The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 231-240

Chapter: 231
Ye Chen still wanted to say something, but seeing that Xiao Churan was already angry, he could only turn around and walk out of the restaurant with a dark face.
The owner of a small company in the middle of nowhere dared to be so mad in front of himself? What’s that if it’s not bored with living?
Xiao Choran is still so scrupulous about him, doesn’t she know that her husband is the one with the strongest strength?
Right at this moment, Ye Chen wanted to tell Xiao Churan his true identity, so that she would never have to worry about the future, never have to be missed and bullied by such a small company’s small boss again.
However, the words were on his lips, but he still held back.
Exposing his identity would mean that he had officially accepted to return to the Ye family to acknowledge his ancestors.
Ye Chen didn’t want to go back.
Walking outside the hotel, Ye Chen looked upstairs, then took out his cell phone and made a call to the Ye family’s great butler, Tang Sihai.
“Find out for me the details of Prospect, and what clients they’ve been working with recently, and what projects they have on hand.”
Tang Sihai’s respectful voice came from the phone, “Young Master, several of the main big clients of the Mileage Company are basically small businesses below the Ye family, and they also took a few properties from the Emperor Group this year.” The first website
“Yes?” Ye Chen sneered, after messing around for half a day, it turned out that this Mei Ping, was still a little punk who was digging up food to eat behind his own ass.
Ye Chen suddenly wanted to laugh.
If Mei Ping knew that what he had offended was his business father, I wonder how he would feel?
Thinking of this, he said to Tang Sihai, “Help me teach Prospect a little lesson.”
Tang Sihai respectfully asked, “Young Master, what is your order?”
“Oh, you’re withdrawing all cooperation with Mileage, I’m not happy with this stupid company.”
“Mileage company offended you? Do you want me to have someone just do their boss? Let him vanish from the face of the earth!”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said with a smile, “Don’t fight at every turn, if you kill him, how will he still feel the pain? Just let him go bankrupt and never get up for life.”
“Third Young Master, wait a few minutes, I’ll make the arrangements.”
For Tang Sihai, letting Prospect go bankrupt was as simple as squeezing an ant.
After Ye Chen ordered and hung up his phone, he looked upstairs and found that Xiao Churan was still apologizing to Mei Ping, who, on the other hand, was all high and mighty, and was probably scolding himself for what he was saying.
He simply sat down on the side of the road and lazily waited for his wife to come out.
On the road, the plainly dressed Ye Chen was just like an ordinary passerby, no one would give him more than a glance.
However, a single phone call from him could turn the famous boss of Jinling into a poor man with nothing to lose.
Xiao Choran had been making amends in front of Mei Ping, and Mei Ping’s face seemed to have eased a bit.
Afterwards, Xiao Churan accompanied Mei Ping out of the gate, while Mei Ping’s burned face was still in a hot pain.
He saw Ye Chen sitting on the side of the road and stared hard at him, then turned to Xiao Churan and said, “Churan, for your sake, I’ll forgive your wasteful husband for once, and I’ll invite you to dinner tomorrow night to talk about cooperation again.”
On the surface as if nothing had happened, it was only to please Xiao Churan, but his heart was still burning with anger.
If not for Xiao Churan’s apology just now, he would have wanted to have someone come over and cripple Ye Chen on the spot!
However, Mei Ping wasn’t going to let Ye Chen off lightly, he just wanted to let him off the hook for the time being, and after he got his hands on Xiao Churan tomorrow, he would find someone to disable Ye Chen!
Ye Chen came over and said to Xiao Churan, “Wife, let’s go home, there’s nothing to talk about with this kind of soon to be bankrupt son of a bitch, and even less to cooperate with.”
Mei Ping’s face changed slightly and said coldly, “Kid, you’re really fucking looking for death, saying that I’m going bankrupt? I’ll kill you in a minute, right? The only reason you’re still safe and sound up to now is because I gave face to Choron!”
Ye Chen sneered and stretched out his hand before slapping it.

Chapter: 232
Meiping covered his face and froze, followed by an annoyed shout.
“Rubbish! Don’t you fucking dare hit me!”
Ye Chen sneered, “What’s wrong with beating you? Hit you, and you’ll suffer!”
After saying that, he raised his hand and slapped him again, smacking his cheeks high and swollen.
Although Xiao Churan also had some dislike for Mei Ping, he was still a little worried when he saw Ye Chen slapping him twice in a row and hurriedly said, “Ye Chen, what are you doing…. Didn’t I tell you not to fight with just anyone?”
