The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 101-110

Chapter: 101
Hearing this voice, Ye Chen’s eyebrows furrowed and he looked up to find the sound.
He saw a young man wearing a white linen tang suit, black cloth shoes, and covered in various strings of hand strings, striding towards this side.
Although it was broad daylight, he was wearing a pair of antique gold-rimmed glasses with two round black glass lenses, the kind of “civilized glasses” that late Qing dynasty relics particularly like to wear.
The young man was followed by four or five bodyguards, who were much more fierce and vicious than his vassals, and the people beside him hurriedly got out of the way to avoid trouble.
“Yo, so it’s Qin Shao!”
As soon as the boss saw the young man, he immediately smiled and flattering words came out of his mouth like running water, “Qin Shao, why didn’t you tell me before you came over today so I could go to the street corner to welcome you…”
“Okay don’t talk nonsense, I’m just taking a casual look today.” The youth waved his hand impatiently.
He strode forward, had a look at the stone in Ye Chen’s hand, and raised his head to ask the boss, “Zhang Ermo, put this stone up for me! My dad’s desk is missing a paperweight, and it’s perfect to use!”
“This…” The green bean-eyed boss looked at Ye Chen with a dry smile on his face and said begrudgingly, “Qin Shao, this is really unfortunate! The stone has been bought by this brother! In fact, this stone is nothing special, there is nothing useful except for pressing paper, I specially left better goods for you, that worthless stone has nothing to look at, top quality goods only worthy of your identity.”
Ye Chen only knew that the boss was named Zhang Ermo, and it looked like he knew the young man. A second to remember to read the book
However, he was also amazed at Zhang Ermo’s mouthy skills.
It was really a case of seeing people talking about people and seeing ghosts talking about ghosts.
Zhang Ermao even took out that hardened plastic jade horse, sputtering: “Qin Shao, this is the former dynasty’s wife’s beloved object, you see this jade crystal clear, good jade with destined person, we do not say more, for the sake of Qin Shao’s face, with yesterday you buy the same price of the chicken bowl cup, 9,000 pieces you take!”.
Xiao Changkun listened open-mouthed, the same counterfeit chicken bowl cup, dare to buy it for three hundred dollars and take advantage of it, did not expect this Qin Shao actually spent nine thousand!
“You cut the crap and get the hell out of my way!” Qin Shao was impatient to hear this, and kicked Zhang Ermo to the side, and said, “I’ve got my eye on this stone, so give it to me and I’ll give you 20,000!”
As soon as Zhang Ermao heard twenty thousand, his heart warmed up and he turned to Ye Chen and said, “Brother, why don’t you let Qin Shao have it?”
Ye Chen’s eyebrows furrowed and said in a cold voice, “This is something I bought and don’t want to transfer it to someone else.”
“Who asked you to transfer it? You didn’t even pay for it, so who pays for it!” Qin Shao said impatiently, then took out a wallet from his bosom and took a wad of red bills and threw them at Zhang Ermo’s face.
“Don’t bother looking for twenty thousand, I’ll take it.”
Zhang Ermao’s eyes lit up, busy taking the red banknotes in his hand and smiled at Ye Chen in compensation, “Brother, I still have a Kangxi Emperor’s inkstone town paper there, keeping it stronger than this.”
Ye Chen laughed and said, “Zhang Ermo, you don’t need me to point and break those things, right? I bought this town paper first, I’m not interested in letting anyone else have it.”
Seeing that Ye Chen didn’t let go, Zhang Ermo had no choice.
After all, according to the rules of the antique trade, it was first to buy, first to get, and if he broke the rules, he wouldn’t be able to hang out on this antique street once the news spread.
Zhang Ermo could only turn around, nodded and said to Qin Shao, “Qin Shao, this town paper is really not a good thing, my house has better…”
Before he could finish, Qin Shao fiercely kicked him in the waist and scolded him harshly, “Have you grown guts? I’ve bought several things from you, and now you’re turning your elbow out to speak for a poor man?”
Zhang Ermo was kicked to the ground, covering his waist and grunting, complaining, “Qin Shao, I can’t do anything about it if he doesn’t give it to me.”
As he said that, he vigorously gave Ye Chen a wink, trying to get him to give up the stone.
Just by looking at Ye Chen’s dress and manner, one could tell that his family didn’t have much money and had no power or influence.

Chapter: 102
But Qin Shao was different, this was the second son of a famous name in the cultural toys industry, and he had never been short of money since birth.
Zhang Ermao didn’t want to offend Qin Shao or break the rules, so he had to give Ye Chen a wink.
