My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 71

Mu Tingxiao stood up slowly, looking at Mu Qingfeng with a cold look: “You are getting older, so don’t fight for these trivial things again.”
The subtext is that he doesn’t need Mu Qing to manage his business.
What a clever and wise person Mu Qingfeng was, and he understood the meaning of his words at once.
He was so angry that he was about to throw something, but he abruptly held back.
Leng Xu stepped forward and poured him a glass of water: “Sir, drink a glass of water to calm down, Master is still young now, and you will understand your good intentions in the future.”
Mu Qingfeng sighed, “I hope.”
Coming out of the tea house, Mu Tingxiao took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Mu Nuannuan.
The phone was taken out and put back by him.
He was a little looking forward to how Mu Nuannuan would deal with this matter.

Mu Nuannuan was almost late.
When she sat down in the grid, she keenly felt that everyone was looking at her, and the look in her eyes was strange.
Mu Nuannuan took out her phone and took a photo of her face. There was no dirt on her face, which looked normal!
A female colleague sitting across from her, seeing her look out of shape, kindly pointed to her mobile phone.
Mu Nuannuan came to understand, smiled at her, and turned on the phone to surf the Internet.
She usually has the habit of getting up every morning and surfing the web to watch entertainment news. Today, because she overslept, she didn’t watch it all the time.
The headlines in the entertainment section turned out to be related to her.
She clicked in and found that it was the photo of her and “Mu Jiachen” outside the restaurant yesterday.
After the initial surprise, Mu Nuannuan calmed down instead.
“Mu Jiachen” is arrogant and unscrupulous, and it will be sooner or later that it will be photographed by others.
She is not afraid of the shadow crooked, but what will happen to the people in the Mu family when they see this news?
What if Mu Tingxiao saw it too?
At this moment, Mu Liyan called: “Come to my office.”

When Mu Nuannuan went there, he was the only one in Mu Liyan’s office. Mu Wanqi was beaten and swollen into a pig’s head yesterday. It is naturally impossible to come to work in the company today.
When Mu Liyan saw her, he had a good face: “What’s the matter with you and Mu Jiachen?”
Mu Nuannuan curled her lips and said in an indifferent tone: “Nothing.”
“What’s the matter, then what is this?” Mu Liyan put the phone in front of her with a “slap” on the phone, and above it was a picture of her and “Mu Jiachen”.
Mu Nuannuan leaned over, put her hands on the desk, and curled her red lips slightly. Her bright face looked a little bit of smoky glamour, and her tone was slow: “This question, you should ask Mu. Wanqi, the photo was taken by her, she should know it best.”
On the way to Mu Liyan’s office, she thought carefully about it, except for Mu Wanqi who has the courage to take photos and send them to the media, no one else dared to provoke her.
Moreover, there are still a few people who know her and “Mu Jiachen”.
“Nuan Nuan, when did you become so ignorant? She suffered so much for you yesterday, and you still want to blame her!” Mu Liyan stood up fiercely in anger.
Mu Nuannuan backed away, a cold light flashed under her eyes, and her smile became more brilliant: “What you said yesterday, whether I will help you, depends on how you deal with it.”
Mu Liyan said yesterday that she asked her to persuade Mu Tingxiao to inject capital into Mu’s family. She was still hesitating whether to find Mu Tingxiao a try, but Mu Liyan’s words directly made her make up her mind.
Yesterday Mu Wanqi clearly deserved it, but in Mu Liyan’s mouth, she said it was because of Mu Nuannuan’s suffering.
Knowing that there was a misunderstanding about the skipping shift, Mu Liyan just calmly exposed the matter afterwards, and there was no decent apology!
Of course Mu Nuannuan could not help Mu Liyan.
However, soldiers are not tired of deceit, to see who plays first!
Even if they have the same blood flowing in their bodies, once they have an emotional bond with each other, they will never scold each other again.

Throughout the day, wherever Mu Nuannuan went, he would hear someone discussing this matter.
But she ignored them all, and those people didn’t dare to come to her to ask if they wanted to.
At the end of get off work, the hot search on her and “Mu Jiachen” has been removed, but there are still many people discussing in major forums and post bars.
Shen Liang also called her.
“The next time you go on a hot search, can you pick me up too? I think you can make your debut with your level of appearance and popularity after a few hot searches.”
Mu Nuannuan wanted to cry without tears: “Do you think I’m willing to go on hot search?”
Shen Liang suddenly said in a serious tone: “To tell the truth, I saw that photo. Although there are a large number of navy soldiers underneath that the photo was taken on loan, I can tell at a glance that I have taken so many scenes, that photo is not borrowed at all. Bit! I have long felt that the man named “Mu Jiachen” is plotting against you, are you really…”
“No, nothing!” Mu Nuannuan hurriedly retorted: “You hurry up and come back after the filming. I’m going to get off work first, bye.”
After hanging up the phone, Mu Nuannuan breathed a sigh of relief and packed her things away from get off work.
As soon as she exited the Mu Family’s gate, when she still didn’t react, she didn’t know where a lot of reporters came from.
“Ms. Mu, are the rumors about you and your husband’s cousin on the Internet true?”
“Apart from your entanglement with your cousin, are there any other men out there?”
“…” There is you-mummy!
Fortunately, Mu Nuannuan responded extremely quickly and covered her face for the first time.
She never thought that she would be intercepted by reporters.
In the chaos, Mu Nuannuan put on her hood, then raised her head, and said in a cold voice: “There is no comment on the matter of catching the wind and shadows. I am not a member of the entertainment industry. I have no obligation to answer your questions.”
Some reporters grasped the key words in her words very carefully.
“Miss Mu, you just said,’I’m not a member of the entertainment industry now.’ What you mean is that you will make your debut in the entertainment industry and become an entertainer in the future?”
Immediately afterwards, other reporters also began to draw inferences: “It is rumored that your husband may not be able to inherit the Mu family due to personal reasons, so you entered the entertainment industry to find a way out for yourself?”
“In the past few times you went on the hot search, it was actually a hype?”
Mu Nuannuan was surrounded by reporters and couldn’t get out at all.
Suddenly, a series of intensive footsteps sounded, and a group of security guards came and drove all the reporters away.
Mu Nuannuan still didn’t realize what was going on, and Shen Chuhan suddenly appeared, pulling her wrist and striding towards the parking lot.
When Mu Nuannuan thought of touching his hand on Mu Wanqi’s body, she felt nauseous in her heart, and stubbornly broke away from his hand.
Shen Chuhan was stunned for a moment, and then patiently said to her: “Nuan Nuan, those reporters will catch up at any time, get in the car first, and I will see you away first.”
Mu Nuannuan hesitated for a moment, and followed him into the car.
She didn’t dare to underestimate Yuji’s combat power, so she left here for now.

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