The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 351-360

Chapter: 351
At the same time that Xiao Choran felt that there was a huge change in Ye Chen, Xiao Yiqian, who had escaped the venue, returned with his four bodyguards, and returned menacingly!
These four bodyguards were the four most capable fighters under his hands, their strength was extraordinary.
In his opinion, it was simply too easy to take Ye Chen’s life with these four people around!
However, he wasn’t going to get Ye Chen killed in public.
He wanted, first, to force Ye Chen to call himself grandfather in public! Get back the face you just lost and then cripple Ye Chen’s roots!
Wait until after today, then find a chance to kill Ye Chen!
All the previous ones were just interest, the only way to relieve your hatred was to finally kill Ye Chen!
After all, he had lived for over fifty years and had never been so humiliated as he was today!
After storming into the venue with his bodyguards, Xiao Yiqian pointed at Ye Chen and shouted, “Whoever crushes that thing of his, I’ll give him a million!”
One million was a huge sum of money for the bodyguards, and the four bodyguards, their expressions aghast, rushed towards Ye Chen at the same time! First web site
Xiao Choran saw four strong men with strong and powerful arms madly rushing towards Ye Chen and screamed in fright, so she tried to pull Ye Chen to escape.
But Ye Chen was standing still.
Flee? It doesn’t exist!
How could a young master of the Yanjing Ye family be scared off by such a formation?
Scared? Much less exist!
Not to mention the fact that he was the young master of the Ye family in Yanjing, with the Nine Xuantian Scriptures at his side alone, these three-legged bodyguards couldn’t possibly be a match for him!
The four bodyguards looked at Ye Chen at this point, completely treating him as a bundle of cash! Afraid that they couldn’t grab it, so they rushed towards him desperately.
Ye Chen was smiling, his eyes locked on to the movements of the four at the same time, just waiting for them to rush forward and just cripple them all!
There was a bodyguard who had practiced sprinting who quickly took the lead, and he said to Ye Chen with a sardonic smile, “Bastard! If you dare to mess with Xiao Dong, I’ll kill you!”
The words had just fallen, and the person had already reached Ye Chen’s front.
Just when the crowd thought that Ye Chen was bound to face a severe beating, Ye Chen suddenly jumped in place and kicked the chest of the person rushing over.
The bodyguard, who was a full meter tall, turned into a human cannonball and flew backwards!
Fourteen of his ribs were broken by a single kick from Ye Chen!
The man only had a total of 24 ribs, and Ye Chen had broken most of them in one kick!
As his entire body flew backwards, his mouth spewed out a miserable stream of blood that turned into a blood blossom.
And the three people behind him were suddenly stricken!
Originally, they were rushing forward after the other party, fearing that the other party would take the lead and earn a million dollars.
As a result, I didn’t expect this man to suddenly become a powerful human cannonball, directly hitting the three of them and instantly knocking them to the ground!
There was a scream!
No one thought that Ye Chen’s kick would be so powerful!
A woman next to her exclaimed, “This! This is like Ip Man in the flesh!”
Ye Chen looked at her and sneered, “Ye Man? Even if it’s ten of him, he’s not worthy of being compared to me, Ye Chen!”
Ye Chen wasn’t bragging wildly!
Although Martial Artist Ye Man was very strong, he hadn’t gone beyond the scope of an ordinary person.
As for himself, with the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Sutra at his side and his body strengthened by his aura, no ordinary person, no matter how strong he was, could ever compare to him!
At this time, the first of those four bodyguards, the one who had been kicked flying, had passed out.
The remaining three, on the other hand, were also smashed to the ground, lying on the ground wailing with broken bones all over their bodies.

Chapter: 352
Their eyes were also filled with fear as they looked at Ye Chen!
Why is this guy so scary? Three of my own people are hit by a kick out of him before they’ve even actually fought him and lost the fight? This…….. This is simply God!
Ye Chen stepped in front of the three, gazed at them with two cold lights, and said coldly, “If you like being a dog for others so much, then you’ll all be crawling on the ground from now on!”
After that, he stomped on one of them’s right leg!
The entire right kneecap shattered….
Immediately afterwards, he raised his foot, and the other man’s left leg was not spared!
The other two saw this and trembled with fear!
Immediately, they were crying and begging for mercy from Ye Chen.
Ye Chen, however, said coldly, “You bastards are more ruthless and wimpy than anyone else when it comes to hurting people, I’ll let you off today, and you’ll definitely still have this vicious face when you face the weak in the future! I abolished you as a service to the people!” Remember the URL
Saying that, not caring about the other party’s pleading cries, up went four kicks!
Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!
There are now three more invalids in the world who will never stand up again!
