Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 98

Of course, under normal circumstances, if an ordinary warrior does not have the natural talent, it is impossible to cultivate to the level of energy.
Even dark energy is difficult. Most people can only practice until the middle and late stages of Mingjin throughout their lives.
But even in the middle and late stages of Ming Jin, it was enough to dominate the society, and with his identity as a warrior, he became a guest of the upper class.
Take Li Di as an example. Don’t think he is miserable now. He bows like a dog in front of Chen Feng, but he is also a big figure outside the world. In order to support Li Di, the big Buddha, the Li family will work almost every year from the family company , And set aside tens of millions to buy various resources for Li Qian’s cultivation.
He also built a villa on the lakeside for Li Li, and invited several tender models to serve Li Li.
It is conceivable how good Li Yan is mixing outside.
This is just a martial artist in the late Ming Jin period. When it comes to An Jin, even Shen Hongchang, who is the richest man in Cangzhou, will be respectful when he meets an An Jin martial artist.
As for energization, that is no longer what the world’s financial power can move.
“Where are the dark-powered warriors?” Chen Feng continued to ask. Among the group of people who chased him back then, there were dark-powered warriors, and among them, there was very likely a local Jinling warrior.
“Anjin warrior, Shao Chen, there are about a dozen people in Jinling’s dark warrior. The Sect Master Tie Shanhe of the Iron Fist Sect is in the early days of Anjin, and there is also Li He, the master of Xingyimen…” Li Di said more than a dozen people. Chen Feng secretly wrote down the names of these people. He wanted to find out the details of these people one by one and see if anyone had participated in the hunt for him that year.
“Also, the old man who was with Young Shao just now is also a dark-jin warrior, but I don’t know if it is the mid-stage dark-jin or the late dark-jin villain.” Li Li said carefully, he didn’t know the identity of Chen Feng. However, looking at Yang Taibi’s respectful appearance, Chen Feng’s identity is obviously not much lower, so as long as he knows something, he dare not hide it at all.
Chen Feng nodded slightly, Pang Dongqi’s strength, he saw at a glance, it was the middle stage of the dark power, but not far from breaking through to the late stage of the dark power.
“By the way, Shao Chen, the villain has heard that Jin Liuan, the owner of the Diamond Martial Arts Hall recently, has also broken through to the early stage of Anjin.” There was a hint of envy in Li Di’s tone. Jin Liuan was the same as him. The martial artists in the later period of Ming Jin had similar status and status, but Jin Liu’an had now broken through to An Jin, and the difference between them was not a little bit different.
At least when he sees Jin Liuan in the future, he must respectfully call Jin Liuan a senior.
Moreover, Jin Liuan himself will be wooed by the major forces of Jinling in the future, becoming the overlord of one party, and he will have as many training resources as he needs.
Ming Jin warrior and dark Jin warrior are not at the same level.
“King Kong Martial Art Hall?” Chen Feng frowned. Han Long said that Fang Tao came from the King Kong Martial Art Hall. When he fought Fang Tao that day, he found that Fang Tao was in the early Ming Jin stage and taught him boxing. The person who killed him was obviously one of the people who chased him three years ago, so this Jin Liuan is suspicious, even he himself was one of the chasers three years ago!
“It’s the Diamond Martial Arts Hall, Shao Chen, is there any problem?” Li Qian asked cautiously. After talking about so many forces, Chen Feng’s expression remained unchanged, but Chen Feng was obviously interested in this Diamond Martial Arts Hall.
“Nothing.” Chen Feng shook his head, and suddenly said: “I will give you a task. If you handle it well, I can find a way to heal your leg.”
“Chen Shaoyan is serious, just tell the villain if you have anything to do. As for this leg, the villain can figure out a solution on his own. Don’t dare to bother Chen Shao.” Li Yan was a little apprehensive, but he was a little excited. The next thing is done, and Chen Feng’s favor is obtained, then he is Chen Feng’s person, and the Li family absolutely dare not trouble him again.
“It’s not troublesome, as long as the matter is done for me, your leg, I can let someone heal you with a word.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Chen Shao, you said, what exactly is the matter? Even if the villain fights this life, he will have to do it for you.” Li Li said respectfully.
“I want you to be friends with Jin Liu’an, and then ask him for some information.” Chen Feng said.
“No problem, Shao Chen, what do you want to inquire about?” Li Yan hurriedly patted his chest to make sure that he knew Jin Liu’an from the beginning, and Jin Liu’an would tell him if it wasn’t something top secret.
“I want to know, three years ago, did Jin Liu’an take part in a killing operation? If so, who were the people who participated in the operation with him.” Chen Feng said every word, and now he has Strength, the hatred three years ago, naturally must be reported, he can’t let the dozen or so brothers who protected him die in vain!
“Yes, Shao Chen, the villain must find out clearly.”
“Remember, don’t stun the snake.” Chen Feng warned, if Jin Liu’an heard the wind and ran away early, it would be difficult to find Jin Liu’an.
“Chen Shao, you can be a villain, don’t worry.” Li Li hurriedly assured.
“Well, let’s go on.” Chen Feng nodded. This matter will not come to fruition in a short time. After finding out the group of people who participated in the hunt three years ago, he still has to make a careful plan. After all, Among them, the dark warriors may be involved.
“Yes, Shao Chen.”
After Li Di left, Qiao Xiaoyue walked in.
“Sister Xiaoyue, what is going on with the case of Xu Feirong’s parents?” Chen Feng asked. When he first came to Jinling, he asked Qiao Xiaoyue to investigate the case of Xu Feirong’s parents. If someone is wronged, then he will help seek justice.
“Shao Chen, I have sent someone to check. The current situation is that the wine made by Xu Zijie and Zhao Mei is fine, but they have offended a local distributor, who mixed the problematic wine. The wine made by Xu Zijie and Zhao Mei was sold to an old man. The old man had a heart disease. After drinking the problematic wine, he suffered a heart attack and was sent directly to the emergency room. I didn’t save it, and died that night.”
“Now that distributor is not difficult to solve. We already have evidence and can send him in at any time. But the difficulty is that the family members behind this old man are unwilling to accept compensation and threatened to let the distributor and Xu Zijie and his wife go in jail. , Because the wine is made by Xu Zijie and his wife, and they are indeed inseparable.” At this point, Qiao Xiaoyue couldn’t help but glance at Chen Feng.
“The family of this old man has a lot of background?” Chen Feng immediately realized the key to the problem.

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