The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 361-370

Chapter: 361
Shi Tianqi was dumbfounded with shock after hearing what Chen Xiaozhao had said!
He was surprised and asked, “Are you saying that Yiqian has offended Master Ye?!”
“Yes!” Chen Xiaozhao nodded repeatedly and said, “And the offender seems to be quite powerful, he even spoke out against Master Ye’s wife, saying that he would give her ten million dollars to sleep with her!”
Shi Tianqi was furious, this Xiao Yiqian had eaten the guts of a bear and dared to provoke Master Ye?
Master Ye has rebuilt his life, what are you, Xiao Yiqian, compared to him?
Yes, your father did help me back then, but I’ve helped your family for so many years, I’ve repaid the favor a thousand times over!
What’s more, your father is gone, and I owe you nothing.
If you were to simply have an accident on your own, I could have saved you, and of course I would have been obligated to do so!
But if you mess with Master Ye, then I’m sorry! Master Ye’s enemies are my enemies!
Thinking of this, Shi Tianqi darkened his face and stepped in front of Xiao Yiqian. Remember the URL
When Xiao Yiqian saw him come in with a heavy face, he couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive.
Before he could open his mouth to ask questions, Shi Tianqi was the first to speak and questioned in an icy tone, “I’m asking you, did you offend someone named Ye Chen today?”
Xiao Yiqian nodded his head and said, “Uncle Shi actually knows about it? That stinking hangman, actually making me look bad in public, I’m going to kill him sooner or later, he won’t be able to bounce around for a few days, don’t worry Uncle Shi.”
Shi Tianqi sneered and pointed outside, opening his mouth to shout, “Get out of here!”
Xiao Yiqian was stunned and surprised, “Uncle Shi, what’s going on?”
Shi Tianqi tossed his voice and said, “Don’t you call me uncle, from now on, I’m done with you and your family, no more ties!”
Xiao Yiqian was befuddled, with Shi Tianqi here, he and his family could say that they had an extra life.
After all, it was easy to make money and hard to prolong life!
If you fall out with Shi Tianqi, you won’t have a good time if you go back to your family!
What’s more, if he turned against himself, wouldn’t that mean he wouldn’t give himself the half of the divine pill?
What about your own roots?
What about your own happiness in the lower half of your body and the rest of your life!
So, he asked urgently, “Uncle Shi, what’s going on here? Is there something you’ve gotten wrong?”
Shi Tianqi snorted coldly and said, “I’ll tell you! Master Ye is not only my savior, but also the only true dragon in the world! If you dare to disrespect Mr. Ye, you’re slapping my face! For your father’s sake, I’m not going to punish you today, so get the hell out of here! Don’t show up in front of me in the future!”

Chapter: 362
“Master? A real dragon?” Xiao Yiqian said in a panic, “Uncle Shi, are you old and confused, or have you been deceived by that stinking hanger-on? He’s not a master or a real dragon. He’s just a son-in-law with a stinking hangnail, isn’t he? He joined the Xiao family, served me as his guest, and even gave me his sister-in-law, Xiao Weiwei, to accompany me in bed, compared to me, he’s nothing!”
At this point, Xiao Yiqian said, “Uncle Shi, is such a stinky hanger-on worthy of your defending and even disregarding the decades-long friendship between our two families?”
“Bastard!” When Shi Tianqi heard his words, he became furious, picked up the pestle beside him and smashed it at Xiao Yiqian’s head, cursing, “How dare you speak ill of Master Ye! Get the hell out of here!”
Xiao Yiqian didn’t dodge and was hit on the head by a pestle and mortar by Shi Tianqi, grimacing in pain and instantly getting a big pouch.
He grimaced and glared and cursed, “Surname Shi, you’re fucking old! Even if you believe that kind of liar, you dare to hit me! I’ll fucking kill you!”
After saying that, he swung his chair and was about to smash it towards Shi Tianqi.
Although Shi Tianqi was old, he was also a practitioner, and after the old injuries in his body back then were healed by Ye Chen’s divine medicine, his body was more agile and flexible, and he simply couldn’t be compared to an obese middle-aged man like Xiao Yiqian.
Thus, with a deft dodge, Shi Tianqi dodged the bench that Xiao Yiqian smashed over.
When Xiao Yiqian’s strike fell short, he swung another chair and gritted his teeth, “Surnamed Shi, if you want to live, be good and give me that half of the medicine, otherwise, I will take your life today!”