Ye Chen had already seen Zhang Ermo’s hint, but he paid no attention to it and said indifferently, “Don’t let.”
Zhang Ermao was really helpless and could only sit on the ground and whine, lest he be picked up again by Qin Shao to take out his anger.
“Look at that trash of yours!”
Qin Shao crossed his eyebrows and snapped at him, only to raise his head and slant his eyes to measure Ye Chen, saying richly, “You spent three hundred on it, I’ll pay thirty thousand, you give it to me!”
The crowd of onlookers let out a sucking sound, all looking towards Ye Chen, their eyes not lacking in jealousy.
Three hundred dollars to buy something and the price goes up a hundred times before it’s even hot, this is a clear profit!
And then that pebble, the knowledgeable people can see, this is the river bank picked up, this kind of broken stone, the river bank is more, where is the Qiandian paperweight!
The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at it.
Ye Chen raised his head, smiled at Qin Shao and said, “I’ve just said that it’s not for sale. Even if you offer three hundred thousand, I’ll still be this two words.”
Qin Shao’s face turned ugly and a stern light flashed in his eyes.
The surrounding area was crowded with people, and Ye Chen’s outright rejection in public, wasn’t this a disgrace to him?
“Turtles! You have to mess with me, don’t you?” Qin Shao sneered viciously, “And you don’t ask around, in this antique street, is there anything that I, Qin Ao Dong, can’t buy away?”
“You’ll have to sell it today, or not!”
After Qin Shao said that, he waved his hand behind him.
The few bodyguards hailed and surrounded Ye Chen in the middle.
The surrounding crowd also changed color.
Even Xiao Changkun was stunned.
The Qin family of Jinling City?
It was a gentry family that was even more generous than the Wang Yunfei family!
It’s no wonder that Qin Shao doesn’t feel bad at all when he throws 9,000 dollars on a fake cocktail cup.
A few bodyguards surrounded Ye Chen, and they were menacing.
Xiao Changkun was afraid of things and was busy giving Ye Chen a wink as well, telling him to hurry up and take it to Qin Shao.
Ye Chen looked indifferent, swept a glance at the surrounding bodyguards and said, “I still say the same thing, no sale! If you want to rob me, I can only tell you that no one can take what I have! Not even if the King of Heaven comes!”
“So what if I just robbed it openly?” With an arrogant face, Qin Aodong lifted his chin and snapped, “I’m telling you, I’m the King of Heaven, Laozi! You’re a turtle who wants to fight me, you’re tired of living!”

Chapter: 103
Seeing Qin Ao Dong arrogantly, the surrounding crowd held their breath, thinking, this Ye Chen dares to contradict Qin Shao, this is going to be a big loss.
Ye Chen, however, still had a calm face and smiled, “I see that you are also in the antique industry, have you ever thought about what the antique industry is most particular about?”
Qin Aodong asked in a cold voice, “What is the most refined?”
Ye Chen laughed and said, “The most refined thing is of course the rules!”
I’m not going to be able to do anything about it, but I’m going to be able to do something about it,” he said. By then, I’m afraid you, Young Master Qin, will be a street rat and everyone will be shouting at you!”
As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Aodong was stunned, his face flashed with annoyance.
There was indeed this rule in the antique world, he considered himself a scholar and aristocrat, so he was naturally very clear about this rule.
If today’s incident spreads, the shopkeepers who might be dealing with him on a regular basis would also avoid retreating for fear of offending other customers.
Qin Aodong didn’t expect that this Ye Chen would get himself down in a few words!
He stared hard at Ye Chen and really wanted to kick that face.
But he still swallowed a fire, forced it back, and said through gritted teeth, “Turtle! You really think I’m interested in your stone? I just want you to know that antiques are not for everyone, and you, a poor man, better get out of here and go home to your farm before you sully the elegance!”
After saying that, Qin Aodong jerked up his sleeve with a black face and raised his arm in front of Ye Chen’s eyes: “Open your dog eyes and show this young man clearly! I got this string of chicken blood jade from Lingnan for 1.5 million! Have you ever seen anything so good?”
The string on Qin Aodong’s wrist is crystal clear, glowing red in the sunlight, fiercely beautiful, and the crowd around him all widened their eyes.
Zhang Ermao stared at the hand string, his throat swallowed hard: “My grass, what a good thing!”
“Huh? Of course!” Qin Aodong was very proud of the crowd’s reaction.
He then eyed Ye Chen with a despicable glance, lifted his collar and pulled out a piece of gourd-shaped jade tied around his neck, “And look at this!”
