The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1451-1460

Chapter: 1451
In fact, Nanako Ito didn’t know what to say at once, so when she had the idea, she handed out the milk tea.
And Ye Chen, although he felt a little surprised, but since he went out to pick up the old man until now, he did not drink a sip of water, and he was really dry.
So he took it subconsciously, smiled and said, “Thank you, I just happen to be thirsty.”
As he said, he lowered his head and bit the straw, and took a big mouthful.
Only then did Ito Nanako react and exclaimed in her heart: “Oops! I have already had a few sips of this cup of milk tea just now…”
“Although I only took a few sips, I have already drank it!”
“That’s awful, then, didn’t I kiss Ye Chen indirectly?!”
Ye Chen didn’t know that Ito Nanako had drunk this milk tea. While drinking the milk tea, Ye Chen said: “Miss Ito, come to me so late, what’s the matter?”
Ito Nanako was in extreme shame.
She has received twenty years of rigorous education from the ladies, and she knows the importance of the six words “Men and women give or receive”. This can be said to be the closest contact between herself and the opposite sex! Remember to read in one second
Therefore, her heart at this time was both nervous and perturbed.
However, other than that, she was still faintly excited.
When she was flustered, Ye Chen asked her: “Why did you come here?”
“Ah…I…” Ito Nanako said nervously, “I am…I am…I am on the way…oh No…I…”
Nanako Ito doesn’t know how to lie, so suddenly she didn’t know how to answer his question, and she immediately messed up her position.
Ye Chen smiled indifferently, and said, “Well, don’t be too nervous in front of me, just say anything.
Ito Nanako nodded lightly and said: “I am…I just want to meet Ye Chen-jun…because I am worried that after the game I won’t have a chance to see Ye Chen-kun again…”
Ye Chen asked curiously: “What? Going back to Japan after the game?”
“That’s right.” Ito Nanako didn’t dare to look into his eyes, and whispered: “My father has arranged the plane. I will go back immediately after the game.”
Ye Chen wondered: “You are in the final anyway. Even if you lose, you are the runner-up of the game. Don’t you even plan to participate in the award ceremony?”
Nanako Ito smiled bitterly: “As the No. 1 seed in the competition, I didn’t get the gold medal. I don’t have the face to stay to participate in the award ceremony of the runner-up…”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said: “Practicing martial arts is not to win, because the birth of martial arts itself is not to fight with people, but to fight with yourself.”
“Fighting with oneself?” Ito Nanako asked blankly: “Ye Chen-kun, what do you mean to fight with oneself?”
Ye Chen smiled calmly: “Cainazi, our Chinese ancestors may be different from the ancestors of any country or nation in this world. Our ancestors never liked bullying, and never liked foreign aggression. .”
“Since ancient times, our ancestors in China have stayed firmly in the country and tried our best not to be invaded by foreign enemies, but even in the most prosperous period when the nations came to Korea, we have never invaded any country, including your Japan.”

Chapter: 1452
“The ancestors of China always think about how to be good at ourselves. Even if we are fighting, we only fight with ourselves, fight with ourselves yesterday, and fight with ourselves now!”
“Fighting with ourselves is to be able to surpass the present and the past. We fight with ourselves in medical skills to live longer, and we fight with ourselves in farming techniques to feed more people. We Fighting with yourself in the martial arts, in order to make yourself stronger.”
Having said that, Ye Chen looked at Ito Nanako and asked her: “If you are no longer allowed to participate in any competitions from now on, will you give up promotion or even martial arts?”
Ito Nanako blurted out, “Of course not! Even if I no longer participate in any competitions, I will not give up martial arts!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “That’s it. You love martial arts, not martial arts to defeat others. So, what matters is whether you win or not? Even if you lose the game, you can’t get any medals. What’s so important? As long as you are worthy of your love for martial arts, it is enough.”
Ito Nanako bowed slightly to him and said sincerely: “Thank you Ye Chen-jun, Nanako understands!
Ye Chen said: “Tomorrow’s game, work hard, don’t care too much about success or failure, just show your best side.”
Nanako Ito nodded earnestly: “Ye Chen-kun can rest assured, I will definitely go all out!”