“Bastard, you still want to hit my grandfather? I’ll kill you!” One second to remember to read the book
Chen Xiaozhao exploded with anger, jerking up his sleeves and rushing over towards him.
The Apricot Grove family that had truly studied Chinese medicine for many years would more or less practice martial arts, and the Shi family was even more so, the Shi family was not only a Chinese medicine family, but also a martial arts family, even though Chen Xiaozhao, the granddaughter with a foreign name, had practiced a good amount of martial arts, dealing with Xiao Yiqian was simply more than enough.
Before Xiao Yiqian could return to his senses, he was kicked to the ground by Chen Xiaozhao, followed by Chen Xiaozhao holding his throat between the shoes of his cloth shoes and coldly saying, “If you don’t get out, don’t blame me for being rude!”
Xiao Yiqian knew that he was no match for Chen Xiaozhao, and hurriedly escaped from the Ji Shi Hall with a crawl, before leaving would also yell threats: “Surnamed Shi, you wait for me, today’s revenge, I will definitely find you in the future!”
“Bastard!” Shi Tianqi scolded angrily, “Get out of here! Never let me see you again from now on!”
Xiao Yiqian escaped from the medicine hall in a mess, his face livid with anger.
Seeing Xiao Yiqian come out, Xiao Changqian hurriedly greeted him and asked, “Xiao Dong, how is it? Has Doctor Shi healed you?”
Xiao Yiqian gritted his teeth in hatred, “This ungrateful old son of a bitch said that Ye Chen was his benefactor, refused to treat me alive, and even fucking fought with me and kicked me out!”
Xiao Changqian didn’t think that Shi Tianqi was also compelled by that stinky hangman Ye Chen, and sighed, “This Ye Chen, he really has a ghastly soul!”
Xiao Yiqian cursed angrily, “All of you fucking wait, whether it’s Shi Tianqi or that Ye Chen, nothing good will come of it! I’ll make them pay for their blood!”
Xiao Chang Qian had also suffered enough from Ye Chen, but he was bitter that he had never had the opportunity or the ability to seek revenge on Ye Chen, so he was very pent up and very angry.
Moreover, he was especially gluttonous of the Townsend Villa that Wang Zhenggang had given to Ye Chen!
If this Xiao Yiqian could really kill Ye Chen, then his brother Xiao Changkun’s family would have nothing to rely on, and he would still be at the mercy of his own slaughter then?
In that case, the villa at Thomson’s will be your own!
Thinking of this, he endured his excitement and hurriedly echoed on the side, “What you said, Xiao Dong, is very true! That Ye Chen is a white eyed wolf that can’t be fed properly! An animal! For so many years living and eating in our Xiao family, but yet repeatedly humiliating our family, and now even bullying you, Xiao Dong, is simply sinful and death-defying!”

Chapter: 363
Xiao Yiqian did indeed kill Ye Chen.
It was just that he was also clear in his heart that there were five words that were right: a fierce dragon could not overpower the river.
In other words, even a strong dragon could hardly crush a snake in the ground.
There was no way he could kill Ye Chen now.
What’s more, this guy’s own strength was very strong, so it seemed like he should still be a standard trainer.
As the saying goes, a rogue can do martial arts, no one can get rid of him, if you want to mess with him, you have to find a real expert, otherwise I’m afraid it’s still a waste of time!
Right now, the most important thing is to find a way to heal yourself there, or else you’ll really be worse off than dead in the future!
Thinking of this, Xiao Yiqian hated Shi Tianqi with a passion!
That old son of a bitch! He clearly had medicine that could cure himself, but he was dying to use it!
What’s more, he’s damned if he kicked himself out of his medical school for that Ye Chen! First web site
Xiao Changqian was also worried that if Xiao Yiqian’s illness couldn’t be cured, wouldn’t his daughter be honorably laid off?
How will you get to the top of your life that way?
The Xiao family has only gotten 10 million of Xiao Yiqian’s investment now, Xiao Yiqian was promised 80 million, and there is still 70 million that hasn’t been given yet, if he can’t find the ability to be a man, then 70 million will definitely not be given either!
Thinking of this, he was even more anxious than Xiao Yiqian, hoping that Xiao Yiqian would be able to regain his strength.
So he was incomparably concerned as he drove, “Chairman Xiao, this surnamed Shi is so insensitive, do you want me to find some people for you to beat him up and take his medicine?”
