The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 111-120

Chapter: 111
Qin Gang compensated with a respectful smile and said, “Master Ye, your great kindness to the Qin family is something I will never forget. Today is a bit hasty, I didn’t have time to prepare, could you invite Master Ye to come to the Qin family tomorrow for a gathering, Qin will host a banquet at his home and personally entertain Master Ye to thank you for your great kindness.”
“No need, I have something else to do.”
Ye Chen indifferently shook his head and said, “Today’s incident is because I saw you doing more good deeds, I don’t want to be too ostentatious, understand?”
Qin Gang was stunned and nodded repeatedly, “Qin Mou understands! If Master Ye has any use for the Qin family in the future, just come to Qin.”
After saying that, he quickly handed over a gilded business card with his personal mobile number on it.
Ye Chen took it without looking at it, turned around and left the place with his father-in-law.
And Qin Gang had been watching the two men’s backs disappear before he gave Qin Aodong a fierce glare and said angrily, “In the future, when you see Master Ye in Jinling, give me a respectful bow and greeting, and don’t cause me any trouble!”
Qin Aodong grievously said, “I didn’t know that I could offend a master by going out on the street to buy something…”
Qin Ao Xue, who was cold at the side, looked at Ye Chen’s departing back and gnashed her teeth straight.
Although she was very impressed with Ye Chen, she was obviously still holding a grudge against Ye Chen for kicking her ass.
For a proud girl, this kind of thing was simply unforgivable.
Qin Gang sighed and comforted her, “Girl, you don’t want to take revenge on Master Ye, now our whole family is counting on Master Ye…”
“Does he really work?” Qin Aodong muttered.
Qin Gang scolded, “I’ll smash your dog’s legs if you talk nonsense!”
Qin Ao Dong shrank his neck, not daring to say more.
Qin Ao Xue hatefully stomped her foot and said, “I know dad…. I won’t provoke him…”
The thought of her body still aching faintly made her angry and miserable.
“Too bad…” Qin Gang shook his head and sighed.
Qin Ao Xue was surprised and asked, “Pity about what?”
Qin Gang looked at her before saying, “It’s a pity Master Ye is already married, otherwise, I think you two would be quite a match…”
“Dad! What are you talking about!” Qin Ao Xue was shy and annoyed.
On the way back, Xiao Changkun was still full of amazement.
The head of the hallowed Qin family was so respectful to his own son-in-law!
“Ye Chen, are those words you said to Qin Gang true?”
Xiao Changkun was confused, this son-in-law of his was becoming more and more like a liar.
Ye Chen chuckled and said, “Half-truth, half-false, aren’t all Jianghu liars fond of the trickery set!”
Xiao Changkun was shocked when he heard this and panicked and rebuked, “Fuck, you even dared to cheat the Qin family and received such a valuable bracelet from someone, what if you turn around and it’s revealed and they find you? Don’t you dare get our family into trouble!”
Ye Chen shook his head and said, “At the worst, I’ll return the bracelet to them at that time, the legal society, can they still kill me?”
Xiao Changkun sighed long and short, obviously worried in his heart, but on second thought there was nothing else to do, he could only take a gamble to see if maybe this Jianghu trick of Ye Chen’s really worked?
After returning home, Ye Chen went into the bedroom and took out the “Peaceful and Rich” stone he received from Zhang Ermo.
At this moment, Ye Chen suddenly felt a surge of energy from the stone into his body.
Ye Chen suddenly felt a warmth, the whole chest and stomach, can not say comfortable.
Soon, layers of virtual sweat, mixed with black impurities, were discharged out of his body, and his body was extremely relaxed.

Chapter: 112
A moment later, Ye Chen felt that there was an energy in his body that was moving around.
This, was the aura!
When he went to look at the stone again, Ye Chen found that the stone had already converged its aura and was just like an ordinary stone.
Ye Chen operated the cultivation methods recorded in the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, but he couldn’t draw aura from it either.
Ye Chen could only put the stone back into his pocket, intuitively, he felt that it was extraordinary, but since he couldn’t study it at this time, he could only wait for his cultivation to improve in the future.
Feeling sticky, Ye Chen even ran to take a shower, and by the time he was done, it was already after 5pm.
Wife Xiao Churan gave him a call.
On the phone, Xiao Churan told Ye Chen that she was talking about the details of the project at the Imperial Hero Group, and the BMW 760 that Ye Chen bought for her converted to a 520, which happened to be restricted today, she didn’t drive and wanted Ye Chen to drive her father-in-law’s 530 to pick her up at the Imperial Hero Group.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models.