What she was worried about was not her cooperation, but whether Ye Chen would be retaliated by Meiping, after all, Meiping was also a big boss with a famous name, how could she swallow it if she was beaten by him?
As expected, Mei Ping was so annoyed that she simply revealed her original form, pointing at Xiao Choran and saying, “Surnamed Xiao, if you don’t pay your husband’s debt today, I’ll kill him! Make him disappear completely in Jinling!”
As soon as Xiao Chu Ran heard the word flesh payment, he became angry and said, “You are shameless!”
“Shameless?” Mei Ping snorted coldly, “Don’t think I don’t know, the Xiao family has already swept you out of the house, and you still think you’re the Miss Xiao? I’ll tell you the truth, I, Mei Ping, can kill your whole family just by stomping my foot in Jinling City, if you don’t want anything to happen to your family, you’d better kneel down and crawl into my bed yourself, I can barely forgive you if I’m happy!”
Xiao Choran trembled with anger and said sternly, “Mei Ping, you’re a bastard!” Remember the URL
“What’s wrong with me being powerful and shameless?” Mei Ping said brazenly.
Ye Chen stood up and said to Mei Ping, “Surnamed Mei, you’re already bankrupt, so you should save such words as entitled and powerful.”
“What did you say!”
Mei Ping was stunned, completely unresponsive.
He was about to shout in anger when suddenly his phone rang.
Meiping didn’t want to answer it, but the phone rang like it was rushing.
Meiping fiercely pointed his finger at Ye Chen and picked up the phone impatiently.
“Hey, what’s the matter…”
“Mr. Mei, it’s not good! The shareholders who were going to cooperate with the company suddenly withdrew all our cooperation!”
“What!” Mei Ping’s face changed dramatically, “I’ll immediately call over to the capital.”
“Wait a minute, not only is the capital withdrawing its cooperation, but also the Empire Group, which has a long-standing partnership with our company, has suddenly cancelled all cooperation, in addition to General Manager Zhao, General Manager Li, and General Manager Tang…. All of them cancelled their contracts…”
Mei Ping held the phone, so shocked that he couldn’t speak.
But the voice on the phone continued.
“…….. There are currently four companies calling, demanding that Prospect pay a huge amount of money for breach of contract…”
“Mr. Zhang from the Haotian Finance Division called to reclaim the 280 million dollars in construction loans, with a deadline to transfer the money within tomorrow, or else we’ll take legal action and seize the buildings we’re building.”
“Also, the heads of Guangfa Bank, Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, and Agricultural Bank all called to collect their debts, so that we must settle all previous loans by noon tomorrow, or else we will judicially auction the company’s assets…”
Mei Ping was sweating profusely, his face was bloodless, and his shirt was soaked with cold sweat layer by layer.
Is this world insane?
Or is he having a nightmare?
They all look like they have a date!
What’s going on?
What’s going on here?

Chapter: 233
One after another, Mei Ping was sweating like rain, and could not even stand firm, so he had to use his hands to hold onto the wall.
Xiao Choran didn’t know who he was on the phone with, but after seeing that Mei Ping had even answered a phone call, he suddenly changed his appearance as if he was about to have a sudden emergency, and he couldn’t help but wonder.
“Ye Chen, is Mei Ping having a sudden emergency?”
Ye Chen said with a seeming smile, “Probably, he’s sick in the head, he can’t even remember what he is.”
There was still the sound of the secretary’s panicked cries from the phone, but Mei Ping could no longer hear them, his ears were ringing and all he could think about was what Ye Chen had just said.
“You’re bankrupt!”
Mei Ping was covered in cold sweat and raised his head in fear, staring at Ye Chen deadly.
Was he even unpredictable?
He’s…….. . really broke!
Mei Ping was paralyzed down the wall, full of despair. A second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen gave him a cold look and said to Xiao Churan, “Let’s go.”
Xiao Churan didn’t know what was going on with Mei Ping, but she no longer wanted to look at this person, so she turned around and left.
Just then, Mei Ping suddenly woke up and looked up sharply at Ye Chen!
He suddenly stood up with a crawl and pounced on Ye Chen’s back.
Just as Ye Chen was about to get into the car, Mei Ping pounced on him all of a sudden, his eyes blood red, breathing heavily and staring at him dead in the eyes.
This maniacal appearance of Mei Ping made Xiao Choran nervous and subconsciously took a step back behind Ye Chen.
“It was you who did it right? You did all this, didn’t you?”
Mei Ping stared at Ye Chen and asked in a panic.
