The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1021-1030

Chapter: 1021
Ye Chen did not expect that the Wu family was also involved in this matter to some extent.
This hateful gang of beggars was actually started by Wu Donghai’s brother-in-law, and it is estimated that the support of the Wu family is indispensable.
Originally, I was still waiting for the Wu family to find him, and was not ready to attack the Wu family.
But this time, I have to take Wu Donghai’s brother-in-law first!
Therefore, he immediately said to Liu Zhaochen: “I will give you a chance to redeem your sins, you must take good care of it, otherwise, I will let you end up like your brother!”
As soon as Liu Zhaochen heard this, he said with excitement: “Brother, if you have anything you want, you will die without hesitation!”
Ye Chen said: “Now you should call the elder beggar who is specially connected with you, tell him that there is a problem with your car, and let him come here to pick up people in person.”
Liu Zhaochen nodded immediately and said, “Okay, big brother, I’ll fight now. It’s not far from the city of Suzhou and Hangzhou. I think they will come soon.”
Ye Chen gave a hum, turned around and said to Chen Zekai behind him: “Old Chen, I don’t care what you use. Within an hour, I will see Wu Donghai’s brother-in-law here!”
Chen Zekai said immediately: “Don’t worry, Master, I will arrange this!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Liu Zhaochen was eager to make contributions, and hurriedly said, “By the way, that Xue Nanshan and his wife is one of the elders of the Beggar Gang, who is in charge of finances! And he is also his female military advisor!”
“Really?” Ye Chen frowned and asked: “Both couples are doing this kind of conscience business?”
“Yes!” Liu Zhaochen said: “Their couple is amazing, earning at least 100 million yuan a year. It is said that they earned more than 200 million yuan last year!”
Ye Chen said to Chen Zekai, “You can verify the matter of Old Chen. If it is true, bring him and his wife to me!”
Chen Zekai nodded and made a call immediately.
Ye family’s eyes are all over the country, if they want, there is no clue they can’t find.
Suzhou-Hangzhou is one of the largest cities in the south, and the hidden forces deployed by the Ye family here are beyond imagination.
Soon, Chen Zekai received the news and said to Ye Chen: “That kid is right, Xue Nanshan’s wife is indeed one of the elders of the Beggar Gang.”
“Okay.” Ye Chen nodded and said coldly: “Then bring them all to me!”
Chen Zekai immediately picked up the walkie-talkie and said: “A group of obedient! Go to Suzhou and Hangzhou quickly and meet our family’s local eyeliner. By any means, you must bring Xue Nanshan and his wife here within an hour!”
A resolute voice came from the walkie-talkie: “Yes! One group set off immediately!”
Immediately after one of the hovering helicopters, it immediately climbed and drove towards Suzhou-Hangzhou city.
Ye Chen asked him again: “Could you let the Ye Family’s eyeliner in Suhang help me investigate how many core members of the Beggar Gang still in Suhang, and bring all of them to me.”
Chen Zekai said: “Good young master, I’ll give orders now and get everything I can find!”
Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, and said coldly: “Today I will walk for the sky and get rid of this beggar gang!”
Liu Zhaochen also took out his mobile phone at this time, and under Ye Chen’s supervision, called the elder of the beggar gang who had been connected to him.

Chapter: 1022
When the other party heard him say that the car was broken, he immediately said he was not reliable.
Liu Zhaochen could only say in a low tone: “Elder Liu, the car I built is quite old. I’m really sorry, but I’m only a few tens of kilometers away from Suzhou and Hangzhou. It’s not far, so please come and pick it up. Come on.”
The other party cursed and said: “If I didn’t see that you sent more goods this time, I would just ignore you.”
After speaking, the other party said again: “Send your location to WeChat, and I will come here.”
At this moment, the beggar gang leader Xue Nanshan and his wife Li Kaili had just walked out of the Wu’s villa with their daughter.
Today at noon, it is the birthday of Xue Nanshan’s sister, Wu Donghai’s wife Xue Yaqin.
In the past, Xue Yaqin had to organize a special birthday for her birthday, but this year, considering the special situation of her son Wu Qi, she will choose to stay at home and simply prepare a lunch.
No guests were invited to this banquet. Apart from my family, I only invited my younger brother and younger siblings, as well as his younger niece.
