Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 490

“Okay, Mengyao and I went to dinner. Call me if you have anything to do.” Chen Feng nodded and looked at Xia Weiguo’s appearance. Obviously, there is something to ask Lin Lan. He is here and it is not convenient for Xia Weiguo to ask. Is that so? It’s better for him to get acquainted and leave.
“Well, you go, pay attention to safety on the way.” Lin Lan exhorted.
After speaking, Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao left the ward door.
“Lan Lan, what is going on…?” Xia Weiguo couldn’t help looking at Lin Lan as soon as the two went out.
“What’s going on?” Lin Lan asked knowingly. In fact, she only knows what Xia Weiguo wants to ask. The reason for saying this is just to whet Xia Weiguo’s appetite.
“Your attitude towards Xiaofeng, didn’t you hate Xiaofeng the most before?” Xia Weiguo asked.
Lin Lan smiled faintly: “Old Xia, people will change. It used to be before, now is now. I used to hate Chen Feng, but it doesn’t mean that I also hate Chen Feng now.”
“Huh, Lan Lan, you It’s okay to lie to others, but if you want to lie to me, it’s impossible. Just tell me, do you know something?” Xia Weiguo snorted. No one knows Lin Lan better than him. In Lin Lan’s eyes, Benefits always come first, and the reason why she has such a big change in Chen Feng’s attitude must be what benefits Chen Feng can bring to her.
“Lao Xia, you are quite smart right now. Why don’t you see you so smart on weekdays.” Lin Lan smiled, and then said: “I do know some things. Mengyao told me about these things. ”
What did Mengyao tell you?” Xia Weiguo asked subconsciously.
“Meng Yao said that Chen Feng is a child of the Chen family.”
“A child of the Chen family?!” Xia Weiguo’s pupils shrank, and subconsciously exclaimed.
Seeing Xia Weiguo’s expression, Lin Lan was shocked: “I haven’t said which Chen family it is. Why are you so shocked?” Xia Weiguo ignored Lin Lan. He was so shocked because of his reason. In fact, he I had guessed the approximate identity of Chen Feng a long time ago, but I have never been sure for a while, because it was too shocking.
But now, Lin Lan said it…
“It’s the Chen family from Yanjing…” Xia Weiguo sighed.
“You know?” Lin Lan frowned.
“I have guessed it.”
“Have you guessed it? Then why didn’t you tell me?” Lin Lan glanced at Xia Weiguo uncomfortably. If Xia Weiguo had told her earlier, even if it was a guess, she would Will not ridicule Chen Feng.
“I’m telling you, would you believe it?” Xia Weiguo gave Lin Lan angrily.
Lin Lan’s tone was stagnant. Indeed, she would not believe it. If Lin Yue did not come to her door this time to beg her for forgiveness, she would never associate this series of things with Chen Feng.
“This is true for Chen Feng. Since he is a child of the Chen family, he had told us that it would not be fine. He had to hide his identity in our Xia family and pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. This has caused us to suffer so much in the past three years. “Lin Lan complained. In the past three years, most of the reasons that their family was looked down upon were in Chen Feng. If they had known that Chen Feng was a child of the Chen family, then their family would survive the past three years. Very beautiful.
“Xiaofeng must have some difficulties. You forgot that we saw him for the first time three years ago. What did he look like?” Xia Weiguo said. Three years ago, he rescued Chen Feng. Chen at the time Feng is almost a blood man, if it weren’t for the breath in his nose and the characteristics of a living person, he might not save Chen Feng at all.
“He is a child of the Chen family, what can he have? Who dares to kill him?” Lin Lan couldn’t help but shudder upon hearing Xia Weiguo’s words.
“What’s the matter with the children of the Chen family? There is no such family as the Chen family in this world.” Xia Weiguo hummed and said.
“Besides, it’s not necessarily people from other families who want to kill Xiaofeng.” Xia Weiguo frowned.
“You mean…”
“Did you forget that you came to our house last time and injured you and me, and the woman from Mengyao?” Xia Weiguo asked.
Lin Lan shuddered, and hurriedly shook her head: “I didn’t forget, how could I forget, that bitch, but almost killed Mengyao.”
“She is also named Chen, she seems to be called Chen Yingrou.” Xia Weiguo said solemnly.
“According to what you said, it is the people inside the Chen family who want to kill Chen Feng!”
Lin Lan was suddenly agitated. If it is like Xia Weiguo said, then she is walking so close to Chen Feng now, isn’t she looking for death? ?
“It’s very likely.” Xia Weiguo nodded: “Xiaofeng and some people in the Chen family must have some indispensable grudges.”
“Old Xia, don’t scare me. If this is the case, then you two. Is it dangerous now?” Lin Lan said in a panic.
“Danger, there must be…but our relationship with Xiaofeng is not that close now…” At this point, as if thinking of something, Xia Weiguo’s expression abruptly turned to Lin Lan: “Lan Lan, I suddenly thought that this divorce between Xiaofeng and Mengyao is probably not a real divorce!”
“Not a real divorce?” Lin Lan was surprised, “You mean that Chen Feng and Mengyao divorced to protect Mengyao. ? ” ” and we! “Xia Weiguo and added, this time, he was thinking, and Xiameng Yao Chen Feng grounds for divorce, what is it, if that is because Lin Wanqiu, a little too far-fetched, because if Chen can Home, then this reason is completely over.
Chen Feng and some members of the Chen family have an indisputable grudge, and some members of the Chen family, perhaps due to certain rules, cannot do anything against Chen Feng, but they can do it against Xia Mengyao, him and Lin Lan!
“Lao Xia, there is some truth to your statement.” Lin Lan nodded solemnly.
“It doesn’t make sense, but eight or nine never leave ten.” Xia Weiguo sighed: “Oh, it’s really hard for Xiaofeng.”
“It’s hard for him? What’s hard for him?” Lin Lan’s tone suddenly became bad.
“He knew that he had a grudge against the Chen family, but he still posted to our Mengyao. This is not difficult for him, this is difficult for us.” Lin Lan was a little upset at the moment, and Xia Weiguo told her what Xia Weiguo said today, Chen Feng The relationship with the Chen family is not what she imagined.
Someone in the Chen family wanted to kill Chen Feng, and these people were still very powerful. Three years ago, Chen Feng was probably expelled from the Chen family and then chased and killed all the way to Cangzhou.
There is also a very important point. Chen Feng’s power is not as good as those of those people, or that his status within the Chen family is much worse than those of them. If not, he would not protect Xia Mengyao through divorce. .
Lin Lan thought he was hugging his thigh, but in the end, he realized that it was not a thigh at all, but a hot potato!
Even this sweet potato might threaten her life!

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