Xiao Yiqian waved his hand, “This dog thief old man is very strong, that granddaughter of his is also very unusual, more importantly, the old man has seen many big people, if you really offend him, it might be a big trouble.”
Shi Tianqi was the Sage of National Medicine, and in Yanjing and several other big cities, he was worshipped as a guest of honor by countless big people and big families, and although Xiao Yiqian was also very powerful, if you really counted, he couldn’t even rank in the top thirty among the people Shi Tianqi knew.
Therefore, he didn’t dare to offend Shi Tianqi rashly.
The cure could only be found another way.
But at this time, he did suddenly remember someone coming and said to Xiao Chang Qian, “I have a friend whose family owns a pharmaceutical company, right in Jinling, and it’s still one of the top ranked large companies in the country, I’ll contact him tomorrow.”
Xiao Changqian was relieved and busy saying, “That would be great! I’m really afraid that your body won’t recover.”
Xiao Yiqian said, “Go to the roadside pharmacy first and buy me some Viagra to try!”
“Yes!” Xiao Changqian hurriedly obeyed and parked the car at the side of the road, personally got out of the car and went to a roadside pharmacy to buy a large box of imported Viagra for Xiao Yiqian.
Xiao Yiqian couldn’t wait to say, “Let’s go, drive home quickly and let Weiwei try it with me!”
Xiao Changqian was a little embarrassed, not expecting Xiao Yiqian to say in front of his own face that he wanted his daughter to try the medicine for him.
However, there was no need to be too concerned about such things since they had been done, so he did not take it to heart and drove home quickly.
At this moment in time, Ji Shi Tang.

Chapter: 364
Shi Tianqi was still angry.
Two people who came tonight seeking his treatment had all offended Master Ye Chen Ye!
That Gao Junwei, who was pretending with Master Ye in the ward that day, and finally failed to pretend, was thrown straight out of the third floor window by Hongwu and broke his leg, didn’t think he would have the nerve to come looking for his own treatment now!
And that Xiao Yiqian!
He’s the most hateful!
I didn’t know before that he had offended Master Ye and almost gave him the medicine!
If he really cured him, wouldn’t that mean that he had, in effect, avenged his debt to Master Ye!
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but exclaim to his granddaughter, Chen Xiaozhao, “Xiaozhao, fortunately you came at the right time, if you had come a little later, Grandfather would have given that half of the divine pill to Xiao Yiqian!”
Chen Xiaozhao was also a little scared and said, “Grandfather, I heard that the reason why Xiao Yiqian lost that aspect of his ability was because of Master Ye’s hand!”
“So that’s it!” Shi Tianqi couldn’t help but exclaim, “Master Ye was able to invisibly destroy his nerves there, this is truly astronomical! Even if you had the best surgeons manually remove the nerve, it couldn’t be that precise…” Remember the website
He deserved it!” said Chen Xiaozhao. Who let him offend Master Ye!”
Saying that, Chen Xiaozhao said, “Grandfather, I think you should take a stand with the entire Xiao family, otherwise, in case Master Ye knows that we have a family friend with give their family, and then misunderstood you, that would be bad!”
“OK!” Shi Tianqi nodded and said, “I’ll call Xiao’s sister-in-law and explain things to her.”
Saying that, Shi Tianqi pulled out his cell phone and called Xiao Yiqian’s mother, Xiao Bihua.
Xiao Bihua is already eighty-three years old this year, there is a Chinese saying, “Seventy-three, eighty-four, the King of Hell doesn’t pick up on his own”, this means that the elderly have two major hurdles, they are seventy-three and eighty-four, the elderly are most likely to get sick and die at these two ages.
The reason for such a saying is closely related to the two great saints of ancient China.
Sage Confucius Confucius, who lived to be seventy-three years old.
Mencius Meng Yasheng, on the other hand, lived to be eighty-four years old.
The Chinese people have always held Confucius and Mencius in high esteem from ancient times to the present, which is why there are two great kanye years, seventy-three and eighty-four.
Xiao Bihua’s first canyon year, when he was seventy-three years old, was a serious illness.
At that time, it was Shi Tianqi who traveled all the way to Yanjing and gave Xiao Bihua nine prescriptions to pull her back from the gates of hell.
Xiao Bihua also knew in her heart that she was about to reach the second year of her life, and this time, when she was older, it might be even more dangerous, so she especially hoped that she could invite Shi Tianqi over before her birthday.