The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.
After arriving downstairs, Ye Chen took out his phone and dialed Xiao Churan.
Xiao Churan didn’t pick it up, but quickly replied to him with a WeChat.
“Ye Chen, I’m still in a meeting with the team in charge of the project, so wait for me downstairs for a while, it’s hard for you.”
“Okay, then I’ll wait for you downstairs.”
After Ye Chen replied to Xiao Churan, he waited outside the car smoking.
At this time, Wang Dongxue, the vice-chairman of the Dihao Group, called him and asked, “Young Master, have you arrived at the Dihao Group?”
Ye Chen asked curiously, “How do you know?”
Wang Dongxue said, “I’m in my office, and I can just see your car.”
Ye Chen looked up and smiled, “You’re looking for me for something?”
Wang Dongxue said, “Young grandmother’s side is still in a meeting, it might take some time, so I wanted to ask if you have time, if so, I would like to report to you about the recent work.”
Ye Chen thought about it, he hadn’t been much in charge of the Emperor’s Group recently, so he couldn’t be ignorant of the group’s business, so he said, “That’s fine, you wait, I’ll be right up.”
Wang Dongxue said, “Then you go straight to your office, I’ll report to you.”
Hanging up the phone, Ye Chen stepped into the building, got on the elevator, and went straight to the chairman’s office on the top floor.
As he walked out of the elevator door and towards the office, a door behind him suddenly opened.
Dong Ruolin was now planning to go to the bathroom, but she didn’t expect to see a familiar back as soon as she left the door.
She didn’t recognize this back figure as Ye Chen, but rather felt that it resembled the divine tycoon on Jitterbug!
Could it be that the chairman you’ve been wanting to meet has finally arrived?
Dong Jorin immediately got excited!
After all, the fundamental purpose of coming to Jinling and to the Imperial Group was to get close to this mysterious chairman, and then work to make herself his woman, so that the entire Dong family would be able to take it to the next level.
This was the mission that the entire family had entrusted to themselves.
However, Dong Ruolin was also depressed, she had been here for so many days, but she hadn’t even seen the chairman’s face, so how could she move in a longer-term direction with him?
So, now seeing the chairman’s back, Dong Ruo Lin was thrilled!
She was busy taking a few steps right behind Ye Chen, trying to catch up to him to say hello and introduce herself!

Chapter: 113
When Ye Chen heard footsteps behind him, his afterglow swept over the glass next to him and realized that it was Dong Ruolin who was following behind him!
If Dong Ruo Lin were to recognize herself here, she would definitely associate herself as the Chairman of the Emperor Group!
There was even the possibility that she might associate herself with being the young master of the Ye family!
This is going to be big time bad!
So, seeing that Dong Ruolin was going to catch up, he even quickened his pace, dashed into the chairman’s office and locked the door.
Dong Ruolin did not expect that the other party would suddenly speed up his pace, and when he reacted and tried to catch up, the other party had already entered the office.
Seeing Ye Chen enter the office, Dong Ruolin was disappointed and muttered in a low voice, “Strange, why does this chairman seem like he’s deliberately avoiding me…”
Thinking that she still wouldn’t give up, she went forward and knocked on the door and spoke, “Hello chairman, I’m the new executive director Dong Ruolin, I have something to report to you.”
Ye Chen deliberately lowered his voice back and said, “Have you reported with Wang Dongxue? The company doesn’t allow leapfrogging, don’t you know?” One second to remember to read the book
“I’m sorry, Chairman, I forgot…”
Dong Ruolin was frightened and nervous, thinking, “This chairman is so fierce…. Is he angry at himself for going over the top, or does he simply not want to see him?”
However, Dong Ruolin now didn’t dare to remain in front of Ye Chen’s office and had no choice but to leave.
Ye Chen heard Dong Ruorin’s footsteps getting farther and farther away, and finally let out a sigh of relief.
Almost recognized by her, it was really dangerous!
Thinking that she would inevitably have to come to the Imperial Group in the future, and Dong Ruolin was now the Executive Director of the Imperial Group, and her office was on the same floor as herself.
This way, the chances of being bumped into by her in the future are too high.
It was just as well that Wang Dongxue came over to report to him at this time.
Ye Chen then said to her: “Dongxue, there is something you can help me arrange.”
Wang Dongxue nodded: “Young Master you say.”