After such a long time, Wu Qi is still the same, adding a meal every hour. Remember to read in one second
So in this banquet, Wu Qi disappeared for about 20 minutes. Everyone knew that he was going to add a meal, but everyone at the dinner table was embarrassed to say it.
After the birthday party, Xue Nanshan’s family of three was ready to go home.
His sister Xue Yaqin sent them to the parking lot of the villa.
Seeing that there was no one else around, Xue Nanshan asked his sister: “Sister, is Xiaoqi’s situation still not getting better?”
“No.” Xue Yaqin said with a sad face: “A lot of experts have come to visit during this period, but there is no result. They have no good way.”
Xue Nanshan couldn’t help but sighed and said, “Sister, I think my brother-in-law has some problems with his mood and emotions recently.”
Xue Yaqin said dejectedly: “The last time your brother-in-law took Xiaoxin to Jinling, he suffered a big loss in the hands of the Ye family, and was humiliated by an unknown man by Jinling. Didn’t you see Xiaoxin’s arm still in plaster? He was injured in Jinling.”
Xue Nanshan said angrily: “What kind of kid did this? Sister, do you want me to take some brothers and kill that kid in the past? Now the power of the beggars is stronger again. There are 10,000 registered gang members alone. There are many people. During this period of time, I am preparing to annex the beggars from the surrounding provinces one by one. By then, my beggars may have more than 50,000 people!”
Xue Yaqin said: “Your brother-in-law is already planning the matter in Jinling, so you don’t need to bother.”
After that, she looked at her younger sibling Li Kaili and said to her younger brother: “You have to take good care of Kaili during this period. Two months of pregnancy is the most dangerous time. Don’t let the fetus have any problems.”
Xue Nanshan said immediately: “Sister, don’t worry, I will take care of her.”
Xue Yaqin said to her younger sibling Li Kaili: “Kelly, you have just gotten pregnant, so don’t intervene in the beggars’ affairs for the time being. Have your baby at home and have a b-ultrasound in two months to see if it is a male or a female.”
Li Kaili nodded hurriedly and said respectfully: “Okay sister, I see, don’t worry.”
Xue Yaqin couldn’t help sighing, and said with emotion: “Our Xue family, the biggest problem is that the population is not thriving enough. My parents left early and only gave birth to two children, Nanshan and Nanshan. Only the son of Nanshan. You and Nanshan are now There is only Tongtong a daughter. He said that everything must be given to a son quickly, and it is not enough to have one. While he is young, he must at least have two sons to continue the incense for the Xue family.”
Li Kaili hurriedly said: “Sister, don’t worry, I will definitely succeed the Xue family!”

Chapter: 1023
Xue Yaqin, Wu Donghai’s wife, is a standard demon of helping his brother.
With her identity and her family background, it would have been impossible for her to enter the gate of Wu’s house.
But the reason why Wu Donghai married her into the Wu family was entirely because Wu Donghai truly loved her.
After marrying into the Wu family, Xue Yaqin began to do everything possible to help her brother Xue Nanshan.
Xue Nanshan didn’t have any abilities, he didn’t read well, and his ability was not good enough. When he was young, he took a lot of money from Xue Yaqin to do business, but he was basically defeated by him.
There was no other way, Xue Yaqin went to beg her husband, hoping that her husband could give his younger brother a little from the Wu family’s business, which would be regarded as a way for his own brother.
Although Wu Donghai didn’t look down on Xue Nanshan, he still helped him a few times because of his wife’s face.
But Xue Nanshan is very ignorant of good and bad, and he is not capable of it. When others lead him to make money, he has to make some tricks from it. In the end, Wu Donghai is also tired of him, and simply doesn’t bother to take him. .
However, Xue Yaqin didn’t want her brother to be mediocre all his life. Seeing that his brother didn’t have much real ability, but he still had the ability to fight hard, he guided his brother to the gray industry.
After all, Xue Nanshan is Wu Donghai’s brother-in-law, and the entire Wu family has a very strong influence in the south, so there is this relationship. He went out to make a profit, and everyone must give face. First URL m.
After fishing for a few years, Xue Nanshan explored the business of the Beggar Gang.
To say that it is a “gang of beggars” is actually borrowing someone’s name from martial arts novels. They are not doing a chivalrous thing for the country and the people. They are just organizing a large group of fake beggars to pretend to be beggars and swindle.