After speaking, she remembered Ye Chen’s distressed eyes when she was in the Final Four, and she was filled with happiness and asked: “Ye Chenjun, did I perform well in the last game?”
Ye Chen heard her talk about the last match, and when she thought of the scene of her being repeatedly hit by her opponents in the ring and getting hurt, she still felt a little distressed in her heart. First URL
So he said seriously: “I think you performed very well in the last game. I don’t quite understand why you allowed the opponent to attack repeatedly? In fact, your strength is higher than that of the opponent. If you fight back resolutely, then it is very likely that you will not be injured, but you have to keep giving the opponent opportunities. Why is that?
Nanako Ito said shyly: “Actually…I mainly wanted to win with one move, so I always let the opponent attack me in the early stage, just to find the opponent’s flaws.”
Ye Chen couldn’t help being surprised: “Well, if you win the game, why do you have to use one move to control the enemy?”
In Ye Chen’s view, Ito Nanako’s one move to control the enemy was very different from Qin Aoxue’s one move to control the enemy.
Because Qin Aoxue’s overall strength has now greatly increased and she has the ability to control the enemy with one move, it is not a big problem for her to control the enemy with one move, and it can even be said to be easy.
However, although Ito Nanako’s strength is stronger than her opponent Michel, she is not strong enough to defeat the opponent with one move, so she is tantamount to asking herself a very difficult problem.
If it were not for insisting on taking the hardest path, she would not have been hit by the opponent several times in the game.
Nanako Ito was even more embarrassed at this time, she said very seriously: “I…I mainly…mainly hope that Ye Chenjun can treat me…with me admired… …”
Ye Chen couldn’t help being stunned when he heard this.
Was it for yourself?
Is this girl too stupid?
In order to impress yourself first, stand on the ring and let your opponents continue to punch? What if the opponent is accidentally injured and seriously injured?
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help asking: “I just put myself in such a dangerous situation just to make me admire, do you think it’s worth it?”
“It’s worth it!” Ito Nanako said firmly and sincerely: “At a certain moment, I saw Ye Chenjun’s eyes on the ring. I don’t know if I would be wrong, but when I saw your eyes , I felt that everything was worth it in an instant…”

Chapter: 1453
Ye Chen didn’t know what kind of look he had left to Ito Nanako at that time.
After all, he didn’t have a mirror at the time to see what his eyes looked like.
But he remembered his mood at the time.
At that time, seeing her constantly being beaten by opponents, I really felt distressed in my heart.
So, thinking about it, what Ito Nanako saw at the time should be her distressed look?
Thinking of this, he also felt a little embarrassed, sighed, and said seriously: “Don’t be so stupid in the future. You can go all out in the game, but don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation for the sake of an extra bit of obsession.”
When Ito Nanako heard Ye Chen caring about herself, her heart was excited like a little woman, and she nodded and said, “I know Ye Chen-jun!”
Ye Chen looked at her and could still see the bruises and scars on the corners of her eyes. He couldn’t help but exhorted: “The next game between you and Aoxue, you must remember to ensure your safety. If you feel that you are not Aoxue’s opponent, Then decisively admit defeat and not ashamed, but don’t hold it hard, because Aoxue’s current strength is indeed higher than you, and it surpasses you by a lot, too aggressive, for fear of hurting.”
Hearing this, Ito Nanako nodded gently, and couldn’t help asking: “Ye Chen-jun, Nanako has a question. I have been pressing it in my heart for a long time. I want to ask you to solve your doubts. Is it presumptuous?”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “Just tell me, if I can tell you, I won’t hide my privates.” Remember the URL
Nanako Ito hurriedly said: “Qin Aoxue’s match and my mentor have also paid attention to and researched. I have watched a lot of videos of her previous matches. I feel that her current strength seems to have improved by leaps and bounds in an instant, and it has obviously exceeded. The rhythm of normal training progress. So I want to ask Ye Chenjun, why did Qin Aoxue make such a rapid and substantial improvement? Is this improvement related to Ye Chenjun?”
Ye Chen smiled and asked, “What if I say it has nothing to do with me?”
Ito Nanako shook her head: “Please forgive Nanako Ye Chen for being rude, if Ye Chenjun says that it has nothing to do with this matter, Nanako will not believe it!”
