My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 140

Because the shameless man grabbed her hand and touched her face as soon as he got into the car…
Shi Ye and Mu Jiachen were still sitting in front, where did she put her face?
When she waved the hand stretched out next to her for the nth time, the shameless man gave a deep smile: “You are so behaved today, you just want to touch it.”
Mu Nuan looked at him with a smile, “Am I a cat? I want to touch it when I look good?”
“Of course not.” Mu Tingxiao squeezed her hand lightly before saying, “A touch is not enough.”
Mu Nuannuan twitched the corners of her mouth and turned to look at the two people sitting in front.
It was discovered that Shi Ye and Mu Jiachen were both sitting in distress, looking forward without squinting.
But the shoulders of both of them were shaking-they were laughing!
Mu Nuan heating directly kicked Mu Tingxiao.
It’s not very painful.
But Mu Tingxiao also knew that she couldn’t make her anxious.

When the car stopped at the door of the villa, Mu Nuannuan was the first to jump out of the car, and walked into the villa like a ghost chasing behind him.
Mu Jiachen followed closely behind.
But soon behind him sounded a voice that seemed to him to call for his life: “Mu Jiachen, go to the study and wait for me.”
Mu Jiachen stopped and looked back at Mu Tingxiao with a flattering smile: “Cousin, I will definitely not fight next time, I know I was wrong.”
“Yeah.” Mu Tingxiao responded non-committal, but he didn’t say that he could not go to the study.
Therefore, Mu Jiachen finally went to the study.
He stayed in the office anxiously for a while before Mu Tingxiao came in.
“Let’s talk about it, why are you fighting?” Mu Tingxiao walked straight to the opposite side of Mu Jiachen and sat down, with a very flat tone.
Mu Tingxiao usually looks cold, but people who are familiar with him can still easily feel his emotional changes.
“I just had a quarrel with my classmates and started a fight.” After Mu Jiachen finished speaking, he said with a serious face: “Cousin, I really know that I was wrong. I won’t fight with classmates casually in the future.”
He vowed to promise and confessed his mistake, and told Mu Tingxiao to stop asking: “I asked you why you were fighting.”
Mu Tingxiao fixedly looked at Mu Jiachen, his dark eyes were so calm that no mood swings could be seen, but there was a hint of insight.
Meeting his eyes, Mu Jiachen felt that he couldn’t hide anything from Mu Tingxiao.
However, he knew best that if Mu Tingxiao heard such words, he would definitely be sad.
Mu Jiachen stopped talking, and Mu Tingxiao didn’t help him either.
When Mu Jiachen was a child, he lived with Mu Tingxiao for a long time. Since then, he was very troublesome, and Mu Tingxiao was often the one who cleaned up the mess for him.
However, there is no one time he will take the initiative to admit his mistakes.
Today, not only did he take the initiative to admit his mistake, even Mu Nuannuan kept silent about the matter.
The woman Mu Nuannuan is a bit stubborn. She thinks that things like children fighting should be very serious, so she doesn’t want to say nothing to him.
The first phone call she called him was probably to inform him that Mu Jiachen was fighting at school.
But afterwards, she said nothing.
This is weird.
“Don’t you tell me?” Mu Tingxiao waited for a while and saw that he hadn’t spoken yet, so he said calmly: “Then I’ll call and ask your head teacher.”
Mu Jiachen looked up suddenly: “No!”
If Mu Tingxiao called and asked his head teacher, the head teacher would definitely say it, and it would be better for him to say this kind of thing by others.
Mu Jiachen gritted his teeth and said, “They said that my aunt was…dead.”
His voice was so small that he could hardly hear the two words in the middle.
He is still young, but he also knows a lot about the world.
When the voice fell, there was a suffocating silence in the room.
Mu Jiachen clenched his hands, did not dare to speak, nor looked at Mu Tingxiao’s expression.
After a long while, he heard Mu Tingxiao’s slightly dumb voice: “Go out.”
“Cousin…” Mu Jiachen looked up at Mu Tingxiao’s expression at this time.
However, Mu Tingxiao had already stood up and walked towards the desk with his back facing him.
Mu Jiachen glanced at him uneasy and turned around and went out.
Mu Nuannuan just changed her clothes and came out of the room, ready to go downstairs.
When passing by Mu Tingxiao’s study, he saw Mu Jiachen coming out of it.
Mu Nuannuan hurriedly walked up: “Your cousin is looking for you?”
Mu Jiachen nodded, hesitated and said, “I told him…”
Mu Nuannuan’s face was startled, and after a few seconds he said, “Then he…”
Mu Jiachen shook his head.
Mu Nuannuan glanced at the tightly closed study door, then hesitated and knocked on the door and asked, “Mu Tingxiao, what do you want to eat tonight?”
The people inside did not answer her questions.
Mu Jiachen was a little worried and said, “My mother said that after my aunt had an accident, my cousin kept himself in the room for a long time without seeing anyone.”
Mu Nuannuan thought about another thing.
Mu Tingxiao’s reaction is very unusual. In other words, what Tao Bing said is true?
Although she didn’t know about it, she had also heard of Mu Tingxiao’s mother.
His mother came from a scholarly family, beautiful and talented, and she compared countless high-class ladies in Shanghai and Shanghai.
In the end, she married into the Mu family.
Is a woman who lives like a legend really insulted to death in the end?
Mu Nuannuan’s throat was a little dry, and she asked hardly, “What happened later?”
“Later?” Mu Jiachen scratched his head and said embarrassedly: “My mother said it was because of me. Brother spends more time together than with my parents.”
Mu Nuannuan had never thought of it before, and there was such a thing.
However, from the usual relationship between Mu Jiachen and Mu Tingxiao, one can also feel that the two are very close.
When Mu Tingxiao was a deep-minded person, when he lied to her, he said that he was “Mu Jiachen”, which was enough to show that to him, Mu Jiachen was a very important person.
Mu Nuannuan glanced at the closed study door again, and instead of knocking on the door again, she turned around and went downstairs to the kitchen.
Mu Tingxiao’s taste was a bit heavy, and Mu Nuannuan made some salty and spicy dishes specially.
After she was done, she went upstairs and knocked on the study door: “It’s time to eat.”
No one answered after waiting for a long time.
Just when Mu Nuannuan thought that Mu Tingxiao would not speak anymore, Mu Tingxiao’s hoarse and stern voice sounded inside: “Don’t bother me.”
Mu Nuannuan was slightly startled.
Whether it was “Mu Jiachen” who was lukewarm to her at the beginning, or Mu Tingxiao later, he never spoke to her in such a tone.
Mu Tingxiao was just in a bad mood, she didn’t mind.
Mu Nuannuan continued to ask with a good temper: “Then I will bring you food?”

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