The scene was all frightened silly by Ye Chen’s vicious methods.
Xiao Yiqian and Xiao Weiwei, who were following behind, were also scared silly!
Xiao Yiqian had never dreamed that Ye Chen would be so ruthless and so strong!
Four of my own bodyguards, all ruined in one look! It’s a total waste!
They’re good fighters! One of them, and a national champion in wrestling a few years back!
Xiao Yiqian’s frightened legs wobbled straight, and the place where he had previously wet himself with urine felt cold.
He silently turned around and took a step to escape.
Saying nothing, he couldn’t fall into Ye Chen’s hands again….
At this time, someone suddenly spoke up, “You old dog, you’ve messed with Master Ye and still want to slip away?!”
Immediately afterwards, the crowd parted and Master Hong Fifth, with a few strong men dressed in black, walked in and with a sneer, directly stopped Xiao Yiqian in front of him.
Xiao Yiqian looked at him in panic and asked, “You…. Who are you?”
What responded to him was a resounding slap from Master Hong Fifth.
Five fingerprints surfaced on Xiao Yiqian’s face as he raged, “You dare to hit me? I am the President of the South Canton Chamber of Commerce!”
Master Hong Wu showed no mercy at all and slapped him directly in the face with another slap.
“Chairman? I’m hitting the Chairman! How dare you disrespect Mr. Ye, you’re looking for death!”
Angry and afraid, Xiao Yiqian hurriedly said, “Misunderstanding! Misunderstanding! It’s just a misunderstanding between me and Mr. Yip! I’m leaving, right now!”
“Wanna go?!” Master Hong Fifth smiled contemptuously and said, “Have you asked Master Ye yet?”
Xiao Yiqian hurriedly turned his head and looked towards Ye Chen, shivering and pleading, “Ye Chen, Mr. Ye, that was all a misunderstanding, these four guys had to trouble you, I couldn’t stop them, they all deserve to end up in this situation now, please let me go…”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled, “Fine, I can let you off, after all, I just let you off once.”
At this point, Ye Chen looked at him and said playfully, “But what should you do, I don’t need to teach you any more, right?”
Xiao Yiqian was afraid that Ye Chen would waste himself as well as his bodyguard, so he threw himself on his knees and begged with tears in his voice, “Father, please be generous, spare your son this time!”
Master Hong Fifth, however, was stunned and said out of his mouth, “Fuck it! You’re so fucking self-conscious!”
Xiao Yiqian smiled bitterly and said, “I won’t lie to you, the business has become proficient…”

Chapter: 353
A sneer of ridicule mocked around him.
This Xiao Yiqian, is really gutless!
That’s a while, calling Ye Chen daddy three times!
He’s the chairman of the famous Qiancheng Group. He’s a fucking disgrace to the Qiancheng Group!
However, how could Xiao Yiqian care about his face at this point?
He knows that a man must be able to bend and stretch.
To live, you must first have a life, so you can have guts, right?
What’s the point of planting a seed if you’re dead?
So, he hurriedly took the initiative to lick his face again and said to Ye Chen, “Dad, please, just be magnanimous and spare me this time, I will be grateful and thankful to Dad for the rest of my life!”
Ye Chen waved his hand and smiled, “It was fine to call Dad just now, but it’s not so good now.” One second to remember to read the book
Xiao Yiqian was shocked, thinking that Ye Chen was going to kill himself, and hurriedly kowtowed as he cried, “Dad, I was really wrong dad! Please, for the sake of me being a handful of years old, just spare me this time…”
Ye Chen looked at Xiao Weiwei, who was already scared silly next to him, and said indifferently, “Xiao Weiwei, your patron has kneeled down, why are you still standing?”
Xiao Weiwei was stunned and said in a panic, “Sh…. What do you mean…”
Xiao Yiqian hurriedly reached out his hand and roughly pulled her down to the ground, making her kneel in front of Ye Chen as well, scolding her in a low voice, “Did you let your brain be eaten by a dog? Don’t you know you have to get on your knees and talk to my dad?”
It couldn’t be helped, Xiao Yiqian’s desire to survive was too strong at the moment, and his face, dignity, face, and whatever else had become completely unimportant.
Xiao Weiwei kneeled on the ground and didn’t dare to move or speak nonsense, only then did Xiao Yiqian say to Ye Chen again, “Daddy, are you satisfied this time?”
Ye Chen shook his head, “Not satisfied.”
Xiao Yiqian’s heart trembled and asked after him, “Then how do you want to be satisfied?!”
Ye Chen smiled playfully and said, “Call out a grandfather to hear, and if it’s a good call, I can consider letting you off the hook.”