“This chalcedony, a rite of passage given to him by the Sui Emperor’s father, was opened by eighty-eight monks who set up an altar and recited the Buddha for one hundred and eight days! It’s worth three million dollars! I’ll wear it to turn good fortune into good fortune and start my work!”
Upon hearing that this piece of gourd chalcedony was so big, the crowd stretched their necks and vied to see it.
Zhang Er Mao excitedly fanned his nose as if he had been slapped, his eyes looked straight at the jade gourd, his eyes greedy, and he could not wait to swallow it.
Qin Aodong held the jade gourd and sneered twice at Ye Chen, “Poor play with watches, rich play with jade, you are a poor and sour goods, you can’t even afford a decent piece of clothing, and you still want to dish out antiques, it’s simply laughable.”
His tone was sarcastic, and the crowd around him looked at Ye Chen from time to time.
Indeed, Ye Chen didn’t look like a rich family, wearing the most ordinary white t-shirt, jeans and a pair of sneakers, no different from a working young man.
This is the first time I’ve ever been in a position to get the most out of a piece of clothing.
So, Ye Chen sized him up and asked with a smile, “You’re rich, right? Looking at this string of yours, it does look good, but it’s a pity…. It’s a fake.”
Qin Aodong was stunned and suddenly roared, “You’re talking nonsense, there’s no way my strings are fake.”
“If you don’t believe me, ask the owners of a few antique shops around.”
Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said with words in his mouth, “If there is money to play with antiques, it also depends on who is playing, if a blind person has to go to the antique circle and doesn’t pretend to understand, in the eyes of others he is just a fat sheep, he can’t even be considered a ticket holder.”
Qin Aodong was full of annoyance, hearing that Ye Chen was sarcastically ignorant, sternly said: “If this string of mine is real, how about you kneel down and admit your mistake on the spot!”

Chapter: 104
“Okay.” Ye Chen agreed in one breath, his attitude extremely relaxed, “Using artificial chicken blood stone as chicken blood jade, I can only say that you are really a talent.”
Qin Aodong was sarcastic a few words from him, his face flushed red, turned his head viciously and said to the crowd watching.
“Boss Zhang, Boss Li, you two appraise me to see if this string is real or not.”
The two people who were named by him suddenly looked at each other with difficult faces.
Appraising antiques, whether they were real or fake, was something that offended people, and might even offend their peers.
“Qin Shao, we also have limited insight, we really can’t see.”
Qin Aodong was annoyed, “Don’t think that I don’t know your set, you give me a good appraisal, whether it’s true or false, it won’t trouble you! But if you’re fooling around, I’ll get another appraisal afterwards, and you know I won’t spare you if you tell lies.”
“Don’t be angry, Qin Shao!”
Two people came forward in fear.
No one who did business in the Antique Street dared to offend Qin Shao. One second to remember to read the book
The two antique shop owners had to scalp and receive the jade string to examine it.
A few minutes later, one of the bosses shivered and laughed dryly, “Qin, Qin Shao, that little brother is right, your strings…. The hand string…”
“Say!” Qin Aodong coldly drank.
The boss was so frightened that he even spoke, “Your string is indeed an artificial chicken blood stone, not jade.”
As soon as his words fell, Qin Aodong’s face turned livid, quickly filling with blood again and red, like being slapped in public.
His throat swallowed and moved several times, as if he was about to get angry.
The two bosses were busy shrinking back into the crowd in fear, not daring to venture out again.
Ye Chen laughed and said, “Now you believe it, right? One and a half million for a bunch of man-made stones, Qin Shao is indeed rich and generous.”
“I was wrong about this time!” Qin Aodong gritted his teeth and said, “It’s just one and a half million, do you think I will be short of these few dollars? Even if my strings are fake, my jade gourd is always real, absolutely genuine!”
For this jade gourd, Qin Aodong is 100% confident!
Because he did have an expert appraise it, and the gourd was indeed a fine ancient jade, dating from the Sui Dynasty!
Ye Chen snorted coldly, “To be able to wear such a great fierce object as a supreme treasure close to your body, I’m afraid I can’t find another fool like you in the entire world!”
“What did you say! What a load of crap!”
Qin Aodong roared harshly, the veins on his head were protruding.
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Such a vicious thing, you actually keep it close to you, you are lucky that you are not dead yet.”
Qin Aodong’s face was ugly, but with the forewarning from earlier, he wasn’t sure if Ye Chen’s words were true or not, and glared at him and asked, “What makes you say that?”
“Hello look at the shape of this jade gourd!”
Ye Chen said coldly, “Didn’t you check what this shape of jade piece was for when you received it?”
