My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 97

As soon as he finished eating, “Mu Jiachen” drove Gu Zhiyan away.
Gu Zhiyan grabbed the door frame and didn’t want to leave: “It’s so dark and so cold, can’t you keep me in for one night?”
It is difficult for Mu Nuannuan to connect the Gu Zhiyan, who is holding the door frame like a dog and not letting go, with the well-known President Gu of Shengding Media.
It may be possessed by something strange.
Gu Zhiyan felt Mu Nuannuan’s gaze, and coughed lightly and immediately let go of her hand: “In fact, it’s not too cold. I’m leaving now.”
After Gu Zhiyan left, only Mu Nuannuan and “Mu Jiachen” were left in the hall.
Mu Nuannuan glanced at the door, wondering in her heart, why didn’t Mu Tingxiao come back?
Where does he go out often?
“I’ll go up first.” Mu Nuannuan glanced at “Mu Jiachen” before turning around to go upstairs.
“Mu Jiachen” suddenly stopped her: “Mu Nuannuan.”
“What?” Mu Nuannuan stopped to look at him.
She was already very white. Under the light, her face was more like a layer of fine powder. A pair of cat eyes fixedly looked at him, and the whole person looked soft.
Well, it’s a bit hooky.
“Mu’s matter…” Mu Tingxiao paused deliberately in the middle of speaking. Seeing that Mu Nuannuan’s eyes were a little bit nervous, he curled his lips and smiled: “Need help?”
When he said the first half of the sentence, Mu Nuannuan’s heart jumped, thinking he knew something.
After hearing the second half of his sentence, her heart fell to the bottom of her heart again, but her expression was always uncomfortable, and she smiled a little reluctantly: “My dad will figure it out by themselves, after all, this kind of thing happened in the factory. The company’s scandal must be resolved by themselves.”
“Mu Jiachen” tilted his head and responded with a smile, “Oh.”
Mu Nuannuan nodded and went upstairs dingy.
When she returned to the room, she felt a little relieved.
After all, she is a member of the Mu family. She calculated the Mu family, and the less people knew the better.
Shen Liang is her best friend, she naturally didn’t have to keep it secret.
But “Mu Jiachen” is different, no matter what he helped her, after all, he is a member of the Mu family.
Sometimes adults are so complicated, and it is difficult to trust a person.

The next morning, Mu Nuannuan got up in the morning and stopped when she passed Mu Tingxiao’s study.
Mu Tingxiao’s whereabouts are too secret. In the past two days, she didn’t ask about Mu Tingxiao’s situation, and no one would take the initiative to tell her that he was completely invisible in this family.
On the contrary, “Mu Jiachen” looks more like the master.
Although Mu Nuannuan was puzzled, she didn’t think much because she was going to work in Mu’s family.
When she arrived at the company, when Mu Nuannuan passed the public relations department, she saw a large group of people sleeping on the table, and she also encountered two colleagues with dark circles making coffee from the pantry.
It seems that my colleagues in the public relations department stayed up all night last night.
Even if they stayed up all night, things at Mu’s factory have already been messed up. It’s not like Mu Wanqi’s indecent video, which can be easily publicized.
As soon as Mu Nuannuan sat down in her cubicle, someone came to notify her to go to a meeting.
Mu Nuannuan was purely to come to see the heat today, and went to the meeting room with him.
It is nothing more than arranging some tasks to stabilize the customer.
When the meeting ended, Mu Nuannuan was about to leave with the others, and Mu Liyan’s secretary didn’t know when he would come.
The secretary nodded slightly: “Miss Mu, the chairman wants you to come over.”
“What’s the matter?” Mu Nuannuan asked, walking out slowly.
The secretary remembered the last time that Mu Liyan asked her to come to Mu Nuannuan. Mu Nuannuan walked away with no face. She stretched out her hand and held her arm in a helpless tone: “You can go there. The chairman did the same last night. Sleepless all night…”
“Then you let go…” Mu Nuannuan originally wanted to see Mu Liyan and the others desperate.
She has to admit that her heart is actually quite bad.
At the door of Mu Liyan’s office, the secretary knocked on the door and said, “Chairman, Miss Mu is here.”
As she said, she opened the door for Mu Nuannuan and respectfully made a gesture of invitation.
“Thank you.” Mu Nuannuan smiled at the secretary, raised her foot and walked in, closing the door smoothly.
Mu Liyan raised his head from behind the desk, with a gentle smile: “Here is Nuan Nuan, have you eaten breakfast?”
There are also a few breakfast boxes on the desk, and the logo on them is a bit familiar, they are from nearby restaurants.
“I have eaten, what can I do when Dad is calling for me?” Mu Nuannuan sat down opposite him with a serious expression.
Mu Liyan’s complexion did look haggard a lot. It was a sleepless night. He shook his head, his expression was a bit vicissitudes of life: “You know what happened to the company. You know it, from the public relations department. My colleague had been busy all night yesterday and had little effect. Someone went to smash the company’s specialty store yesterday…”
Mu Liyan put on a miserable face and complained to Mu Nuannuan, which seemed a bit pitiful.
But Mu Nuannuan knew that Mu Liyan came to her early in the morning, not just a simple complaint, he must have no purpose.
Sure enough, as Mu Liyan was talking, she got involved with her: “The Mu family is our own company. Although you are married, you are still a member of the Mu family. Now that the company has such a major event, most people can’t keep us busy. Anymore, unless…”
Speaking of what he said, he already understood very well, that he wanted Mu Nuannuan to help him seek Mu’s family.
Mu Nuannuan was the initiator of this incident, how could she help Mu Liyan.
As if she didn’t understand, she said with a serious face: “Yes, this is a serious matter. Yesterday, I saw on the Internet and everyone was scolding our company. In this way, we have to make corrections and fight for it. To be forgiven by consumers…”
This is simple to say. The most important issue for Mu’s right now is that all partners have to terminate their cooperation, and even have to sue Mu’s, which is tantamount to making things worse for Mu’s.
However, at this time, if the Mu family could come out and say something to Mu’s family, those partners would not dare to terminate the cooperation.
After all, no one can provoke the Mu family.
Mu Liyan saw that Mu Nuannuan was so inadequate, his complexion changed slightly, and his tone became serious, and no longer obliquely said, “These are secondary. Now the most important thing is to maintain the normal operation of the company. You let the Mu Tingxiao faction It’s enough if someone comes out to send a message, and our Mu family will be able to overcome this difficulty.”
Mu Nuannuan’s eyes lit up: “That’s all right?”
Mu Liyan thought he had touched Mu Nuannuan, and quickly nodded and said, “Yes, it’s that simple.”
But soon, Mu Nuannuan’s face collapsed again, with a bit of horror on her face: “He gave me the black card before, but the kidnappers were deceived. I still dare not tell him that he If you know this, you will definitely not let me go…”

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