Moreover, there are often conflicts between the gang of beggars and the gang of beggars.
For example, the bus stations, railway stations, and commercial streets with the most crowded traffic are the favorite prime locations of the Beggar Gang. If you can set up a stall here, you will definitely make a lot of money in a day.
However, there are tens of thousands of beggars in a city, true and false, and it is naturally impossible to gather in these golden locations.
Therefore, fighting fiercely with other gangs of beggars, forming cliques, and grabbing territory in daily life have become their most important thing besides begging.
Because of the big tree of the Wu family, Xue Nanshan has developed rapidly in the cause of the Beggars.
If any beggar dared to fight against him, he would immediately be trampled on him. If he couldn’t do it, he would beg his sister and ask his sister to ask his brother-in-law, Wu Donghai, to help.
After all, Wu Donghai is also the heir of the top big family. He naturally doesn’t look down on this kind of gray business, and of course he doesn’t want to interfere.
But he couldn’t hold back his wife blowing the pillow breeze in his ears every day, and acted like a baby at every turn, or brushed his temper or pretended to be wronged. Then he had no choice.

Chapter: 1024
In the end, it didn’t work, so he came out to help Xue Nanshan several times.
When others discovered that even the top family heirs like Wu Donghai would come to help Xue Nanshan get ahead, the other beggars naturally did not dare to offend Xue Nanshan again.
As a result, Xue Nanshan pretended to be invincible and brought all the Beggar Gang forces in Zhejiang Province into his own hands.
Now he is the leader of the famous “gang of beggars” in Jiangnan area.
Xue Nanshan is also very proud of this, because this kind of thing comes too quickly, and it is completely unnecessary. Everyone is scattered, everyone finds a place, lies on the ground, and then writes on a white paper. Copywriting that sells badly is just lying down and making money.
In a short period of time, he has already saved more than 1 billion family assets.
Xue Yaqin was naturally very pleased to see that her younger brother had made such a great achievement. For her brother-in-law, the younger brother was responsible for it, which was the continuation of the entire family’s blood.
The Xue family’s parents left early and there were no relatives. The more desolate and the less prosperous the family, the more she hoped that the Xue family could open up its branches and leaves as soon as possible, so that the family would also prosper and gradually become a famous family in Jiangnan. , So that I can be considered to have completed my mission to myself.
After leaving his brother’s family, Xue Yaqin turned and returned to the villa. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Wu Donghai was sitting in the living room with a cigar in his mouth, and said annoyedly: “Yaqin, I recently heard that your brother’s beggar has made a lot of children to make money. Can you tell him He will constrain a little bit later? Now everyone knows that he is my brother-in-law of Wu Donghai. He is doing this kind of mischievous business, and everyone outside thinks it is my order! What my Wu family says is a hundred billion level How can this big family get involved with this kind of indiscriminate business?”
When Xue Yaqin heard this, her eyes were flushed with grievances, and she choked with sobs: “Husband, you are not ignorant of Nanshan’s situation. You said that he has no ability, academic qualifications, no education, and no brains, except for the sidetrack. , What else can he do? I’m just this younger brother, if he doesn’t live well, then I really won’t be stunned!”
Wu Donghai’s most helpless thing is to see his wife’s grievances. He also knows that this is just his wife’s trick, but after all, out of true love, when she sees her grievances, even if she pretends to be wronged, Wu Donghai will feel distressed in his heart.
So, he could only sigh, and said: “If you have done it, don’t feel wronged. I mean, you will also say hello to Nanshan when you look back. There are many ways to make a mistake. Partial behavior is placed on women and children. If he has a kind, and dares to fight and kill, then I can completely praise him as the underground emperor of the whole Jiangnan. Why do things that hurt women and children every day? Tell these things. It’s really faceless.”
Xue Yaqin came to Wu Donghai with tears in his eyes, sat beside him, grabbed his arm with both hands, and choked pitifully: “Husband, you don’t know what my brother looks like. That ability to fight and kill with others? Besides, in our entire Xue family, he is the only man left who says that he can’t go out to fight and kill. If something happens to him, we Xue Isn’t the home going to be broken?”
