Reborn at Thirty-Eight

Chapter: 882

The two little sisters once again returned to the rental house carrying large and small bags of things, some for their own use and some for the family. They also bought new clothes from Wanzhong in the afternoon, one set for each of them.

In addition, Deng Yuan’s family is in a poor family and the Nokia in her hand has been used for five years. This time she gritted her teeth and replaced it with a new one.

Seeing this scene, Liang Xiao and Qian Lele looked very unhappy.

“Did you get the bonus again?”


“How many?”

Deng Yuan walked into the living room after changing her shoes: “This time I got a thousand and a half, and Zhang Yu also got a thousand.”

Qian Lele opened his mouth wide: “What did you do? How come you got so many bonuses?”

“We are doing local promotion, and the bonuses are distributed according to the number of new users.”

“This month, you got two thousand in bonus alone?”

Deng Yuan nodded: “Well, we have just completed the promotion of an entire business district. This is a phased reward. Then we will go to the next business district. There may be more after the next business district is completed.”

The more Liang Xiao heard this, the more uncomfortable she felt: “I’ve obviously checked it out. Your group is offering discounts every day and you can’t make any money at all. The boss is also generously giving you bonuses. Are you really not worried about going bankrupt?”

Zhang Yu also walked into the living room at this time and smiled slightly: “Whether it will go bankrupt is something the boss has to consider, and the first thing we have to consider now is where to go to play on the weekend.”


“Well, Deng Yuan and I have money in hand and plan to go out for two days. Let’s meet next Monday.”

Zhang Yu spoke softly, but to Liang Xiao, he was sharper than a knife.


It doesn’t matter if Deng Yuan and the others were not deceived, why are they still getting bonuses all day long?

It is obviously a little-known small company!

Liang Xiao was so angry that he couldn’t even eat dinner. He went back to the room with a gloomy face and started looking for a job.

Go buy wedding supplies and order clothes. The one in the afternoon may be late, but it’s enough.

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