Xiao Yiqian’s heart wanted to die inside.
He was out of his mind today, having to fight against this Ye Chen, and not only did he not get any advantage, but he was down on his luck!
Beating, kneeling, kowtowing, calling daddy, wetting my pants….
And now, you’re even allowed to call yourself grandpa….
This was simply humiliating to the grandma….
Ye Chen saw him hesitate and asked in a cold voice, “What? Wouldn’t you?”
Xiao Yiqian trembled all over and said in a panic, “Willing, I’m willing!”
Afterwards, he immediately kowtowed and cried under his breath, “Grandpa! I was so wrong, I beg your forgiveness!”
Ye Chen frowned and asked him, “Who am I?”
Xiao Yiqian said with tears streaming down his face, “You are my grandfather!”
Ye Chen asked again, “And who are you?”
Xiao Yiqian cried and choked out, “I’m your grandson…”
Ye Chen hmmmed and nodded, saying, “Okay, I’m so young, I’m also a grandfather, in that case, I’ll spare your life.”
Only then did Xiao Yiqian finally let out a sigh of relief, kowtowed repeatedly, and got up to leave.
“Hold on!” Ye Chen called out to him, “You just said you’re leaving? No greeting?”

Chapter: 354
Xiao Yiqian endured his humiliation and anger and said to Ye Chen respectfully, “Grandpa, can I go now?”
Ye Chen patted his face and said indifferently, “Let’s go good grandson!”
Xiao Yiqian shed tears of humiliation, which was why he turned around and walked out, shivering.
How could Xiao Weiwei dare to delay and even followed out.
As they left, they were both afraid that Ye Chen would call them out again, but Ye Chen was no longer in the mood to argue with them.
Xiao Yiqian’s lifeblood had lost its majesty, and the rest of his life would be stuck in excruciating pain that he couldn’t extricate himself from!
After the two of them went out, Hongwu hurried forward to bow to Ye Chen and said respectfully, “Master Ye, Hongwu is late, it’s Hongwu’s fault for letting you personally waste your breath and limbs with this bunch of trash, please chastise him.”
Ye Chen waved his hand, not caring about this, but asked, “Why are you here too? Isn’t this the summit of the construction and renovation industry? You’re still in the renovation business?”
“Yes!” Hongwu smiled and replied, “The entire Jinling’s cement and yellow sand used for renovation, a large half of it is controlled in my hands, by the way, I’m also a big middleman in the renovation industry, that’s why they invited me.”
Ye Chen knew that the renovation industry had sand and cement tyrants, all of which were some grey industries, and Hongwu was a mixed society, so it was normal to do some grey industries. The first website
He then nodded and said, “You, in the future, do less harming things and don’t bully the common people.”
Mr. Hong Fifth said in succession, “I respect Mr. Ye’s teachings, I have already started to cleanse myself, how would I dare to do those harmful things again…”
Ye Chen gave a satisfied hmmm.
Master Hong Fifth pointed at the four bodyguards that Xiao Yiqian had disabled and asked, “Master Ye, what about these four people?”
Ye Chen said, “Cripple that fainted guy’s legs as well, then just throw them out, throw them far away so they don’t affect my mood!”
Master Hong Fifth immediately nodded his head and instructed the people around him, “Why don’t you hurry up and follow Master Ye’s instructions?”
Everyone bowed in panic, “I respect Master Ye’s arrangements!”
After saying that, he crippled the knee of the man who had first fainted as well, and then dragged the four dead dogs straight out the door.
Xiao Yiqian could only drive himself, and drove Xiao Weiwei to the hospital to deal with the facial injuries, before he drove back to the Xiao family villa.
In the car, Xiao Yiqian was in pain, and his heart was even filled with extreme indignation.
Xiao Weiwei on the side gritted her teeth and said in a hateful voice, “Darling! This trash Ye Chen, he dares to beat you up, he’s simply looking for death! You must not let this beast go!”
With a black face and chilly eyes, Xiao Yiqian gritted his teeth and said angrily, “Don’t worry, I will kill him! Not only will we kill him, we’ll skin him too! Get his tendons! I’ve grown so big and no one has ever dared to do that to me!”
Xiao Weiwei’s heart was happy, her disgust towards Ye Chen had already reached a peak, now that Xiao Yiqian had moved to kill him, it was thought that he wouldn’t live long.
Xiao Weiwei said in a cold voice, “Darling, then when it’s time to do it, you must remember to bring me, I want to torture him fiercely, I want to see this trash kneel down to me and beg for mercy with my own eyes!”
Xiao Yiqian smashed a fierce punch on the seat back and said furiously, “I will definitely bruise this trash to dust!”