Wu Donghai said helplessly: “Didn’t I tell you? If he dares to fight and kill, I will cover him behind his back. With me, do you think anyone in Jiangnan dares to move him?”
Xue Yaqin wiped away her tears, and said, “That’s not what I said, my husband, there are many children now, who are totally shocked. He doesn’t care what your identity or background is. He might just pick up a knife and say Killers, if they hurt Nanshan and kill them all afterwards, what problem can they solve?”
As she said, she grabbed Wu Donghai’s hand and said with red eyes, “Husband, I’m just a younger brother Nanshan. You are for the sake of having two sons after I have been with you for so many years. Be considerate of him.”
Wu Donghai sighed and said helplessly: “These things Nanshan has done are too damaging to yin and virtue. If you have time someday, let him go to the temple to burn incense!”

Chapter: 1025
Xue Nanshan drove his Rolls Royce at this time, with his two-month pregnant wife sitting in the co-pilot and his 6-year-old daughter in the back seat.
A family of three drove back to their villa and the journey went smoothly.
Rolls-Royce drove into the garage and stopped. Xue Nanshan pushed the door to get out of the car. Then, Li Kaili beside him also opened the door.
Their daughters were already asleep in the back seat.
Li Kaili said to Xue Nanshan: “Husband, you hug your girl, put on a dress for her, don’t catch a cold.”
Xue Nanshan nodded, and after getting out of the car, he reached out and opened the door of the rear seat.
At this moment, a few men in black suddenly rushed out around them. Each of them held a gun in his hand. As soon as they appeared, they pointed their guns directly at the foreheads of the couple. One of them gave a cold voice. Said: “Xue Nanshan, our young master wants to see you, you husband and wife, come with us!”
Xue Nanshan was taken aback by the battle in front of him.
He really didn’t expect that someone in Suzhou and Hangzhou would dare to provoke himself.
I am not only the leader of the Beggar Gang, but also a relative of the Wu family, and Wu Donghai’s brother-in-law. In Suzhou and Hangzhou, who should not give himself a bit of face? Remember to read in one second
Don’t talk about targeting yourself, even if you see yourself, everyone has to nod and bow, kneel and lick yourself like a dog.
So he asked angrily: “What do those few eyesights do? Do you know who my brother-in-law is?”
One of the people in black disdainfully said, “Isn’t your brother-in-law Wu Donghai?”
Xue Nanshan reprimanded: “Knowing that my brother-in-law is Wu Donghai, if you dare to provoke me, you are all fucking impatient, right? Believe my brother-in-law, a word can make you dead?”
The man in black sneered, “Xue Nanshan, you take your brother-in-law too seriously. In the eyes of our young master, Wu Donghai is indistinguishable from a dog. The reason why he still keeps this dog is Wu Donghai. Fate, I just want him to jump around for two more days and have fun with him!”
“You…” Xue Nanshan was a little panicked now.
He really didn’t expect that the other party would not pay attention to his brother-in-law at all. In Suzhou and Hangzhou, no one had such courage.
But these people in black know that they are Wu Donghai’s brother-in-law, and they have to use a knife to hijack themselves. It seems that they are not good!
So he asked nervously: “Who are you? Who is your young master? Have I provoke your young master?”
The black man said: “Who is our young master? You will know when you go with me.”
After that, he pointed his gun at Li Kaili and said coldly: “And you, one of the nine elders of the Beggars, right? Come with us too!”
At this time, several people in black put their guns at them and led them out of the garage.
At the same time, a helicopter has slowly landed in the courtyard of Xue Nanshan’s villa.
Xue Nanshan was even more flustered when he saw that the other party was driving a helicopter to kidnap himself.
This situation can be seen at a glance that those who come are not good.
At this time, he found a man in black and walked out holding his sleeping daughter.

Chapter: 1026
He panicked and said: “What are you going to do? My daughter is innocent! Don’t involve her!”
The man in black sneered: “How many babies and children in your beggar gang have been kidnapped by you, aren’t they innocent? Isn’t your Xue Nanshan’s child a human, and other people’s children are not humans?”
Xue Nanshan was shocked!
Before he and his wife could recover, they were forcibly taken into the helicopter by the man in black.
They were taken on the helicopter along with their daughter.
One of the men in black directly took out a syringe and gave Xue Nanshan’s daughter a tranquilizer.
