Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 14

In the meeting room, everyone has different thoughts, but most people hope that Xia Mengyao can create miracles.
Only Xia Qichao and his son didn’t think so. They are now anxious for Xia Mengyao to fail. If Xia Mengyao is really done, wouldn’t it prove that their father and son are incompetent.
Xia Hao even viciously hoped that Lin Zongwei would treat Xia Mengyao like them, and it would be best to beat Xia Mengyao to death.
Xia Mengyao took a taxi and came to the downstairs of Dingfeng Company, looking nervous.
In fact, until now, she couldn’t believe that she even went to Dingfeng Company because of a word from Chen Feng.
Come to challenge this, almost impossible task.
Xia Mengyao almost entered Lin Zongwei’s office with the determination to see death as home. Even after she failed, she was ready to go back and be humiliated by Xia Qichao and his son.
Fifteen minutes later, Xia Mengyao came out, her expression full of incredible.
It’s not that the task was not completed. On the contrary, the task was completed smoothly, even to the point where it made Xia Mengyao suspect that she was dreaming.
After entering, Lin Zongwei didn’t mention anything about Xia Qichao’s father and son. On the contrary, his attitude was surprisingly good. Xia Mengyao even felt that Lin Zongwei had any intentions against him.
But until he got out of the office, Lin Zongwei didn’t do anything outrageous to her.
After returning to Yunsheng Building, Xia Mengyao still did not come back.
In the conference room, everyone saw Xia Mengyao’s desperate expression and was disappointed. Obviously, the negotiation failed.
In Xia Hao’s eyes, there was a flash of pleasure, bitch, thinking how capable you are, but in the past ten minutes, people have been kicked out.
“Oh.” Xia Yunsheng glanced at Xia Mengyao, then sighed, then he waved weakly and said, “Go back and rest.”
“Take a rest?” Xia Mengyao reacted: “Why rest?”
“Hmph, you all failed to talk, why don’t you take a break, do you still want the uncle and the others to give you the engineering team?” Xia Zilan snorted, sarcastically.
“Who said I failed?” Xia Mengyao gave Xia Zilan a cold glance, and then threw the contract on the conference table.
“What do you mean!” Xia Zilan suddenly had a bad feeling.
The corners of Xia Mengyao’s good-looking mouth raised: “It doesn’t mean anything, Lin Zongwei agreed to let the Xia family participate in the Yuquan Mountain Resort project, and he can forget the past.”
Everyone in the Xia family suddenly fell into petrification, standing in place like sculptures. !
“No…impossible.” Xia Hao and Xia Zilan questioned, in fact, the other Xia family members and the two had the same idea.
“The contract is here, in black and white, and there are handprints on it. Would you like to take a look?” Xia Mengyao smiled and said, she has never been so proud in a family meeting.
Xia Hao hurriedly ran to the table, took out the contract, flipped through it, and when he saw Lin Zongwei’s three dragons and phoenixes, he couldn’t help but feel cold.
“Fake! Yes, this contract must be fake!” Xia Hao suddenly said with excitement as if thinking of something, “Xia Mengyao, you are so brave to deceive grandpa with a fake contract!”
“Grandpa, you should immediately let people check the authenticity of this contract. I also think Xia Mengyao is making a fake. How could it be possible to reach cooperation with Dingfeng Company within ten minutes?” Xia Zilan also hurriedly said.
Xia Mengyao looked at them like an idiot, making a fake? She would only do that when her mind got flooded. Such things can be asked by just a phone call.
“Shut up all!” Xia Yunsheng yelled coldly, then picked up the contract and reviewed it carefully.
After a while, his hands began to tremble, really…really!
Xia’s family not only reached a cooperation with Dingfeng Company, but the conditions in the contract were excellent beyond Xia Yunsheng’s imagination! The price that Dingfeng Company offered to Xia’s family was twice that of what Xia’s family wanted!
“Meng Yao, you saved our Xia family!” Xia Yunsheng said excitedly.
Upon hearing this, Xia Hao and Xia Zilan’s hearts were as gray as death, and their faces were pale as if struck by lightning.
Xia Mengyao turned out to be… really done!
Xia Hao fell into the bottom with a heart. He couldn’t imagine why Lin Zongwei had totally different attitudes towards their father and son and Xia Mengyao.
“You bitch, did you sleep with Lin Zongwei?!”
“It must be, it must be! Xia Mengyao, you bastard, you shame our Xia family!”
Xia Yunsheng stood up fiercely and slapped Xia Hao to the ground with a fierce slap.
“You bastard! Do you still have a bit of shame!” Xia Yun trembled with anger. He didn’t expect Xia Hao to be so narrow-minded.
“Grandpa, why are you hitting me? You ask this bitch, what did she use to talk to Lin Zongwei, besides the body, what does she have for money!” Xia Hao hysterically said, and today’s successive blows made him lose With the last trace of reason, even Xia Yunsheng dared to contradict him.
After Xia Hao finished speaking, the eyes of many members of the Xia family looked at Xia Mengyao. Yeah, what did Xia Mengyao talk to Lin Zongwei. Lin Zongwei rejected so many companies. Why did he cooperate with Xia Mengyao?
Seeing everyone’s weird eyes, Xia Mengyao was aggrieved. She naturally knew what everyone was thinking, but she really didn’t know why Lin Zongwei would cooperate with the Xia family.
Could it be… Chen Feng? !
Xia Mengyao suddenly thought of the WeChat message that Chen Feng sent to herself more than half an hour ago.
Chen Feng knows Lin Zongwei!
Xia Mengyao suddenly realized, but then she felt a sense of curiosity in her heart. How did Chen Feng know someone like Lin Zongwei?
Without giving her any time to think about it, Xia Yunsheng, who hated iron and steel, kicked Xia Hao to the ground, and then asked the security guard to drag Xia Hao out.
“Qichao, I will hand over all the engineering teams in your hands to Mengyao tomorrow!” Xia Yunsheng gave Xia Qichao a cold look and said.
Xia Qichao nodded hurriedly. At this moment, Xia Mengyao is a great hero of the Xia family. Even if she wants the stars in the sky, Xia Yunsheng will pick them off for her.
“In addition, as I said before, no matter who it is, as long as it can help our family and Dingfeng Company reach a cooperative relationship, I will reward him with the real estate in Chengdong. Now, Mengyao has completed this task, and I will give Chengdong Give her a reward for that set of real estate, don’t you have any comments.” Xia Yunsheng glanced at the many relatives of the Xia family in the conference room and asked with majesty.
Many relatives shook their heads and looked at Xia Mengyao with jealousy. The real estate in the east of the city is worth more than 30 million yuan. Xia Mengyao just ran for a trip, and it took less than an hour to make money. .
“Thank you, grandpa.” Xia Mengyao smiled sweetly, and after selling the real estate, he could buy a larger house and buy a car for Chen Feng.
“Girl, this is what you deserve.” Xia Yunsheng’s face was kind. Compared with Yuquanshan’s project, a set of real estate is nothing at all. If Yuquanshan’s project runs well, Xia’s family can make at least five profits from it. Billion!
In the deputy general manager’s office, Xia Hao’s eyes were blood-red, and he picked up the teacup on the table and threw it to the ground.

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