Ye Chen said, “You help me change a position for Dong Ruolin.”
After saying that, he asked, “Our company, what position doesn’t need to stay in the office all the time?”
“Sales and business.” Wang Dongxue replied, “These two positions often have to go out to run business and are basically absent from the company.”
“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “Then transfer her to be the sales director.”
“No problem, I’ll go back later and start making arrangements.” Wang Dongxue promised.
Afterwards, Wang Dongxue reported to Ye Chen about the company’s recent situation.
Now, the Empire Group’s new six-star hotel project had already started, and the site was chosen right at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain, with beautiful scenery and elegant environment.
When this hotel is completed, it will also be the first six-star hotel in Jinling, which is extremely luxurious.
The business related to the hotel was progressing very smoothly, and it was expected that it would be completed within two years and put into use two and a half years later, at which time, the revenue capacity of the Emperor Group would rise to a new level.
Ye Chen then instructed her, “If my wife’s side is doing well, and she has the leisure capacity, you can give her more business from the Imperial Hero Group.”
Wang Dongxue immediately said, “Young Master, don’t worry, I will!”
Seeing that his wife was going to finish the meeting, Ye Chen said to Wang Dongxue, “You now go and call Dong Ruolin to your office, I take the opportunity to good bugger.”
Wang Dongxue nodded busily, returned to his office, and gave Dong Ruolin a call.

Chapter: 114
Hearing that Wang Dongxue was looking for himself for something, Dong Ruolin immediately went to her office.
At this time, Ye Chen was busy going downstairs.
As soon as he went downstairs, he saw Xiao Churan walking out with a tired face.
Xiao Churan was obviously exhausted because of the cooperation and helplessly said, “There are so many things now, I’m too busy to come over.”
Ye Chen asked heartily, “Do you want to split up some of the work? Or just don’t do it at all.”
“That’s no good.” Xiao Churan said, “I just became a director not long ago, my foundation is still unstable, I have to work harder, otherwise, that cousin of mine will definitely take advantage of the weakness.”
Thinking of Xiao Hailong, Xiao Churan couldn’t help but feel annoyed, this person was particularly annoying, always against himself, and always liked to do things that were detrimental to others.
On the way back, Xiao Churan car closed her eyes, Ye Chen concentrated on driving and did not disturb her.
At this moment, in Wang Dongxue’s office.
Wang Dongxue told Dong Ruolin about the new appointment.
Dong Ruolin was a little surprised.
It hadn’t been long since she had accepted the job of administrative director, and now she was transferring herself 1 to sales, why was that?
Wang Dongxue to her explanation is: “I think you have strong abilities, on the company to do administrative work is really too condescending, and I look at your resume, you study at the university is business management and marketing, dry sales is the most suitable for your position, and sales for the company is more important, you do this job, the future will be more promising! ”
Wang Dongxu wasn’t making things up.
The sales position was much more important than administration.
Sales was the department of the company that really came in for money.
Administration, on the other hand, was a steward of the company, and was in charge of all the nitty-gritty matters.
Dong Ruolin didn’t think much about it, instead she felt that if she could do a good job in sales and bring real profits to the company, then in the future the chairman should pay more attention to her as well!
So, that’s a good thing for you!
Happily out of Wang Dongxue’s office, the first thing Dong Ruolin did was to call her good BFF Xiao Churan.
As soon as the call came through, she said excitedly, “Churan, I’ve been turned into a sales director!”
“Really?” Xiao Choran also got excited at once and said, “This is wonderful! You’re a salesman yourself, you’re too big for administration! Now you have more room to play, and you should be able to do great things soon!”
“Hehehe!” Ruo-Lin Dong was also very happy and said out of the blue, “Why don’t we have dinner together tonight to celebrate? You call Ye Chen up as well.”
Xiao Choran said with some difficulty, “We’re both almost home, and to be honest I’m too tired today, why don’t we celebrate together another day?”
Dong Ruorin knew that Xiao Choran had been having a hard time lately, so she was busy saying, “Umm na! You’ve really been working too hard lately, working overtime frequently for meetings, so let’s say you go back and rest, and we’ll get together again after you’re done!”
“Good.” Xiao Choran said, “After I’m done with this, let’s have a good meal and drink hippie together!”
Dong Ruo Lin smiled, “That’s a deal, yo!”
After hanging up the phone, Dong Ruolin was a little lost in her heart.
She didn’t have many real friends in Jinling, and her only good friend was Xiao Churan.