Ye Chen nodded and said frankly: “You are right, it is indeed related to me.”
Nanako Ito said, “Thank you Ye Chen-kun for his frankness!”
As the two talked, they had already paced to the door of Tomson Yipin. Ye Chen looked at her and said: “Okay, you go back to rest early and prepare for the next game.”
Ito Nanako was a little bit reluctant, but she nodded her head obediently, put her hands in front of her, and bowed deeply: “Thank you Ye Chenjun for his words tonight!”
Ye Chen smiled and nodded, waved to her, and said, “Thank you for the milk tea, I’m leaving.”
After speaking, stepped into the door of Tomson Yipin.
Ito Nanako followed behind her and looked for a long time, until his figure completely disappeared in front of her, then she sighed and turned to leave.
At this moment.
Jinling International Hotel.
Just after taking a shower in his room, Jiro Kobayashi poured a glass of whiskey leisurely and sat on the sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, looking at the night view of Jinling with a face of contentment.
The reason why he is in such a good mood is because the attention level of the Jinling International Sanda competition broke the record in China, and even with that, the popularity of Xiaolin Weisan has skyrocketed.

Chapter: 1454
According to feedback, the sales volume increased seven or eight times at once, far exceeding his expectations.
Look at it this way, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will soon rise to the next level!
At this point, he felt refreshed and couldn’t help drinking a few more shots of strong wine.
After these few sips of wine, my stomach is hot.
Immediately afterwards, there was some pain.
Kobayashi Jiro’s expression changed slightly, and immediately reached out for his own Kobayashi’s stomach powder.
In fact, Jiro Kobayashi has always had a hidden stomach problem.
He has a good wine nature, and loves to drink the most, and he likes to drink strong alcohol, so some roots of the disease have long been left in his stomach.
Last year, his stomach disease became more serious, and the doctor told him to stop drinking. In order to solve his stomach problem, he relied on his professional knowledge of pharmacy and read a lot of Chinese classical medical books and studied a lot. The prescription, Xiaolin Weisan was formulated.
As a daily medicine that can relieve stomach discomfort, Kobayashi’s stomach powder is very successful. However, this kind of stomach powder is like a plaster, which can greatly relieve joint rheumatism, but it is almost impossible to say a radical cure. Remember to read in one second
Stomach powder is actually the same.
It is impossible to cure serious stomach diseases with Weisan. Just like a person, the cartilage at the knee joint has worn out, and the pain is all day long. In this case, plastering can only temporarily relieve the pain, at most It has the effect of reducing swelling and inflammation, but it must not restore a person’s damaged knee cartilage.
In other words, even if this kind of patient puts on a lifetime plaster, it is impossible to cure his knee joint injury.
The same goes for Kobayashi’s Weisan.
Kobayashi Jiro formulated Kobayashi’s Weisan according to ancient Chinese prescriptions. Although it has a great alleviating effect on his stomach problems, it has not been able to cure his stomach problems for a long time, so that Kobayashi Jiro now takes several packets of Xiaolin’s Weisan every day to relieve his stomach. Department of discomfort.
Just as he picked up two packets of Xiaolin Weisan and was about to drink it with whiskey, a knock on the door suddenly rang.
He put down the wine glass and his stomach, and walked to the door. Through the screen of the electronic eye, he saw that his assistant was standing outside the door, so he reached out and opened the door.
As soon as the door opened, he looked at the assistant outside the door and asked, “It’s so late, what’s the matter?”
The assistant immediately handed a packet of medicine to him, and said nervously: “Chairman, today a local pharmaceutical factory in Jinling suddenly launched a stomach powder called Jiuxuanweisan, and also specially invited the hottest one in China. Female star Gu Qiuyi came to endorse that this drug has already set off a panic buying frenzy across the country!”
“What the hell?!”
Kobayashi Jiro frowned and said coldly: “Damn, Chinese pharmaceutical companies dare to imitate Kobayashi’s leading products. It’s too much!”
When Kobayashi Jiro said this, he didn’t even think that Kobayashi’s Weisan itself copied ancient Chinese prescriptions.
