My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 75

Back at the villa, Mu Nuannuan first took a look on the Internet, and there was no news or topic related to her broke out.
She brushed it for a while without seeing it, so she went to the kitchen to cook.
At dinner, Mu Tingxiao still didn’t show up as usual, and “Mu Jiachen” didn’t know where he went.
Only then did she realize that when Mu Tingxiao was at home, “Mu Jiachen” would become very busy, and would often not eat at home.
Mu Nuannuan shook her head, thinking that she might have been squeezed by “Mu Jiachen” and she felt a little uncomfortable when he was not at home.
The next day.
The car drove to the door punctually at night to take her to Mu’s work.
When I returned, I saw a car parked in front of the villa from a distance.
When he stopped to enter the door, the door bodyguard said, “Someone is looking for the young master?”
The bodyguard nodded and said, “The lady said she was the mother of the young lady.”
Because of Mu Tingxiao’s special situation, many bodyguards have been guarded in the villa for many years. He has not appeared in public view in recent years. Therefore, there are no obvious friends in his whereabouts, and there are many people who come to him. less.
Even if someone came to him, it was impossible to see him easily.
Shi Ye heard this, raised his foot and walked in, and saw Xiao Chuhe sitting on the sofa.
He helped Mu Tingxiao check the information, so he also knew Xiao Chuhe.
However, this Mrs. Mu herself is more charming than the picture, and she was extremely beautiful when she was young.
He called a bodyguard and said, “First serve Mrs. Mu tea.”
After he finished speaking, he went to the study to find Mu Tingxiao.
In the past two days, Mu Tingxiao asked Shi Ye to send Mu Nuannuan to the company first, and then went to Shengding by himself. At this time, he was still in the study.
Shi Ye pushed the door in, and reported respectfully: “Master, Mrs. Mu is here.”
“Which Mrs. Mu?” Mu Tingxiao also raised his head, obviously he didn’t react to who he was talking about “Mrs. Mu”.
“Mrs. Young’s mother.”
Mu Tingxiao raised his head suddenly, after a little thought, he guessed the purpose of Xiao Chuhe’s visit to him.
An interest flashed in his eyes: “Let her come up.”

When Xiao Chuhe went to Mu Tingxiao’s study, he thought he could see Mu Tingxiao, but found that he was sitting with his back to her, not showing up at all.
Shi Ye spoke on the sidelines: “Mrs. Mu can tell me if you have anything.”
Xiao Chuhe grabbed the corner of his clothes and said with a look of shame: “Master Mu, I am here today to apologize to you for my daughter.”
After she finished speaking, she wanted to see how Mu Tingxiao reacted, and found that he didn’t make any noise. She went on to say, “I didn’t teach you to be so warm, and asked her to do something I’m sorry for you. She could replace it. Sister married into Mu’s house. It is already your generosity not to hold accountable. Not only is she not grateful, but instead she seduces your cousin to do something like that while you are not at home…”
Don’t talk about Mu Tingxiao’s thoughts, he was always confused.
Haven’t the young lady and the young master been doing well recently? What’s the matter?
Where does the biological mother run to the son-in-law to arrange her own daughter?
Mu Tingxiao knew that the Mu family’s family relationship was complicated before, and Xiao Chuhe didn’t care about Mu Nuannuan, so he focused on Mu Wanqi’s two brothers and sisters, which was a real experience today.
He was about to speak when the door of the room was suddenly pushed open vigorously from the outside and fell on the wall with a loud bang.
Mu Tingxiao’s expression tightened when he heard the voice, and he could guess who it was without looking back.
When Xiao Chuhe and Shi Ye turned their heads, they saw Mu Nuannuan, who was supposed to work in the company, returning, standing at the door with frosty faces, eyes silent as ghosts.
Mu Nuannuan met Xiao Chuhe’s gaze and faintly said, “Mom, carry me on my back and file a complaint in front of my husband. Why don’t you call me confrontation?”
“You… aren’t you in the company?” Xiao Chuhe’s face suddenly turned pale.
During this period of time, she clearly felt that Mu Nuannuan no longer listened to her as before, and sometimes the sudden look in Mu Nuannuan’s eyes even made her feel scared.
“If I don’t come back, how can I hear you thinking so hard for me?” Mu Nuannuan said as she walked slowly towards Xiao Chuhe.
She went to the company. Today’s task is to go out to do market research. When she came out, she found that she had forgotten to bring her mobile phone, so she came back to get it.
When she passed by Mu Tingxiao’s study, she even heard Xiao Chuhe’s voice.
“You apologize to my husband for me?” Mu Nuannuan sneered, the smiling eyes in her eyes were full of chills: “You are really my good mother.”
Xiao Chuhe involuntarily stepped back two steps, not knowing where he touched something out: “I…I have evidence!”
Mu Nuannuan looked at it and found out that she was holding a recorder.
It turned out that Xiao Chuhe came to her yesterday, and it was this idea.
It’s really hard for a cowardly person like Xiao Chuhe to come to Mu Tingxiao. You don’t need to think about it to know that this must have been Mu Wanqi’s back to Mu Liyan and asked Xiao Chuhe to do this.
Mu Liyan also counted on Mu Nuannuan to help him raise money from Mu Tingxiao. If he knew it, he would naturally not let Mu Wanqi do such a thing.
Xiao Chuhe has already pressed the play button, and the whole recording is not long, and two sentences are the most important.
“To be honest with my mother, are you and Mu Tingxiao’s cousin really together? I saw you in the car that time…”
“What does it matter to you? What if I am with his cousin?”
Mu Nuannuan clearly remembered what she said at the time, as if “Why do you care about my affairs so suddenly? What is your purpose?”.
Such inferior synthetic recordings are also used to slander her!
Mu Wanqi had secretly taken pictures of her and “Mu Jiachen” before to buy news from the media, but then posted that the news had no impact on Mu Nuannuan, so the dog jumped over the wall in a hurry and wanted to get the matter directly. In front of Mu Tingxiao.
“Master Mu, listen, this is what Nuan Nuan admits! She did this kind of thing, it is because I am a mother who is not well educated, I am willing to take her back to educate her, Master Mu, you see…”
Mu Nuan heating wanted to laugh, but he didn’t say anything, and only looked up in Mu Tingxiao’s direction.
After a moment of silence in the study, the man’s hoarse voice sounded: “She married into my Mu’s house. She is my Mu Tingxiao’s woman. When will my woman be taken care of by someone else?”
“But she…” Xiao Chuhe didn’t think that Mu Tingxiao would react like this.
When she came over, Wan Qi told her that as long as she took out the recording, she would surely irritate Mu Tingxiao. When that happens, he will definitely drive Mu Nuannuan away…
Although Mu Nuannuan knew that Mu Tingxiao would not believe this fake recording, his words still made her feel warm, and her voice softened unconsciously: “I’m sorry, because my business disturbed you. “

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