Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 101

“I’ll be here later.” Chen Feng said calmly. The driver Qiao Xiaoyue sent to him should not be so unreliable. There may be other things.
“Wait? Hahaha, brother, it’s this time, do you want to pretend?”
“I think you don’t have a car at all. You obviously came by taxi, and they said that the driver was waiting outside. Tsk tsk, this big tail wolf pretends, I admire Liu Ziang.” Liu Ziang sneered.
Xia Mengyao was also a bit uncomfortable. Chen Feng wouldn’t be really pretending to be coercive this time. If it were, it would be embarrassing.
At this time, a white Porsche drove towards him. Liu Ziang looked overjoyed when he saw the Porsche license plate number. He glanced at Chen Feng, and the sarcasm in the corner of his mouth was even worse: “Brother, look, your driver is driving the Porsche. Here to pick you up.”
Xia Mengyao frowned. Is this Porsche coming to pick up Chen Feng? Why doesn’t it look like?
Porsche stopped in front of a few people.
In the car came a beautiful and tall woman wearing a Gucci shirt.
The woman was about to take off her sunglasses, but a figure that came into her sight made her pupils suddenly tighten.
Why is he here? ! !
Seeing the woman in a daze, Liu Ziang took a step forward and couldn’t help laughing: “What’s the matter, sister, don’t you recognize me?”
Liu Yiyi didn’t speak, all her eyes fell on Chen Feng, who was expressionless, and Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong beside Chen Feng also attracted her a lot of attention.
“Sister?” Liu Ziang was a little displeased. Isn’t my sister very lively on weekdays, why is she in a daze when we meet today.
“Oh.” Liu Yiyi finally came back to her senses, but she was still a little guilty. The attitude of Chen Feng to her last time was absolutely irrelevant to closeness, plus there are two other people beside Chen Feng that are better than her She is even more afraid to say hello to Chen Feng for the pretty beauty.
“Sister, why don’t you let the driver drive the Rolls Royce at home? Can you still drive a broken car like Porsche?” Liu Ziang said it was a broken car, but there was a strong tone in his tone. The show off means, for fear that others will not know, he still has a Rolls Royce at home.
“Rolls-Royce was driven away by Dad.” Liu Yiyi replied subconsciously. Then, Liu Yiyi turned his attention to the three of Chen Feng and asked tentatively: “Ziang, they are…your friends?”
“Friend?” Liu Ziang sneered and said, “Sister, I don’t have a friend who can pretend to be such a force.”
“Zi Ang, what do you…what do you mean?” Liu Yiyi’s expression changed, and she asked dryly. She could have heard the mockery in Liu Ziang’s tone. She, this stupid brother, wouldn’t offend Chen Feng, right?
“Sister, don’t you know, there was a silly B just now, and the clothes he wore all over his body totaled less than two hundred yuan. As soon as he entered the airport, he bragged to me that he had a driver and a luxury car, but when I came out, Don’t talk about the car, you can’t even see a fart, sister, don’t you think this person is funny?” Liu Ziang pouted.
Funny? Liu Yiyi’s eyes were horrified. She didn’t think it was funny at all. Now Chen Feng was the representative word of the devil in her eyes. Liu Ziang, an idiot, actually said Chen Feng was funny.
“Sister, why aren’t you talking?” Liu Ziang was stunned. Why did my sister’s expression look a little frightened?
Xia Mengyao also felt something was wrong. As a woman, her intuition had always been very keen. She found Liu Yiyi’s eyes looking at Chen Feng, very frightened. There was absolutely something happening between the two.
Xia Mengyao felt a little uncomfortable immediately. Chen Feng just came to Jinling one day, so no one would hook him up.
In fact, Chen Feng is also very big at this time, and he can meet Liu Yiyi, a stupid woman, everywhere, just as Chen Feng is thinking about how to resolve the scene before him.
A black Rolls Royce with the number B8888 drove over.
“Fuck, four eight Rolls-Royce?” Liu Ziang’s eyes widened and his face was full of astonishment. He was familiar with Rolls-Royce because he had one in his family, but the one at home was only low-quality Edition, only more than five million.
But the car in front of us, whether it is spray paint or configuration, is the best equipped. The market price has always been starting at 12 million. It is still priceless. How can Jinling have this level of luxury car? Moreover, depending on the license plate number, it is still four or eight. You can buy a high-end Ferrari with just the money for the license plate number.
Liu Ziang was envious. If he could own this luxury car, what kind of woman wouldn’t be able to get it?
Less than half a second after this thought came up in Liu Ziang’s mind, Liu Ziang discovered that Rolls Royce had stopped in front of him!
“Sister, this car belongs to our family?!” Liu Ziang breathed heavily and asked excitedly. He just thought of owning such a Rolls-Royce, but in a blink of an eye, this Rolls-Royce really stopped. In front of him.
Hearing this, Liu Yiyi was so embarrassed that he couldn’t wait to dig roads and cracks on the ground. Which eye did you see that this car was at home?
Not waiting for Liu Yiyi to speak. Liu Ziang walked to the Rolls-Royce, ready to observe this’self’ Rolls-Royce.
Immediately, the car door opened.
A middle-aged man came out sweating profusely, ran in front of Liu Ziang, trot to Chen Feng, and said with a panic: “Mr. Chen, I’m really sorry, I just didn’t feel well…”
Mr. Chen? ! !
These three words exploded like a thunder in Liu Ziang’s mind. Liu Ziang’s footsteps stopped for an instant. He couldn’t understand what the driver said behind him. He only heard three words, Chen! first! Health!
“It’s okay.” Chen Feng waved his hand and said, anyone who hasn’t had a stomachache yet, as long as it is not a principled error, Chen Feng can forgive him.
“Thank you Mr. Chen!” The middle-aged driver nodded hurriedly, thanking him.
In the car before, Chen Feng told him that when he got here, he must be called Mr. Chen. Although he was anxious, the middle-aged driver did not dare to forget.
“Brother, this car…is yours?” Liu Ziang swallowed, asking in disbelief.
“No, I rented it.” Chen Feng shook his head, serious.
Liu Ziang almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of old blood, rent it? A Rolls-Royce with a license plate number of more than ten million is four and eight. Who will rent out?
Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong also looked strange. If it weren’t for the license plate number of four and eight, plus a Rolls Royce, they would really believe Chen Feng’s nonsense.
And the panic of the middle-aged driver is obviously not acting.
So the question is, where did Chen Feng get this Rolls-Royce? Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong looked at each other, and this question came to mind at the same time.
Liu Ziang smiled and said, “Brother, don’t be joking, how can people who can afford this car lack the money for the two rental cars.”

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