Never Late, Never Away

Chapter: 2591

“Then Miss Li, what should we do now?” the person next to him asked.

“Do nothing.” Li Ling answered deliberately.

Of course she wouldn’t let Zhao Enuo easily go, but she now needs a detailed plan.

Here, Zhao Enuo held a press conference on this photo studio incident.

“Mr. Zhao, hello, may I ask you some time ago, you have been the person in charge of the photo studio, and after that happened, how did you get through?” the reporter asked Zhao Enuo in front of him.

“Here, first of all, I want to thank my ex-husband. When I was most difficult and helpless, he sent me expectations and motivation.” Zhao Yinuo said affectionately.

There was a round of applause from the audience… the

photo studio incident, with the help of Gu Wang, had been completely resolved.

“Congratulations.” Tian Xiang whispered as he walked over.

What is he doing again? Zhao Enuo got up and walked towards him.

“Is something wrong with me?” Zhao Enuo asked directly.

“Why? I’m not welcome?” Tianxiang said as he sat down.

Um… Zhao Enuo was speechless.

Since the last time she was misunderstood by Gu Forgotten, she had been careful to keep her distance from this Tianxiang, but she did not expect that he suddenly came to the company today.

“How’s the business in the photo studio recently?” Tianxiang asked Zhao Yinuo next to him while looking outside the office.

Looking at the look of Tianxiang in front of him, Zhao Enuo finally realized his true purpose here.

“It’s okay,” she replied.

“Come to the office.” Suddenly, she whispered to the landline.

“Hiss!” The

door was gently pushed open.

As soon as the assistant walked in, Tianxiang cast his eyes directly on her, with a very affectionate appearance. After feeling his fiery gaze, the assistant smiled slightly, said hello, and immediately walked towards Zhao Enuo.

“Mr. Zhao, are you looking for me?” the assistant said softly, his voice very gentle.

“You have been working hard recently, now go home and rest.” Zhao Yinuo said directly.

At this moment, the assistant was terrified.

“Mr. Zhao, today is a working day.” The assistant reminded hurriedly.

Isn’t she going to fire herself? The assistant looked anxiously at Zhao Enuo in front of him, a little nervous.

“I know that you often stay up late and work overtime lately, so I let you relax today. Tomorrow is the weekend, and you can take two days off.” Zhao Enuo explained while flipping through the documents.

It turned out to be so, the assistant was relieved by holding his chest.

“Well, Mr. Zhao, I’m not tired, it doesn’t matter, I still…”

“Today, you must go home to rest or go out to play.” Zhao Enuo looked at Tian Xiang next to him, and said firmly to the assistant in front of him.

This voice, this tone, is already a kind of command. Looking at Zhao Enuo at the desk, the assistant wanted to say something, but finally closed his mouth and left the office silently.

On the sofa, Tianxiang was thinking about something while flipping through the newspaper absent-mindedly.

“Are you still going?” Zhao Enuo asked deliberately.

“Leave in a while.” Tianxiang replied.

“If you don’t leave again, my assistant will be asked to leave.” Zhao Yinuo continued.

Suddenly, Tianxiang raised his head, with a gleam of light in his eyes.

Zhao Yinuo is right. A beautiful woman like an assistant is a goddess in a man’s mind. There must be many people queuing to chase her behind!

“Zhao Enuo, I’m leaving first.” After saying that, Tian Xiang immediately ran out of the office.

Looking at the departed back, Zhao Enuo smiled.

He also said that he didn’t like others! He also said that he didn’t feel at all for others! This Tianxiang, don’t force him, he really doesn’t know who he likes!

Sure enough, in just two days, the relationship between Tianxiang and his assistant had grown by leaps and bounds. At this time, there is no need for Zhao Enuo’s suggestion, Tianxiang already knows his heart.

Yes, he has always mistaken his gratitude for Zhao Enuo as love. Now, the appearance of the assistant really makes him feel the sweetness of love.

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