Qin Aodong was somewhat uninspired and cried out, “Isn’t this, isn’t this the Sui Emperor’s rite of passage! The gourd represents good luck. Anyone who plays with jade knows that. I know more about this than you poor sourpuss! You don’t know shit about you!”

Chapter: 105
Seeing Qin Aodong’s hard mouth, Ye Chen shook his head and sneered disdainfully, “You can’t even tell the difference between a gourd and a jade plug? As the old saying goes, “If the jade and gold is in the nine orifices, the dead will be immortal.” You know that, don’t you?
“What gold and jade, dead man’s?” The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company.
It’s not like you can’t teach a child,” said Ye Chen, shaking his head, “You don’t know that? You’ve always heard of the Nine Trick Jade, right?”
“What nine tricks of jade?” Qin Aodong was even more confused and stared blankly at Ye Chen.
Although Qin Ao Dong liked antiques, but he didn’t have the heart to study it at all, it was just that he would buy whatever others said was good, and then go out and pretend to be right.
Ye Chen sneered, “The Nine Tricks Jade is the jade plug that dead people use to plug their nine tips, a total of seven tips for the ears, nose, mouth and eyes, plus the genital and excretion holes.”
“Dead man!!!” Qin Aodong opened his mouth wide, his two eyes rounded.
He took an unbelievable look at the jade hanging around his neck, and the hairs on his back stood on end.
This damned thing is from a dead body?
Ye Chen said mockingly, “It seems that you really don’t understand. This one in your hand is used by the dead to plug their excrement holes, or tank doors, and you’re wearing it around your neck, doesn’t it stink?”
Qin Aodong could no longer speak and stared at the jade gourd in his hand, suddenly experiencing a strong feeling of nausea.
This jade gourd, actually stuffed in that place!
And I actually wore it around my neck as a good luck charm for three years….
The most damned infuriating thing is, because they like this thing too much, but also often in the mouth to play …….
This is not the same as, indirectly eating the ancients’ shang?
Qin Aodong could no longer hold back and bent down to dry heave.
The crowd who were just scrambling to watch, now cast their mocking eyes at him.
Some even gloated and ridiculed Qin Ao Dong for being blind and spending a huge sum of money to buy such an unlucky thing.
Ye Chen coldly said, “Also, this jade piece has been infiltrated with corpse energy for a long time and has absorbed enough of the fierce and evil Qi, it is already not a jade piece to turn good fortune into evil, but a great fierce thing! If you continue to wear it, you will surely die in less than a year.”
As soon as he said that, the crowd around Qin Ao Dong immediately “hailed” and backed away, afraid of being tainted by his fierce aura.
Zhang Ermo, who was standing beside Qin Aodong, also crawled to the edge of the crowd.
Although he was a half-barrel and usually did all the hustling and swindling for a living, he had also dealt with the thieving tufts and knew that Ye Chen’s words were not just empty words!
Qin Aodong was also frightened and looked up at Ye Chen blankly.
Ye Chen’s face was cold and he snorted, “Are you having a bad year this year? Was it a bloodbath like a car accident or something?”
Qin Aodong stared blankly at Ye Chen, his entire body has been completely dumbfounded.
He is really bad luck this year, and just had a car accident at the beginning of the year, if not for the crash-resistant Hummer he drove that day, his little life would have been explained.
The driver of the car, however, was killed on the spot, he broke two ribs, in the hospital for half a month before returning home.
Qin Aodong is covered in cold sweat, a hand to tear off the neck of the jade piece, waving a hand thrown far away.
The crowd hurriedly backed away, afraid of causing trouble.
Seeing this guilty look of Qin Ao Dong, Ye Chen smiled coldly in his heart, if not for his reminder today, Qin Ao Dong would have died if he continued to carry on, not out of this year.
“Who the hell are you!” Qin Aodong gritted his teeth and looked at Ye Chen angrily.
This person knew too much, was he someone sent by his enemy?
“I’m the one you can’t mess with.”

Chapter: 106
Ye Chen said indifferently and turned around to leave.
As soon as Qin Aodong saw that the other party was leaving, thinking that Ye Chen wanted to escape, he immediately roared, “Catch him for me! How dare you come to pick on me, there must be someone behind this kid!”
“Can’t be bothered? Hehe, there’s no one in the entire Jinling City that I, Qin Shao, can’t afford to mess with!”
“Detain him, break his legs, and find out who exactly it is that dares to trouble my Qin family.”
He had decided that Ye Chen was someone sent by a business rival, otherwise how could he know everything about his car accident?