This shot of tranquilizer can give Xue Nanshan’s daughter at least another 10 hours of sleep.
Afterwards, the plane quickly climbed and flew towards the bridge where Ye Chen was.
At this moment, above the bridge. First URL m.
Liu Zhaochen’s family of six is ​​almost shocked.
Jiang Ming had already fainted a few times with fright, and regained consciousness.
The elder of the Beggar Gang, who was responsible for buying and selling people, was already on the way here. Chen Zekai’s subordinates were already on the bridge and had no nets. As long as this person appeared, he would be immediately controlled.
Liu Zhaochen knelt in front of Ye Chen at this time. The blood that had been kowtow before, had formed blood scabs, making him look terrible.
But his expression was full of horror. He looked at Ye Chen and begged: “Brother, if the elder beggar comes over later, please let us go! We will definitely reform in the future. , Never do this kind of conscientious thing again!”
Ye Chen sneered and said: “If you really have a long memory, when you make a pirated CD and your right hand is cut off, you will already have a long memory. Others have worked so hard to make a movie and prepare to be shown in the theater to earn the box office. , To recover the cost, and as a result, you stupid stole the fruits of other people’s labor directly. If you are a pirated rubbish, brazen stupid, you should have no place to bury the whole family! I didn’t expect you to be a pirate. I even hit the child with the idea, you are adding sin to sin!”
Liu Zhaochen burst into tears. He raised his severed right hand and begged: “Brother, I do piracy is really not a thing, really damn it, I have already paid the price! You see, I lost my right hand at a young age. It’s not easy for me to live the past few years!”
Ye Chen said coldly: “Your right hand is just the price you paid for piracy. Now you have to pay the price for kidnapping and stealing children!”
Liu Zhaochen cried and said, “Big Brother, why don’t you give me a leg? Abandon me, I will definitely be a good person in my life!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “You are quite good at discussing with others. It is not impossible to abandon your leg, but you have stolen 10 children in total. For each child, I abandon your leg. You have ten legs for me. ?”
Liu Zhaochen was stunned.
Seeing Ye Chen’s face full of solemnity, as if he was about to kill himself today, he said in a flustered heart: “Brother, although I don’t have ten legs, there are seven of us! Seven people, that is fourteen legs. what……”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “You are quite good at doing arithmetic problems, but this kind of thing cannot be offset by the seven of you, because the results you seven have to face are exactly the same.”
Just as he was talking, a heavy forklift drove over from the bridge head on a Mercedes-Benz S-Class directly!
Chen Zekai’s voice came from the intercom: “The young master, the elder of the beggar gang has been brought over. It is in the Mercedes-Benz sedan. The car is bulletproof. He is unwilling to get out of the car, so I just let him Fork it!”

Chapter: 1027
As the forklift got closer and closer, Ye Chen asked the people around to make a clearing and waved at the forklift driver, “Come on, put him here for me!”
The forklift driver immediately drove the bulletproof Mercedes-Benz S-Class all the way to Ye Chen.
Chen Zekai said at this time: “Don’t worry, don’t put him down now, otherwise he will suddenly hurt the young master if he puts on the gas pedal. First remove his four wheels and put him down.”
As a result, several workers from construction sites immediately took equipment and went up to unload all four of his wheels.
At this time, there was a fat man sitting in the car. The fat man was full of horror and shouted in the car: “Who are you guys and what do you want to do?”
Ye Chen ignored him.
After all four of his wheels were unloaded, the forklift put the car in place.
Ye Chen took out his phone, turned on the video recording function, looked at the fat man in the car window, and said coldly: “The elder of the Beggar Gang, right? You are responsible for buying minors for the Beggar Gang, right? I will give you a self now. If you don’t grasp the opportunity to walk down, you are at your own risk.”
The fat man looked at him with trepidation, and blurted out, “Who are you? I have never seen you before. We can’t have any hatred, what’s the resentment!”
Ye Chen lifted Liu Zhaochen up, pointed at him, and asked the fat man: “Do you know this person? Have you said to him that you want to take over ten orphans from him?” Remember the URL http: //m. Kanshu8. nest
The fat man’s face instantly turned pale.
Immediately, he glared at Liu Zhaochen and cursed: “The surname is Liu, you fucking dare to sell me!”
