Tingxiao. Although he helped Mu Clan, she always felt that things were a little weird and not so simple.
“Also.” Mu Liyan nodded and asked her, “When will Tingxiao have time, you can take him back to Mu’s house for a meal.”
Even “Ting Xiao” was called. Are you trying to curry favor with this son-in-law?
Although she would not take Mu Tingxiao back to Mu’s house, she still replied, “Okay.”
On the way back, Mu Nuannuan asked the driver to stop, and she got out of the car to buy things.
Most of the daily necessities area in the supermarket is affixed with the Mu’s trademark.
Mu Nuannuan walked over and heard someone next to him say: “Why is this Mu family still stale, and has the face to put things on the shelves for sale?”
“That’s not the case. The backstage is hard. If the product goes wrong, it will affect the news and it will be disgusting!”
Mu Nuannuan stood in front of the shelf for a while, bought something and went out.
She knew Mu Tingxiao’s plan.
In this “factory exposure” incident, the Mu family did not apologize sincerely, but also did not suffer any due punishment.
Not only that, but Mu also suppressed all negative news, which would make the public even more disgusted.

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