A few bodyguards immediately acted and rushed up to block in front of Ye Chen.
The other two bodyguards, on the other hand, strode in front of Xiao Changkun and viciously reached out and grabbed him.
Xiao Changkun was terrified, not expecting to get into this kind of trouble when he came out to find an antique.
Just as the bodyguard was about to grab Xiao Changkun, Ye Chen’s eyes were cold, and with a kick, he kicked away a strong man blocking in front of him, rushed to Xiao Changkun in three or two steps, and threw a punch at the bodyguard’s face.
The bodyguard was about to grab Xiao Changkun when he was coldly hit in the face by a punch, his nose bleeding wildly and covering his face and retreating.
The other bodyguard, seeing Ye Chen strike, quickly took out his electric baton and struck at Ye Chen viciously.
“Ah!” Xiao Changkun was so frightened that he shouted, “Ye Chen, dodge it!”
Before he finished speaking, he only saw that Ye Chen actually swiftly shifted his body, dodging the bar that flew across the room, and backhandedly clasped the bodyguard’s left wrist with a little force.
Before the bodyguard with the electric baton could react, he was smashed to the ground by an over-the-shoulder fall, grimacing in pain and unable to get up for half a day.
Xiao Changkun was so open-mouthed that he almost didn’t recognize the young man blocking his way as his son-in-law.
How was he so good?
Ye Chen bent down, picked up the electric baton on the ground, weighed it in his hand and said, “Who else is there? The rest of you go together.”
The crowd watched in silence, their eyes all staring straight at Ye Chen.
Zhang Ermao was also stunned, staring at Ye Chen and murmuring, “Brother, awesome!”
He was now glad that he hadn’t provoked Ye Chen’s anger just now, or else this over-the-shoulder fall would have scattered his bones all over his body.
Xiao Changkun came back to his senses and asked in astonishment behind Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, you…. Where did you learn this kung fu?”
“This ah…” Ye Chen smiled and said, “Dad, when Choran was at work, I was bored at home and watching TV, wasn’t there that beatboxing show on TV every morning, I learned it from the TV.”
Ye Chen had actually practiced Wing Chun since he was a child, and it was the most authentic Wing Chun, after all, the famous Ye Man was the descendant of the Ye family branch lineage!
However, in order to hide his identity, he naturally couldn’t tell his father-in-law.
Moreover, to Ye Chen’s own surprise, his current strength seemed to have refined quite a bit!
Combat strength had increased several times more than usual.
It seemed that this should be the effect of the Nine Mysteries Sutra.
There was also that pebble filled with aura just now, a few points of aura had entered the body, and it felt like the entire body had improved a lot all of a sudden!
The crowd resounded with a sigh.
Such fierce skills, fiercer than those of the martial artists in the martial arts school in Jinling City, he actually taught himself by watching TV!
That self-taught talent is amazing!
“Learned it from the TV!” Zhang Ermao even rounded his eyes, such a powerful skill, but it came from watching TV, even worshiping to Ye Chen accosted, “Brother, may I ask which channel you are watching, I also want to learn.”
Ye Chen looked at Zhang Ermo and said indifferently, “CCTV sports channel, Jiang Hu Feng!”

Chapter: 107
The people present thought that Ye Chen was telling the truth, and one by one, they all held their energy, wanting to go home and quickly see the Jiang Hu wind.
Qin Aodong, who was standing stupidly on the side, finally came back to his senses at this time, his face ugly to the extreme.
This is fucking humiliating!
The bodyguards you spent a lot of money to hire are all senior martial artists in the city’s martial arts schools, but I never expected….
I didn’t expect it to be overturned in the blink of an eye by a brat who was watching TV to learn martial arts?
Qin Aodong was a martial arts amateur and couldn’t see Ye Chen’s level, but the few bodyguards under him weren’t stupid.
A connoisseur would know if they had one!
They could tell at a glance that Ye Chen wasn’t lying, and the other party wasn’t even exerting their full strength.
It was indeed someone they couldn’t afford to mess with!
So, several bodyguards didn’t dare to come forward and looked at Ye Chen with awe. A second to remember to read the book
Xiao Changkun was watching from the side, he didn’t know anything about martial arts, he only thought that Ye Chen’s moves were sparse and ordinary, just wrist pinching, over-the-shoulder slamming or something, but it was just a little bit stronger, not knowing that this was the real kung fu.
Ye Chen smiled slightly at Qin Aodong at this time, “Are you coming over yourself, or am I going over?”
“You, you don’t come over.”
Qin Aodong was so frightened that he broke out in cold sweat and subconsciously took a few steps back.
