Nothing Matters, except YOU & ME

Chapter: 835 (END)

Gu Xiaoer himself is also an extremely stubborn person.

After Gu Xiaoer left, more than an hour later, Yi Yan thought that he could call Yin Luo.

Because Yin Luo hadn’t left long before, he didn’t want to disturb her so quickly. He knows that work is also very important to her, so he wants her to work hard. Now this time should be considered okay.

At the same time, I want to test her consciousness, and see if she can come back consciously without his urging and supervision. But he overestimated Yin Luo. This woman was not conscious at all. She wouldn’t come back if he didn’t call.

Yi Yan dialed out a call. Although there was a beep, no one answered. I made another call, still the same as the first time.

Yi Yan held the phone tightly in his hand after the call, frowning, nothing will happen to him, right? No, it may just be that she put the phone aside because of her serious work, so she never heard the ringtone. It could also be that her phone accidentally dropped on the road.

After thinking about it, Yi Yan called Xiaotian directly.

Xiaotian quickly answered a respectful question, “President, do you have any needs?”

Now immediately check the phone number of Assistant Yin Luo and send it to my mobile phone. I will see it within two minutes. Yi Yan said anxiously. If it is at work, it should be in the office. Her phone cannot be reached, so she can always ask the assistant to pass it on. If nothing else, she should still be busy at the company.

During these two minutes, Yi Yan was waiting anxiously. Although it was clear that nothing would happen, he was still full of worry in his heart without knowing what the situation was.

Later, Xiaotian finally sent the phone number on time, and Yi Yan hurriedly called Assistant Yin Luo’s number.

Sir, may I ask you… Lin Lin asked politely.

My name is Yi Yan, President Yi’s, your president’s husband. Yi Yan explained, wondering if the assistant he said this way could believe it, because he was too anxious and forgot to prepare something to prove his identity before calling.

Oh. Lin Lin was suspicious and questioned, “Then may I ask if you have anything to do with me?”

I can’t contact your president, is she still in the company? Yi Yan also asked politely.

Please wait a moment, I’ll contact and try first. Lin Lin used a standard method to solve it. She put her mobile phone on the table first, and then took out a mobile phone to make a call to Yin Luo. It was true that no one answered the president’s call, so the truth of the matter was also great. Moreover, the man’s voice was arrogant, unruly, and had an innate temperament that others could not imitate.

Hey, sir, are you still there? After confirming the authenticity, Lin Lin picked up the phone again and said.

Yes, you said. The man’s cold voice came on the other end of the phone, as if there was no temperature at all.

Lin Lin told the truth, “Our president is not in the company now, and he left about two hours ago.”

What? So early. Yi Yan was a little surprised, and his heart was full of anxiety. He thought she should stay in the company and deal with the matter, but he didn’t expect her to run around, and he still didn’t know where she was. He asked again, “Do you know where she went?”

Lin Lin thought for a while. Before the president left, she seemed to be uneasy, and she should be thinking about Mr. Yi’s injury. By the way, the president seemed to have no intention of mentioning his wife, injuries, and the like.

But listening to Mr. Yi’s words, it seems that he didn’t see the president? What’s going on?

He had doubts in his mind, but he told Yi Yan truthfully, “Our president seemed to miss you very much and was not in the mood to work anymore. He seemed to have said that he would go to the hospital to take care of you.”

Really? Yi Yan was skeptical.

Yes, the president did say to take care of you. Lin Lin confirmed.

No, I mean you are sure that she is thinking of me? Yi Yan originally thought that she had heard it wrong, but then her ears were very healthy, so she should not have heard it wrong. She still missed him, and she knew she was going to take care of him, which was considered conscientious.

It should be. Anyway, she said she is going to take care of you. Lin Lin replied, hearing Mr. Yi’s tone just now, she seemed to be surprised. Is there anything wrong with his wife thinking about him? Why should I be surprised?

It’s okay, hang up first. Yi Yan said, I can’t say more now, the most important thing is to figure out where she is now? Will there be any danger. He said that he would rather protect her from being injured than to put her in danger.

After Yi Yan hung up the phone, he put the phone down, opened the cup on his body, and walked out of bed. Today is the second day of the operation. It stands to reason that the wound has not healed yet, and ordinary people may not be able to get out of bed.

But Yi Yan is different. His physical fitness is excellent, so he recovers very quickly. In just two days, he can already walk on the ground by himself. But if the doctor is there, Yiyan will definitely not be allowed, and the wound may be involved, and it will be dealt with at that time, and it is himself who will be injured.

