My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 125

Luo Ying just didn’t see Mu Nuannuan knocking the man’s head with a wine bottle, and looked at Mu Nuannuan provocatively: “Come on, poke my face!”
Mu Nuan curled her lips, holding the wine bottle hand forward, she was about to poke Luo Ying’s face, her eyes widened sharply, her hand covered her face, her mouth still pointed. call.
Her screams reverberated in the box, but the bottle in Mu Nuan Nuan’s hand did not poke her.
Mu Nuannuan chuckled lightly, sarcasm in her modest voice: “It’s nothing more than that!”
Luo Ying consciously lost face and her face became ugly. She didn’t stand up immediately, but winked directly at the person behind Mu Nuan warming her body.
When Mu Nuannuan reacted, she was hugged from behind.
After such a crop, most of the cold wine has sobered up.
She got up and sat down on Luo Ying directly to pull her hair: “Fuck you, uncle! You and me are directly directed at me, what is my friend! You used to stumble me secretly, I’m a dog I bit you, and you bumped into yourself today. I won’t call Shen Liang if I don’t hit the dog…”
The people brought by Luo Ying stopped Mu Nuannuan, and a few others went to help Luo Ying.
But they couldn’t get away with Ben.
Mu Nuannuan is not a vegetarian, and naturally she will not be beaten or fight back.
The box became a ball for a while, and a few people didn’t want to cause trouble, so they shrank to one side and hid, but they took their mobile phones to shoot the video.
People who can mix in the entertainment industry are basically full of thoughts.
Although Luo Ying has a lot of black material, she is also considered a small celebrity. Shen Liang’s fame is a little bigger than Luo Ying, and her reputation is also good. The two people get together to fight, and it is considered to be an overwhelming exposure.
Suddenly, with a “bang”, the box door was opened from the outside.
“Stop it all!”
It was a male voice.
Mu Nuannuan raised her head and glanced. She had a little impression of this man, as if she was the lobby manager of a bar.
The manager’s roar made the people in the box quiet for a while.
Shen Liangzheng and Luo Ying pulled each other’s hair and fought on the ground. Luo Ying obviously knew the lobby manager. She wailed and said, “Come here and pull this woman away for me.”
The lobby manager moved, but turned to look at the person behind him, nodding respectfully and said, “I don’t know who is the person Gu Zong is looking for?”
Mu Nuannuan looked back and saw Gu Zhiyan walking over here from the door.
At this time, Mu Nuan Nuan held a bottle of unopened wine in her hand, her hair was pulled in her hand by a man, and her other free hand was pulling another woman’s clothes…
It can be said to be extremely embarrassed.
Gu Zhiyan seemed to be shocked, and then coughed dryly: “Let go!”
He only knew that Mu Nuannuan was good at cooking, but he had never thought that she could make trouble like this.
Those people naturally knew Gu Zhiyan and let go of Mu Nuannuan one after another.
Mu Nuannuan turned around and kicked the man who was pulling her hair fiercely: “I wonder if a woman can’t move her hair casually?”
The man jumped with pain, but he only dared to stare at Mu Nuannuan fiercely, not daring to say a word.
At this time, Luo Ying, who was fighting with Shen Liang, suddenly called out weakly: “Mr Gu…”
Because Mu Nuannuan was standing, Gu Zhiyan saw Mu Nuannuan first when he came in.
With Luo Ying’s “President Gu”, he noticed that Shen Liang was riding on Luo Ying…
He frowned fiercely, walked over and lifted Shen Liang up as soon as his arm stretched out.
As soon as Shen Liang stood up, he shook off his hand fiercely.
Luo Ying is a contracted artist of Shengding. She also knows that Shen Liang’s agency and Shengding are rivals, so she naturally feels that Gu Zhiyan must be here to help her.
She sat up and covered her face and wept bitterly: “Mr. Gu, I just want to have a drink with Teacher Shen Liang, and I didn’t expect that Teacher Shen Liang would beat people after drinking too much…”
She cried sincerely, and she said it like the truth.
Gu Zhiyan first glanced at Shen Liang, and Shen Liang’s condition was not so good. His hair was messed up, the makeup on his face was already spent, and there were clear red marks on his neck and face that were cut out by his nails.
His face sank suddenly.
Since getting to know Gu Zhiyan, Mu Nuannuan has seen him wearing glasses and pretending to be mature and unreliable, and he has also seen his doglegs in front of Mu Tingxiao, and this is the first time he has seen him showing a gloom similar to Mu Tingxiao. expression.
He lowered his eyes to Luo Ying with a cold voice: “Luo Ying, do you know who Shen Liang is?”
“Who is she, who…” Luo Ying also felt something was wrong at this time, and raised his head to look at Gu Zhiyan.
Only then did Mu Nuannuan realize that one of her faces was swollen, and there were a lot of blood stains on it. Shen Liang should have caught it with his nails, which was much worse than Shen Liang.
Gu Zhiyan curled his lips, but did not smile: “She is my little ancestor.”
His voice was very soft, but when it was in Luo Ying’s ears, his eardrums hummed.
After speaking, he looked up at the other people in the box, and his eyes fell on the two women hiding on the side.
The expressions of the two women looked nervous and excited. Gu Zhiyan raised his eyebrows: “Hand over the phone.”
The expressions of the two women changed. Knowing Gu Zhiyan’s identity, they didn’t dare to say anything, and directly handed over their phones.
“The rest, call the police. Our Shengding guy has something to do in your bar. You always have to give me an explanation.” Gu Zhiyan turned his head and looked at the lobby manager.
The manager nodded: “Yes, I must let our boss give you a satisfactory explanation to Mr. Gu.”
Gu Zhiyan turned his head to look at Shen Liang, his voice softened a lot: “Let’s go.”
Shen Liang snorted, glared at him, lifted his foot and walked outside.
Mu Nuannuan quickly followed.
She and Shen Liang went to the bathroom to wash their faces, then tidy up their clothes.
After Shen Liang washed his face, there were only a few red marks on his face, and there was even no bleeding, which looked like someone else.
On the contrary, Mu Nuannuan’s forehead was swollen and looked a little scary.
“What’s wrong? Why is it such a big bag?” Shen Liang tapped his finger lightly, not daring to force: “Which grandson got it, I’ll beat you back.”
“Okay, your safety is better than anything else.” Mu Nuannuan shook her head helplessly.
Shen Liang touched his nose, and it was indeed because of her today.
When the two went out of the bathroom, they saw Gu Zhiyan waiting outside.
When Gu Zhiyan came up, he was about to touch Shen Liang’s face: “Let me see the wound on your face.”
“What hurt? No hurt.” Shen Liang waved away his hand directly with a look of impatience.
Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips and smiled, raising her feet to take a few steps forward, not to disturb them being alone.
At this time, there was a steady sound of footsteps.
She raised her head subconsciously and saw Mu Tingxiao’s tall and straight figure appearing around the corner.
However, his face… is a bit scary.

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