So, when she received the call from Shi Tianqi, she said with great kindness, “Tianqi, I was thinking of calling you. Next month is my 84th lunar birthday, will you have time then? If so, what do you think about coming to the old lady for a meal at my birthday party then?”
Shi Tianqi knew very well in his heart that Xiao Bihua was going to have a second rough year this year, and if it wasn’t for what happened today, no need for the old lady to say anything, he would have gone over there before her birthday to personally take care of her body so that she would be able to live until she was ninety years old safely.
But now, Xiao Yiqian had even messed with Master Ye Chen Ye, so no matter what, he couldn’t go there again!
Moreover, he has been repaying the kindness for so many years and has already paid back enough.
Thus, he said indifferently, “Sister-in-law, for so many years, I have been treating and recuperating for the Xiao family, and the kindness that Big Brother Xiao showed me back then, I can already count on repaying that kindness in drops of water, so in the future, it would be better for our two families not to have any contact!”

Chapter: 365
When Xiao Bihua heard this, she nervously asked after him, “Tian Qi, what’s wrong with you? Our two families have been friends for so many years, how can you just break it off like that?”
Shi Tianqi said seriously, “Sister-in-law, back then, Brother Xiao was kind enough to help me, and I have repayed the Xiao family for so many years without asking for a return, you should also know that I, Shi Shi, am a person who knows how to repay kindness.”
“This is natural!” Xiao Bihua panicked, “But what exactly is the reason why you want to make a clean break with our Xiao family? If it’s an old woman where I’ve done something wrong, you tell me and I’ll correct it with all my heart!”
Shi Tianqi said, “Sister-in-law, it’s not your problem, it’s your son Xiao Yiqian’s problem.”
“Yiqian?” Xiao Bihua said in surprise, “What’s wrong with him? Did he offend you? But he’s in Jinling now!”
“I’m also in Jinling.” Shi Tianqi said seriously, “I met Xiao Yiqian, but he didn’t offend me much, mainly because he offended my benefactor, who has recreated grace for me, so out of gratitude to his benefactor, Shi can only draw a line with the Xiao family, please forgive me, sister-in-law.”
Xiao Bihua’s heart thumped.
His own son had even angered Shi Tianqi in Jinling? What an asshole! Shi Tianqi is a famous Chinese medicine sage in China, and many super-powerful people have asked him to heal them when they are sick, and there is often a saying circulating among the powerful circles in Yanjing that says, “The King of Hell lets you die on the third watch, but Shi Tianqi can keep you until the fifth watch!”
This meant that even if a dying person could live for a while longer with Shi Tianqi’s help, it was a dream come true for the power elite!
Stanley Ho, the king of gambling in Macau, has been using all sorts of high-tech means to extend his life in the hospital for the past few years, spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year just on the hospital, but to him, hundreds of millions of dollars is nothing. Far more precious than life! One second to remember to read the book
What can you do if your life comes to an abrupt end, even if you have billions of dollars? It’s still burning and perched in a little wooden box?
Therefore, the more powerful the nobility, the more they befriended Shi Tianqi.
There wasn’t a single dignitary in Yanjing who didn’t envy the Xiao family, the reason being that they were friends with Shi Tianqi, and others who gave up their fortunes might not be able to get Shi Tianqi to come over once for treatment, while the Xiao family, because of their friendship with Shi Tianqi, Shi Tianqi had to go to the Xiao family almost every year to examine and treat the family, making countless people jealous.
Xiao Bihua’s husband, Xiao Yiqian’s father, had cancer more than ten years ago.
If Shi Tianqi hadn’t tried everything to enroll him, how could he have survived until last year?
The old man was already eighty-six years old when he left, and was simply so long-lived that he was the envy of all healthy people.
Xiao Bihua’s hopes were pinned on Shi Tianqi to live into his nineties, or even past a hundred. A ton, let him immediately go and apologize to you…”
Shi Tianqi said indifferently, “Sister-in-law, no need, if he has offended me, I will definitely forgive him, but what he has offended is my great benefactor, so you don’t need to say anything more about this matter, and I won’t change my mind, and I hope you live a long and healthy life in the future, goodbye!”
After saying that, Shi Tianqi immediately hung up the phone, then directly switched it off and said to Chen Xiaozhao, “Close the door and go back to the hotel.”
On the other hand, Xiao Yiqian took Xiao Changqian’s car and returned to the Xiao family villa.