He took Jiu Xuan Wei San, looked at it a few times, and said disdainfully: “There are at least a dozen products that imitate our Kobayashi Wei San. There are at least a dozen products in China, Korea and Southeast Asia, but none of them can match ours. This Jiu Xuan Wei San It must be the same, just rubbish, not enough.”
The assistant opened the mouth and said: “But, this medicine is not ordinary this time! It is endorsed by Gu Qiuyi, and Gu Qiuyi has never endorsed any substantive products before. This is the first time, so the fan effect is very strong. Fans of has already generated extremely scary purchasing power!”

Chapter: 1455
When Kobayashi Jiro heard the assistant say this, he couldn’t help but pay attention.
He couldn’t help frowning and said, “I know that Gu Qiuyi is indeed a very beautiful woman, and she is also very good at acting. I didn’t expect that this time he would act as a spokesperson for our competitors.”
After a pause, he said again: “Why don’t you do this? Please contact her agency and ask how much money will be needed if she endorses our Xiaolin Weisan!”
The assistant nodded and said, “Then I will contact her agency early tomorrow morning.”
Kobayashi Jiro said coldly: “I have to wait for tomorrow morning and contact now! The agent’s cell phone is turned on 24 hours a day and keeps it open.”
“Okay, I’ll get in touch now!”
Jiro Kobayashi returned to the room, feeling annoyed.
He knew that in this era, no matter what he sells, he is most afraid of forming an idol effect.
Many enthusiastic fans do not care whether the idol endorsement is good or bad. As long as it is endorsed by idols, they must buy them in large quantities.
Moreover, the fanatic buying behavior of fans is very exclusive. In the same type of product, if he chooses to buy his idol endorsement, he will definitely not even look at other products of the same type. First URL
If this is the case, it is very likely that this Jiu Xuan Wei San, relying on Gu Qiuyi’s influence, will snatch away a large group of consumers from Xiaolin Wei San!
Thinking of this, Kobayashi Jiro’s expression grew gloomy.
Oh shit.
Originally, Xiaolin Weisan had to take advantage of this Sanshou competition to spread all over China, but he didn’t expect Cheng Yaojin to be halfway through this time!
When he was depressed, Kobayashi Jiro felt another pain in his stomach.
Had it not been for the assistant to interrupt, he had already taken the two packets of stomach loosely.
Therefore, he subconsciously wanted to continue taking his Xiaolin Weisan at this time.
However, seeing the Jiuxuanweisan in his hand, he couldn’t help but think: “Well, I’ll take this opportunity to personally try this Jiuxuanweisan how many kilograms!”
“After all, I have long been an in-depth user of Xiaolin Weisan, and my stomach can easily determine the quality of a Weisan!”
“If the efficacy of this medicine is inferior to Xiaolin’s Weisan in my own feelings, then I don’t have to worry about its threat. Although Gu Qiuyi has heat, the heat will pass sooner or later. When the heat passes, everything depends on it. The strength is true!”
“At that time, this Jiuxuanwei Powder will be automatically eliminated by consumers because of its ineffectiveness!”
Thinking of this, Kobayashi Jiro stepped back to the soft sofa, sat down, unpacked the Jiugenweisan package, and took out two small bags from it.
Usually, when his stomach is upset, he needs two packs of Xiaolin Weisan to relieve him.
Therefore, he also subconsciously took out two packs of Jiu Xuan Wei San, prepared to try the same dose first.
But soon he gave up the idea again, thinking that he should start with one pack first. If one pack has no effect, then add another pack. If it doesn’t work, continue to increase the amount.
Anyway, the medicine itself is more of a health-care nature, and the raw materials used are all non-toxic and side-effect ingredients, so you are not afraid of problems if you take a few more packets.
What Kobayashi Jiro thought was that it would be best if this Jiu Xuan Wei San had no effect even after taking ten packs. In that case, this medicine would be completely overturned.
So, he tore open one of the packets directly, poured the powder in the package directly into the mouth, and then took the whiskey to drink it down.

Chapter: 1456
When taking Jiugenweisan, Jiro Kobayashi was completely unconcerned.
He felt that this medicine must be much worse than his own Xiaolin’s Weisan, but how much worse it depends on how he feels after taking a pack.
However, in the next second, he immediately frowned tightly.
