Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 160

Now Chen Feng said that he bought a villa in Yuquan Mountain.
Although Chen Feng does have the financial resources, it is not a question of money or not.
Because the people who can live in the Yuquanshan villa area are all well-known characters, let them vacate their place and sell it to others, who would be willing?
“Boy, I don’t have the time to accompany you to mess around here. Get off the car as soon as possible. I have to get other guests.” The middle-aged driver said impatiently. He didn’t want to be driven down by the security after going up the mountain for a while.
“Husband, let’s get off.” Xia Mengyao glanced at Chen Feng helplessly, and she couldn’t help the middle-aged driver if he could not leave.
Chen Feng shook his head. It was fine for him to get out of the car, but Xia Mengyao couldn’t. After all, just a few days after being injured, he couldn’t exercise vigorously.
“Master, in this way, if you send me to the top of the mountain, I will give you an extra five hundred yuan.” Chen Feng said, as the saying goes, money can make ghosts punish, he does not believe that this middle-aged driver will have trouble with money.
“What you said is true?” Sure enough, the middle-aged driver’s eyes lit up as soon as he heard that Chen Feng was going to give five hundred yuan. He ran a taxi, earning a maximum of two to three hundred a day, and Chen Feng gave five to five. Hundred, which is equivalent to his two-day salary, so he can’t help but not be moved.
Chen Feng did not speak, and directly took five 100 yuan from his wallet and put them in front of the middle-aged driver.
The middle-aged driver looked happy and hurriedly took over Chen Feng’s money.
“Okay, boy, I’ll take you up the mountain.” The middle-aged driver smiled, and when he got the money, he was more at ease.
“But young man, let me say okay first. After a while, we are halfway up the mountain. If the security guards don’t let us in, then I won’t refund your five hundred yuan.” It seemed that Chen Feng would regret it, and the middle-aged driver added An insurance.
Chen Feng smiled faintly: “Master, you can drive, and I will take care of the security.”
“Well, you and your couple sit firmly.”
Soon, the taxi drove halfway up the mountain. To the surprise of the middle-aged driver, the security here did not stop his car.
This caused the middle-aged driver to breathe a sigh of relief. The legendary Yuquan Mountain was not heavily guarded.
In fact, the middle-aged driver did not know that there is only one place in Yuquan Mountain that is really heavily guarded, and that is the villa area on the top of the mountain.
The villa area is really ten steps one post, five steps one post.
When Chen Feng came last time, he was stopped by a group of security guards when he reached the top of the mountain. If Shen Hongchang hadn’t appeared later, Chen Feng would not be able to get in.
A few minutes later, the taxi reached the top of the mountain.
From a distance, the middle-aged driver saw a group of security guards in black uniforms.
“Young man, you can get off right here.” The middle-aged driver was a little frustrated. These security guards, one by one, seem to be tall and mammoth. What if they stop him for a while?
“Master, you are all at the top of the mountain, so you can continue driving in.” Chen Feng was a little helpless, his villa, at the innermost, is still a short distance away.
“Young man, didn’t I tell you that this is a private property, and people are not allowed to enter. Moreover, there are a total of ten families living here, the vehicles and households that enter and exit, and all these security guards are known. I will drive a taxi. Pulling you two more, it’s weird for people to let us three in.” The middle-aged Si Zhenzheng said.
“Master, didn’t I tell you, I bought a villa here, and these security guards know me.” Chen Feng sighed, why the middle-aged driver refused to believe in himself.
“Young man, when is it all, stop joking, do you know how much the villa here is for a square meter?”
“Five hundred thousand! Even if you sell yourself, you can’t sell that much money.” The middle-aged driver snorted. He wanted to scold Chen Feng if it wasn’t for Chen Feng’s five hundred yuan. It’s a meal.
“Master, in this way, you continue to drive in. If those security guards dare to stop you, I will give you another five hundred yuan.” Chen Feng smiled and said, again, money can make ghosts grind, and today he pays it back I had to ask the middle-aged driver to drive the taxi into the villa area.
“Really?” The middle-aged driver’s heart itched again.
A fool like Chen Feng, he can’t run into it several times a year, and he finally met it today, so he had to have a good meal.
“Really.” Chen Feng said with a faint smile.
“Okay, let me drive.” The middle-aged driver gritted his teeth and was also very angry. There was something about the security guards, and they would be beaten by them. Even if they were to be beaten, Chen Feng was beaten first. What was he afraid of.
Afterwards, the middle-aged driver slammed on the gas pedal, and the taxi rushed towards the gate of the villa area like a beast that had been getting out of trouble.
Without the slightest accident, several security guards took out the high-voltage electric batons tied to their waists and ordered to stop.
The middle-aged driver braked again and the taxi stopped.
A few security guards walked over with uncomfortable faces. Since the completion of Yuquanshan Villa, no one has dared to drive a taxi up.
The window was rolled down, and the security guard headed coldly and asked, “Who asked you to drive the car up the mountain?”
The middle-aged driver looked bitter. This stinky boy was hurting Lao Tzu miserably. The middle-aged driver was about to open his mouth to explain. At this moment, a faint voice came from the back seat.
“it’s me.”
The headed security guard looked away with his voice, and then saw Chen Feng with no expression on his face.
The security guard headed his eyes round instantly, and Petrochemical was on the spot. How could it be Shao Chen? !
For Chen Feng, all the security at the scene were very impressed. After all, the original security captain here, Wang Dahai, was driven away by Shen Hongchang because he was disrespectful to Chen Feng.
So even if Chen Feng rarely came to the villa area, these security guards still remembered Chen Feng’s appearance, for fear that one day he would make the same mistake as Wang Dahai.
“Can I go in?” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Yes, you can, Shao Chen, please come in.” After reacting, the headed security guard hurriedly said, his attitude was respectful.
Chen Shao?
Hearing this name, a cold sweat appeared on the middle-aged driver’s head. Why would this security guard call this Shao Si Chen Shao?
Could it be that this dick really has a suite here?
The middle-aged driver suddenly became calm.
“That, brother, are you really a resident here?” the middle-aged driver wiped the cold sweat from his head and asked.
Chen Feng smiled, and said, “I said it more than once before.”
“Um…” The middle-aged driver chuckled, I don’t know what to say. Brother, you are all living in the Yuquanshan villa area. Why take a taxi? Can’t you hire a driver yourself?
After passing the security barrier at the gate, the taxi will go unimpeded on the road behind.
Three minutes later, the taxi stopped in front of an elegant and magnificent villa.

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