Ye Chen looked at Meiping and said with a blank expression, “Get out!”
The tone was crisp and clear, like berating a dog.
The crowd of onlookers looked at each other!
Isn’t that the famous Mr. Mei?
This young man, dressed like a passerby, dared to tell General Manager Mei to get lost in public?
You don’t want to hang out in Jinling anymore, do you?
Right in front of everyone’s eyes, Mei Ping suddenly threw himself on his knees in front of Ye Chen and said with a wailing face, “Master Ye, I was wrong! Please, let me live.”
The surrounding area was silent, and the crowd couldn’t believe their eyes.
Mei Ping, the famous construction magnate of Jinling City, was kneeling in front of a passerby!
Even Xiao Choran was stunned, completely unexpected that Mei Ping would kneel to Ye Chen.
“Master Ye, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have hit Xiao Choran’s idea! I was wrong, I repent, I won’t dare to do it again in the future, please give me a chance to live, don’t play me to death ah…”
Mei Ping said as he slapped himself hard, slapping it so crisply and loudly.
Ye Chen was expressionless as he watched him slap more than a dozen times, his mouth bleeding, before he said faintly, “Master Mei, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Master Ye, once the Prospect Company goes bankrupt, not only will I not have a single penny, I will have several hundred million dollars of debts to fill, and I won’t be able to repay it in my next life!”
Meiping knelt on the ground and begged bitterly, without the style of a successful man he had just been.
It had all come so suddenly and coincidentally!
As soon as Ye Chen said he was “bankrupt”, MileagePlus was having bad luck one after another… tomorrow it will be bankrupt!

Chapter: 234
It all seems like a coincidence, but how could it be?
Mei Ping vaguely felt that what happened must be related to Ye Chen, so he couldn’t care about his face and kneeled down in public.
Xiao Churan didn’t know the content of the phone, and couldn’t help but be surprised and say, “Mei Ping, isn’t your company doing well? Besides, what does your bankruptcy have to do with Ye Chen?”
Mei Ping kneeled on the ground and said, “Sister Ran, it was me who offended you just now, I admit my fault to you! Just now the company called to say that the customer canceled the contract, the cooperation withdrawn, the bank chased the debt, I’m finished…. Please say something nice in front of Master Ye, or else I really have no way to live.”
Xiao Choran was stunned and said, “I think you’re mistaken, Ye Chen doesn’t have that much power.”
Ye Chen also said indifferently, “Mei Ping, everything in this world has cause and effect, it’s useless for you to beg me, reflect on it yourself.”
After saying that, he brought Xiao Churan to the car.
When Ye Chen drove the car away, Mei Ping was still dumbfounded and kneeling on the roadside.
The crowd around was gathering more and more, all checking him out with surprised eyes, and kept whispering.
But Meiping can no longer care. The first website
Starting tomorrow, he goes from being a high and successful man to being a beggar on the street!
No, worse than a beggar!
Not only does he have no money, he has to pay hundreds of millions in damages!
The phone was still ringing and the assistant’s panicked voice came out.
“Mr. Mei…. The loan shark company called, saying that the interest rate has increased by ten points, and that they will come to collect the debt tomorrow, and if you can’t pay the money, they will chop off your right hand…”
“Mr. Mei, the landlord of the office building we’re renting called, saying that he wants to raise the rent twenty times, and if you don’t pay, you’ll be told to move out by tomorrow!”
“Mr. Mei…”
The phone slipped out of Mei Ping’s hand and he knelt on the ground, looking dazed.
Suddenly, Mei Ping howled wildly, “Oh God, who the hell have I offended!”
He frantically pounded the ground with his hands, and at the same time knocked his head on the ground with his head, causing blood to flow.
Mei Ping could not bear the great blow, and his spirit collapsed, he foamed at the mouth, rolled his eyes and fainted.
Ye Chen drove the car, his face calm.
The more Xiao Churan thought about it, the more wrong it was, and couldn’t help but ask, “What exactly did you do to Mei Ping that he was afraid of you like that?”
Ye Chen said lightly, “I didn’t do anything to him ah, I’ve been waiting for you outside, how can I do anything to him, I guess he’s offended too many people, others won’t let him go.”
Xiao Churan thought about it and dispelled a lot of doubts, maybe Meiping had offended some powerful person, but he had put the blame on Ye Chen’s head.
Thinking of this, Xiao Churan was indignant and said, “This Mei Ping is really shameless, he deserves it for being bankrupt.”