Even the presence of a doctor is completely useless. When will Yi Yan obediently listen to other people’s opinions? Even if the authoritative doctor has a suggestion, he still has to hold back. No one can stop what he wants to do, unless he is willing to let someone stop him.

Yi Yan walked slowly, most of the injuries were on his back, and his legs were still fine.

Opening the door, Yi Yan walked to the corner, where four security guards guarded him.

The four security guards were all shocked to see the president walk out like this. The president had just finished the operation, how could he get out of bed and walk around?

They were all worried in their eyes, and no one dared to say more. Yi Yan is their president, the person they want to protect. Even the security rules are extraordinarily strict. I won’t say what shouldn’t be said, and won’t ask what shouldn’t be asked easily. Otherwise, the industry may be blocked, and you will not be able to engage in this job in your life.

Yi Yan looked at them and asked, “Have the president’s wife been here? Answer truthfully.”

Report to the president, I have been here. One of the bodyguard representatives reported.

How long ago did you come? Yi Yan continued to ask.

About an hour and forty minutes. The bodyguard replied again.

How long have you left since you came? Yi Yan thought for a while and continued to ask.

Leave within a few minutes. The bodyguard replied simply and neatly.

Yi Yan looked at a place and fell into deep thought. One hour and forty minutes, Yin Luo should have left the company and arrived here directly. But why did she leave without going in after she came?

Yi Yan thought about it carefully. At that time, Gu Xiaoer was probably there. Could it be that she had misunderstood something? That’s why I left sad. If this is the result, Yi Yan doesn’t know whether it should be sad or happy.

Sadly because he hurt her, he wanted to protect her so much, but he was the one who hurt her in the end. I am happy because if that’s the case, then she should care about herself, so she is also moved?

This is just a guess, and he doesn’t know what the specific facts will look like for the time being.

Who will she be with after she leaves, and where will she go? The first thing Yi Yan thought of was Ouyang Feifei, she should be Yin Luo’s best best friend in g city. If she really has anything to do, she should come with her. This is the case with women. They don’t like to be alone, and they like to be company no matter what happens.

Ouyang Feifei’s mobile phone number is not known either. She had just come to city g, so if Xiaotian was asked to check it, it would be difficult to find it for a while.

Then he thought of Gu Yan. After Luoluo left with Ouyang Feifei yesterday, Yi Yan felt that the relationship between Gu Yan and Ouyang Feifei was not normal, so he asked. Only then did I clearly know the truth of the matter. I am afraid that these two people each think that they are reasonable and neither will accept defeat.

Although the two are regarded as enemies, they are still related. Then Gu Yan may know Ouyang Feifei’s phone number. At first, he hadn’t considered it well, and he didn’t even keep a mobile phone number related to Luoluo, so he couldn’t give up even if there was a star.

He had just placed the mobile phone on the bedside table next to the hospital bed. Yi Yan walked back to the room anxiously, sat on the bed, took out the mobile phone and made a private call to Gu Yan. After a while, the call was connected.

Gu Yan yawned and let out a lazy voice, “Master, what’s the matter with me at this time? Wouldn’t it be to invite me to dinner. But you can’t invite me like that.”

You think too much. Yi Yan said with contempt.

What’s going on? It disturbed me to talk to beautiful women, you’d better say useful ones. Gu Yan was sitting comfortably on the sofa at this time, with a beautiful woman with an oval face next to him, so he called and hooked up. The lips lifted up the beauty’s chin.

Do you know Ouyang Feifei’s phone number? Yi Yan ran directly to the subject, he must know the whereabouts of Yin Luo as soon as possible. Only by confirming that she is safe, can he let go of his raised heart.

What? When he heard Ouyang Feifei’s name, Gu Yan subconsciously retracted the hand that was teasing the beautiful woman. He stood up and asked, “What do you want that stupid woman’s number for?”

Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with her. I want to find Luoluo. Luoluo’s phone can’t get through. Maybe Ouyang Feifei can know. Yi Yan said directly, he was a little anxious. After so long, there shouldn’t be anything wrong.

Hearing that it had nothing to do with Ouyang Feifei, Gu Yan said with confidence, “Don’t worry, I have it. I’ll find it and send it to you later.”

Don’t wait a minute, you look for it now, I care about the safety of Luoluo. Yi Yan demanded.

Gu Yan is unwilling. “I’m not your servant. If you disregard my hard work and let me find and pay me back, your conscience won’t hurt? And what kind of society is it now? It’s still in broad daylight, shouldn’t it? There will be problems.”

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