Now that you have moved to the position of sales director, the stage is bigger, it is a good opportunity to prove yourself, but you can’t find a person to celebrate together.
Just when she was sighing, her cell phone suddenly rang.
The one who called was, surprisingly, Xiao Hailong!

Chapter: 115
Seeing that it was Xiao Hailong calling, Dong Ruolin did not want to answer.
She did not have a good impression of Xiao Hailong, and she could see that Xiao Hailong’s motive was nothing more than wanting to get close to her and achieve the goal of attracting her.
However, she is really not interested in such a person, so she directly hung up the phone.
But Xiao Hailong persevered, and only after a few times in succession did Dong Ruolin helplessly pick it up, asking coldly, “Hailong, what’s the matter with you?”
Xiao Hailong hurriedly said, “Ruo Lin, I heard you’ve moved to Sales Director?”
Dong Ruolin was surprised and asked, “How are you so well-informed?”
Xiao Hailong smiled, “I happen to have a few friends who work at your Imperial Group, so I was told that I received a new appointment released by the company.”
“Mm.” Dong Ruolin said, “It’s indeed a transfer to Sales Director.”
“Congrats!” Xiao Hailong said excitedly, “This post is a real power post, it has great promise! You’ve really come of age this time!”
Dong Ruolin said indifferently, “Thank you.” Remember the URL
Xiao Hailong said again, “Ruoling, you see, you have been coming to Jinling for some days, before that time in the Heavenly Fragrance House, it was quite unpleasant, in order to express my apologies, I would like to invite you to dinner again, today it happens that you have transferred to sales director again, it’s a big day, it’s right to celebrate, what do you think?”
Dong Ruolin opened her mouth to politely decline, “But I might have to work overtime tonight…”
Xiao Hailong said, “Ruo Lin, a big celebration is to celebrate in time, otherwise, you won’t feel this joy tomorrow, you don’t have many friends in Jinling, I think it’s better for the two of us to find a place to celebrate, and not call anyone else, be more quiet, what do you think?”
Dong Ruo Lin was slightly impressed.
To be honest, she really wanted to celebrate.
However, Xiao Choran couldn’t come, and she didn’t know who she should find to celebrate with for a while.
Now that Xiao Hailong had taken the initiative to call over, it could be considered that she had been given a choice.
Although Xiao Hailong was a bit of a hypocrite, but two people celebrating was better than one.
When she thought of this, Dong Ruolin said, “Then send me your address.”
“Okay, I’ve booked a place at the Jinling Hotel, just give my name when you arrive.”
Dong Ruolin nodded and said, “Okay, then I’ll be there in a moment.”
Dong Ruolin left the company and took a taxi to the Jinling Hotel.
Although this place was not as good as Tianxiangfu, it was still considered a relatively top hotel in Jinling.
At this time, Xiao Hailong was dressed in a suit, with a greasy haircut and a refined demeanor, standing at the door, waiting for Dong Ruolin.
It was just that the bandages on his hands completely ruined the atmosphere he had deliberately created.
The moment you come down from the car, all your eyes will be attracted to the past.
Xiao Hailong, with pride, even greeted and said, “Ruo Lin, you’re so beautiful today, please come in, it’s all ready.”
“Thank you.” Dong Ruolin smiled politely.
The two of them took their seats and soon the food was served.
Xiao Hailong asked the waiter to bring a bottle of top-notch red wine and complimented, “Ruo Lin, today is a big day, we should drink some wine to celebrate!”
Dong Ruo Lin hurriedly said, “Let’s skip the wine and have some drinks.”
“How can that be!”
Xiao Hailong was thinking of taking the opportunity to get Dong Ruo Lin drunk and see if he could find a chance to do it, but Dong Ruo Lin refused to drink as soon as she came up, which made him particularly disappointed.
Dong Ruolin waved her hand and said, “Sorry ah Hailong, I’m not feeling well, I really don’t want to drink, let’s wait for the next opportunity to drink some more.”

Chapter: 116
In fact, Dong Ruolin could probably guess Xiao Hailong’s intentions, and her sense of self-protection was quite strong, so she made up her mind that she would never drink with Xiao Hailong tonight.
When Xiao Hailong saw that he couldn’t persuade her, he was depressed, but he didn’t dare to show it, so he said, “Don’t drink it, let’s drink drinks as well.”
Dong Ruolin nodded, “Thank you for understanding!”
At this time, sitting at the next table to them, a refined-looking youth was staring at Dong Ruorin non-stop.
