Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 162

In fact, even if she didn’t want to marry Chen Feng, she would not refuse if Chen Feng offered to marry her. After all, she is Chen Feng’s wife and must fulfill her obligations as Chen Feng’s wife.
But after three years of marriage, Chen Feng never mentioned that he wanted to be with her.
This made Xia Mengyao very annoyed, and even suspected that there was a problem with Chen Feng, but later contacts proved that there was no problem with Chen Feng.
In the end, Xia Mengyao can only be attributed to the fact that Chen Feng is a Buddhist mentality and does not emphasize desire.
After a long while, Xia Mengyao calmed down her mood.
After applying another makeup to the mirror, Xia Mengyao dared to come out of the bathroom.
After coming out, he found Chen Feng was leaning on the door, looking at himself with a smile.
“Look at me for what?” Xia Mengyao blushed and asked.
“You are my wife. I think my wife, isn’t it okay?” Chen Feng joked.
“No! Don’t watch it!” Xia Mengyao said in anger, knowing that I am your wife now? After three years of marriage, I didn’t even hold my hand a few times. The only time I kissed was when I took the initiative. Did your husband do this?
Of course, Xia Mengyao can only think about this in her heart, let her say it, but she doesn’t have the courage.
“Well, don’t watch, don’t watch.” Chen Feng smiled, and then said again: “You don’t let me see you, then I see other girls, would you mind?”
“Dare you!” Xia Mengyao bit her silver teeth, this guy, getting bolder, dare to mention other girls in front of her.
But in the future, she really has to guard against it and not let other girls take advantage of it.
The Xia family is blind, she is not blind.
She knows very well how good Chen Feng is.
Regardless of his family background, his strength alone is enough to make 99% of the girls in this world obsessed with him.
If Chen Feng ceases to be low-key and reveals herself completely, Xia Mengyao has no doubt that she will have hundreds of more love rivals immediately, and none of these rivals will be worse than her.
“If you dare to look at other girls, I’ll goug your eyes.” Xia Mengyao threatened again viciously.
“You don’t let me see you, and don’t let me see other girls, you can’t let me see men.” Chen Feng quipped.
“Okay, you go see a man, I don’t mind you look at a man.” Xia Mengyao raised the corner of her mouth and asked her to snatch Chen Feng from several women. She may not have much confidence yet, but let her snatch from a man. Chen Feng, she couldn’t grab it anymore, then she could find a piece of tofu and hit herself to death.
“I mind.” Chen Feng was full of black lines, and Xia Mengyao had learned badly and dared to play tricks on herself.
“Hehe.” Xia Mengyao chuckled, took Chen Feng’s husband again, and blinked and said: “Husband, take me to see other parts of the villa.”
“Okay.” Chen Feng scratched Xia Mengyao’s Qiong nose in a fondly. He liked the way Xia Mengyao gets along now, and the two are becoming more and more like a real couple.
After watching the villa with Xia Mengyao, Xia Mengyao took out her mobile phone and wrote a long list on the memo. The list was filled with small things that need to be purchased. Although the big furniture in the villa is complete, there are still Some small daily necessities will inevitably be missed.
It is not difficult to see that Xia Mengyao is very careful, and she really treats this place as a home.
Chen Feng was also in a complicated mood. Three years ago, when he left the Chen family, he was ready for desperation, but he did not expect that he would meet Xia Mengyao in Cangzhou, and he would have married Xia Mengyao.
Xia Mengyao, to him, is motivation.
It is precisely because of the eagerness to protect Xia Mengyao and cope with the dangers that may occur in the future, Chen Feng has been in the Xia family for three years, from the middle stage of dark Jin, all the way to the early stage of Huajin!
Such a terrifying speed of cultivation is unprecedented in the martial arts world!
Even an exceptionally talented talent who wants to go from the middle stage of the dark Jin to the early stage of Huajin, it will take at least 15 years!
But Chen Feng, it took three years!
Almost a full four-fifths of the time was shortened.
All this is inseparable from Xia Mengyao.
But even at the early stage of Huajin’s cultivation, Chen Feng was not sure about it and dealt with the Chen family.
Chen Feng is very clear that the reason why he hasn’t died yet is because he must have something worthy of Chen Zhennan’s plot.
The value of this thing is even hundreds of times greater than the value of the Chen family itself!
Chen Feng had guessed many times what was on his body.
It may be related to the disappeared father Chen Haotian, or that thing is himself!
“Maybe my mother knows…” Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he suddenly remembered that three years ago, when his mother was seriously ill, he told him to leave Chen’s house early. Maybe at that time, his mother already knew something, but she didn’t. tell myself.
She even knew that the Chen family would send someone to hunt him down.
So she also sent someone to protect herself secretly.
It was precisely because of the protection of those people that he survived that hunt.
Chen Feng didn’t think about many things before.
But now, he felt that he needed to think about it.
Chen Zhennan would never sit back and watch him become stronger all the way.
Maybe Chen Yingrou’s arrival is just a temptation!
“Chen Feng, what are you thinking?”
“Chen Feng?!”
Xia Mengyao was shocked, Chen Feng seldom thought about things so absorbedly, he called him several times, but he didn’t hear it.
“What’s wrong?” Chen Feng finally recovered.
“Chen Feng, what are you thinking? So absorbed?” Xia Mengyao couldn’t help asking.
Chen Feng smiled and shook his head: “It’s nothing, I’m thinking… how many children will we have in the future.”
“Rogue!” Xia Mengyao blushed, and said with an anguish: “I don’t want to give you a baby.”
“If you don’t want to have a baby, we can adopt it.” Chen Feng still has a smile on his face, but the worry in his heart has increased a bit.
Chen Zhennan… will he really keep himself and Xia Mengyao together?
Before, Chen Feng couldn’t figure out why Chen Zhennan would hand over the Chen family to him so confidently, as if, without any worries, he would destroy the Chen family.
At that time, Chen Feng felt that Chen Zhennan had enough strength and self-confidence to suppress himself.
But now, Chen Feng felt that Chen Zhennan had found his weakness.
Xia Mengyao!
Chen Zhennan, if he threatens himself through Xia Mengyao! What should I do? Chen Feng couldn’t help thinking.
“Chen Feng, how much did you spend to buy this villa?” Xia Mengyao asked. She had heard of the price of Yuquanshan Villa before. The lowest price was 500,000 yuan. And the villa she is now in, Mountain and river, depending on the location, it is almost the best among the ten villas on the top of the mountain, so its price is probably more than half a million

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