Once he returned to the villa, he directly poured a cup of water in the living room on the first floor and took out Wei, looking at the instructions on it and saying, “Take one capsule of this at a time?”
Old Mrs. Xiao saw him directly take out this kind of medicine, and all of a sudden she also felt a little shy.
Next to her, Xiao Chang Qian’s wife, Qian Hongyan, was even too shy to look at it.
Although Xiao Weiwei did not say anything, her expression was rather expectant.
Ever since Xiao Chang Qian had lost that kind of ability, his attitude towards himself had become very bad.

Chapter: 366
Not to mention giving himself pocket money again, even the promised follow-up investment had no follow-up.
Now, it seemed that only if Xiao Yiqian quickly regained his male virility, he would be able to continue to benefit from him.
Otherwise, Xiao Yiqian would definitely abandon himself and even the entire Xiao family.
So far, the ten million yuan that Xiao Yiqian had invested was only able to sustain the Xiao Clan, and it was far from enough to bring the Xiao Clan back to its peak.
Xiao Changqian said with a smile on the side, “This one capsule at a time is strong.”
“Mm.” Xiao Changqian nodded, then, from the medicine plate, he directly removed three of them and smothered them in one gulp.
He pinned his hopes on the fact that this imported Western medicine would be effective, so he said to Xiao Weiwei, “Weiwei, you come upstairs with me.”
Xiao Weiwei hurriedly nodded her head and came over to take Xiao Yiqian’s wrist and said flatteringly, “Dear, let’s go back to the room and give it a good try.”
Xiao Yiqian gave a hmmm and pulled Xiao Weiwei into the room, then asked her to do everything she could to help her find confidence.
But unfortunately, Xiao Weiwei had tossed and turned for a long time, but these drugs were of no use at all! First web site
Xiao Yiqian swallowed three more pills, but he still couldn’t find half a feeling.
This put him in a low mood.
Seeing that Xiao Weiwei was still selling her body, he was so angry that he kicked her under the bed and roared, “You are not needed here, get out!”
Xiao Weiwei was afraid that Xiao Yiqian would be angry with her, and hurriedly said, “Dear, you shouldn’t be too anxious, I’m sure we’ll find a way to cure you soon!”
“Get out!” Xiao Yiqian growled in irritation and threw the pillow directly at Xiao Weiwei.
Xiao Weiwei didn’t dare to stay and touch his bad luck, and hurriedly wrapped her clothes and went out.
Xiao Yiqian lay alone on the bed, shaking with anger.
After a successful man had reached the pinnacle of his life, what he was most looking forward to was being able to appreciate the style of countless beautiful women.
However, once he lost the ability to do that, wouldn’t so many warblers be irrelevant to him?
He can’t take it!
While he was in a rage, his phone suddenly rang.
The one who called was his own mother.
Xiao Yiqian hurriedly answered the phone and respectfully asked, “Mom, you’re still awake at this late hour?”
Xiao Bihua cursed angrily on the other end of the phone, “You bastard! Are you trying to get me killed? Are you trying to get me over the hurdle of being eighty-four this year?”
Xiao Yiqian hurriedly asked, “Mom, what kind of words are you talking about, how could I harm you?”
“Bullshit!” Xiao Bihua took off and scolded, “I’m asking you, how did you offend Shi Tianqi? He’s going to cut us off now, do you know how much that’s going to cost our family?!”

Chapter: 367
Xiao Yiqian shivered at his mother’s words.
Not only did Shi Tianqi not save himself because he had offended that hangman Ye Chen, he wanted to break up with his whole family?
This old man was drugged by Ye Chen to blind his heart and lungs, wasn’t he!
He was indignant, but he could only say to Xiao Bihua, “Mom, that old dog surnamed Shi is not a good thing!”
Xiao Bihua gritted her teeth and scolded, “I don’t care what method you use, on the day of my eighty-fourth birthday, I must have Shi Tianqi come to Yanjing to examine my body and diagnose my old illness, otherwise, I will not spare you!”
Many people are more selfish the older they get.
The older they get, the more they are afraid of death, and the more they want to live longer, so Xiao Bihua doesn’t want to know what exactly Xiao Yiqian and Shi Tianqi have a conflict over, she just wants Shi Tianqi to continue to be a health care doctor for her.
With him as a health care doctor, she would have no problem living into her nineties, but without him, she might not even be able to get through this year’s hurdle.