At this time, Liu Zhaochen was also full of anger and nowhere to vent, staring at him, hysterically cursing: “You bastard, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to walk this way! You fucking killed our family!”
Ye Chen looked at the fat man again and asked in a cold voice, “I will ask you one last time, will I not come down?”
The fat man didn’t dare to get off after being killed, at least he could find a sense of security in the car.
Seeing that he was indifferent, Ye Chen said to Chen Zekai, “Are there electric welding equipment in these construction vehicles?”
Chen Zekai immediately asked through the walkie-talkie: “Whose car has an electric welding machine?”
A voice came from the walkie-talkie: “Mr. Chen, I have a set of electric welding equipment and an inverter in my car, just for mobile welding!”
Chen Zekai blurted out: “Bring here quickly!”
After a while, a truck drove over. After the driver jumped out of the car, he immediately lifted a set of electric welding equipment from the back of the truck.
Ye Chen pointed to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and said, “Since this fat guy likes to stay inside, then weld all the doors to me, find some steel bars, and weld all the windows to me!”
There were so many construction vehicles, and various construction site materials were pulled inside. Among them, the most were cement yellow sand and muck, followed by steel bars and other steel plates.
Upon hearing that Ye Chen ordered the car to be welded to death, the worker immediately greeted several workers for help. Then, many people carried various steel bars and the steel plates ran over quickly.
When the fat man in the car saw this battle, his soul was frightened. He asked hoarsely, “What are you going to do? I have no grudges against you, why do you treat me this way?
Ye Chen sneered: “You abduct and sell children, and everyone can be punished! To do this kind of conscience business, you must have enough psychological preparation!”
After that, he roared: “Sold on me!”
Several workers immediately got busy. First, all the doors of this Mercedes-Benz were welded to death, and then all the windows of this Mercedes-Benz were welded into cages with various steel plates.
The fat man became more and more frightened inside, and his whole person almost collapsed.
He had already felt something subconsciously, but at this moment, he was still deceiving himself and others, and couldn’t believe it.

Chapter: 1028
Ye Chen’s cell phone has been recording images of him, and naturally recorded all the scene of him being welded to death in the car.
The fat man looked at Ye Chen and threatened with all his strength: “I warn you, let me go quickly, our boss’s brother-in-law, but Wu Donghai of the Wu family! You must have heard of Wu Donghai’s name. How can you not provoke him, if you dare to be against me today, my boss and his brother-in-law Wu Donghai will definitely not spare you!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Your boss? Your boss is already on the way here, so let’s let him watch you on the road later!”
As he was talking, a helicopter in the sky had already moved quickly!
After a few minutes, the plane landed slowly, and several people in black escorted him. Xue Nanshan and his wife Li Kaili walked off the helicopter.
When Xue Nanshan saw the battle in front of him, he was shocked and his soul was not possessed!
He has been out for so long and has never seen such a scary battle!
Dozens of engineering vehicles directly sealed the entire bridge, several helicopters were parked on the bridge, and dozens of men in black with live ammunition.
I don’t know, I thought it was the troops doing some exercises.
He couldn’t help wondering in his heart, who are these people? Who did you offend? The beggars who usually rob themselves of buying and selling, who has such great ability? Remember to read in one second
Those people in black brought him to Ye Chen.
Ye Chen stared at him and asked in a cold voice: “Are you Xue Nanshan?”
Xue Nanshan felt tight, and subconsciously asked: “Who are you? What are you looking for?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Me? I am the one who will kill you!”
When Xue Nanshan heard this, his face became cold, and he immediately said angrily: “I want my life? Do you know who my brother-in-law is?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “I know, isn’t it Wu Donghai? Do you think Wu Donghai can save you at this time? If Wu Donghai, an old dog, comes over today, I will kill the entire Wu family today. Here!”
“You…” Xue Nanshan was shocked. He didn’t understand why the young man in front of him had such a strong confidence, so he dared to say such arrogant things.
Who is Wu Donghai? Wu Donghai is an existence that no one can match in the whole Jiangnan and no one dares to provoke!
He is the king of Jiangnan!
But the young man in front of him didn’t pay attention to Wu Donghai at all. What gave him such a confidence?
At this time, the fat man who had been completely welded to death in the Mercedes-Benz car opened a window in the car and shouted to the outside: “Boss, Boss, you must save me, Boss!”