Seeing his wimpish look, Ye Chen snorted coldly and walked towards him.
Qin Aodong stared at him in fear and backed up in a row.
If he fell like that himself, he would definitely have to go into the hospital and lie down for half a month!
Just then, a black BMW sedan slowly drove down the street and stopped a short distance away.
The driver hurriedly opened the door of the car and asked the person to get off.
When Qin Aodong saw this scene, he was delighted and shouted at that side, “Sister! I’ve been beaten up! Come and save me!”
When Ye Chen looked up, he saw the crowd voluntarily give way to a pathway, and a woman in a tight black tracksuit was walking this way.
The tight-fitting tracksuit outlined the woman’s figure to perfection, while her face was furious, adding to her heroism.
“That’s Qin Shao’s sister, Qin Aoxue!”
The crowd suddenly shouted in shock, then the crowd was in an uproar.
Qin Aodong shouted, “Sister, it’s this kid who hit me, you help me to beat him up!”
After Qin Ao Xue approached, she swept a glance at the crowd of bodyguards lying on the ground, then looked at Ye Chen with cold eyes, “Did you beat these people?”
Ye Chen said flatly, “It’s me, what’s wrong?”
Qin Ao Xue sneered and said, “Not so much, apologize to my brother immediately!”
“What if I say no?”
“Then I’ll beat you until you apologize!”
Before the words fell, Qin Ao Xue whipped her leg and instantly kicked Ye Chen d er cheeks.
Ye Chen’s heart was a little surprised, this woman’s skill was much stronger than the previous group of bodyguards.
This whipping kick of hers was strong and fast, she seemed to be a serious practitioner!
Qin Aodong looked at the scene and said under his breath, “Let’s see if my sister doesn’t kill you!”
His sister had been practicing martial arts for many years, proficient in ancient martial arts, as well as dispersal techniques, even some serious martial artists were no match for her.
And in the next moment, Qin Aodong’s eyes fiercely widened.

Chapter: 108
“Too weak!”
With a furious cry from Ye Chen, his body instantly flashed to the side, followed by a lift of his leg and a kick on Qin Ao Xue’s buttocks, sending her whole body flying out.
Qin Ao Dong’s jaw nearly dropped in shock, dumbfounded at the scene, and whispered, “This…. How is it possible!”
Qin Ao Xue was even more humiliated, since learning martial arts, she had never been humiliated like this before, and the place where the other party kicked was too humiliating!
She was filled with rage and climbed up to rush towards Ye Chen, she made a decision within herself, today she must make this bastard pay!
“Ao Xue, stop it now! Don’t be rude to Master Ye!”
And at this moment, suddenly a middle-aged man ran up and grabbed Qin Ao Xue.
Qin Ao Xue’s pretty face was shy and angry, shouting, “Dad, you get out of the way, I’m going to kill him!”
Is my ass something you can kick? Don’t you know how to take pity on a woman? My butt is still aching to this day!
“Shut up!”
The middle-aged man glared at Qin Ao Xue and snapped at him.
Then, he walked towards Ye Chen with a humble face, took a deep breath and said respectfully, “Master Ye, we meet again…. On behalf of my unworthy daughter and nephew, I apologize to you, and when I go back, I will let them face the wall.”
Qin Ao Xue and Qin Aodong were stunned on the spot, looking at this scene incredulously.
Father was one of the high end figures in Jinling City, how could he be so polite to this kid.
Ye Chen recognized this middle-aged man.
Previously, he had met him when he went to the treasure appraisal with Song Wanting, and his name was Qin Gang.
So, Ye Chen nodded and said, “Mr. Qin, this nephew of yours should really be disciplined more.”
Qin Gang nodded repeatedly, looked at Qin Ao Xue and the two of them angrily, and spoke, “Come over and apologize to Master Ye!”
“I’m not going to apologize to the asshole who kicked my ass!” Qin Ao Xue left her mouth, looking angry.
Qin Gang scolded with an angry face, “Apologize! Now! Now!”
Qin Ao Xue instantly let off steam, grieving and biting her shell teeth, softly said: “I’m sorry…”
Qin Aodong, however, was full of indignation and said, “Second Uncle, this brat casually humiliated me and beat up my sister, you don’t fix him even if you don’t, but you still want me to apologize? If you can’t clean it up, I’ll get someone else to come back and get him!”
Qin Gang slapped him heavily across the face and said angrily, “Bastard! Quickly kneel down for Master Ye!”
Qin Aodong’s eyes were starry from this slap, blood was dripping from the corners of his mouth, and he was covering his face in shock, his whole body was blindsided, completely unaware that things had actually turned out this way.