Xiao Yiqian was also frustrated and wanted to explain and complain, but Xiao Bihua didn’t give him a chance at all and immediately hung up the phone after forcefully giving his orders.
Xiao Yiqian was so angry that he smashed around the room before finally clenching his teeth and picking up the phone to call Shi Tianqi, trying to beg him to continue to treat his mother with penitence and pleading. Remember the URL
But Shi Tianqi’s phone was directly switched off.
This made Xiao Yiqian even angrier.
But he had no choice, he didn’t dare to disobey his mother’s order, so he had to get dressed in a mess and go downstairs and drive himself to Shi Tianqi’s Ji Shi Hall.
By the time the car arrived at the entrance of the Relief Hall, the Hall was already closed.
Xiao Yiqian was gritting his teeth in anger at the door, but he saw two figures walking out from the darkness not far away.
One of them was limping and seemed to look a bit familiar.
So Xiao Yiqian hurriedly hid to the side and observed in the dark, and as these two approached, he saw that it was a middle-aged man in his fifties with a young man in his twenties.
The twenty-something youth was leaning on his crutches with one hand, and was also carrying a large green oil drum in the other hand.
The middle-aged man next to him, who was already somewhat defeated, was holding the crippled youth with one hand and also carrying an identical green oil bucket with the other.
Xiao Yiqian recognized the young man, who was being chased out by the pharmacy’s staff when he came to seek treatment from Shi Tianqi today.
It seemed that this guy had failed in his quest for treatment and was ready to set fire to Shi Tianqi’s pharmacy!
The two people who came are Gao Junwei who pretended to be Ye Chen in the hospital and was finally thrown down from the third floor by Hongwu.
Gao Junwei’s leg was left with residual disease and became crippled, and he hated Ye Chen to the bone, so he wanted to find Shi Tianqi to cure his injuries before going to find Ye Chen to settle the score, but he didn’t expect Shi Tianqi to just not let him in.
He returned to the hospital and complained to his father, Gao Jianjun, and the two of them were really angry, so they just bought two buckets of gasoline and tried to light Shi Tianqi’s pharmacy.
The plan of the two was to set fire to the Franciscan Hall and teach Shi Tianqi a little lesson before trying to find a way to take revenge on Ye Chen.
Xiao Yiqian then heard Gao Junwei say to Gao Jianjun, “Dad, do you think that bad old man surnamed Shi doesn’t live inside the medicine hall?”
“How should I know?” Gao Jianjun coldly said: “Whether he lives here or not, living here is just as good as burning him down! Damn it, what the fuck are you doing with me, damn it!”
Gao Junwei also gritted his teeth in anger and said, “This surname Shi, he didn’t even see death, a fire to burn him to death is cheap!”

Chapter: 368
After saying that, he opened the gasoline bucket and said to Gao Jianjun, who was beside him, “Dad, I think we should just pour the gasoline down the roller shutter, so that it can be fully spread inside, and then a little fire outside, and make sure that the inside won’t even be able to survive all the cockroaches!”
Gao Jianjun nodded and said with a cold snort. Burn them sons of bitches!”
Although Gao Jianjun’s strength was not considered top-notch or top-notch in Jinling, but when it came to spoiling his son, then he could really be the number one in Jinling.
This old grandson’s ancestors were single handed down for several generations, and he had several daughters in a row before he had such a precious lump as Gao Junwei, who was naturally pampered in all sorts of ways since childhood.
When Gao Junwei was in elementary school, he was beaten by a teacher with a ruler because he didn’t study well and was disruptive in class. Gao Jianjun brought someone directly to the school and broke the teacher’s right arm, leaving him disabled for life.
When Gao Junwei was in junior high school, he got into a fight with someone at school, and Gao Jianjun directly paid someone to knock his son’s classmate into a vegetative state.
Such examples could be counted in Gao Junwei’s upbringing.
Always in Gao Jianjun’s eyes, anyone who bullied his son would end up dead.
Shi Tianqi didn’t treat his son’s leg, damn him!
That Ye Chen actually caused his son to look like this today, he deserves to die! One second to remember to read the book
So, he planned to burn Shi Tianqi to death today, and then tomorrow, according to the plan he had made, he would take Ye Chen’s life!
When Xiao Yiqian saw that this man and woman were really going to set fire to Shi Tianqi’s medicine hall, and possibly even burn Shi Tianqi to the ground as well, he suddenly became anxious and without hesitation jumped out and said to the two, “The two of you! Never be impulsive!”