Ye Chen laughed without moving a muscle.
It was indeed Mei Ping who deserved it, provoking himself, bankruptcy was considered the best ending, otherwise let him vanish on earth.
Xiao Choran sighed lightly and said, “It seems that we still need to find a new partner to see if we can talk about business for the studio.”
As soon as Ye Chen heard this, he was ready to say hello to Wang Dongxue and turn back to ask the Imperial Group to give his wife more orders.
When they returned home, Xiao Churan was still talking to Ye Chen about his next plans for the studio’s development.
But as soon as they entered the house, Xiao Changkun rubbed his hands and walked forward, looking embarrassed and said, “That…. Choran, your mother told you to go back to work tomorrow at Xiao’s group.”
“What?” Xiao Churan was stunned.
Ye Chen also furrowed his brow and said, “Isn’t it clearing the line with the Xiao family?”
“Ugh!” Xiao Changkun looked embarrassed and said helplessly, “Your mother doesn’t know what kind of bewitchment she’s been given, she’s devoted to the Xiao family, so…”
Before Xiao Changkun finished speaking, Xiao Choran angrily said to Ma Lan, “Mom, the Xiao family bullied my father and tried to take away Ye Chen’s villa, why do you want us to go back?”

Chapter: 235
At this moment, facing Xiao Choran’s questioning, her mother-in-law, Ma Lan, said in a bad mood, “No matter what, the blood flowing through your body is the Xiao family’s blood! Besides, your grandmother has already apologized to me, saying that she was all confused and angry at Xiao Hailong for provoking her, and now that Xiao Hailong has been severely punished by her, what are you still not satisfied with?”
Xiao Churan said angrily, “Even if it’s an apology, so what? I know my grandmother all too well, and even if she apologizes, it’s definitely not from the heart! She just wants me to go back and help her take care of the cooperation of the Imperial Group.”
Ma Lan hurriedly advised, “Don’t think so badly of your grandmother, it’s all family, how can there be an overnight feud?”
“I’m not family with the Xiao family.” Xiao Choran said angrily, “I won’t be able to go back to work at the Xiao Clan either.”
“What do you call that.” Ma Lan said with dissatisfaction, “Your grandmother has already realized her mistake, do you want an elder to pull down her face to apologize to you?”
Said Ma Lan, “To show her sincerity, your grandmother even gave me a gold necklace and two jade bracelets in an unprecedented way…”
“Mom, just tell me that you want these jewels that grandma gave you,”
Xiao Choran finished in exasperation, no longer paying attention to Ma Lan, turned around and walked into the bedroom.
Ye Chen also hurriedly followed him in.
Ma Lan said in the living room in anger, “Look at your daughter.” Remember the website
Unexpectedly, Xiao Changkun also ignored her and turned around and walked away.
In the bedroom, Xiao Churan was still angry and complained to Ye Chen, “I never thought that the Xiao family would use jewelry to buy my mother, didn’t they just know that she was money-minded? Mom too, when the Xiao family gave a few pieces of jewelry and spoke a few nice words, she got confused and forgot how people insulted her in the first place.”
Although Ye Chen was unhappy in his heart, it was not convenient to speak ill of his mother-in-law, so he could only advise, “When we broke up with the Xiao family, Mom didn’t follow her there at that time, so she probably didn’t know the despicable methods of the Xiao family.”
Xiao Chu Ran said, “Then what if she insists that I go back to work?”
Ye Chen said, “Consider it yourself, I’ll support any decision you make.”
Xiao Chu Ran nodded and said firmly, “I still want to start my own business!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, “That’s what I think too, start a good business and you will definitely succeed!”
As he spoke, Ye Chen thought to himself that he would take the time to call Qin Gang of the Qin family, Chen Zekai of Shangri-La, the Taoist muddler Hong Fifth, Song Wanting of the Song family, and Wang Zhenggang of the Wang family to have a meal together, to say hello to them and ask them to take more care of their wives’ careers in the future.
While thinking about this matter, Ye Chen suddenly received a call from Song Wanting, she said respectfully on the phone, “Master Ye, it’s me, Song Wanting, I wonder if you’re busy?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “No, Miss Song has something to say.”
Song Wanting said, “Master Ye, my grandfather has been sick lately and hasn’t been able to see what’s wrong with him, I wonder if you have time to come to grandfather’s house and give him a look?”
Saying that, Song Wanting said, “Don’t worry, you won’t be treated badly on the consultation fee.”