Xiao Weiwei knew that Xiao Yiqian’s family was big and it would be really easy to kill a Ye Chen.
The reason why he got caught today was mainly because he didn’t bring enough people, if he brought dozens of people over next time, how could he Ye Chen still survive?
By then, Ye Chen would be dead for sure!
Thinking of this, a thrill of revenge had already sprung up in her heart in advance!
She couldn’t help but look at Xiao Yiqian and said delicately, “Dear, anyway, this Ye Chen will be killed by you sooner or later, so you don’t need to be too angry now, so that you don’t break your body.”
After saying that, she immediately threw a charming look over and said with a pasty voice, “When I get home, I will definitely serve you well…”

Chapter: 355
Xiao Yiqian was indeed holding back an evil fire and was in need of Xiao Weiwei to help him vent it out properly, or else he would have to suffocate a disease!
Therefore, after just returning to the Xiao family, Xiao Yiqian couldn’t wait, pulling Xiao Weiwei and preparing to go upstairs.
Xiao Changqian and Qian Yanhong, who were in the living room, saw the two of them come in and went straight upstairs without even a greeting, and their faces couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed.
Seeing that the two of them were in a hurry to go upstairs, Old Mrs. Xiao coughed and said, “It’s her good fortune that Weiwei can keep up with Chairman Xiao, so don’t think blindly about it, you two.”
Xiao Changqian nodded awkwardly and said, “Mom, I’m not thinking blindly, I just feel a bit odd in my heart.”
Old Mrs. Xiao said disdainfully, “What’s so odd about it? Isn’t it enough to have money? The five million that Chairman Xiao gave Vivian is in your hands now, right?”
Xiao Chang Qian nodded his head and said, “Yes mom, it’s in my hands.”
Old Mrs. Xiao said in a heartfelt voice, “If Weiwei and Chairman Xiao’s affection goes further, not to mention five million, even if it’s fifty million, what’s the big deal? Won’t all that money go into your pocket then?”
Upon hearing this, Xiao Chang Qian felt much more comfortable.
The reason why he promised his daughter to get together with Xiao Yiqian was, to put it bluntly, for the money. Remember the website
Xiao Yiqian invested ten million and gave five million to Xiao Weiwei, this hand can be said to be very big, and this is just the beginning, in time, he will definitely invest even more money in the Xiao family.
Thinking of this, Xiao Yiqian immediately lost his previous embarrassment and pulled his wife Qian Hongyan back to his room on the first floor.
As soon as he entered the room, he said impatiently, “Wife, the big flat we looked at last time in Tomson One, the down payment was five to six million, and we could only make a down payment by breaking the iron, but we can’t cope with the decoration and home furnishings inside, but now with the five million Xiao Yiqian gave to Weiwei, we can buy that big flat without pressure with this money. ”
Qian Hongyan was first pleased, and then quickly said with a depressed face, “I’m not going to live in the flat of Tomson’s First Class, Xiao Changkun’s family and that punk Ye Chen live in the villa area inside, so I’m going to live outside them, stand guard for them, and let them laugh at me? I’m not going!”
Xiao Yiqian said, “This way, we now have almost 10 million out, tomorrow, talk to Weiwei, let her blow pillow breeze in Chairman Xiao’s ear, see if we can get Chairman Xiao to sponsor us for a few million more, and then we’ll make a down payment to buy a villa!”
Although the villas in Tomson are easily hundreds of millions of dollars, the other villas in Jinling are not too high in price.
A set of detached villa is normally only 20-30 million, and with a 40% down payment, it’s enough money on hand.
However, renovating the villa is also a big expense, and at least three to five million extra will have to be prepared for the renovation, so Xiao Changqian and his wife can’t afford it.
However, if they could get Xiao Yiqian to sponsor a little, wouldn’t that be an easy solution?
Qian Hongyan couldn’t help but get excited and said, “Do you think Xiao Yiqian can subsidize us some?”
Xiao Changqian smiled, “With this face of our Weiwei, I see that he has to show it anyway, I think he still likes our Weiwei.”
Qian Yanhong nodded her head, her expression full of joy as she interfaced, “Actually, looking at it this way, it’s really good that Weiwei is with Xiao Yiqian, at least she can’t lose in terms of money, Chairman Xiao is much more open than that little pup Wang Yunfei, Weiwei has been with Wang Yunfei for so many years and has even had an abortion for him, he didn’t say that he would give Weiwei a few million pocket money.”
Xiao Chang Qian nodded repeatedly and said seriously, “That’s right! That family surnamed Wang, no fucking good thing!”
I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m sure I’m going to be able to do that, so I’m going to be able to do that.
