My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 73

Mu Nuannuan frowned and looked at him: “Didn’t you go out?”
When Mu Tingxiao thought that Mu Nuannuan would cook and serve it so soon, he almost came to light.
He calmly said, “If you go out, you can’t come back?”
Mu Nuannuan was still worried about the news on the Internet, and she was not in the mood to raise the bar with “Mu Jiachen”, she said with a serious face: “You come out, I have something to tell you.”
Her tone was a little dignified, her face stretched really a little bit of aura, but when those big and bright cat eyes stared at Mu Tingxiao intently, not only did he not feel her coldness, but he felt a little bit cold. Hook people.
He copied his hands into the pockets of his trousers and followed her without any haste.
The least likely place for anyone to visit right now is the restaurant.
Mu Nuannuan took him to the restaurant, her soft-soft voice with a chill: “Mu Jiachen, because of you, I am now the target of public criticism? Are you satisfied now?”
She really didn’t understand what “Mu Jiachen” was thinking.
If he was really interested in her, as early as when she was calculated by Mu Wanqi to go to the Zijin Club and be drugged, he would rescue her back, and he could take the opportunity to attack her.
But he didn’t even act on her.
But she always harassed her on weekdays.
She has seen many young masters who are comfortable with women. They don’t spend too much time and energy on a woman, teasing at most for a while, and then straight to the subject.
It was precisely because “Mu Jiachen” didn’t act on her that time, so he felt that “Mu Jiachen” didn’t feel bad about her.
However, he still belittled her again and again later, causing her troubles and troubles.
“Me too, I was scolded very badly too, didn’t I?” Mu Tingxiao tilted his head, with an indifferent expression showing a bit of innocence.
Really shameless.
Mu Nuannuan glanced at him coldly: “Do you think I don’t read the comments of those people! They will scold you wherever they are, and they are all boasting about your body proportions. It must be pretty good if you take off your clothes!”
I really don’t understand why those netizens can be so partial. If you want to scold them, you can scold them together!
Why is she scolded, “Mu Jiachen” will be praised?
Mu Tingxiao squinted his eyes slightly, with a strange expression, and said in a generous tone: “You women can see this? But if you want to see, I can take off my clothes and show it to you.”
“…I’m not rare, don’t change the subject!” Mu Nuannuan found that “Mu Jiachen” was completely changing the subject.
“Mu Jiachen” seemed to be unable to hear her, and he lifted his foot a few strides out of the restaurant, with a lazy voice: “So sleepy, I’m going to bed.”
Mu Nuannuan was a little discouraged.
He took a long irritated breath and took out his cell phone to send a text message to Mu Tingxiao: I put the food in your study.
After more than ten seconds, the word “um” came back over there.
Mu Nuannuan was solemn and didn’t know how much to eat. She pinched a bit and felt that Mu Tingxiao had finished eating, so she went upstairs.
Knocked on the door and went in, Mu Tingxiao still turned his back to her as before.
The food on the tray on the desk was swept away. She remembered cooking and serving to Mu Tingxiao before, and he also ate them all.
The meal she wants to cook should suit his appetite perfectly.
Mu Nuannuan asked him with some delight: “Would you like some fruit? Or something to drink?”
“No.” Mu Tingxiao’s voice was still hoarse, not at all like the voice of a young man.
Mu Nuannuan stood a little at a loss, and she didn’t know what to say.
Suddenly, Mu Tingxiao asked her aloud: “You are the Mu’s young lady, keep your duty well, we will be in peace, otherwise…”
This sentence brought a bit of personal emotion in him, making his hoarse voice sound a bit gloomy, especially the words that were deliberately not finished later, it made people feel a kind of creepy.
Mu Nuannuan couldn’t help but hugged her arm, bit her lip and explained: “I swear, Mu Jiachen and I have nothing to do.”
She felt that Mu Tingxiao would say these things because of seeing the news.
“It has nothing to do with Jia Chen, I naturally believe him.” Mu Tingxiao’s voice was obviously heavy.
What does he mean by this is that she has trouble getting involved with other men outside?
Mu Tingxiao was obviously protecting his shortcomings! She knew it would be like this!
Mu Tingxiao was very fond of “Mu Jiachen”, so naturally he would not believe that his beloved cousin would do anything extra to his wife, and then pointed the finger at her.
Mu Nuannuan asked him, “What about me? You don’t believe me?”
Mu Tingxiao was silent for a while, and said, “Even his looks are disguised. Why should I believe you?”
Mu Nuannuan: “…” There is no way to refute it.
If she is self-willed and arrogant, she can completely refute the sentence, “You dare not see me in real face, why can’t I pretend?”.
Mu Tingxiao was different from Mu’s family. His attitude towards her was clear and straightforward from the beginning, so she couldn’t take his shortcomings to poke his wounds.
“If something happens, go out. From now on, I will pick you up all night and night.” After Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, he stopped speaking.
Mu Nuannuan looked up at him fiercely, feeling a bit complicated.
How did she feel that Mu Tingxiao was giving her a slap and a sweet date to coax her?
This routine is very similar to that of “Mu Jiachen”.
“Mu Jiachen” has always been good and bad for her.
Perhaps because they have lived together for a long time, the two have very similar temperaments.
After Mu Nuannuan left, Mu Tingxiao turned around and rubbed his temples with his hands.
He now feels like a cocoon.
Mu Nuannuan seems to hate “Mu Jiachen” more and more. Let her hate “Mu Jiachen” a little more, and have a better affection for “Mu Tingxiao”. By the time she knows his identity, it should not be that difficult. accept.

The news on the Internet was so suppressed.
Although someone mentioned it occasionally, it couldn’t stir up many storms.
The Internet has subsided, but in real life, it is not so easy to calm down.
There are many female employees in the marketing department where Mu Nuannuan is located. Every day they gather to chat about gossip, and naturally they will talk about Mu Nuannuan.
The next day.
Mu Nuannuan went to work in the company, and Mu’s employees looked at her with surprise.
As she walked far, she heard a whispered discussion behind her.
“I didn’t think she could come to work today!”
“How great is Young Master Namu’s feelings that his wife and cousin are getting together, and they don’t care about it?”
“Don’t say that, in case there is nothing wrong with that cousin and others!”
“That’s right, how can the Mu family tolerate this happening? If this happens, Mu Nuannuan will definitely not be able to eat it!”
“Cut, you guys are all stupid, this kind of thing is generally without wind and waves!”
They passed back and forth, but it was just speculation.

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