Ye Chen thought that Song Wanting was the daughter of a top family in Jinling, and in the future, his wife would start a business and might have to trouble her to help out more, so he readily agreed and said, “Tonight, then.”
Song Wanting immediately said gratefully, “That’s good, I’ll pick you up tonight!”
Hanging up Song Wanting’s phone, Ye Chen said to Xiao Churan, “A friend is looking for me in the evening, so I won’t eat at home.”
Xiao Churan nodded and didn’t ask more questions, just instructed, “When you’re outside, don’t keep getting that feng shui stuff with other people, in case they treat you as a liar, you’ll get into trouble.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

Chapter: 236
In the evening, Song Wanting personally drove to the neighborhood to pick up Ye Chen.
When she saw Ye Chen, she arched her hands very respectfully and said, “Master Ye, I’m a trouble for you.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, “Miss Song doesn’t need to be so polite.”
After saying that, seeing her wearing a diamond bracelet on her wrist, she asked curiously, “The bracelet you lost last time, it’s this one, right?”
Song Wanting hurriedly nodded her head and said, “This is the one, my mother left it to me before she passed away, it’s as important to me as my life, thanks to Master Ye, otherwise, it might never be recovered.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “You and it’s fate is not yet finished, even if I don’t help you, it might still roll back to your hands some time later.”
Song Wanting knew that Ye Chen was being modest, and hurriedly said, “Master Ye, it’s rare to find a master with true skills like you, and it’s unheard of for him to be so modest and low-key.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Miss Song’s doesn’t need to flatter me, let’s hurry up and go about our business.”
Song Wanting hurriedly nodded and said, “Master Ye, please get in the car!” One second to remember to read the book
Getting into Song Wanting’s Rolls-Royce, the driver drove the car at full speed to the Song family’s mansion in Jinling.
This is a typical Chinese style villa, with grand and majestic styling, and seven gardens, which reveal the full classical beauty and poetry, showing the owner’s elegant taste.
Moreover, this manor covers an extremely large area of land, and to own such a large piece of land in Jinling is a clear indication of the Song family’s wealth and generosity.
Led by Song Wanting, Ye Chen arrived at the main courtyard, and as soon as he entered the door, he saw a young man in a suit walking this way along with an old man with an ancient appearance and a young girl.
“Sister, this is…”
The handsome young man looked at Ye Chen in confusion.
“This is Master Ye.” Song Wanting looked slightly pale, but still managed to endure and introduced, “This is my cousin Song Honor.”
“Hello.” Ye Chen nodded.
“Master Ye?”
The youth looked Ye Chen up and down once, then sarcastically said, “Sister, you invited a so-called master younger than me to treat grandpa? A bit melodramatic, isn’t it?”
Ye Chen’s heart was slightly moved as he listened.
On the way here, Song Wanting had mentioned that Master Song’s life was now in danger and his life was hanging by a thread.
The younger generation of the family were all Eight Immortals, each displaying their magical powers, and had invited countless famous doctors over during this period of time, hoping to cure Master Song and thus make a great achievement, or to get a greater share of the property when dividing it later.
Especially for Song Wanting and her cousin Song Honor.
But unfortunately, none of these invited famous doctors returned in hot water.
This Song Honor seemed to be a bit hostile towards Song Wanting, so even the way she looked at herself was filled with displeasure.
Song Wanting spoke up at this time, “Brother, Master Ye is very powerful, before I had very bad luck, it was Master Ye who helped me to resolve the reversal, it was simply a great miracle.”
Song Honor despised and said, “Sister, to treat grandpa, you need a divine doctor, not a feng shui master who is pretending to be divine and divine, you know?”

Chapter: 237
Ye Chen was slightly unhappy at this time.
I came here to give face to Song Wanting, otherwise, as the young master of your own Ye family, what qualifications do you have to let me come here, just a Song family?
Song Wanting was also a little angry at this point and said, “Brother, there are things you can disbelieve, but you can’t disrespect!”
Song Honor snorted coldly, “Respect? I only respect those masters who have true talent, and as for the tricksters of the world, they are not worthy of my Song Honor’s respect!”
Saying that, he pointed at the old man beside him and proudly introduced him, “This is the extremely famous divine doctor in Jiangnan, Shi Tianqi, and his granddaughter.”
Ye Chen looked up and was slightly stunned.
These two people were an old man and a young woman, and they looked like a pair of grandparents.
However, their clothes were clearly different from the others.
The old man was over sixty years old, wearing a long robe of green bamboo cloth, a pair of old-fashioned black-framed goggles, a long white beard, and shining eyes, he looked like a practitioner.