“OK! Then let’s go to our Jinling’s Golden Bottle Shang Villa first, I’ve heard the villas there aren’t bad either!”
As they were figuring out the words for the new house, they suddenly heard a violent noise coming from upstairs at this time.

Chapter: 356
Upstairs lived Xiao Weiwei and Xiao Yiqian, the two couples looked at each other and hurried out to try to see what was going on.
At this time, Xiao Weiwei happened to run down from upstairs with a crying voice and disheveled clothes.
When Xiao Changqian saw that she still had five finger marks on her face, he even asked, “Weiwei, what happened? Did Xiao Yiqian hit you?”
Xiao Weiwei cried and said, “Dad, Mom, all of a sudden he’s not going to make it, I tried all kinds of things and he still can’t make it, and he even got annoyed and slapped me…”
“It didn’t work?” Xiao Changqian was surprised and asked, “What doesn’t work? What’s going on?”
Xiao Weiwei couldn’t care less about her face at this point, and scrambled to explain, “It’s that one that’s not working ah, the man one, there’s no reaction at all!”
“Huh?” Qian Hongyan was surprised and asked, “Could it be that it’s getting older and not so useful?”
Xiao Weiwei shook her head repeatedly, “No! You were alive yesterday! Today it suddenly became completely unusable…”
Only then did Xiao Chang Qian understand why his daughter had been slapped.
Honestly speaking, a man who suddenly had no ability in that area would definitely lose his mind. One second to remember to read the book
Just thinking about it, Xiao Yiqian, wrapped in his robe, came running down from upstairs in a panic.
Qian Hongyan hurriedly asked, “Xiao Dong, what’s going on? You can talk to her about what Vivian did wrong, there’s no need to do anything, right?”
Xiao Yiqian’s expression was extremely ugly, and he gritted his teeth and said, “You guys stop fucking bullshit and drive me to the hospital!”
Xiao Changqian was slightly dissatisfied with Xiao Yiqian’s attitude and was about to theorize, when the old lady came over and said with a black face, “Changqian! What are you waiting for? Xiao Dong’s body is most important! Hurry up and get the car!”
Seeing that the old lady had come out to give her orders, Xiao Changqian didn’t dare to say anything more, let alone delay, and was busy picking up the car keys and taking Xiao Yiqian to the hospital.
On the way to the hospital, Xiao Yiqian’s expression was as ugly as it could be, he already hated Ye Chen in his heart at this point!
He now finally understood what Ye Chen’s previous words meant!
It’s better to trample into a pile of rotten flesh than to make yourself feel bad about looking at intact and unusable roots.
Sure enough!
This son of a bitch didn’t know what he was doing, and he just quietly stripped himself of all his ability to be a man!
How the hell did he do that? He’s clearly not doing any harm to his roots!
Why, all of a sudden, you can’t use it yourself!
You know, you’ve been paying close attention to this aspect of maintenance for so many years, spending millions of dollars on kidney and qi tonics every year, and have always been able to say that you’re alive and well, even more so than a twenty-something!
This Ye Chen, what had he done to himself!
The more Xiao Yiqian thought about it, the more panicked he became, always feeling as if this Ye Chen was bizarre!
It’ll be fine if it heals, but if it doesn’t, what the fuck is the point of living?

Chapter: 357
People’s Hospital.
Because it was already evening, after Xiao Chang Qian brought Xiao Yiqian to the hospital, he could only register for an emergency number.
After waiting in line for several minutes and meeting with the doctor, the doctor asked, “Where is it that is uncomfortable?”
Xiao Yiqian then sent Xiao Changqian out and said to the doctor himself, “Doctor, I seem to have a Yang Committee all of a sudden, so help me find out what’s going on.”
“Yang committee?!” The doctor was befuddled and said, “Yang committee this kind of disease, is a male disease, and it is not in the scope of the emergency, you should come over tomorrow morning, directly hang up the number of the men’s department and let the male doctor give you a check, we are mainly responsible for headache and brain fever, accidental injury or sudden illness in the emergency room.”
Xiao Yiqian said in annoyance, “Laozi Yang Committee is sudden illness! Can’t I come to your place and see?!”
The doctor said awkwardly, “I’ve been a doctor for so many years, I’ve never heard of a sudden Yang Commission ah…. This stuff has a process, at first it works well, then it slowly becomes less and less useful, then it becomes less and less useful, then it slowly becomes unusable…”
Xiao Yiqian didn’t expect him to describe it to himself in such detail, and burst into flames, scolding, “Are you fucking sick? I asked you to arrange an inspection for me, and you’re having this tirade with me?”