After taking Jiu Xuan Wei San, Kobayashi Jiro could clearly feel a warm current in his abdomen.
This warm current is like a spring rain that moisturizes things, quickly enveloping his stomach, and brings very powerful and effective care and analgesic effects, giving him a warm feeling.
And the discomfort in his stomach, because of this warm current, immediately disappeared, and his whole body became extremely comfortable!
When I took Xiaolin Weisan by myself, I also felt this way, but in terms of the effect, it was a thousand miles away!
“Why is this Jiu Xuan Wei San, the effect is so good? It is incredible! Even if I usually take two packets of Xiao Lin Wei San, it is far from such a comfortable feeling! Why is this medicine so magical? What kind of formula is used? !”
Thinking of this, Jiro Kobayashi gave a thud, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.
Kobayashi’s Weisan is the next trump card for Kobayashi Pharmaceutical to enter the world! Remember the URL
He didn’t want the trump card to be immediately crushed by a powerful competitor soon after it went public!
If you don’t take some measures and measures, then Xiaolin Wei San, in the face of the powerful medicinal effects of this Jiu Xuan Wei San, can basically declare a failure!
Kobayashi Jiro was flustered and anxious, and at the same time he kept comforting himself, and wondered, “Could it be that the effect of this medicine comes and goes quickly? If the effect of Jiu Xuan Wei San will dissipate soon, then he There is still a chance for Xiaolin’s Weisan!”
So Kobayashi Jiro decided to wait!
Wait and see if the stomach discomfort will recur in a short time.
However, Jiro Kobayashi waited for an hour, only to discover a fact that shocked him even more.
The medicinal effect of this Jiuxuanwei Powder has not diminished at all, and his stomach still feels very refreshing, like soaking the whole person in a hot spring in the winter.
He couldn’t help exclaiming: “What the hell is this?! How could there be such a strong stomach powder?! I have turned over the ancient Chinese prescriptions several times. Xiaolin Weisan can be said to be the best prescription in ancient Chinese prescriptions. With the addition of some modern upgrades and improvements of my own, it is possible to have the current effect. I originally thought that Xiaolin Weisan had reached the peak.”
“But, this Jiuxuan Wei San, the effect of the medicine is even dozens of streets away from Xiaolin Wei San!”
At this moment, Jiro Kobayashi’s stomach is extremely comfortable, and his heart is extremely painful!
I was planning to leap up from Xiaolin Weisan and directly become the world’s top pharmaceutical company, but I didn’t expect that before it had time to rise, I was shot to death by the Jiuxuan Weisan of this dog day!
It’s impossible to be reconciled to someone else!
He immediately called his assistant and asked, “What is the market price of this Ghost Nine Profound Stomach Powder?”
The assistant said: “The retail price is the same as our Xiaolin Weisan…”
“I wipe!”
Kobayashi Jiro felt a sharp pain in his heart!
He couldn’t help but reprimanded in annoyance: “This…this damn it is just aiming at our Xiaolin’s stomach Sanda! Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, damn it!”

Chapter: 1457
At this time, Jiro Kobayashi was unable to not be angry.
Jiuxuanweisan, the treatment field is exactly the same as Xiaolinweisan, and it is an absolute benchmark product in itself.
However, the medicinal effect of Jiu Xuan Wei San is much stronger than Xiao Lin Wei San!
Moreover, what is even more hateful is that the packaging specifications, net content and price of Jiuxuanweisan are the same as Xiaolinweisan!
This is very uncomfortable!
It is much easier to use than Kobayashi’s Weisan, but the weight and price are exactly the same.
Isn’t this going to kill the rhythm of Xiaolin’s Weisan? !
Coupled with the endorsement of Gu Qiuyi in Jiu Xuan Wei San, it suddenly became popular in the Chinese local market, which is tantamount to completely choking Xiao Lin Wei San’s grand desire to expand into the Chinese market!
Moreover, being defeated by Jiu Xuan Wei San in the Chinese local market is only the first step!
Needless to think about it, Jiu Xuan Wei San is such a good medicine. This Jiu Xuan pharmaceutical company will definitely not only be satisfied with the Chinese market. They will definitely export to China’s surrounding countries as soon as possible, and even to Europe and the United States! Remember to read in one second
If Jiu Xuan Wei San landed on the Japanese market, wouldn’t it have robbed Kobayashi Wei San’s base camp? !