The girl standing next to him, about eighteen or nine years old, wearing a loose student cheongsam, cut with ear-length bangs and short hair, bright eyes and white teeth, exuding a cold, classical atmosphere. The first website
However, this girl’s looks called Ye Chen’s attention a little more, because in Jinling City, he hadn’t seen many people whose posture was comparable to the “No.1 Beauty”, Xiao Churan.
Compared to Xiao Churan, this girl’s eyes were sharper, and she had a vague air of pride that didn’t look easy to approach.
Seeing Ye Chen looking over, Shi Tianqi faintly nodded his head, while the girl was icy cold and didn’t look at all.
Song Honor said to Song Wanting again, “Sister, I see that this person you’re looking for is no more than in his early twenties, he may not have memorized all the important theories such as yin and yang, the five elements, and temperature and cold, but he is biased and calls himself a master, if word gets out, people will laugh at our Song family for being so dumb that they don’t believe in medical arts, but instead believe in superstition?”
Song Honor’s words were laced with guns and sticks, pointing directly at Ye Chen, causing Ye Chen to be startled as well, how did he become a liar?
At this time, Song Honor cupped his fist to that old man again and said, “Old man Shi, it’s this sister of mine who doesn’t know anything and has become ill, you shouldn’t be bothered with her in general.”
Shi Tianqi instead said very humbly, “Being young may not necessarily mean that you don’t have real talent, Mr. Song doesn’t need to be so suspicious of this young friend.”
Song Honor sighed and said, “What you don’t know, Elder Shi, this sister of mine, is sick and always being cheated.”
Song Wanting’s expression was also a bit ugly at this point, and she spoke out, “Brother, what do you mean by that?”
Song Honor asked rhetorically, “Did I say something wrong? But I heard that you were cheated by a so-called feng shui master from Hong Kong before, and you still haven’t come to your senses?”
“You…” Song Wanting couldn’t hang on to her face.
The matter of “Master Lai” was indeed a defeat for herself, she didn’t expect that she would also be fooled by a liar from Hong Kong, fortunately, Ye Chen was present, otherwise she was afraid that she would be unlucky.
However, Song Honor obviously didn’t know what Ye Chen was capable of, that’s why she dared to speak out in front of Ye Chen.
At this time, Song Honor said to Ye Chen again, “Kid, I don’t know how you managed to fool Wan Ting, but don’t try to fool my Song family. This Shi Lao, with three generations of ancestors as imperial physicians, you’re a little jianghu liar, I advise you to leave quickly, so you don’t ask for trouble!”
Song Wanting looked extremely ugly, but she couldn’t find a reason to refute, after all, Ye Chen did look too young, and that alone was not convincing, if she hadn’t seen Ye Chen’s extraordinary qualities, she wouldn’t have believed him, and if she continued to use Ye Chen’s feng shui reading thing to say things, she was afraid that he would be even more likely to use it to do something.
However, she didn’t expect that Ye Chen would be very calm about it, smiling and saying, “Oh, it’s fine, a small person like me, just watching from the sidelines, never disturbing this Apricot Forest Sage to heal and save people.”

Chapter: 238
“Count you sensible.”
At this time, a middle-aged man came out of the mansion and spoke, “Wan Ting, Honor, your grandfather is dying!”
Shi Tianqi asked evenly, “Where is Old Man Song? Let the old man go forward and take a look!”
“At the back house, please follow me.” Song Honor hurriedly led the way himself, leading the grandparents towards the backyard.
Song Wanting hurriedly pulled Ye Chen to follow as well.
When everyone arrived at a luxurious and classical room in the back mansion, they saw a dying old man lying on a large bed made of yellow rosewood.
The old man’s face was as gaunt as gold paper, and his brows were tightly furrowed, as if he was in great pain.
Shi Tianqi immediately said, “Old man Song is in critical condition, please allow me and my granddaughter to start treating him immediately.”
Song Honor hurriedly said, “Old Man Shi, please do something!”
Shi Tianqi nodded, but did not heal himself, but stood by the bedside and instructed the young woman to do it. Remember the URL
There was a pair of silver needles on the bedside table, and the woman was holding them and stabbing Song Lao.
The way she stuck the needles was very proficient, even better than an old Chinese medicine practitioner who had been practicing for twenty or thirty years, no wonder that although she was young, the Song family was assured to let her heal.
This young woman was indeed not bad looking, not only was she clear and beautiful, but there was also a hidden heroic spirit between her eyebrows, both her looks and temperament could be called superb.