The doctor also got annoyed and took off, “What’s wrong with you? I told you, you don’t belong in our emergency room, and if you fool around here, I’ll have security clear you out!”
“You…” Xiao Yiqian gritted his teeth in anger, before pointing at the computer in front of him a moment later and coldly saying, “You, Baidu Qiancheng Group!” First web site
The doctor furrowed his brow, “What?”
Xiao Yiqian coldly snapped, “I’ll let you Baidu Qiancheng Group!”
The doctor was so intimidated by his attitude that he subconsciously opened his browser and searched for the Qiancheng Group.
When he opened the Wikipedia of Humble Cheng Group, he really saw the portrait of Chairman Xiao Yiqian.
Isn’t this, isn’t this the uncle of the Yang Committee in front of him?
Fuck! So it’s still a big man….
The doctor hurriedly and respectfully said, “Oh my Chairman Xiao, I didn’t know you were coming, you mustn’t be angry…”
Saying that, he hurriedly said, “Let’s say, you describe to me the course of the disease, and I’ll see if I can arrange a resident doctor to help you take a backdoor check.”
Only then did Xiao Yiqian’s face look a little better and said, “There is no history of this attack, I was fine yesterday, but today I suddenly can’t use it.”
The doctor asked curiously, “Is it not usable at all?”
“Right!” Xiao Yiqian said with a black face, “It doesn’t work at all!”
The doctor said, “Then this may have something to do with the nervous system, how about this Xiao, I’ll arrange for a neurology colleague to do an examination for you.”
Xiao Yiqian waved his hand, “Hurry up!”
The doctor didn’t dare to slow him down, and hurriedly called the inpatient department to help arrange the test.
After all, it was already evening, the outpatient doctors had already gone home from work, and only the inpatient department still had the night-shift doctor on duty.
Coincidentally, the doctor on duty in the inpatient department happened to be the same doctor who was attending to Ye Chen’s father-in-law, Xiao Changkun’s spine when he was injured the other day.
The attending doctor performed a series of examinations on Xiao Yiqian, looking at the various test results with a very grim expression.
Xiao Yiqian was lying on the examination bed in an extremely terrified mood.
He couldn’t feel that piece at all anymore, it felt as if the place had disappeared, let alone be used again.
He had to take this bite in his life, and if he couldn’t use it in the future, then he might as well die….

Chapter: 358
Seeing that the doctor was now looking serious, Xiao Yiqian asked, “Doctor, how is my situation?”
That attending doctor shook his head helplessly and said, “Xiao Dong, this problem of yours may not be able to be cured, because after our instruments, the nerves there are completely necrotic, and there is no rule of law.”
“Is it that the level of your hospital is not good enough?”
Xiao Changqian, who was on the side, answered the question.
The attending doctor gave him a contemptuous glance and said, “With today’s medical means, it is possible to slowly restore damaged nerves, but it is impossible to bring necrotic nerves back to life, it is like also encountering a car accident, some people can slowly stand up, some people can never stand up in a lifetime. ”
Saying that, he looked at Xiao Yiqian again and said seriously, “This situation is the same no matter where you go, even if it’s abroad, it can’t be cured.”
“How can this be!!!”
Xiao Yiqian, pale and disoriented, bellowed off the top of his lungs, “I’ve got money! How about 100 million? Will a billion dollars cure me of my roots?!”
The attending doctor said seriously: “Nerves are like human life, even if dying there is a chance to save it, but if you die, it is really dead, no one can bring the dead back to life.”
He said, “Don’t say 100 million, 10 billion can’t save a person who will die, look at that Steve Jobs of Apple, how rich is he? Isn’t it still hanging in the fifties?” Remember the URL
Upon hearing this, Xiao Yiqian’s heart thudded and his entire body was struck by lightning.
Can’t cure it?!
Is it really incurable?
Don’t you earn all that money just to be able to live the life of a fairy on earth?
If your roots are crippled, what’s the point of living your life?
Thinking of this, the famous business tycoon, Xiao Yiqian, actually covered his face with sobs and tears.
Xiao Changqian, who was beside him, saw this scene and felt his eyes heat up and almost burst into tears.
Being the same man, he could understand Xiao Yiqian’s pain at this moment too well.
At the same time, he could not help but tighten the roots of his legs, thinking, no matter what, he must protect his roots! A man can’t be a man without his roots!
Just at this time, that attending doctor suddenly spoke up, “However, Chairman Xiao, your illness is honestly something that someone can cure!”
“What? Are you serious?!” Suddenly agitated, Xiao Yiqian grabbed the attending doctor’s hand and shakily asked, “Who can treat it? Tell me quickly!”
The attending doctor smiled mysteriously and said, “This man, he’s not from our hospital!”