If Kobayashi’s Weisan loses the overseas market and the Japanese domestic market, then the future of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will be worrying!
In other words, this Jiu Xuan Wei San, it is possible that Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will never recover!
More importantly, all the hopes of Kobayashi Jiro now rest on Kobayashi’s Weisan!
The whole Japan is optimistic about his Kobayashi Weisan, and praises Kobayashi’s Weisan for its efficacy and the future of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.
This includes the head of the Ito family, Ito Nanako’s father, Ito Yuhiko.
The reason why Ito Yuhiko wants to marry Ito Nanako to himself is to marry the Kobayashi family and get an opportunity to become a shareholder of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.
If Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s prospects change from bright to bleak in an instant, then Yuuhiko Ito will definitely lose interest in himself and Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. In that case, what else would he take to marry Ito Nanako? !
You know, Ito Nanako is a goddess who is crazily sought after in Japan, and is known as the Yamato Nadeko in Japan. It can be said that she is the most perfect goddess in Japan. Whatever you say, you can’t let her slip away from her hands!
At this point, Kobayashi Jiro immediately said to the assistant next to him: “Check me the background of this Jiugen Pharmaceutical. Hurry up!”
The assistant nodded hurriedly: “I know the chairman, I will arrange for someone to investigate!”
Kobayashi Jiro asked again: “Has Gu Qiuyi’s agent contacted? What did the other party say?”
“Contacted.” The assistant said angrily: “The person who contacted is called Chen Duoduo. Damn, the woman’s voice is too loud. I said that I hope to invite Miss Gu to endorse our products. She directly said that Miss Gu will never again The endorsement of any physical product is the only endorsement of Jiuxuanwei San…”
Jiro Kobayashi was dumbfounded, and blurted out: “How much endorsement fee did Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical give to Gu Qiuyi?! Could it be that all her physical product endorsements have been bought out?!”

Chapter: 1458
The assistant said in embarrassment: “President, I don’t know about this. The other party just hung up the phone without allowing me to ask carefully…”
“What a bastard!” Kobayashi Jiro said with a black face, “If this is the case, then I can only think of a solution on this Jiugen Pharmaceutical. In any case, I have to buy their formula patent!”
The assistant asked carefully: “President, is this medicine effective?”
“Very good…” Kobayashi Jiro said gloomily, “At least ten times that of Kobayashi’s Weisan!”
The assistant seemed to be struck by lightning: “Ten times?! The difference is so big?!”
Kobayashi Jiro nodded, and said with a gloomy expression: “You must not tell the story about this matter. If we can get the prescription for Jiuxuanweisan, we can reverse everything and even take it to the next level, but if we can’t get the prescription, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s trouble is big!”
Upon hearing this, the assistant couldn’t help asking: “President, such a good prescription is a cash cow for everyone. Will this Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical agree to sell it to us?”
Kobayashi Jiro gritted his teeth and said: “It’s about the life and death of our Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.! Regardless of whether they agree or not, I will force the other party to agree!
Kobayashi Jiro didn’t realize that, he had completely fallen into the same madness as his brother Kobayashi Ichiro.
At the beginning, Ichiro Kobayashi coveted the magical medicine that Ye Chen gave to Shi Tianqi, and wanted to use the magical medicine to cure the paralysis of his father, Masao Kobayashi, and even let Kobayashi Pharmaceutical stand up to the top of the global pharmaceutical companies. Feed the dogs in the dog farm. First URL
And Jiro Kobayashi, unknowingly, opened the door to the same fate as his brother.
Soon, the assistant got the results of the investigation.
He reported to Kobayashi Jirohui: “Chairman, I have found some information about Jiugen Pharmaceutical. It turns out that this company is called Weishi Pharmaceutical. When we evaluated Chinese pharmaceutical companies before, we also evaluated this company. The overall market value at that time At around two to three billion yuan, it is not too big a company, and we have never considered it.”
Kobayashi Jiro frowned and asked, “Then it’s so good, why should it be renamed Kyugen Pharmaceutical?”