He had been attracted by Dong Ruorin’s looks and temperament since she came in.
In his opinion, this woman was truly too beautiful and had an extraordinary temperament, it was like a fairy had descended into the world!
After observing for a while, and finding that the woman and the man opposite her didn’t seem to be lovers, the young man decided that he couldn’t miss this opportunity.
A moment later, this young man stood up, stepped forward to Dong Ruolin and Xiao Hailong’s table, and said to Dong Ruolin, “This young lady, from the moment you entered the restaurant, I fell in love with you at first sight, I wonder if you would be willing to leave me a contact information?”
Dong Ruolin was stunned.
I never thought that I would meet a pick-up artist if I ate here. A second to remember to read the book
Xiao Hailong was also fiery as hell.
Damn it, where did that stupid fork come from? Can’t you see you’re picking up girls? How dare you come and pick up your own girl, this is a fucking death wish, right?
So, without waiting for Dong Ruolin to speak, he said coldly, “Who are you? What are you doing coming to our table whining?”
The young man said indifferently, “What does it matter to you if I speak to this lady?”
Saying that, he then said to Dong Ruolin, “This lady, I’ve just been staring at you for a long time, I didn’t want to take the liberty of coming over and disturbing you, but I’m really too impressed with you, and I’m afraid of missing this opportunity, so please forgive me.”
Xiao Hailong immediately blew up at this point!
Shit, what kind of bastard dares to steal a woman from you?
So he immediately cursed angrily, “I’m warning you, you better get the hell out of here if you know what you’re doing! If you talk or peek again, I’ll gouge your dog eyes out!”
The youth turned to look at Dong Ruo Lin and asked, “Your boyfriend?”
Dong Ruolin shook her head.
Only then did the youth turn to look at Xiao Hailong and said, “Since you are not her boyfriend, then my confession to this beauty has nothing to do with you, right?”
Xiao Hailong sneered and said, “I don’t like you looking at her, so you can’t!”
The youth frowned, “You seem like you’re pretty cool?”
Xiao Hailong sneered and said, “Kid, I’m a member of the Xiao family, so get out of the way if you know what to do and don’t get yourself into trouble!”
Dong Ruolin was a little disgusted.
Firstly, she did not like this youth’s such a direct confession.
Secondly, she didn’t like Xiao Hailong’s posture of being the best in the world.
At that moment, the youth’s face changed and stared at Xiao Hailong as he said coldly, “What the hell is the Xiao family? Who the hell are you? I’m warning you, don’t fucking pretend with me, or I’ll make you walk in and lay out!”
Xiao Hailong gritted his teeth and was already furious to the core.
What a person who dared to pretend with himself!
The first time he invited Dong Ruolin to dinner, he embarrassed himself once, this time if he does not make a move to give him some color to see, and then embarrassed in front of Dong Ruolin, want to chase her afraid of even more no chance.
Thinking of this, he did not say anything, copied the wine bottle on the table, cursed: “What are you always wasting words here! You’re looking for death!”
Just say, and drop a bottle on that young man’s head!
Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam!

Chapter: 117
The youth was so dizzy from him smashing this that he almost couldn’t stand.
The surrounding people were also shocked by this sudden bottle.
Xiao Hailong stared at the youth with a bloodied face and sneered, “If you don’t get out of here, I’ll smash your legs too!”
The youth gritted his teeth, covered his head and said, “Fine, you’ve got guts, you wait for me!”
Saying that, the youth covered his smashed head and hurriedly ran out.
Xiao Hailong laughed disdainfully and said, “Silly fork, a piece of trash who still dares to threaten me? Without even asking around, who have I, Xiao Hailong, ever been afraid of?”
After saying that, he deliberately looked smug and said to Dong Ruoling, “Ruoling, there are such flies everywhere, don’t be affected by him, let’s continue to eat, don’t mind him.”
Dong Ruolin was in such a boisterous mood, not in a good mood, nodded her head, and did not speak.
During the meal, Xiao Hailong tried to liven up the atmosphere a few times, but Dong Ruolin did not pick up on it at all.
In her eyes, Xiao Hailong is not only not very capable, but also a little too reckless, such a man, simply can not enter their eyes.
Xiao Hailong had thought that he would directly fuck that stupid fork in front of Dong Ruoling, Dong Ruoling should be convinced of his manhood, but never expected that Dong Ruoling seemed to be a little more repulsive and disgusted with himself.
