My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 134

As soon as he entered the Mu Family, Mu Nuannuan felt the tense atmosphere of the company.
She met Mu Wanqi in the pantry.
Mu Wanqi’s eyes were bloodshot, and it was obvious that she didn’t sleep well last night.
As soon as she saw Mu Nuannuan, she stepped on high heels and walked towards her: “You want to ruin the Mu family, don’t you? Since you came here, the Mu family has not had a good life one day.”
Mu Nuannuan didn’t speak.
She was born in Mu’s family, did she live there any day?
When she was forced to marry into Mu’s family, did she ever have a peaceful birth?
“I don’t want to bring down the Mu Family. I think I don’t have that great ability. The Mu Family was founded by my grandfather. It has been a conscientious brand in the industry for decades. The reason why it has become like this, you don’t feel like this. Do you count?”
Mu Nuannuan doesn’t know much about business management, but she knows the general situation of Mu’s family.
Mr. Mu founded the Mu family from scratch in the past. He is sleek and kind, and his business methods are not clever, but he is superior in dealing with people, and his temperament is a bit stubborn.
The so-called “no traitor and no business”, Mr. Mu lacks that “traitor”, so for decades, the Mu family has not been marked as an “old brand”, but it has not made great progress.
Elder Mu handed over the Mu family to Mu Liyan. Mu Liyan started to make products honestly for the first few years. In the past few years, it has gradually expanded and started to deceive.
Until some time ago, there was a loophole in the project, and the company’s capital chain had problems, and then it was exposed to the shady of the factory, and Mu’s fell into the biggest crisis since its establishment.
“Sophistry!” Mu Wanqi didn’t pay attention to Mu Nuannuan’s words at all: “You have the ability to follow me to Dad and say.”
“Go and go!”
In fact, Mu Nuannuan didn’t want to watch the Mu family collapse like this. Many employees of the Mu family came along with Mr. Mu. They have worked in the company for most of their lives. They really have feelings for the Mu family.
She is not a saint, and from the perspective of personal grievances, if the Mu Family breaks down, she might also feel happy in her heart.
However, the joy in my heart was only temporary. The Mu Family collapsed and a large number of employees were unemployed. This is a conceivable result.
She can’t pretend to be deaf and dumb, pretending to know nothing.
Mu Tingxiao is the behind-the-scenes boss of Shengding Media. So, Si Chengyu’s affairs must have been planned by him alone.
In order to force Elder Mu to return to the country, Mu Tingxiao made frequent secret moves. If Elder Mu never came back, he might really kill the Mu family directly.
A man who took bullets without anesthetic and became the leader of the entertainment industry at the age of twenty-six, how could Mu Liyan be his opponent?

“Dad, Mu Nuannuan is here!”
Mu Wanqi took Mu Nuannuan to Mu Liyan’s office.
“Nuannuan, what did you talk about when you went to Si Chengyu yesterday? How could this happen?” Mu Liyan got up from behind the desk and walked out.
Mu Nuannuan shook his head: “There is nothing to talk about.”
“How did you talk about it?” Mu Wanqi looked at her sarcastically: “It must be what you said to Si Chengyu, which offended him. The topic on the Internet is obviously that someone bought the list belt. It was brushed up by the navy.”
“How did you persuade Si Chengyu? Did he say that he would sign a contract with Mu’s endorsement? Use your mind to think about it, why should he agree to Mu’s endorsement for such a big coffee?”
This matter has something to do with Mu Tingxiao. There is no doubt that this must have been set up from the beginning.
“Huh, everyone has a heart for beauty. No matter how big he is, Si Chengyu is still a man.” Mu Wanqi’s subtext is that Si Chengyu has a crush on her, so he agreed to take over Mu’s endorsement. .
Not to mention Mu Nuannuan, even Mu Liyan didn’t believe it.
Mu Liyan waved his hand: “Wanqi, how did Si Chengyu tell you at the time.”
“He… praised me for being attractive, and then said that I could give it a try.” Mu Wanqi said, her face turned red.
Mu Nuannuan sneered. Did Mu Wanqi look at her boss Chengyu again?
“Didn’t you say that Si Chengyu had promised to sign a contract with our company?” Mu Liyan frowned, his voice a little heavy.
“I think it’s almost the same. If I know that something like this will happen, I will talk to him about signing the contract the next day…”
Mu Wanqi regrets it a bit now. The reason why she asked Mu Nuannuan to discuss the contract is mainly because she feels that Si Chengyu has become interested in her. She can’t be too proactive. She has to hang Si Chengyu and wait for him to take the initiative to look for it. she was.
Seeing Mu Liyan’s complexion getting darker and darker, Mu Wanqi didn’t dare to speak anymore.
In her opinion, this incident was all caused by Si Chengyu!
Mu Liyan sat down on the sofa, held his forehead and sighed, his voice filled with fatigue: “Someone wants to deal with Mu’s family.”
“Yes, since Si Chengyu directly rejected Mu’s invitation, this is a game.” Mu Nuannuan thought for a moment, and said, “Maybe earlier.”
Mu Liyan turned his head to look at Mu Nuannuan, looking at her carefully as if he had known her for the first time.
Mu Nuannuan met his gaze, and continued: “Because Si Chengyu cannot accept Mu’s endorsement. If something goes wrong, there must be a demon.”
Mu Liyan stared at Mu Nuannuan sternly for a moment, then nodded: “You make sense.”
After Mu Tingxiao helped the Mu family, Mu Liyan’s heart naturally swelled. He saw Mu Tingxiao’s abilities, and naturally felt that it was not a big deal to let Si Chengyu, a man who relies on acting for his food, take the Mu family’s endorsement. problem.
But he didn’t think it would cause such a big disaster, for the Mu family who had just improved, it was just worse.
Seeing Mu Liyan actually praise Mu Nuannuan, Mu Wanqi felt unhappy.
“Dad, what’s the point of what she said? Si Chengyu is very different to me. I think he definitely likes me. I will do this. I will find a way to make him confess in front of the media that it is because he likes me. Promise to accept Mu’s endorsement!”
Mu Wanqi’s confident look made Mu Nuannuan shocked.
Self-confidence is a good thing, but it was the first time she had seen it like Mu Wanqi was so inflated.
She didn’t know what kind of woman Si Chengyu would like.
It may be a well-known daughter, or a woman with ordinary looks and family background, but they must all have their advantages.
It certainly won’t be like Mu Wanqi. What are the advantages of Mu Wanqi? How many men have you slept with? Or is it unusually confident?
Mu Liyan patted the coffee table fiercely, and shouted angrily: “Don’t be foolish!”
“I’m not Hu Hong.” Mu Wanqi raised her chin confidently, glanced at Mu Nuannuan, and went out.
Mu Liyan was so angry that he couldn’t say a word while pointing in the direction of the door.
“I’m going out first.”
Mu Nuannuan also did not stay to comfort Mu Liyan.
The daughter I am used to, deserves to be angry!

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