Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1028

This statement seems to be negating the negation.

If Taihao’s Secret Vault had never been opened, how could Hei ever enter.

But Chen Feng found that Hei really nodded, and he said, “Actually, the person who went in was not me, but my master. He had seen what was in there.”

“”Homecoming” is really inside?” Qing Zhi didn’t seem to doubt the authenticity of the black words at all, and Chen Feng was also curious.

Hei nodded and said, “Master said that someone will come to look for this book, but I didn’t expect it to be Senior Qingzhi.”

What he said was a disguised acknowledgment of Qing Zhi’s questioning.

But all these conversations left Chen Feng completely confused. He interrupted the conversation between the two and asked: “Since this Taihao Secret Vault can’t be opened, how did your master get in?”

Hei smiled and looked at Chen Feng, and seemed to explain it very kindly: “Because my master is the secret guardian.”

Chen Feng murmured: “The guardian?”

But Hei did not continue to explain for Chen Feng.

Based on the literal meaning, Chen Feng probably guessed some meanings, but he still didn’t know why the guardian was able to enter the secret store that could not be opened.

At this time, Qing Zhi said, “Okay, I will remember this message, but what do you want?”

But Hei said, “The brother I want has already agreed, and I have nothing more.”

He looks very humble.

Qing Zhi glanced at Chen Feng, but didn’t say much.

Chen Feng thought she would propose to let herself replace the conditions, but the result made him happy.

Hei sent Chen Feng and they left the hardware store. Before leaving, Hei told Chen Feng to prepare him, because he would find Chen Feng again soon.

However, Chen Feng didn’t even know what to prepare, so he just took this sentence as empty words and didn’t care about it at all.

At the same time, in a company’s conference room, Xia Lan received a call. He glanced at the number and asked the employees to wait for a while.

But this kind of thing has never happened before, everyone is whispering about who is calling that number, which can actually make Xia Lan give up the company’s high-level meeting that has never been interrupted.

But maybe all the thoughts of those guys will be wrong. This is neither from a close woman nor his relatives, but from a university professor.

“Xiaolan, I have prepared what you want,” said the phone.

Xia Lan was also overjoyed and said happily, “Thank you teacher, I knew you would have a solution.”

But a worried voice came from the other end of the phone: “This thing is highly toxic, and it is also a controlled product. Do you really want to use it? If it is investigated, things will be very troublesome.”

Xia Lan said indifferently, “Teacher, don’t worry, this matter will never involve you, even if it is investigated, it will never be found on your head. Moreover, I can guarantee that this matter will never Cause any turmoil.”

I had no choice but to stop talking on the other end of the phone.

Xia Lan smiled even more happily looking at the phone that had ended the call, even on the way back, still smiling.

Just this smile made the company’s employees more convinced that the call just now came from Xia Lan’s girlfriend.

Compared to Xia Lan’s happiness, Chen Feng was a little unhappy. The room was empty again, and Qing Zhi just left a note for Chen Feng.

It said: “I need to find someone. You are here to wait for me.”

Chen Feng didn’t know why Qing Zhi was so anxious, but when Chen Feng went downstairs, people left. Maybe she just remembered that she was going to do it, and then she did it, completely ignoring Chen Feng’s thoughts.

Chen Feng sat quietly in the room. He waited for a long time without doing anything or speaking.

Quietness allows him to get rid of the clutter in his heart, the person who had been thinking about it for a long time, but he stayed for less than a day and then left again, without even saying goodbye.

Chen Feng even thought that in Qing Zhi’s heart, perhaps he didn’t care about the meeting this time, she just felt that they had just met.

After thinking for a while, Chen Feng didn’t feel better, so Chen Feng decided to go outside.

The wind is very noisy, blowing slices of flowers and plants, making the leaves that had already begun to wither now become more sparse.

A young man skateboarding on the side of the road leaned back because of a smooth leaf, fell to the ground, and stood up enduring the pain.

It seems to be full of loneliness everywhere.

Chen Feng walked aside, he saw everything, but he just watched indifferently.

He knew that these had nothing to do with him, and there was no need to make any expressions for them, it was just a waste.

If a person can be at peace to such a level, maybe he is already a Buddha, because the Buddha requires people in this way.

However, Chen Feng did not become a Buddha. He was still alone. Although he lost his happiness and sorrow, he was still a person, not because of a momentary emotional change.

Someone saw Chen Feng’s strange expression, indifferently like a sculpture, and she walked over.

“Are you broken in love?” This is a very strange question. If a person wants to break in love, then he must be in love, but this person doesn’t seem to know that Chen Feng is not in love yet, so this question is meaningless.

But Chen Feng said, “Yes, I’m broken in love.”

The man was even more curious: “Will you like a woman? Are you not a prodigal?”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “Of course I am not, why do you think so.”

But the man said, “If you are not a prodigal son, how can I leave my business to you.”

Hearing this, Chen Feng finally became curious, and he turned his head to look, only to realize that he had been talking to him in black.

“Why are you here so soon? Do you want me to do things now?” Chen Feng asked coldly.

The underworld: “I said it was very fast.”

Chen Feng said, “But you only told me about this today.”

Hei solemnly said, “Don’t say it will be fast today.”

Chen Feng didn’t know how to argue for a while. He thought for a while and said, “Today should be considered very fast, but it seems that if it is today, you can not use this word. This word generally does not make people think of the day.”

Hei seems to have argued with Chen Feng. He said: “If there is no minimum time limit for “soon”, then I can express today as soon as possible.”

Chen Feng felt that he was stubborn, even stubborn, and said, “It’s up to you, but I’m in a bad mood today and don’t want to do your thing.”

But Hei refused, “That’s not possible, you have promised me, but you can’t go.”

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