This made him extraordinarily depressed, didn’t expect that Dong Ruorin didn’t like men who used violence, wasn’t this a case of lifting a stone to smash his own feet?
The meal was exceptionally depressing for Xiao Hailong.
Having just finished his meal, he originally wanted to talk more with Dong Ruolin and enhance his relationship.
As a result, Dong Ruolin frowned and said, “It’s getting late, I have to go back, thank you for your hospitality.”
Xiao Hailong was depressed and said, “Then I’ll drive you home.”
Dong Ruolin shook her head, “No, I’ll just take a taxi.”
At this time, Dong Ruolin only wanted to quickly draw a line with Xiao Hailong.
Xiao Hailong’s heart was on fire, and his mouth said, “Then I’ll put you in the car, or I won’t be able to rest assured.”
Dong Ruolin also did not refuse, nodded and got up to walk out.
Xiao Hailong hurried to follow.
He was holding his breath, he wanted to create a romantic date and take the opportunity to confess to Dong Ruolin, but he didn’t expect to be met by that son of a bitch, he had no chance at all, and he seemed to have left a bad impression on Dong Ruolin, what bad luck.
“Don’t let me meet that dog bastard, if I meet him again, I have to kill him.” Xiao Hailong cursed hatefully.
At this moment, Ye Chen had also just finished eating and was cleaning up the dishes.
Xiao Choran said with an anxious face at this time, “Ye Chen, I have a supplier quotation document in my bag, have you seen it?”
Ye Chen shook his head, “I haven’t touched your bag since I got back.”
Xiao Churan thought about it before slapping her head and saying, “Oh my, the document should have been left in the conference room of the Imperial Group, I need to use it tomorrow morning, why don’t you drive me to get it?”
Ye Chen smiled, “You’re so tired, rest first, I’ll go get it for you.”
Xiao Churan sighed and said, “I’m really tired, then it’s hard for you, that document number is gy20191101.”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said, “Working for my wife, it’s not hard.”
Saying that, Ye Chen drove to Xiao’s group.
Over here, Xiao Hailong and Dong Ruolin just left the hotel and came to the roadside.
The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.
This dozens of people all black cloth masked, hands with steel pipe, a look is to seek revenge!
“Not good!” Once Xiao Hailong saw so many people running towards him, he was half scared to death.
Dong Ruolin also saw the scene, and became frightened, she guessed that this group of people must be the young man just now looking for revenge, looking at this situation, I’m afraid that someone is going to die ah!
Sure enough, a young man with a bandage on his head stepped forward and yelled, “Damn it, give me a fight!”
As soon as the words came out, an order was given and the crowd pounced on Xiao Hailong.
“I’m the young master of the Xiao family! Don’t you dare touch me!”
Xiao Hailong was panicked, his mouth pretending to be strong and roaring.
A strong man laughed contemptuously and came up and swung a steel pipe at him.

Chapter: 118
Xiao Hailong was so terrified that he almost peed.
At this time, Xiao Hailong was so shocked that he suddenly pushed Dong Ruo Lin out, and Dong Ruo Lin ah, he was pushed in front of the other side.
This is the first time that a person has to be in a position to get a good deal more than just a few people.
Dong Ruolin was about to explode!
This Xiao Hailong is a real bastard!
He got himself into trouble, and then at a critical moment, he’s a grown man who pushes a woman out of the way of a gun and runs away himself?
Can you find another scumbag in this world as disgusting as him?
Seeing Xiao Hailong run away, the young man was furious.
“This son of a bitch, he left the woman and ran away by himself, what a loser!”
Saying that, he stared at Dong Ruoling and said coldly, “Beauty, call that bastard back to me, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”
Dong Ruolin got out, “I’m not familiar with him, please don’t involve me in the two of you.”
The young man pointed to his head holding the gauze and said coldly, “Damn, I’ve got sixteen stitches in my head, and I can’t even eat if this breath doesn’t come out! If he doesn’t come to save you, you’ll go home with me and make it up to me for one night of pleasure!”
Dong Ruo Lin took off, “How could you! It’s against the law!”
“The law?” The youth said coldly, “My word is law! After I’m done fucking you, you’ll naturally know what the real law is!”
Dong Ruolin’s heart went cold, and fear and despair almost annihilated her.
She hurriedly said, “I’m calling him right now!”
Saying that, she pulled out her cell phone and called Xiao Hailong.