But to have him kneel in public….
This had simply disgraced the Qin family, how could they talk about prestige in Jinling City in the future?
Qin Gang’s teeth clenched as he shouted harshly, “Do you bastards know that if it wasn’t Master Ye who discovered the end of your piece of jade, not only would you have been killed, but the entire Qin family would have been killed by you!”
Saying that, he cursed in exasperation, “I said how come the Qin family has been unlucky lately, all sorts of things have happened one after another, so it’s you, this bastard, who has gotten a disaster on him, if your grandfather knew about it, he would have to break your dog’s legs!”
Seeing the seriousness of the second uncle’s words, Qin Aodong’s legs weakened in fear and he plunged to his knees.
Qin Gang sternly shouted, “Still not making amends to Master Ye!”
“Right, I’m sorry…” Qin Aodong had been scared out of his wits and shivered and apologized to Ye Chen, his eyes filled with fear.
Only then did Qin Gang respectfully say to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, I wonder if you are still satisfied with this treatment?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Forget it, since you’ve kneeled down, I won’t bother with him.”
As if relieved, Qin Gang hurriedly asked again, “Master Ye, I still have one more thing to ask you, after that piece of jade is lost, will my Qin family’s fortunes be able to return to normal again?”
Ye Chen sneered, “You’re thinking quite nicely! This jade fury is extremely heavy, it’s already not just on Qin Ao Dong alone, in my opinion, in less than a year’s time, your Qin family will probably end up in ruin!”

Chapter: 109
Qin Gang was frightened by Ye Chen’s words.
A broken family?
That’s a terrible price to pay, isn’t it?
Qin Gang paled for a long time before sighing, “I haven’t done anything wrong in a quilt’s life, I’ve done good deeds day in and day out, how could I end up in such a state.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Then it seems that the last time you wanted to buy that piece of yellow jade, it was for the same reason?”
Qin Gang nodded, for almost a year, he had tried all the methods but none of them worked until he met Ye Chen.
Last time, he thought that Ye Chen only knew how to identify treasures and didn’t pay much attention to it.
But today, Ye Chen actually broke the fury with a single word, which made him understand that Ye Chen was not an ordinary person at all, and the hope of saving the Qin family might be on Ye Chen.
Whirling, he hurriedly cupped his fist at Ye Chen and pleaded, “Master Ye, please help save him!”
After saying that, he hurriedly whispered something to the assistant beside him, who immediately turned around and walked away. Remember the URL
Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Mr. Qin, it’s better for you to settle your family’s affairs.”
He didn’t have any friendship with the Qin family, and he had just a one-sided encounter with Qin Gang before.
Moreover, this Qin Aodong in front of him had offended himself.
The horrified looking Qin Ao Xue next to him was quite pretty, the little girl had a great body, a great front and back, and a spirited personality, quite a bit of a little pepper.
But, pretty or not, what does it have to do with himself? One was not his wife, and the other was not sleeping with him.
Therefore, there was no reason for Ye Chen to help the Qin family at all.
However, how would Qin Gang be willing to give up this wonderful opportunity to save his family, he immediately bowed and said, “I implore you sir to show me the way!”
Qin Gang looked at Ye Chen with near piety, his body bowing ninety degrees and assuming an extremely humble posture.
But Ye Chen remained unmoved.
Seeing that Ye Chen was unmoved, Qin Gang’s heart fluttered and threw himself on his knees.
At this time, Qin Ao Xue, who was beside him, saw this and also poofed down without hesitation.
She kneeled in front of Ye Chen and begged bitterly, “Master Ye, it was me who was abrupt and angered you just now, please don’t take it to heart, the fate of my Qin family above and below is in your hands, please be able to help!”
After saying that, she turned her head to look at the dumbfounded Qin Aodong and slapped him with a slap, snapping at him, “Qin Aodong! It’s all your fault! You’re the one who brought that weird dirty thing home, and the family is dragged down by you, even Master Ye is offended by you, kowtow to Master Ye! Ask Master Ye to do something!”
Qin Aodong was truly scared out of his wits!
He really didn’t think that the Qin family’s recent unfavorable flow of years and his own bloody disaster were all caused by that piece of jade, and now that he was to blame and had angered the only Master Ye who had a way to defuse everything, he was really afraid that after he returned home, he would be beaten half to death by a group of people in the family.
So he immediately shivered and kneeled on the ground to kowtow to Ye Chen, begging under his breath, “Master, I was wrong Master! It’s my fault for being blind and ungrateful, I don’t know how to live or die, I beg the master to forgive me and help our Qin family by the way, I’m kowtowing to you….”