Gao and his son were shocked!
I thought no one would notice me in the middle of the night, but I didn’t expect someone to suddenly scurry out.
In addition to being frightened, Gao Junwei also recognized Xiao Yiqian and said in surprise, “Are you the one who came to see Shi Tianqi earlier? What, are you going to help him?”
Xiao Yiqian hurriedly waved his hand and said, “I don’t care if Old Dog Shi lives or dies! But he carries his miracle medicine close to him, and I’m sure it can heal not only your leg, but my injuries as well, so if you guys just burned him in a fire, his miracle medicine would have been burned too!”
Gao Junwei suddenly came to his senses!
Why didn’t you think of it yourself!
Shi Tianqi did have a divine medicine, and that divine medicine could even cure paraplegia with spinal damage, and it would be even less of a problem for his own lame leg.
If he were to burn him to death in a fire, wouldn’t there be no chance of curing his lame leg?
Thinking of this, he suddenly hesitated a bit.
Xiao Yiqian spoke up at this time, “Both of you, in my opinion, why don’t we don’t burn down Old Dog Shi’s shop first, try to tie this old dog up first, then steal his medicine and finally kill him!”
Gao Jianjun frowned and asked, “What, you have a grudge against the surname Shi as well?”
“Of course there’s a vendetta!” Xiao Yiqian said in a cold voice, “And it’s an unholy feud! I want to kill it too, but first I have to get the miracle cure to cure the disease!”
Gao Jianjun said, “Then in that case, why don’t we join forces and kidnap the one surnamed Shi and force him to hand over the miracle pill before we kill him in Shenjiang!”
“Good.” Xiao Yiqian nodded and said, “In that case, let’s leave our contact information and find a time tomorrow when we can meet to discuss it specifically!”

Chapter: 369
Gao Jianjun and his son did not know that Shi Tianqi only had half a divine pill.
But Xiao Yiqian was very clear.
After all, he almost got that half pill from Shi Tianqi’s hands this afternoon.
He himself didn’t dare to make a move against Shi Tianqi, but if the man and son dared to do so, then he could sit back and enjoy his success with a little trickery.
For example, he could first make a few imitation medicines based on the shape of the half-pill he saw, and then carry it with him, and when they kidnap Shi Tianqi, he would find the half-pill from Shi Tianqi’s body, and then give the imitation medicines he made to the two of them, and then he would not only be able to cure himself, but he could even put the blame for Shi Tianqi’s death entirely on the father and son.
Gao Jianjun didn’t think of so many detours.
He just felt that since we all had a common enemy, we could be comrades.
There was strength in numbers, and the risks could be shared equally, so why not?
As for the divine medicine, he was simply unaware of how much Shi Tianqi had.
However, to him, Shi Tianqi had to die even if he had the medicine, and had to die even if he didn’t want it, because neither he nor his son could swallow it. The first website
He then exchanged contact information with Xiao Yiqian, and they agreed to take some time tomorrow to communicate on the phone, before leaving Shi Tianqi’s Relief Hall with his son, carrying a gasoline bucket.
Xiao Yiqian’s heart was complacent about his plan, and hurriedly drove back to the villa of the Xiao family, planning to go back to live some noodles, get some black pigments, and make some dough that looked like a miracle drug out.
On the way back, Gao’s father and son, Gao Junwei asked his father, Gao Jianjun, “Dad, so tomorrow we will first follow the original plan and draw out Ye Chen to kill him, and then we will meet up with this man to kill Shi Tianqi together?”
Gao Jianjun nodded and said, “Kill Ye Chen first, and when Ye Chen is dead, let’s get Shi Tianqi’s divine medicine first and heal your leg!”
“Great!” Gao Junwei said excitedly, “I won’t have to be a cripple anymore if I find the miracle medicine!”
Gao Jianjun smiled slightly and said, “Son, don’t worry, even if Dad is crippled himself, he can’t let you be crippled!”
Afterwards, he said, “Let’s go home and rest, tomorrow you call that Ma Lan and execute the plan as we planned!”
“Okay Dad!”
The next morning, Ye Chen came back from buying breakfast, and his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, had breakfast before going out to meet her good sister at the mahjong parlor.
Ma Lan is a fan of mahjong, all day and all night, as long as there is nothing to do, she will play mahjong in a mahjong parlor.
As soon as she left her house, she received a phone call.
She pulled out her phone and found that it was from Gao Junwei, so she picked up the phone and asked, “Junwei, why did you want to call your aunt?”