“And how do you know he can cure neurosis?! Didn’t you just say that neuropathy can’t be cured?”
The treating doctor said, “It’s true it can’t be cured, but he’s the only one who can! To him, he can cure people who are paraplegic and completely paralyzed from the neck down, not to mention cases like yours that are just a small handful of ‘paralysis’ below that, he’ll probably be able to cure you with ease.”
Xiao Yiqian was overwhelmed with excitement and spoke out, “Who is he? Where is it? Tell me quickly!”
The attending doctor smiled and said, “Xiao Dong, it’s okay to introduce you, but aren’t you going to pay some referral fees too?”
Xiao Yiqian immediately pulled out his checkbook and wrote a check for 100,000 and handed it to him, saying, “If the person you introduced me to can really cure me, I’ll give you another 900,000!”
The attending doctor received the check excitedly, which was why he said, “There is a Dr. Shi in Jinling, he was the one who cured a case of high paraplegia a few days ago, this is a huge miracle in our field of neurology! Divine Doctor Shi has now opened a ‘Relief Hall’ in Jinling, and if you go and ask him to do something, he might really be able to heal you.”
When Xiao Yiqian heard this, he was flabbergasted and happily asked, “The Divine Doctor Shi you’re talking about, but is his name Shi Tianqi?”

Chapter: 359
“You know Doctor Shi?” The attending doctor asked strangely.
Xiao Yiqian was overjoyed and laughed, “More than acquaintance! He’s a friend of the Xiao family! When Dr. Shi fell from grace, it was thanks to our family’s relief that he was able to achieve what he has today, but I didn’t expect him to be in Jinling, that’s great!”
At this point, Xiao Yiqian suddenly jumped up from the hospital bed and said to Xiao Changqian, “Hurry up and come with me to pay your respects to Doctor Shi, I’m saved!”
After asking for the address of Shi Tianqi’s pharmacy, Xiao Changqian drove to the Ji Shi Hall with Xiao Yiqian.
As soon as he arrived at the entrance of the Hall, Xiao Yiqian got out of the car and hurriedly ran inside.
Before he even entered the door, he found a fellow, who drove out a young man with crutches.
The young man, who was limping, begged, “Little Master, Little Master, please speak to Doctor Shi, just tell him that I’m begging him to heal me, and if he heals my leg, I’ll give him five million!”
The pharmacy fellow said coldly, “I’m sorry Mr. Gao, our Dr. Shi has said that you have offended Dr. Shi’s savior, so no matter how much money you pay, he won’t treat you!”
Afterwards, he said, “Mr. Gao, you’ve been coming over every day for the past few days, and it’s already interfering with our normal business, and Dr. Shi said that if you still come over tomorrow, he’ll call the police!”
The young man on crutches had an incomparably pained expression and begged, “Little Master, please have a good word with Divine Doctor Shi, I’m willing to give you a million benefits!” One second to remember to read the book
The drugstore guy pushed him all the way out the door and said with a cold face, “Please go away and don’t come back!”
Xiao Changqian recognized the young man right away!
Wasn’t this Gao Junwei of the Gao family?
It was said that he was screwed by Ye Chen because he had offended Ye Chen at the car show, and when Xiao Changkun was hospitalized, he made Master Hongwu throw himself straight down and break his leg from the third floor of the hospital room.
So he rushed forward and asked in surprise, “Oh my gosh, Mr. Gao, what’s wrong with you?”
“Uncle Shaw?” Gao Junwei recognized Xiao Changqian, sighed and said, “Forget about it, didn’t I break my leg? There have been after-effects, and the doctor said that I might be lame for the rest of my life, so I hurriedly came to ask Divine Doctor Shi to treat me, but as a result, Divine Doctor Shi was not willing to see me at all, and even drove me out…”
Xiao Chang Qian was shocked and asked out of the blue, “Is Divine Doctor Shi unwilling to save you because of that Ye Chen?”
“Yeah…” Gao Junwei gritted his teeth and cursed, “I never thought that even Doctor Shi would be compelled by such dog thieves!”
Xiao Yiqian was surprised and asked, “What’s the situation? Uncle Shi also knows that Ye Chen?”
Xiao Chang Qian nodded his head and said, “It seems like the relationship is pretty good, I don’t know what’s going on.”
Xiao Yiqian said coldly, “How can his relationship with Uncle Shi compare to my relationship with Uncle Shi? I’ve known Uncle Shi since I was three years old, and it’s been over fifty years!”
After saying that, he stepped inside with a arrogant face.
Once inside, he shouted loudly, “Uncle Shi, save me, Uncle Shi!”