The assistant said: “I haven’t heard about this. However, after the name was changed to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, their shareholding structure has also changed. Before the Wei family held 100% of the shares, but after the change, the Wei family only held 20% of the shares. , The remaining 80% are held by mysterious people.”
“Mysterious person?” Kobayashi Jiro asked in surprise: “Can’t you find out who this mysterious person is?”
“Unable to find out.” Assistant Hui reported: “This equity structure has top lawyers behind it, hiding the key information of major shareholders. It is impossible to find out who owns the 80% of the shares, the president, I think This matter is not simple. Maybe the major shareholder behind this has a strong background! We must act cautiously!”
Kobayashi Jiro nodded, gritted his teeth and said: “I don’t need you to tell me that this person must have an unusual background, but now we can’t take care of that much. Kobayashi Pharmaceutical takes off soon, and I absolutely cannot allow it to be cut off by this Jiu Xuan Wei San at this time. wing!”
The assistant hurriedly asked him: “President, what do you mean?”
Kobayashi Jiro said: “Tomorrow morning, go to Kyugen Pharmaceutical!”
The assistant said: “Chairman, Miss Nanako will enter the finals tomorrow morning! Don’t you go to the scene to cheer her on?”
Jiro Kobayashi waved his hand boredly: “The top priority now is to gnaw off Jiugen Pharmaceutical! If Jiugen Pharmaceutical cannot gnaw it off, then I can’t gnaw off Nanako! If Jiugen Pharmaceutical can gnaw it down, then Nanako will do it sooner or later. Can’t escape from my palm!”
The assistant immediately nodded and said: “President, I understand!”
Kobayashi Jiro said: “By the way, we should contact now and mobilize a group of masters from the country to try to get them to Jinling at noon tomorrow. Let the masters solve it!”

Chapter: 1459
The next day.
Kobayashi Jiro left early in the morning for Kyogen Pharmaceutical.
Ye Chen, after eating breakfast made by his mother-in-law Ma Lan, borrowed the car of his old husband and drove to Jinling Stadium.
I have to say that since Ma Lan became soft, Ye Chen’s life at home has been much more comfortable.
And since Ma Lan heard Ye Chen say that Xiao Churan gave her a high cost and asked her to help bring the child, she changed the way to lick Ye Chen, and at the same time kept persuading Xiao Chu Of course I have a baby early.
Ma Lan has been married to Xiao Changkun for so many years, and her cooking skills have never improved. Anyway, she has been fooling her husband and daughter.
But now, she actually started to study the recipe with her mobile phone, and she was determined to maintain Ye Chen’s son-in-law, so that she could have a good life in the future.
She already understood it.
Although Ye Chen is an orphan with no background, Haolai has also mastered a craft of feng shui. In the future, this family will definitely not be short of money. In addition, she lives in this big villa of Tangchen, which is worth more than 100 million yuan. I’m not too satisfied.
So, for Ye Chen now, she just wanted to please, not anything else. Remember the URL
This point surprised both Xiao Churan and Xiao Changkun.
The two of them did not expect that Ma Lan, who had never bowed his head at home, would start to bow to Ye Chen.
Of course, the two of them knew very well that Ma Lan was running for money. After all, no one knew Ma Lan’s behavior better than them.
But there is nothing wrong with this, at least there won’t be any troubles in the house.
Ye Chen drove to the stadium, which was already crowded.
Today’s final can be said to have attracted national attention.
The people all over the country want to see if the dark horse Qin Aoxue can be blacked to the end and directly get a champion back!
When Ye Chen came backstage, Qin Aoxue had already arrived early.
Seeing him coming, I was ashamed and happy, holding his arm, and asked him softly, “Master Ye, do you think Aoxue can win today?”
Ye Chen nodded and said seriously: “I think you will definitely win!”
As he said, he couldn’t help thinking of Ito Nanako again.
Ito Nanako’s strength was much higher than Qin Aoxue’s before, but Qin Aoxue’s strength now surpassed Ito Nanako by a large margin.
Therefore, Ye Chen didn’t worry about Qin Aoxue’s victory.
However, he was faintly worried whether Qin Aoxue would accidentally and seriously injured Ito Nanako during the game.