Ever since Xiao Choran married Ye Chen, Ma Lan thought of only one thing every day: how to get her daughter to divorce Ye Chen and marry into a rich family.
The first thing she wanted was for her daughter to marry Zhang Wenhao, the second generation of the rich family, but Zhang’s family somehow went bankrupt.
Later, she wished for her daughter to marry Wang Yunkai of the Wang family, but when Wang Yunkai collected the debt for himself, he was slapped 10,000 times by Master Hong Wu’s men and never came out again;.
The other day, she wanted her daughter to marry Gao Junwei, who was thrown out of the window of her husband’s hospital room at the time by Hong Fifth, and since then, Gao Junwei has disappeared.
It can be said that at this stage, Gao Junwei is actually still the best candidate in her mind.
Although he had gotten a trickster doctor Liu to come over last time and failed to heal her husband’s injuries, but he was also a victim of deception, so Lan Ma had never blamed him in her heart.

Chapter: 370
On the contrary, Ma Lan often felt sorry for herself because of Gao Junwei’s broken leg, after all, people were kind at the time.
So when she received a call from Gao Junwei at this time, she was not only happy, but also a bit guilty.
On the other end of the phone, Gao Junwei said in a solemn tone, “Auntie Ma, last time when Uncle Xiao was hospitalized in a car accident, I actually fell for the deception and hired a fake divine doctor to go over and treat Uncle, I’m really sorry about this, and I haven’t had a chance to say sorry to you…”
“Oops!” Lan Ma was flattered and said, “O Junwei, what are you talking about! Auntie has been so grateful and guilty about that day, and it’s Auntie who should say she’s sorry!”
At this time, Gao Junwei was busy saying, “Where, where, auntie, it’s all my fault for not properly checking the details of that Dr. Liu.”
Saying that, he continued, “So, I would like to invite you for a meal so that I can apologize to you in person, I hope you will agree.”
Ma Lan’s heart rejoiced.
To be honest, she didn’t feel in her heart that Gao Junwei was at all at fault in this matter.
On the contrary, in her opinion, Gao Junwei was actually one of the victims in this matter, and he was so innocent that he broke his leg again because of Ye Chen, the trash.
Moreover, this phone call from Gao Junwei made Ma Lan’s heart feel a little better about him. Remember the website
Just look at the other guy, Kao Junwei, his family is rich, not to mention warm-hearted, and he’s so polite and respectful of himself! That’s the man for the job!
If he could let him have more contact with his daughter, and turn around and get rid of Ye Chen, that hangman who was acting all day long to fool people, wouldn’t his daughter be able to marry into a rich family?
What’s more, the Gao family has an exhibition center, and the amount of renovation work in it is huge, so if he and his daughter get together, won’t these projects fall into his daughter’s company as well?
Even if you take the work over, dump the hand and subcontract it to someone else, you’ll make at least a few million dollars on the difference, right?
It’s 10,000 times better than being with Ye Chen, that hangman?
So, it’s hard to find a good lad like Gao Junwei with a lantern! I’ll let my daughter seize this opportunity no matter what I say.
Thinking of this, Ma Lan hurriedly said politely, “Oh my Junwei, and you have to treat auntie to dinner, how embarrassing that is…”
“Auntie, don’t be so polite, it’s all I should do!”
When Gao Junwei heard her tone of voice loosen a bit, he hurriedly struck while the iron was hot and said, “Auntie, to show my sincerity, I’ve also prepared a generous gift for you worth a million dollars!”
A million gifts?
Ma Lan’s heart instantly burst with joy upon hearing this!
What a heartfelt boy Gao Junwei is!
Millions of dollars. Isn’t that a gift?
So she beamed with joy and hurriedly agreed, excitedly asking, “Junwei, tell Auntie the time and address, Auntie will be there on time!”
Gao Junwei smiled and said, “Auntie, let’s set the address at the Tianhua Grand Hotel on Hexing Road, it’s the best seafood restaurant in our Jinling, the time is just 12:00 noon, we’ll meet at the entrance then.”
“Fine, fine!” Ma Lan happily agreed.
Gao Junwei added, “Auntie, don’t tell Choran yet, I’ve also planned an apology ceremony for her, and you’ll have to help more in the dark then.”
Ma Lan smiled and said, “Still you young people understand romance! Okay! Auntie promises you that you won’t talk to her yet!”

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