Saying that, Qin Aodong knocked his head on the concrete floor, rattling it.
At this time, Qin Gang’s assistant ran back and handed a gift box to him.
Qin Gang even held it over, respectfully handed it to Ye Chen and said humbly, “Master Ye, this is one of the most expensive jadeite bracelets of Jade Pavilion Pavilion, priced at over six million, please smile at Master Ye!”
Ye Chen indifferently glanced at the gift in Qin Gang’s hand, it was a good jade old pit ice bracelet, the water head was excellent, crystal clear as glass.
Although it was not as good as the emerald necklace he had given his wife Xiao Churan, but as a bracelet, it was already almost top-notch!
The crowd around looked straight, this bracelet everyone knew, the most expensive bracelet in the Jade Pavilion Pavilion, the price tag alone was six million.
But Qin Gang even directly asked his assistant to buy it back and give it to Ye Chen, and he was begging Ye Chen to accept it.
It could be seen how strong his thoughts of catering to please Ye Chen were at the moment!
Who the hell is this Ye Chen?

Chapter: 110
Ye Chen’s father-in-law was also completely dumbfounded, having never encountered such an unbelievable thing in his life….
Ye Chen looked at the jade bracelet and didn’t take it, he just looked at Qin Gang with a smile and spoke, “Mr. Qin, how do you know that I must have a way to dissolve this fury?”
Qin Gang piously said, “If Master Ye can’t do it, then I’m afraid no one else in this world can!”
Ye Chen smiled faintly, Qin Gang was right, he really did have a way to defuse it.
? There was a record of this kind of fury in the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, and the method of how to break it was written very clearly.
Ye Chen glanced at the jade bracelet and took it with his hand.
Seeing that this jade bracelet was crystal clear, if it was worn on his wife Xiao Churan’s wrist, it would be very beautiful.
As for this Qin Gang.
Honestly, not a bad guy.
It’s just that there’s no harm in disciplining the family offspring, and the crime doesn’t deserve death. One second to remember to read the book.
Since he was begging himself so piously, it wouldn’t hurt to help him.
So, Ye Chen said, “Okay, since you’re begging me, I’ll give you face.”
Saying that, he handed down the bracelet.
Seeing Ye Chen accept the bracelet, Qin Gang was overjoyed and even bowed towards him again, “Master Ye, the Qin family is barely able to speak in Jinling City. After the fury is broken, if Master Ye needs the Qin family to do anything on his behalf in the future, I will do my best to help Mr. Qin.”
The surrounding crowd was in an uproar, all of them listening in amazement.
The Qin family was open-minded!
Ye Chen pondered for a moment and spoke, “In that case, I’ll help you once, and it’s also your Qin family’s fate that you don’t deserve to die.”
Qin Gang immediately kowtowed heavily and said excitedly, “Please Master Ye!”
From a nearby antique shop, Ye Chen asked for a yellow paper talisman and cinnabar, and drew a few strokes on the yellow paper with a dragon and a phoenix, then handed it over to Qin Gang.
“Put this talisman on the jade plug, take it home and burn incense daily to worship it, after seventy-seven and forty-nine days, the fury will be completely dissolved.”
“During these seventy-seven and forty-nine days, do not kill or bleed light at home, and the family should bathe and burn incense daily, remember.”
“Sir’s auspicious words, my humble servant will honor them!”
Qin Gang respectfully received the talisman with both hands and was extremely grateful to Ye Chen, carefully pasting the talisman onto the jade plug and wrapping it into a yellow paper package.
Right at the moment the jade plug was wrapped, Qin Aodong suddenly felt a lightness in his body, the boredom in his body seemed to disappear, and his whole body became refreshed.
Qin Gang also felt the change in his body, his whole body became clearer and more at ease than before!
He knew that Ye Chen’s method had worked!
It made him burst with joy!
Fortunately, he had found Ye Chen, otherwise after today, the Qin family would be heading for the end of the road!
Zhang Ermao was watching and marveling, and when he saw Qin Gang finished, he even bashfully leaned in and accosted Ye Chen with a bow.
“Big brother, can you take a look at my face for me? When do you think I’ll find a pretty daughter-in-law?”
Ye Chen’s eyebrows furrowed and shook his head, “If you want to marry a beautiful daughter-in-law, go to the whole face first.”
Qin Ao Xue stood at the side and puffed out with pleasure.
Indeed, this Zhang Ermo was too ugly, how could any girl be interested in him!
Rather, this Ye Chen is really quite handsome….

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