Xiao Hailong was driving as fast as he could, thinking of escaping as far away as possible, when he suddenly saw Dong Ruolin calling him and his heart thudded.
It’s over!
He just cared about running for his life and pushed Dong Ruo Lin out, this woman is afraid that she hates him, right?
Oh, shit!
He also said that he’d make good use of her, climb up with the Dong family, and then let the family’s chickens and dogs rise to the top.
This is great, the Dong Ruolin ruthlessly offended!
But how dare he answer the phone at this point?
Answering the phone is just to tell him to go back, even a fool could guess.
But will he still be alive if he goes back? The gang was raging and had steel pipes, so even if they didn’t want their own lives, they were afraid they would smash themselves into a lifelong disability.
Women are important, life is more important!
So he decided to keep running away, without her!
Dong Ruo Lin’s phone could not be reached, and she was desperate to the core.
She pleaded with the youth, “I can compensate you for your money, please let me go, it’s really none of my business.”
The youth laughed sardonically, “I don’t want your money! I want your body!”
Dong Ruolin was scared out of her wits, she knew that if she didn’t want to do something, this person would definitely not let her go.
So, she took advantage of the other party’s lack of guard, bit her silver teeth, and kicked hard between the youth’s legs.
The youth didn’t think she dared to resist, and with a sudden kick to the crotch, let go with a scream of pain, and subconsciously swung violently, stabbing at it!
Dong Ruolin was trying to run away when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her thigh and fell to the ground with a scream.
A sharp dagger was stabbed right in her leg, and blood was flowing.
“Stinky bitch, still trying to run!”
Annoyed, the youth grabbed her by the hair and said with a sneer, “Congratulations, you’ve managed to anger me, tonight, my brother and I will take good care of you!”
Dong Ruolin shed two lines of hot tears in despair.
She had already declared her own death sentence inside, she knew that this young man would not let go of her, and she was afraid that she would really die at his hands.
In this situation, it was also impossible for anyone to save herself….
She hadn’t noticed that a black BMW sedan was gradually approaching, and Ye Chen, who was driving, saw her at once, his brows furrowed!

Chapter: 119
Dong Ruo Lin leg pain piercing heart, heart incomparably desperate, tears continue to flow.
The young man swallowed hard and said, “Get her in the car!”.
Someone next to him coaxed, “Will, when are you going to let us have a go with this beauty too?”
The youth said coldly, “When I’m done, I’ll let you come!”
Afterwards, he reached out to grab her to the car.
Then, all of a sudden, he heard some miserable screams coming from the periphery!
Suddenly, several screams rang out fiercely.
The youth raised his head in annoyance and shouted harshly, “What’s going on?”
But as soon as he raised his head, he suddenly felt a strong wind hit his face! One second to remember to read the book
Before he had time to dodge, he felt a sharp pain in his face, gold stars splattered in front of his eyes, the bridge of his nose broke with a click, and blood gushed out from his nose.
Just like a giant hammer hitting his head, the young man screamed out in pain and fell backwards, shaking his body.
Just as he fell, he saw several of his accomplices behind him, already paralyzed on the ground like dead dogs, not moving.
Dong Ruolin raised her head in fear, her beautiful eyes widening.
Only to see a man wearing a black mask, standing in front of him, his eyes cold as a knife.
Dong Ruorin was both shocked and delighted, inwardly alarmed, who was he? Did he come to rescue me? Yes, it must be to save me!
The youth’s face was covered in blood and he fell to the ground unable to get up.
The man struck too quickly, and in the blink of an eye, he let four people down, and the few remaining masked men, who were stunned for several seconds before they reacted, pounced on him with a roar as they called out to their accomplices.
“You, who are you.” Dong Jorin sat on the ground, looking up at the man in front of her.
The man didn’t answer, picking her up in one swift movement and running deeper into the alley.
Dong Ruorin gasped for air, her heart pounding, still in a state of shock.
Behind her came the stern shouts of the gang of strong men, as well as the roar of motorcycles, obviously in full pursuit.
The sound of the wind whistling past her face, Dong Ruolin leg loss of blood, coupled with fear, can only powerlessly hold this man.
For some reason, she vaguely felt that the scent on this person seemed somewhat familiar.
But she didn’t know that this mysterious man who was holding her was her good girlfriend’s husband, Ye Chen.
Ye Chen drove by here, not expecting to happen to see Dong Ruoling surrounded.
He was afraid that something bad would happen to Dong Ruolin, that’s why he wore a mask and came over to save Dong Ruolin.
