Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 76

“Fart! You didn’t make the game, how could Laozi give out one hundred million?” Shen Junwen threw all the pots on Sun Guifang’s head. He had no choice but to take Lin Lan, and no way to take Sun Guifang?
Sun Guifang was very aggrieved. She wanted to say that Shen Junwen was stupid. She didn’t see that Zhang Dongchen was cheating on him, but would she dare say that? Don’t dare!
“I don’t care about other Laozi, you have to return the one hundred million, otherwise, you and your son will go to prison for the rest of your life.” Shen Junwen sneered.
These words made Sun Guifang’s mother and son Lei’s face pale like a thunderbolt, and just imagined marrying Bai Fumei and embarking on the pinnacle of life. How could he be in prison for a lifetime?
“Shen Shao, haven’t you already slept with my daughter? You don’t want to go wrong, do you?” Lin Lan couldn’t help but said, 100 million is a bit too much, but you have to admit Xia Mengyao after you slept.
Shen Junwen’s tone was stagnant and almost fainted. He didn’t know how Xia Mengyao became such a superb mother, and what is even more incredible is that Chen Feng has tolerated Lin Lan for three years. How did he do it?
“Aunt Lin, don’t talk nonsense. I didn’t have any relationship with Miss Xia. After eating, Miss Xia went home!” Shen Junwen gritted his teeth and said, if Lin Lan really thought he had a relationship with Xia Mengyao, and If there is a lot of publicity outside, then Chen Feng will definitely chop him when he hears it.
“What?! You didn’t sleep with my daughter?!” Lin Lan screamed. How could Shen Junwen not sleep with Xia Mengyao? Didn’t he have the ambition for Xia Mengyao before?
Shen Junwen stared at Lin Lan with a gloomy expression: “Auntie Lin, let me say the last time. I didn’t have any relationship with Miss Xia. Please be careful when you speak in the future and don’t ruin Miss Xia’s reputation.”
Lin Lan’s face was ashen ashes, feeling that her dream of a wealthy man was broken. Shen Junwen did not sleep with Xia Mengyao, which meant that the Shen family had nothing to do with her.
“Shen Shao, why didn’t you sleep with Mengyao, did she disagree?” Lin Lan still had the last hope in her heart. If Xia Mengyao disagrees, she will definitely try her best to convince Xia Mengyao to agree.
Shen Junwen gritted his teeth and said: “Aunt Lin, Miss Xia is Mr. Chen’s wife. She loves Mr. Chen very much. She and Mr. Chen are a match made in heaven. I am not worthy of Miss Xia and Aunt Lin. Don’t pull me on Miss Xia from now on, I don’t deserve it!”
“Shen Shao, what are you talking about? I think you are a thousand times better than that waste. How could you not be worthy of my Mengyao? In my opinion, you are more than enough to match Mengyao.” Lin Lan is still not dead. Heart, still want to persuade.
Shen Junwen’s face was full of black lines, he no longer knew what to say. The brain circuits of people like Lin Lan are fundamentally different from ordinary people.
On the side, Sun Guifang, his face suddenly changed after hearing the three words of Mr. Chen, Shen Junwen unexpectedly called Mr. Chen Feng Chen, not a waste!
What does this show? !
This shows that not only did Chen Feng not get down on the ground by Han Long, but he was also very likely to get down on Han Long!
If not, with Shen Junwen’s uncompromising character, Mr. Chen would never be able to say three words!
“Aunt Lin, don’t talk about it, I’m here today for one purpose. To get back the 100 million that belongs to me, you can tell me not to give it.” Shen Junwen didn’t want to fight with Lin Lan anymore, and directly stated his purpose.
Lin Lan’s complexion changed drastically. It was really necessary to return the 100 million that she had gotten back to Shen Junwen, which was no different from taking a knife and gouging a piece of meat on her.
Seeing that Lin Lan was still hesitating, Sun Guifang suddenly became angry. This idiot, at this time, was still thinking about that one hundred million!
“Lin Lan, you quickly return the money to Young Master Shen!” Sun Guifang commanded coldly. As soon as Shen Junwen said, they would send their mother and son to jail without saying that Lin Lan would go to jail before the return of 100 million.
“Sister-in-law, this money…” Lin Lan wanted to say that the money now belongs to her.
Who knows, Sun Guifang stepped up to her and slapped her face with a slap: “Aren’t you paying it back?”
“I pay it, I will pay it!” Lin Lan covered her face. Although she was unwilling to do so, she still took out the bank card from her pocket and handed it to Shen Junwen.
Shen Junwen sneered. Sure enough, the wicked still need to be grinded by the wicked, and the hob meat like Lin Lan needs a villain like Sun Guifang to heal.
“Aunt Lin, I took the money. In addition, Miss Xia and I were innocent before. I don’t want to hear other people chewing their tongues.” Shen Junwen said lightly. He was a warning. I believe Lin Lan would not dare. Pull tiger skins outside.
“Yes, Shao Shen.” Lin Lan’s face was pale, and she replied feebly, life’s ups and downs, but so, ten minutes ago, what she thought in her mind was how to show off to others, she was Shen Junwen’s mother-in-law, and it turned out ten minutes Later, Shen Junwen gave her such a show.
Not only did she not treat her as a mother-in-law, but the 100 million she got in hand all flew.
After getting the bank card, Shen Junwen didn’t dare to stay in Xia’s house any longer, so he pushed the door and left.
“Sister-in-law, what should I do now?” Lin Lan couldn’t help but shifted her gaze to Sun Guifang.
Sun Guifang looked at Lin Lan with hatred for iron and steel, and said, “You still don’t know, why didn’t Shen Junwen dare to sleep with your daughter?”
Lin Lan shook her head blankly.
Sun Guifang’s teeth tickled with anger: “You idiot! It’s because of Chen Feng!” This time Sun Guifang didn’t dare to scold Chen Feng for trash anymore. Chen Feng could even treat Shen Junwen and be submissive, not to mention her.
“That useless?!” Lin Lan looked incredulous.
“Lin Lan, you are so stupid that you are hopelessly stupid.” Sun Guifang shook his head and said: “If I guess right, Chen Feng is not a waste of money at all. On the contrary, he has unimaginable energy in his hands. You I am optimistic about Shen Junwen, it is not worthy to give him shoes!”
“How is it possible?! Sister-in-law, are you confused? How can he be a dog in our house for three years if he is really useless?” Lin Lan still refused to believe that if Chen Feng really had that much energy, how could he be? I was willing to be mocked by everyone in the Xia family for three years.
Sun Guifang sneered and said, “Believe it or not!”
“Son, let’s go.” Sun Guifang glanced at Lin Dajun and said, Xia family dare not stay anymore. If Chen Feng is really like what she thinks, then her current behavior is simply groundbreaking on Tai Sui. Chen Feng would never spare her.
As for threatening Lin Lan with Wang Menglong, Sun Guifang also dispelled the idea. Before she could investigate Chen Feng’s background, she would be looking for death.
“Mom, the five hundred thousand have not been obtained yet.” Lin Dajun said unwillingly. Although one hundred million is gone, Xia Mengyao still has one million in his hand.
“Five hundred thousand farts, hurry up.” Sun Guifang glared at Lin Dajun, and she found that her son had the same virtue as Lin Lan.

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