To be honest, he has a good impression of the girl Ito Nanako.
Although she is a Japanese woman, she has to admit that she is a model of Xiuwaihui in terms of appearance, figure, personality, temperament, family education, and accomplishments.
These eight words, such as quiet as a virgin and moving as a rabbit, are the best interpretation of her.
Any normal man will inevitably feel pity when facing such a tender woman.

Chapter: 1460
She is like a flower with the most splendid fragrance, and everyone will feel a little caring.
Although Ye Chen didn’t like her, but the element of appreciation still accounted for the majority.
Appreciating a person naturally does not want that person to be harmed.
However, the opponent she faced right now was Little Pepper Qin Aoxue.
From the competition, Ye Chen certainly hopes that Qin Aoxue will win, and at the same time he can also win honor to the Chinese.
However, personally, he didn’t want Ito Nanako to be hurt too badly.
At a certain moment, Ye Chen wanted to urge Qin Aoxue to leave her a little bit of strength after she took the stage, and don’t hurt Ito Nanako too badly.
However, after hesitating for a while, he gave up the idea.
Because, he knew he could not interfere with Qin Aoxue’s game.
If she said this, Qin Aoxue would be shocked and lost in her heart. Remember to read in one second
After all, she is the infinitely admired Master Ye in her eyes, and also her current coach. If she were to show mercy to her enemies before her game, she would definitely feel a sense of betrayal.
Therefore, I can only keep this worry in my heart, and at the same time secretly, if Ito Nanako is not seriously injured, I will stop interfering and let her return to Japan directly.
But if Ito Nanako is seriously injured, then she can’t leave her alone and save her once, and she can’t turn her into a waste like her master, Yamamoto Kazuki.
Meanwhile, in the lounge on the other side, Nanako Ito looked a little nervous.
Her assistant, Koichi Tanaka, placed two mobile phones in front of her, both of which were on video calls.
One is a video with Kazuki Yamamoto lying in the hospital; the other is a video with her father, Ito Yuhiko, who is far away in Japan.
Yamamoto Kazuki said with a serious face: “Nanako, it’s too late to quit. You’d better not play against that Qin Aoxue. In case of serious injury, your life will be ruined!”
Ito Nanako said seriously: “Master, please don’t say anything like this. Nanako will be on stage in ten minutes. Could you please say some words of encouragement, or give Nanako some tactics!”
Yamamoto Kazuki sighed, “Hey! You… why don’t you listen to me!”
Yuhiko Ito in another mobile phone was also nervous and said: “Nanako! Mr. Yamamoto is your mentor, why don’t you listen to his advice and insist on playing this game? You are the father’s favorite child. , Dad would rather you do nothing in your life than you want to be hurt!”
Ito Nanako’s eyes reddened, and she said: “My father, you see Nanako grow up, and you know Nanako’s character best. If Nanako retreats in this game today, I am afraid I will not be able to let it go for the rest of my life. I’m only 22 years old this year. Would you like me to regret it for the rest of my life?”
Ito Yuihiko couldn’t help but choked up and said, “Nanako, you always call my father adult. Today, I want to hear you call me Odosan like an ordinary child…”
Nanako Ito stood up immediately, bowed deeply to the phone video, and said respectfully: “Odusan!”
Oudosan, that means father in Japanese.
After hearing Ito Nanako’s Odosan, Ito Yuhiko sighed softly and said: “Nanako, go, dad respect you, chase your own clear conscience, dad is waiting for you in Tokyo!”
Nanako Ito smiled sweetly and said, “Odosan, if I get severely injured this time, I don’t want to go back to Tokyo. I want to go to Kyoto for training. I prefer the environment of Kyoto…”
Tokyo is the capital of Japan and an international metropolis, with tall buildings, busy traffic and full of modern atmosphere.
Kyoto, on the other hand, is the ancient capital of Japan. There are a large number of historical monuments dating back hundreds or even thousands of years, and they are fairly well preserved. The modern atmosphere is not so strong, the environment is quiet and the climate is pleasant.
Nanako Ito grew up in the old house of the Ito family in Kyoto when she was young. When she was fourteen, she moved to Tokyo with her family. But in her heart, Kyoto is the only hometown in her memory.

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