My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 132

Mu Ting Xiao kiss-kiss was too boring, and Mu Nuannuan couldn’t help but push him.
Mu Tingxiao raised her big hand, firmly restrained her hands, pulled her slender arms, and pressed them onto the top of her head.
In this way, Mu Nuannuan appeared in front of him without any cover.
She turned her head, afraid to look at Mu Tingxiao’s eyes, shrank her shoulders, and faintly withdrew.
Mu Tingxiao noticed her retreat, and somewhat maliciously lowered her head and bit her chest.
His strength was not very heavy, and Mu Nuannuan didn’t feel the pain, but rather itchy.
She couldn’t help but snorted, but Mu Tingxiao gave a deep smile at this moment.
Mu Nuannuan became angry and blushed and said loudly, “Hurry up!”
“Don’t you want to hurry up at the beginning?” Mu Tingxiao’s voice was abnormally dull. He kissed her earlobe, and the heat that was drawn out followed the layers of contamination of her auricle, like an electric current, and numb. Feeling jumped into the bottom of my heart.
The light in the bedroom was bright, Mu Nuannuan’s white skin had been stained with a light pink, and her body gradually warmed up, exuding a seductive warm fragrance.
Mu Tingxiao’s throat slid, his free hand slid down her waist, and his long fingers gently poked in…
Mu Nuannuan screamed in shock in places that had never been touched by others, but when the ending sound changed, it was soft as if water could drip out.
Mu Tingxiao’s breathing was getting heavier and heavier, his forehead was already covered with sweat, but the movements on his hands didn’t have the desire-hope that he was about to break the gate, and he became impatient.
Instead, he tortured her patiently, asking aloud: “Is this here?”
“Want to go deeper?”
The bangs on Mu Nuan Nuan’s forehead were already sweaty, her thick black hair scattered on the pillow, her white face was flushed, and the cat’s eyes were hazy. Although she had bitten her lip tightly, she still met from time to time. There is a coquettish voice overflowing.
The sound is as soft as a cat, but it is restrained to make people want to destroy.
Mu Tingxiao kissed her lips fiercely, lowering her waist…

Mu Nuannuan felt like she was sinking into the warm spring water, getting hotter and harder to breathe.
She wanted to struggle, but Mu Tingxiao did not give her a chance.
He firmly pressed her in his arms, rubbing her waist with one hand, and stroking her sweaty hair with the other, his voice was frighteningly dumb: “Just relax…”
His voice is deliberately soft, with an indescribable fascination.
Mu Nuannuan relaxed her body involuntarily.
But Mu Tingxiao seized the opportunity to pinch her waist, and drilled inside without knowing what she was satisfied.
When it was over, Mu Nuannuan squinted her eyes, her body was soaked with sweat, she seemed to have just been fished out of the water.
Mu Tingxiao lay on her body for a long time without movement, Mu Nuannuan was relieved, and felt the two people closely adhere to each other, and the fading pink color of her body quickly came back.
Mu Nuannuan reached out and pushed him: “Go down…”
I realized that my voice was so hoarse that I couldn’t make a clear voice at all, with thick nasal sounds and dullness.
Her voice is also terribly uncomfortable now.
Finally, Mu Tingxiao moved, but it was not his body that moved, but…
Mu Nuannuan’s complexion turned red all of a sudden, and there was a hint of begging in her dumb voice: “No, I can’t come again…”
“One more time.” Mu Tingxiao moved, leaning over to kiss her.
Mu Nuannuan certainly disagreed, but Mu Tingxiao was domineering and strong, and she couldn’t refuse it at all.
However, this time Mu Tingxiao was a little gentler than before.
It’s a pity that this gentleness is only a flash in the pan. It didn’t take long for his movements to lose weight, like a wolf that has been hungry for a long time, and can’t help but gobble up food when facing food.

In the bathroom.
Mu Nuannuan was so weak that she let Mu Tingxiao play around. She was so strong that she could only squint at him.
Ho ho, again?
Men’s nonsense is unbelievable, especially a man like Mu Tingxiao whose mind is as deep as the ocean.
Seeing that the man who said he was going to bathe himself began to move restlessly, Mu Nuannuan patted his hands: “You go out and I will wash it myself.”
“Sure?” Mu Tingxiao raised his eyes to look at her, Rumo’s eyes with a slight smile, showing his happy mood, the gloomy aura on his body has been faded a lot, and he appeared bright and shining.
Can’t afford to look good?
Mu Nuannuan turned her head: “Yes.”
Mu Tingxiao said with a smile, “Then I went out?”
Mu Nuannuan said angrily: “Get out of here!”
The ink must look like a woman.
Mu Tingxiao stood up and let go of Mu Nuannuan.
He didn’t even lift his foot out, and Mu Nuannuan’s unsupported body slid into the bathtub water directly.
Mu Tingxiao quickly reached out and lifted her out.
Mu Nuannuan: “…”

When the last two of them returned to bed after taking a shower, it was almost dawn.
When Mu Tingxiao woke up, Mu Nuannuan was still asleep.
The heat from the bed flushed her white and plain face slightly red, and her long eyelashes fanned in to cast shadows under her eyes, well-behaved and quiet, like a cat.
Suddenly, there was a slight noise in the hall.
Mu Tingxiao’s eyes flickered, he tucked the quilt corners for Mu Nuannuan, got out of the bed and put on a bathrobe, and walked out lightly.
In the hall, Gu Zhiyan opened the door and walked in. Seeing that the hall was quiet, he was a little uncertain. Did these two people become the last night?
Mu Tingxiao closed the door with his backhand, walked a few steps forward, and bumped into the front with Gu Zhiyan who was coming here.
Gu Zhiyan saw Mu Tingxiao and was taken aback: “You woke up so early?”
Didn’t it work last night? Otherwise, why do you wake up so early?
Mu Tingxiao had a sullen face, staring at him coldly, “Do you still dare to come?”
At this time, Gu Zhiyan saw the abnormal red marks on Mu Tingxiao’s neck sharply, which looked like traces of being caught by something.
Gu Zhiyan smiled stupidly: “Why don’t I dare to come, I think you should be very grateful to me now!”
“Hey.” Mu Tingxiao sneered, and when he was about to speak, he heard movement behind him.
He listened attentively, and the slight movement disappeared again.
Mu Tingxiao groaned slightly, and said to Gu Zhiyan, “Thank you for giving me the medicine?”
“Bah! That was not mine! I don’t have that kind of thing.” Gu Zhiyan quickly denied.
The glass of wine was poured by someone else to Gu Zhiyan last night. Gu Zhiyan didn’t know what was going crazy recently and said he wanted to quit drinking, so Mu Tingxiao helped him drink it.
As a result, this drink was a problem.
Although Gu Zhiyan didn’t dare to say that he could fully understand Mu Tingxiao’s thoughts, he was sure that Mu Tingxiao was definitely attached to Mu Nuannuan.
He simply didn’t do anything else, so he called Mu Nuannuan over.

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