However, what Ye Chen was looking at was not this woman’s posture, but her inner body.
Because he had seen that this woman was able to make some true qi to match when she placed the needle, and could be considered half of the same person.
According to the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, the classical Chinese Daoists had passed down a total of five branches, namely, Mountain, Medicine, Life, Phase, and Divination.
All of these five branch veins were more or less true and considered to be somewhat cultivated.
Ye Chen could tell at a glance that Shi Tianqi and his granddaughter were the successors of the “Mountain” lineage.
The origin of the “Mountain” lineage was mainly based on medical arts, with medical studies followed by martial arts, and then medical and martial arts training together.
However, even if Shi Tianqi’s grandparents cultivated both medicine and martial arts, they were only flesh and mortal bodies, and all mortals could use was true qi.
However, Ye Chen has already surpassed the mortal body through the rejuvenation of his aura, and his physique is incomparable to that of the five Daoist veins.
The “true qi” cultivated by the five Daoist veins was only one word away from the “aura” in Ye Chen’s body, but in reality, it was a far cry from the “aura”.
In layman’s terms, it is the difference between coal and diamond, although the two are the same in origin, but coal can only be used as material, energy is limited, and the price is low, while diamond is the essence of hardening, draws a lot of energy, incomparably hard, the price is also thousands of times.
Many people from the five Daoist lineages have studied hard all their lives, hoping that they could cultivate the slightest bit of “spiritual energy”.
The reason is that even a little bit of spiritual energy can greatly enhance one’s cultivation and prolong one’s life.
However, 99% of Daoist disciples of the five veins cannot cultivate even a little bit of aura until they die…….

Chapter: 239
“Two divine doctors have worked hard.” The middle-aged man of the Song family said evenly, and with a wink of his eye, his nephew Song Yunfei hurriedly brought a parasite tea and invited the two of them to rest and drink the tea.
The young woman even put down the silver needles and gasped, receiving the cup of tea and drinking it down.
Although only a third of the needle scorching process, but the old Song’s face has turned red, breath is also more even.
The surrounding Song family members also looked happy, eyes worship.
The woman was also quite proud of herself, and after drinking the tea, she even glanced at Ye Chen with a flourish, meaning: you see how well I can cure it.
Ye Chen only watched without saying anything, and there was no expression on his face.
In fact, if she had mastered her true qi well and the fire was in place, she wouldn’t have needed to spend so much true qi and wouldn’t have been so tired.
But Ye Chen doesn’t need to point out, he doesn’t want to mess with this “choking pepper”.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual shoes or boots.
After the woman gave him an acupuncture treatment, Song Lao’s condition did improve, but this was only on the surface. One second to remember to read the book
Song Lao’s body has old wounds, tendons and veins have long been destroyed, and there is also a blood deficiency, and many organs are already somewhat depleted, the woman’s diagnosis and treatment just now only treats the symptoms, not the root cause.
On the surface, it looks like Song Lao’s face is red and moist, but in reality, he is suppressing the weakness, and when he waits for two days, he will relapse, and the disease will collapse, and the symptoms will be even worse, and his life will be in danger.
The so-called divine doctor was just letting him live for two or three more days.
Seeing this, Ye Chen made a quick decision, stood by the bedside, picked up the silver needle by the table, and said indifferently, “The old man’s body still has a hidden disease, let me apply the needle to treat it.”
Seeing Ye Chen apply the needles, the middle-aged man of the Song family was suddenly surprised and wanted to stop, but then saw his skillful technique and frowned at him.
Song Honor at the side became furious and took off, “Hey! What are you doing?
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Old Song has an old disease in his body, I’ll try to renew his veins for him and additionally make his internal organs rejuvenate, otherwise, he won’t live for three days.”
“What did you say?” Song Honor became furious and cursed, “You curse my grandfather, I’ll fucking kill you!”
Song Wanting hurriedly stopped him and spoke out of turn, “Brother, let Master Ye heal grandpa, don’t mess with him!”
“Me messing with it?” Song Honor raged, “Don’t worry about putting grandpa’s life in his hands, I don’t have the guts to do it like you do! Are you trying to get Grandpa killed?”
Song Wanting said coldly, “I believe in Master Ye’s strength, let Master Ye cure, I’ll be responsible for any problems!”
“You’re in charge of nothing!”
At this time, Ye Chen didn’t lift his head, silver needles flew in his hand, and pierced Guan Yuan, Juque, Shaoyang and other major acupuncture points, and also supplemented with some spiritual energy into Song Lao’s body with the tip of the needle.
