My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 65

There are many female employees in the marketing department, and women will naturally gossip when they get together.
At noon, what happened in the marketing department in the morning has spread throughout the company.
Mu Nuannuan’s face was severely swollen, and when she went to the bathroom on the way, she would also hear female colleagues gather to discuss morning matters.
“What the hell is going on? I heard that there is only a woman who asked for leave today, and there are no men?”
“It’s unclear, Mu Wanqi and Sun Zhenghua joined forces to warm up Mu Nuan!”
“No way? Mu Nuannuan has only been here for a few days, so has he offended Sun Zhenghua?”
“No one knows what kind of person Sun Zhenghua is. I heard that Mu Nuannuan did all the things he went to the hospital and asked for leave before!”
“Mu Nuannuan is so cruel?”
“I think Mu Wanqi is even more cruel. She slapped Mu Nuannuan before, and I could hear the sound of the beating on the face so far away. What a grudge, such a cruel blow…”
Mu Nuannuan leaned against the wall of the bathroom, and when the outside was completely quiet, he opened the door and went out.
Standing in front of the sink, she looked in the mirror and looked at her face.
It’s swollen, and some are blue, and it looks a bit hideous.
Mu Wanqi really fought hard enough.
It seems that this period of time has suffocated Mu Wanqi enough.
Then wait and see who of them has the last laugh.

During the lunch break, Mu Nuannuan was going out for dinner.
As soon as the talent got up, the phone in his pocket rang.
It was from “Mu Jiachen”.
Mu Nuannuan frowned and answered the phone: “What’s the matter with you?”
As if noticing the impatience in her tone, Mu Tingxiao said directly: “Come out to eat, I’ll wait for you at Mu’s door.”
He dropped these words as if ordered, and hung up the phone.
Mu Nuannuan looked at the phone that had returned to the lock screen interface, scratched her hair anxiously, picked it up and walked out.
After exiting the Mu Family’s gate, Mu Nuannuan saw the eye-catching car “Mu Jiachen” at a glance. When she first got off, she secretly checked his car on the Internet.
The starting price of 10 million yuan, the real price should be determined according to the owner’s customized requirements.
This is already a sky-high price for Mu Nuannuan.
Even at Mu’s house, Mu Wanqi wants to buy a car worth tens of millions, but Mu Liyan is not always willing.
Seeing that many people around were already talking about “Mu Jiachen”‘s car, Mu Nuannuan walked quickly toward him with her head down.
At this moment, another car drove up from the side of the road, and Mu Nuannuan was about to wait for the car to pass by before leaving, but the car stopped directly in front of her.
The driver got out of the car and opened the door of the back seat. The person who came down from above was Xiao Chuhe.
Mu Nuannuan had not seen Xiao Chuhe for a long time since she lied to Xiao Chuhe to go to the restaurant and let her pigeons go.
Xiao Chuhe instructed the driver to take down the two insulated food containers, and when he looked up inadvertently, he saw Mu Nuannuan standing next to the car.
She frowned, she was completely shocked, looked at Mu Nuannuan in disbelief, and asked uncertainly: “Are you Nuannuan?”
Mu Nuannuan curled her lips, her smile didn’t reach the bottom of her eyes, with a deep mockery: “Do you think I am?”
She lived under the same roof for more than 20 years, but her biological mother could not recognize her daughter.
Not only that, Xiao Chuhe heard that her face had changed, but he ignored her still swollen face.
I don’t know if this is Mu Nuannuan’s sorrow or Xiao Chuhe’s sorrow.
Xiao Chuhe approached and looked at Mu Nuannuan carefully: “You…you had a plastic surgery? So you didn’t go there the last time I asked you to eat?”
At this moment, Mu Nuannuan couldn’t even smile, and there was a trace of sorrow on his face: “Mom, I am Nuannuan. I’ve been like this since I was a child, but you always say that I shouldn’t be more beautiful than my sister. So, the more I grow up, the more ugly.”
“How is this possible, you have been all these years…” Xiao Chuhe couldn’t believe Mu Nuannuan, how could she have been ugly for so many years?
Mu Nuannuan looked at Xiao Chuhe calmly, with a sense of sorrow in her voice: “Because I want to be a good daughter of my mother, in order to make my mother happy, I will do it as long as you ask me from my childhood. .”
Xiao Chuhe moved his lips, and was a little speechless for a while.
In the memory, Mu Nuannuan was really good at school when she was a child, but her grades deteriorated. The longer she gets, the uglier she is. Before that, she really said to Mu Nuannuan that she should not be better than her sister.
But soon, she said with a defensive look: “You did this voluntarily. You can’t blame me now!”
Mu Nuannuan was stunned, and asked her with sore eyes: “Mom, let me just ask, am I your biological daughter?”
“Go, go to dinner.”
A male voice interrupted Xiao Chuhe’s words very abruptly, and Mu Nuannuan raised her eyes and found that “Mu Jiachen” did not know when she had already walked to her side.
He is tall and has to keep his head down when looking at Mu Nuannuan.
Mu Nuannuan looked up at him with red eyes, her beautiful cat eyes were soaked by the tears that were about to fill her eyes, and she looked very pitiful.
Especially when her eyes touched her swollen half of her face, Rumo’s eyes burst out with a sharp light, and she covered it for an instant, pulling her away without any expression.
Xiao Chuhe recognized that this person was “Mu Jiachen” who had been to Mu’s last time. How could he come to pick up Mu Nuannuan?
Did they…
Thinking of what they did in the car last time, Xiao Chuhe hurriedly stopped the two of them: “Wait.”
The two turned to look at her, Xiao Chuhe said, “Nuan Nuan, I brought a lot of food for your father and sister. Would you like to eat together?”
Mu Nuannuan was about to refuse, and Mu Tingxiao rushed to her and said, “Okay, it just so happens that I still don’t eat.”
“This…” The food that Xiao Chuhe brought was only enough for three people, and he knew that “Mu Jiachen” was Mu Tingxiao’s cousin, so it wasn’t easy to offend, so I didn’t know what to say for a while.
Mu Nuannuan was unclear, so she raised her eyes to look at him, and hit him with her elbow in a small arc.
Mu Tingxiao held her forearm tightly, looked down at him, and gave her a calm look.
It is strange that Mu Nuannuan was really soothed by his eyes. She stood quietly next to him and stopped making a sound.
Xiao Chuhe has been a full-time wife for most of her life. In addition to spending money to please Mu Liyan for beauty, she will also be able to judge the situation a little bit. She knows that “Mu Jiachen” can’t neglect, so she winks the driver and asks him to inform Mu Liyan.
Mu Liyan came down very quickly, and Mu Wanqi was still behind him.
Mu Wanqi obviously touched up her makeup on purpose, and her makeup looked slightly richer.
As soon as she saw “Mu Jiachen”, she didn’t move her eyes away, her eyes were as greedy as she was looking at what was in her bag.
Mu Nuannuan noticed her eyes, moved her body, and stood in front of “Mu Jiachen”, trying to block Mu Wanqi’s sight.

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