After being transformed by the ray of aura obtained from the white stone, Ye Chen’s body became extremely good and his speed was much faster than before.
Coupled with the fact that there were many alleyways in the area, Ye Chen quickly shook off the pursuers behind him.
Ye Chen hugged Dong Ruolin and ran far away in one breath, coming to a deep park before stopping.
Now it was getting late, the park was densely planted, even if the other party caught up, they could still hide their tracks.
He put Dong Ruorin on the ground, and saw that her pants had been stained red with blood, a sudden frown.
Although Dong Ruo Lin had lost too much blood, she was barely able to stay awake, and her face was pale with gratitude, “Thank you for saving me, please…. Who exactly are you?”

Chapter: 120
Ye Chen looked at her, but didn’t say anything.
She had never quite looked down on herself, so even if she showed her true face, what was the point? It’s just more trouble than it’s worth.
So, it would be better to conceal it to the end.
Moreover, it wasn’t that he was taking special care of Dong Ruorin, he was only doing it to save her for the sake of his wife, Xiao Choran.
Seeing that Ye Chen didn’t say anything, Dong Ruolin understood what the other party meant and knew that the other party must not want to reveal her identity, so she was too embarrassed to ask further questions.
But she has a strong character and is not the kind of woman who is dependent on a man, since the other party saved her without being thanked by herself, she always felt that she owed something in her heart.
Just when Dong Ruolin wanted to pursue the question, she heard a hoarse and cold voice from her ear.
“Take off your pants.”
Dong Ruolin raised her head in shock and saw the masked man’s gaze on her body, and was suddenly mortified.
I thought I had escaped the tiger’s mouth, but I didn’t expect to fall into the wolf’s den again.
This is the wilderness, the other party is powerful, even if she shouted the sky, there is no way to escape the claws.
Dong Ruorin heart despair, a bite sternly said: “You do not want to touch me, I will not let anyone abuse! If you do anything to me, I’d rather die!”
Ye Chen was stunned, deliberately suppressing his voice, pointed at her leg and said, “Your hamstring has been injured, the wound is close to the aorta, if you don’t treat it in time, it’s likely to become crippled. Now if you are sent to the hospital without stopping the bleeding, it will definitely be too late to get to the hospital,, what do you say?”
Dong Ruolin looked at him in shock, her cheeks burning.
She thought that the other party wanted to misbehave with her, but she didn’t expect….
Seeing Dong Ruorin staring at him open-mouthed, Ye Chen sighed in his heart.
Dong Ruolin asked him timidly, “You…. Can you help me stop the bleeding?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “I’ve studied Chinese medicine and can use the point technique to help you stop the bleeding and slow down your injuries, so you’ll have time to go to the hospital and get follow-up treatment.”
“Thank you…. Thank you.” Dong Ruolin’s pretty face flushed, her voice as faint as a mosquito.
She couldn’t help but take a look at her wound, her heart conflicted to the max.
This wound was impartial, right on the upper thigh, and she had to take off her pants.
But if she took them off, wouldn’t she be seen naked by the other party?
The Dong family is very strict, and Dong Ruorin would never normally hang out with another man, let alone let a man touch her body.
And the Dong family has a family doctor, a famous Western doctor from abroad, and she also doesn’t believe that she can stop bleeding and heal injuries just by pointing.
Dong Ruolin thought about it and politely declined, “Thank you for your kindness, but please send me to the hospital first, I think I’ll be able to hold on.”
Ye Chen’s eyebrows furrowed, how could he not know what the other party was thinking.
Dong Ruolin must have felt that she was not hurt to death right now, that was why she wanted to go to the hospital first.
But she that knew that the reason why she wasn’t feeling that serious right now was entirely because she had secretly inputted a trace of spiritual energy into her body when she was hugging her just now.
Otherwise, how could she have survived until now, she would have died of blood loss long ago.
When Dong Ruolin saw that Ye Chen was silent, she braced herself and tried to stand up as her injuries should not be that serious.
But as soon as she moved, the wound burst open and a stream of hot blood gushed out.
Dong Ruolin’s body went limp and she sat dizzily on the ground, her face incomparably pale.
Ye Chen frowned and spoke, “I just said that if you move around, this leg will definitely be ruined, and even if you go to the hospital, there’s no way to heal it again. What’s more, you’ve lost too much blood and it’s very likely that you won’t be able to wait for the ambulance to come and die of shock. To heal or not to heal, your choice is yours!”

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