Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1167

“That woman was the one who made an appointment with me, but she seems to have admitted the wrong person and treated you as me.” Liu Xing said lightly.

Chen Feng looked at Liu Xing in surprise, and said, “Is that the woman just now?”

“Yeah!” Liu Xing nodded, actually he was somewhat surprised. “The bracelet on her wrist is the same as the one I saw in the photo.”

Chen Feng calmed down, shook his head and chuckled lightly, and said, “This world is really interesting.”

Everything that happened here is over. It was originally a farce, but it ended in a dramatic way. It seems that it echoes the ridiculousness of this farce.

“It’s really interesting, but originally I just wanted to teach the other person a lesson. I saw her just now and was already shaking in shock. I guess I won’t dare to do the same thing in the future.”

“Aren’t you angry yourself?” Chen Feng asked.

“In the beginning, I was really angry. I got red when fighting with someone for a simple thing. Everything seemed to be forgotten by me. I also felt that I didn’t look like myself. But when I think about it, I don’t have that big grievance anymore, and this kind of thing won’t really affect real life.”

Chen Feng is not Liu Xing, so he can’t know what he thinks, but the same thing that even Liu Xing doesn’t mind himself, does he still need to chase that woman.

“Let’s go, now that some time has been wasted on this woman, I don’t want to be just a waste of the next thing.”

Liu Xing smiled and said, “Don’t worry about this, I will definitely show you a different Chen Group.”

When the rain is about to come and the wind is all over the building, when will the West Lake singing and dancing stop.

Before the storm came, those who didn’t know it were still singing and dancing.

In a private room of a clubhouse, seven or eight women, three or four men were laughing each other, the breath of alcohol permeated the whole room, and their faces were ruddy with a touch of excitement.

The woman who fell drunk in the arms of the man was already unconscious, her head drooping, just leaning there.

The man stretched out his hand to touch the woman, but a companion on the side laughed immediately.

“Lao Zhou, if you were discovered by the one at home, you won’t have a good life when you go back.”

It seemed that it was this reminder, because Lao Zhou, who was a little confused by alcohol, woke up immediately. Fortunately, he didn’t really do anything just now, otherwise he really couldn’t explain it.

And seeing his movements, the man just now smiled even more happily.

“You are afraid of a ball, and no one will say anything about it here.” As he said, he himself grabbed a handful of a gorgeous woman next to him, causing the woman to laugh again and again.

“Look, I don’t think it’s anything.”

Lao Zhou is not easy to compare with him, he is not here for enjoyment.

Another short and chubby man put down the microphone in his hand. The hearty roar just made him a little thirsty. He walked to the table with drinks, picked up a bottle of beer, took a few sips and said. “Who of you wants to sing again, are you coming, Lao Zhou?”

Lao Zhou shook his head. He was a little awake now, still thinking about the purpose of coming here. This chapter is not finished, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

“Let’s talk about Liu Xing!” Lao Zhou put the woman in his arms aside, and said.

“Nothing he is doing right now is not aimed at us. If he doesn’t want to stop him anymore, he will really kick me out.”

The chunky man laughed and said, “You are still so timid, no wonder you are so afraid of your wife.”

Hearing him mention his wife, Lao Zhou was a little unhappy and said, “What does this have to do with being afraid of a wife.”

“It doesn’t matter, you have given your wife a little bit of courage. Now when you encounter something, you are worried about this and that. You don’t want to think about how long he Liu Xingcai came to the group, and how long we have been here. ”

“Can this thing be the same?”

The chunky man sneered and said, “Why is it different?”

“Behind him is President Chen!” Lao Zhou’s voice also increased a little.

“After all, this group belongs to President Chen. If President Chen wants to deal with us, can you and me be able to stand it.”

Seeing Lao Zhou agitated, Yuan Lie, who made fun of the woman, soothed: “Lao Zhou, don’t worry about that.”

Then, he picked up a bottle of Remy Martin wine and refilled it in the empty glass in front of Lao Zhou.

“It’s true that the group belongs to President Chen, but for so many years, we don’t all know what the group is in. The only thing he does is do nothing.”

Lao Zhou knew, but this reason still couldn’t move him.

Yuan Lie also knew that, and added: “Even if Chen always feels that we have embezzled the company’s profits, can he really drive us away? You have to think about it, if a company of this size is a big company. Time is paralyzed, it is not a little loss, it is far more terrifying than what we have gotten over the years.”


“Okay, I know what you’re worried about, but don’t worry about this kind of thing. That person hasn’t spoken until now, which means that the situation is not as anxious as we thought. When did that person start to tell me? It might be really anxious to think about things.”

Lao Zhou didn’t speak anymore, not because he was really persuaded, but just because of that person.

For so many years, it seems that there is really nothing that can’t be solved by that person.

“But Mr. Zero seems to have no news recently.” Lao Zhou calmed down, and took a sip of the wine Yuan Lie had given him just now.

“This ordinary person doesn’t know anymore. Since we met him, it seems to have been a one-line contact.” Yuan Lie didn’t seem to be sure, so he asked again, “You should be the same.”

Both the chunky man and Lao Zhou nodded.

“But it’s not that Mr. Zero also had a problem, otherwise, even if Huang Shengzhi is dead, he still has no news.” Lao Zhou’s hesitant temper made him worry again.

Yuan Lie became a little unhappy when he heard Lao Zhou still muttering here.

“Okay, if you continue like this, the interest of coming out to play today will be interrupted by you. Don’t blame me for driving you out at that time.”

Old Zhou glanced at Yuan Lie angrily, and stopped talking. After the trouble became stiff, it was not a good thing for them. After all, it was still troublesome.

“That’s right, keep drinking, keep singing, let the fucking Liu Xing go to hell by himself, and when I see him tomorrow, I have to curse a few words in front of him, I want to see. How bold is he?”

The other two also smiled.

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