Never Late, Never Away

Chapter: 2571

“Why are you here? Are you getting better?” Zhao Enuo asked with some concern.

“Very good, I heard that you opened a photo studio, so come and have a look.” Ling Chen said.

“I didn’t drive it, I just took over.” Zhao Enuo explained embarrassingly.

“Are you busy here alone?” Ling Chen continued to ask.

“What are you talking about? We are not human!” a photographer beside him shouted.

“We are a team.” Zhao Yinuo said hurriedly.

Well, a team that is about to disband! Ling Chen looked around for a while, it was still the same, everything was still so familiar. He had been here before, but was looked down upon by the boss here.

“Are you looking for something to do with me?” Zhao Enuo asked with some confusion.

“It’s okay, it’s been a long time. I want to come and see you.” Ling Chen replied while rubbing his hands.

The two women around immediately cast gossip glances at him. After realizing everyone’s strangeness, Zhao Yinuo immediately greeted Ling Chen and walked into his office.

“I heard that something happened before in this photo studio?”

“Yes, I have already called the police, but the police have not found it yet.” Zhao Enuo replied.

Of course they would not find out, because he had already taken care of everything.

“Enoch, are you tired? If you want, I can come and help you.” Ling Chen said tentatively.

“Not tired, okay.” Zhao Enuo answered softly. Of course she didn’t want to get entangled with this man again!

“I mean…”

“Ling Chen, don’t worry, I’m fine, Gu Wang will help me.” Before Ling Chen could finish speaking, Zhao Enuo interrupted him immediately.

Very good, she really depends on Gu Wang!

The two people chatted with each other, and the atmosphere was very embarrassing.

“Okay, if you have any questions in the future, you can ask me. I have quite researched this aspect.” Ling Chen said upon seeing this.

“Good.” A perfunctory answer.

How could Ling Chen not know in his heart, even if this woman encounters no matter how difficult it is, she will not come to him for help.

Finally, the man left the photo studio, and the woman breathed a sigh of relief.

“Mr. Zhao, who is that?” the assistant walked over and asked gossiping.

“A friend.” Zhao Yinuo replied lightly.

“Then can you give me his contact information?” The assistant lowered his head shyly and asked.

Zhao Enuo raised his head, smiled and said, “Of course, I wish you success!”

After leaving, Ling Chen, wandering in a corner not far away, hesitated all the time, as if he was planning a very meticulous plan, but He couldn’t bear it again.

“What do you want to do?” A fierce-looking man directly asked next to him.

Ling Chen stepped on the pebble on the road and hesitated for a while without speaking.

Some things can’t be done just what he wants! Especially when it comes to your beloved woman.

“Wait!” Finally, Ling Chen answered.

“Sir, if you wait any longer, this photo studio will never belong to you.” The man on the side reminded.

“Some time ago, the development of this photo studio was in a bottleneck period. After a woman named Zhao Enuo took over, the photo studio has gradually become more formal. If you wait any longer, I’m afraid…” the man continued to remind.

As a man, Ling Chen should really focus on his career, but now he pays more attention to the existence of Zhao Enuo, otherwise, he would not be able to come back from abroad.

“You go first, then I will contact you again.” Ling Chen said with a cigarette.

Compared with career and love, Ling Chen would not hesitate to make a decision to choose love if it were placed before. But now, he must think carefully.

If he chooses a career, it will be Zhao Enuo who is lost. If he chooses to support that woman, then he will not only lose his career, but also not get Zhao Enuo…

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