The young woman saw that Ye Chen actually dared to give Song Lao acupuncture needles directly, and was about to step forward to stop it, saying: “Hey, kid, you quickly stop, you can’t be held responsible if something happens…”.
Just at this moment, Shi Tianqi, who was beside her, suddenly stopped her and said in a deep voice, “Slow down, don’t disturb him!”
The young woman said urgently, “Grandfather, he’s treating the patient indiscriminately, he’ll cure the patient!”
Shi Tianqi said in a deep voice, “Xiao Zhao, look carefully at the way he places the needle!”
Seeing her grandfather say that, the woman had to look at Yatsuo’s hand.

Chapter: 240
At this look, she too was jaw-droppingly surprised that it was the same needle she had just used!
She immediately raged, “Shame on you, stealing a teacher! Learn away the Samyang Needle technique I just performed!”
Shi Tianqi, however, had a heavy face and spoke only a few seconds later, “Look again and pay attention to his hand gestures!”
The woman looked at it carefully for a moment, but suddenly she also looked shocked and murmured, “He…. What is he…”
She recognized that the needle technique that Ye Chen used was indeed the Shi family’s ancestral masterpiece, the “Sanyang Needle Technique”, which was exactly the same as the one she had just used, but upon closer inspection, there were some differences.
Compared to her “Sanyang Needle Technique”, the acupuncture points of Ye Chen’s needles were different in a few places, and even more complicated than hers.
Was this an upgraded version of the Three Yang Needle Technique?
She was horrified and said, “Grandfather, how did he know your best techniques?”
Shi Tianqi nodded his head, he was now so enraptured that he actually had worship on his face and said, “I didn’t expect this little friend to be a master of both medical and martial arts! Look at his steady internal breath, the silver needle steady when he descends, his true qi slowly injected, only someone with a cultivation of fifty years or more can have such a stable internal breath! I didn’t expect that his cultivation would already surpass mine at a young age.” First published at
The woman said unconvincingly, “Grandfather, in time, I will definitely be able to surpass him.”
Shi Tianqi gave a long sigh, his face full of respect, “If I’m not mistaken, his entire set of needles contains the missing part of my family’s “San Yang Needle Technique”! I never thought that I would be able to see the truly lost “San Yang Needle Technique” in my lifetime, it’s really a blessing in my life.”
After saying that, he looked at his granddaughter and taught her a lesson, “Not to mention you, even if I practiced for another fifty years, my cultivation wouldn’t be as good as his!”
“It’s just a few more acupuncture points, it’s not that magical.” The woman muttered.
I don’t believe he’s better than our family in everything, I’ll compete with him later. ”
Seeing his granddaughter’s winning face, Shi Tianqi could only shake his head and said, “You are not turning back without touching the south wall.”
Half a tea ceremony passed, Ye Chen needle scorching finished, Xu Xu breathed a sigh of relief, faintly said: “The old man will wake up in half an hour, after I apply needles today, at least prolong his life for five years!”.
Song Honor came out of his mouth, “You are simply farting! Even the experts in America say that my grandfather will live a month at most, but you opened your mouth and extended his life by five years, what makes you so sure?”
Ye Chen said coldly, “Just because I’m Ye Chen, Master Ye!”
“Bah!” Song Honor sneered, “You still Master Ye, if anything happens to my grandfather, you see I don’t want your life!”
Shi Tianqi’s granddaughter stepped forward and said rudely, “Hey, which medical school are you from? Where is the teacher?”
Ye Chen turned back and said, “I’m not a member of any medical school, nor do I have a mentor.”
The woman questioned, “That’s odd! Where did you learn your needlework?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “This is my private matter, so forgive me for not being able to tell you.”
The woman said unforgivingly, “This is my Shi family’s ancestral needle technique, I naturally have to ask for clarification, lest others steal the art.”
“Chen Xiaozhao, you may not be rude to Mr. Ye!” Shi Tianqi’s face sank as he drank, he immediately stepped forward and respectfully said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, my granddaughter’s parents died when she was young, she was under the old man’s care, it was the old man’s incompetent discipline, I hope you are not to blame.”
After saying that, he then snapped at Chen Xiaozhao, “Still not apologizing to Mr. Ye? Don’t you see that Mr. Ye’s needle skills are above my Shi family’s needle skills? His acupuncture is the ancestor of “San Yang Needle”! Moreover, Song Lao is obviously much better after his treatment!”

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