Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 178

“You care about the injury on my face! You have no conscience, now you know that you care about the life and death of my old mother? Why did you go early!”
“Three years ago, my old lady asked you not to marry this rubbish, you didn’t listen, you insisted on getting married, and then, you let my old lady raise her head in front of outsiders for three years!”
“Some time ago, my old lady asked you to divorce this trash and marry Shen Junwen, you still don’t listen to my old lady!”
“You said to yourself that Shen Junwen is not a thousand times stronger than this trash, if you marry Shen Junwen, can my old lady be bullied like this today!”
Lin Lan cursed with tears in her eyes. She attributed all the crimes she suffered to Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng. If it weren’t for Chen Feng’s waste, that Mrs. Lin would not be able to beat her so unscrupulously today.
Xia Mengyao moved her lips, she didn’t know what to say. Lin Lan never considered her own problems, only making excuses from others.
“Why do I have such a hard life? I’m not alive…” Lin Lan sat on the ground, pounding her chest and stumping her feet, and began to cry.
“Aunt Wang, who beat her?” Chen Feng looked at Wang Mei a little helplessly and asked. If he didn’t help Lin Lan out today, Lin Lan would really be looking for life.
“It’s Mrs. Lin.” Wang Mei said in a convincing way. For some reason, Chen Feng today feels completely different from the squandered Chen Feng in the past, but she can’t tell how specific it is different.
“Mrs. Lin…” Chen Feng squinted his eyes. How sacred is this Mrs. Lin?
“You don’t need your intervention in this matter, I will handle it myself.” Just as Chen Feng was thinking about how to solve Mrs. Lin, Xia Mengyao said coldly.
“Meng Yao…” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. This is the first time Xia Mengyao has been so alienated from him.
“Why not let this waste be shot! Since this waste is my son-in-law, then I was beaten, and he is obliged to find a place for me.” Xia Mengyao didn’t want to trouble Chen Feng, but Lin Lan didn’t follow it.
She also expected Madam Lin to clean up Chen Feng and exhale for her, after all, Chen Feng had just hit her.
As for Chen Feng to clean up Mrs. Lin? Lin Lan never thought about it.
“Mom!” Xia Mengyao was a little angry. She didn’t know where Lin Lan came from when she said such things. The first second she mocked Chen Feng, and the next second she wanted to let Chen Feng find a place for her. Really, Chen Feng is a dog, so he can do whatever he wants?
“What’s the matter? The mother-in-law was beaten. Isn’t it right for the son-in-law to show up? Otherwise, what use is it for me to want this son-in-law? It’s better to raise a dog.” Lin Lan looked righteous and confident, anyway, she would cheat today anyway Chen Feng once.
At this time, Mrs. Lin and the bald man finished looking at the house, and they went out of the sales department with Wang Xiaohong’s gift.
“Why hasn’t this country boy gone?” Madam Lin saw Lin Lan at a glance. She thought that Lin Lan would leave Yuquan Mountain immediately after she had taught Lin Lan, but she did not expect that Lin Lan was so ignorant that she would dare to stay here. .
“Maybe her daughter came with her boyfriend.” The bald man sneered. He didn’t take Lin Lan’s threatening words to heart. In Cangzhou, he didn’t care about anyone except those first-line families.
“Husband, let’s go and take a look.” Madam Lin smiled. She wanted to know how sacred Lin Lan’s daughter’s boyfriend was and could bear A Biao’s slap.
“Yeah.” The bald man nodded. Since his wife likes to play the game of cat and mouse, he will play with him.
“Chen Feng, if you are a man, you should slap the bitch a few times and take a good breath for the old lady…” At this time, Lin Lan didn’t notice the people behind, and was still talking about it.
It is conceivable that Mrs. Lin behind her will look like.
“Country! Bae! Guy!”
Mrs. Lin gritted her teeth and her eyes were fired. She thought that Lin Lan was beaten like that by A Biao and she should be able to remember her, but who knows, Lin Lan dared to scold her behind her back in a blink of an eye.
Just looking for death!
Hearing Mrs. Lin’s voice, Lin Lan’s soul was almost frightened.
“Mrs. Lin…” Lin Lan turned around, staring blankly, trying to explain.
But Mrs. Lin didn’t give her a chance at all, she just slapped Lin Lan’s face severely.
With a crisp applause, Lin Lan was immediately staggered.
“Abiao, tear this bitch’s mouth to me!” Although she slapped Lin Lan, Mrs. Lin still felt that she was not angry enough, and called out the humanoid monster A Biao.
Seeing A Biao, Lin Lan’s face suddenly turned pale, and she remembered the nightmare that A Biao had dominated before.
“Why did you beat my mother!” At this time, Xia Mengyao stood up and protected Lin Lan behind her.
“Are you the daughter of this hillbilly?” Mrs. Lin looked at Xia Mengyao coldly, and there was a hint of jealousy in the depths of her eyes. This hillbilly is not good, but the daughter she gave birth to is pretty.
“I asked why you beat my mother?” Xia Mengyao asked coldly, but did not answer Madam Lin’s question.
“Because your mother has a mean mouth, you should fight!” Madam Lin sneered.
“You…” Xia Mengyao was annoyed. When Mrs. Lin was so unreasonable, it was really a talented person who met soldiers and couldn’t explain why.
“Where is your boyfriend?” Mrs. Lin’s lips twitched, “Didn’t that bitch say that your boyfriend is awesome? You told him to come out.
“She has no boyfriend.” At this moment, Chen Feng stood up.
Hearing Chen Feng’s voice, Xia Mengyao’s body stiffened.
“But she has a husband.” Chen Feng continued.
Madam Lin narrowed her eyes, looked up and down Chen Feng, and asked, “Are you her husband?”
Chen Feng smiled and did not answer. Instead, he walked up to Madam Lin, looked at Madam Lin directly, and said, “I will take care of her!”
“You took it?” Mrs. Lin sneered, “Are you taking it!”
“If you can’t pick it up, try to find out.” Chen Feng is still calm.
But Lin Lan was inexplicably uneasy, but in the presence of so many people, she couldn’t admit it.
“Abiao! Do it!” Madam Lin shouted sharply.
When the words fell, A Biao rushed toward Chen Feng like a prehistoric beast.
Mrs. Lin looked on coldly. She was absolutely confident about A Biao’s strength. A Biao was a ruthless person who could punch through steel plates. His fists were used to deal with ordinary people. There was no suspense at all!
If Chen Feng could catch A Biao’s punch, it would be enough for Chen Feng to blow one year.
Lin Lan, who had seen Abiao’s power, was scared to hide behind Xia Mengyao, and Wang Mei didn’t even dare to show up.
Only Xia Mengyao’s expression is still calm, calm and even a little scary.

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