Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 493

“Mr., how do you know that this lady doesn’t like to drink? Maybe, this lady just doesn’t like to drink cheap wine.” A beautiful and contemptuous glance at Chen Feng. The same is red wine. Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao put them on the table. The bottle of this was just more than 800 ordinary red wines, but Qin Ming gave out more than 30,000 Lafites, Qin Ming’s Lafites, one glass would top several bottles of Chen Feng’s.
“Does she like drinking cheap wine have anything to do with you?” Chen Feng looked at the pretty waiter indifferently. If nothing else, the so-called Qin Shao should have given this pretty student a lot of tips. If not, this pretty waitress would not insist on it.
“Follow me? Haha, of course it has nothing to do with me. I just think this lady shouldn’t drink such cheap wine, she can have a better choice.” The pretty waitress sneered, she didn’t know where Chen Feng came from. The face is hard-pressed here. If she sees Qin Ming and such a rich family pursuing Xia Mengyao, she will obediently abandon her pursuit of Xia Mengyao and give Xia Mengyao to Qin Ming.
The pretty waitress turned his gaze to Xia Mengyao again: “Miss, it’s almost done, it’s boring to pretend…”

Pop ” Xia Mengyao’s pretty face was suddenly cold, and she slapped the table suddenly, unbearable, and stood up. The beautiful waiter glared at him with anger: “You get out of here!”
At this time, Qin Ming, who had been watching the development, took the initiative to walk over with a glass of red wine.
His face was full of determination to win.
The six or seven young men and women who were at the same table with him also followed with hippie smiles.
“Shao Qin, this little girl seems to be angry.”
“Hehe, angry? What a joke, she may be happy at the moment.”
“Haha, yes, I remember that last time a little internet celebrity got into Qin Shao’s eyes. At first, that little internet celebrity was similar to this little girl, and they let Qin Shao get out. In the end, that little internet celebrity was used by Qin Shao. One million broke his legs.”
“Guess, how many omnipotent is this chick’s legs?”
“Two million, this chick is much more beautiful than that little internet celebrity.”
“Not necessarily, this Although the chick is much more beautiful than that little net celebrity, this chick looks like she has never seen the world.”
Behind Qin Ming, the earring youth and several other young men and women talked frivolously. In their eyes, the woman , Are all playthings, the only difference is that some playthings can smash your legs apart with tens of thousands, while others can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions to smash your legs.
Just like the beautiful waiter in front of me, he is the kind of person who can break his legs in tens of thousands.
And like Xia Mengyao, it will probably cost millions to start.
“Hello beauty, my name is Qin Ming, director of Tianyu Group. I met by chance today. Can I not only show my face, drink a glass of wine and make friends?” Qin Ming came to Xia Mengyao and stretched out his hand. He just reported He did not report the name of the Qin family because he felt that a woman like Pao Xia Mengyao didn’t need the name of the Qin family, but only based on his own name. Number is enough.
One second, two seconds, three seconds… ten seconds passed.
Xia Mengyao still looked at Qin Ming coldly, without any movement.
The calmness and confidence on Qin Ming’s face gradually disappeared.
“Qin Shao has taken the initiative to come home, please be more enthusiastic, and make Qin Shao angry, you will be in trouble!” The beautiful waiter on the side couldn’t stand it anymore, she scolded.
“Be gentle with beautiful women.”
Qin Ming smiled faintly and waved his hand pretending to be careless. Then he shook his glass and looked at Chen Feng who was aside: “This gentleman, this beauty… who is you?”
“Wife.” Chen Feng said nothing. Expressive way.
“Wife?” Qin Ming smiled faintly, “From now on, she is not anymore.”
“Huh?” Chen Feng raised his brows.
Qin Ming took a step forward, came to Chen Feng, smiled and said, “Can’t you understand me? I like your woman. From now on, she is not your wife.”
“Hahaha, Shao Qin It’s really overbearing as always, and she directly asked this dick to give up his wife.”
“Can you call Shao Qin if you are not overbearing?” “You said, will this kid give up his wife?”
“I guess Yes, as long as this kid is not blind, he should be able to see that the set of car keys hanging on Qin Shao’s waist is a limited edition of Bugatti Veyron…”
Several of Qin Ming’s friends and friends laughed unscrupulously, not at all. The meaning of putting Chen Feng in his eyes.
In addition to these people, the pretty waitresses and several diners in the restaurant also looked at Chen Feng playfully, seemingly curious about Chen Feng’s reaction.
“I just heard her say that you are from the Qin family?” Everyone thought that Chen Summit had made a decision, but they didn’t want to. Chen Feng answered the question.
Qin Ming was taken aback for a moment, and then a touch of arrogance appeared on his face: “Yes, I am indeed from the Qin family.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly: “Who is
Qin Xuerou from? ” Qin Xuerou? !
Qin Ming’s face was startled: “How do you know my aunt’s name?!”
“Auntie…” Chen Feng murmured. He was thinking about the relationship between Qin Ming and Qin Xuerou when he heard the pretty waitress say that Qin Ming was a member of the Qin family. Judging from Qin Ming’s age, he was very It might be Qin Xuerou’s nephew, but now it seems that he is right.
“What am I asking you? Are you deaf?”
Seeing Chen Feng just talking to himself and not answering his own questions, Qin Ming suddenly became a little unhappy.
Chen Feng smiled faintly: “I advise you to be polite to me, otherwise your aunt will not forgive you lightly.”
“My aunt will not forgive me lightly?” Qin Ming laughed angrily. He didn’t know where Chen Feng was. The tone that came to say such a thing, why did he think that the aunt would not spare him this nephew lightly for him as a stranger.
“I will ask you one last time, how did you know my aunt’s name?” Qin Ming asked coldly, only after confirming the relationship between Chen Feng and Qin Xuerou, can he decide how to deal with Chen Feng.
“I have nothing to do with your auntie.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“It doesn’t matter?” Qin Ming raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth, “Then from now on, your woman is mine!” With that, Qin Ming stretched out his hand to Xia Mengyao.
But his hand has not yet fallen on Xia Mengyao’s body.
“Bang” a big hand grabbed his neck and knocked his head on the plate.
Porcelain fragments are flying, juice splashing everywhere, mixed with dazzling scarlet blood.
Chen Feng didn’t stop there, he grabbed the ball bottle and knocked again. boom.
The back of Qin Ming’s head blossomed, and blood was splashing.
He stubbornly held the tabletop with both hands, struggling to whimper.
All this is extremely long, but in fact, from Chen Feng grabbing Qin Ming’s head to Qin Ming’s head bleeding, it took less than two seconds before and after.
“Ah!” It was n’t until Qin Ming collapsed to the ground that several women in the restaurant screamed.
The men also changed suddenly.
“court death!”

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