The fellow inside who had just kicked Gao Junwei out said, “Sir, we’re closed, if you want to see a doctor, come back tomorrow.”
Xiao Yiqian hurriedly said, “Uncle Shi and I are old friends! Our two families are world friends!”
As he was speaking, Shi Tianqi heard the voice and also welcomed out from inside.
Seeing that it was Xiao Yiqian, he was surprised and asked, “Yiqian? What brings you to Jinling?”
Xiao Yiqian spoke up, “It’s a long story, let’s not mention those, Uncle Shi, I’m sick, you have to save me ah…”
Shi Tianqi was busy saying, “Don’t worry, slowly tell me what’s going on.”
It was only then that Xiao Yiqian spoke up and explained his condition once more.
Only after hearing this did Shi Tianqi slowly frowned.

Chapter: 360
Nervous breakdown?
That’s a bit tricky!
In both Chinese and Western medicine, there’s no good treatment for it.
If it’s really necrotic, it’s basically just useless.
So, he hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong with you? It’s not often easy to see such a special kind of neurosis!”
Xiao Yiqian also didn’t want to say his own humiliating things tonight, vaguely said: “I don’t know what happened, muddled like this, just now went to the People’s Hospital, where the sound gave me a check, said it was nerve necrosis……”
After saying that, he wept and begged, “Uncle Shi, but you have watched me grow up, you must help me ah!”
Shi Tianqi felt very tricky.
This disease was not easy to deal with, even with his medical skills, he could only say that he could maintain the status quo and keep him from necrosis there.
But if one wanted to cure the nerve necrosis and regain function, I’m afraid it would be impossible…. First published at
So, he sighed and said, “Ah Yiqian, this is a serious problem for you, nerve necrosis is an international medical problem, and I can’t cure it…”
Xiao Yiqian asked, “Uncle Shi, but I heard from the attending doctor at the People’s Hospital that you can even cure paralysis from the neck down, so why can’t I be cured of such a little paralysis?”
Shi Tianqi sighed and said, “To tell you the truth, this disease of yours is either untreatable, or the cost of treatment is too high.”
After saying that, he added, “In my hand, I have a divine medicine that was given to me by my benefactor, the efficacy of this divine medicine is truly miraculous, you only need to take half of it, and 80% of it will be fine.”
Xiao Yiqian’s heart was overjoyed, and he was busy begging, “Uncle Shi, then give me this medicine! You can’t watch me become impotent!”
Shi Tianqi was also in a bit of a dilemma and said sincerely, “Yiqian, uncle to tell you the truth, this medicine, I originally planned to save it for my life, you also know, I’m old, and doctors don’t heal themselves, maybe one day I’ll be terminally ill and have to rely on this medicine to save my life….”
Xiao Yiqian kneeled on the ground in succession, kowtowing as he begged, “Uncle Shi, you can’t see death and not save it! For my father’s sake and on the basis of the friendship between our two families for so many years, please save me this time!”
Shi Tianqi hesitated for a moment, struggling inside.
It was only after a moment that he sighed long and said, “Just kidding, let’s give you this half of the medicine…”
He had been indebted to Xiao Yiqian’s father back then, and although he had been helping their family all these years and had already repaid his kindness several or ten times over, but now that Xiao Yiqian was suffering from this kind of injury, he felt that he could not see death without saving him.
When Xiao Yiqian saw that Shi Tianqi was finally relieved, he was overjoyed and was busy thanking Shi Tianqi without stopping to say anything.
Shi Tianqi was about to take out the half of the divine pill that he kept close to him, but he suddenly saw Chen Xiaozhao hurriedly run in from outside.
Xiao Yiqian was in a great mood and saw the young and beautiful Chen Xiaozhao running in and said with a smile, “Oh my, Xiaozhao! Do you still know Uncle Shaw?”
As soon as Chen Xiaozhao saw him, he was stunned in shock.
Looking at Grandfather Shi Tianqi again, he actually pulled out half of the divine pill that Master Ye had given him.
Her heart thudded, and she hurriedly walked over, pulling Shi Tianqi aside and whispering, “Grandfather, what are you doing?”
Shi Tianqi sighed and said, “Your Uncle Xiao was injured, I am going to give him this half of the divine pill as a way to repay the kindness of his Xiao family back then…”
Chen Xiaozhao hurriedly said, “No way, Grandfather! Forget about the fact that you’ve already repayed the Xiao family’s kindness a thousand times over, just talk about this creepy Xiao Yiqian, do you know who he’s offended today?!”
Shi Tianqi was busy asking, “Who has been offended?”
Chen Xiaozhao blurted out, “O Master Ye Chen Ye!”

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