Xue Nanshan was shocked. He turned his head and saw that in the Mercedes-Benz that was welded to death, he was sitting in one of the nine elders of his beggar gang.
He hurriedly blurted out and asked: “Old Liu, why are you here?”
The beggar elder in the Mercedes Benz cried and said, “Boss, I came to pick up the goods. I didn’t expect that the boy named Liu who talked to me, he actually cheated me, because he united with others to do the crime. I, boss, you must save me!”
Xue Nanshan was frightened and stupid, this battle is clearly to kill!
If the opponent dares to kill his own elder, he must dare to kill himself…
He was nervous and scared to die, and tremblingly asked Ye Chen: “Brother, what on earth do you and I have misunderstood? Or what do you want? Just open your mouth, as long as I can give it to Xue, I will give it to you. I just beg you to let us go!”
Ye Chen said coldly: “Your beggars help to do some devoid of conscience. What I want today is a heaven! A justice!”

Chapter: 1029
Xue Nanshan said in horror: “Brother, how can my brother-in-law Wu Donghai be regarded as a face and face in the south of the Yangtze River. If you kill me, he will definitely not let you go. Instead of repaying injustices like this, why can’t he turn fighting into jade?”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently, and said: “I’m sorry, I want to turn a fight with me into a jade silk, you are not worthy! Even Wu Donghai is not worthy! You see Wu Donghai as a god, but in my eyes it is just a pile of shit!”
After that, he said again: “The surname is Xue, don’t worry, let’s come one by one, I will send your brother on the road first, and then have a good chat with you!”
Immediately afterwards, Ye Chen looked at the fat man in the Mercedes-Benz, and said coldly: “You kidnap and sell children, you lose your conscience, you are a tiger, and everyone is punishable. Today I will act for the sky and let you do what you do. To pay the price! Don’t you like your Mercedes-Benz? Don’t you like to stay in it and not get down? Okay, let this car be your coffin and let your boss send you on the road!”
After all, he looked at Xue Nanshan and said coldly: “Come on, you sing a song loudly for me, sing the famous Italian song “Ah! Goodbye friends!”!”
Xue Nanshan subconsciously shivered and said: “I…I won’t…”
Ye Chen scolded, “You fucking bluff me? Who knows how to sing such a classic song?”
Xue Nanshan does sing this song, and he often sings it in KTV, but how could he be willing to sing it at this time?
The young man in front of him welded one of his generals in a Mercedes-Benz car, and said that he wanted this car to be his coffin, which meant he was going to die in the car.
I can’t save my brother, nor can I sing goodbye to my friend when he dies, right? First URL m.
Seeing that he didn’t even speak, Ye Chen immediately yelled: “The sniper interrupted his right leg!”
As soon as the voice fell, I heard a gunshot!
Then Xue Nanshan knelt on the ground with a plop.
His right knee has become a mass of fleshy flesh, and the pain makes him cry.
Ye Chen continued, “I count 123, and within three seconds, if this person doesn’t sing to me, I’ll break his other leg!”
Xue Nanshan was so scared to cry when he heard this: “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, brother, I sing, I will sing!”
After all, he endured the severe pain in his right leg and knee, and sang choked with a trembling voice: “Oh goodbye friend, ah, goodbye friend, ah, goodbye friend, goodbye, goodbye… …”
Ye Chen looked at the fat man in the Mercedes-Benz and asked him with a smile, “Have you heard? Your eldest brother is singing to see you off. You can go on the road with peace of mind!”
The fat man collapsed in pain, slapped the car window and shouted: “I don’t want to die, please spare my life, I really don’t want to die…”
Ye Chen stopped paying attention to him, but yelled, “Hang up this Mercedes Benz for me with a heavy helicopter!”
Chen Zekai immediately ordered to go down.
In the car, the big fat man was completely crazy. He slapped the window frantically, crying and begging: “Big brother, uncle, please let me go. I’m still young and I don’t want to die. I have 80 mothers. There are three-year-old children. If I die, they will all be over!”
Ye Chen sneered: “Before you do this business, you should have thought that you will end up like this!”
A heavy helicopter tied the Mercedes-Benz with a cable, and then slowly hoisted it in the air.

Chapter: 1030
Ye Chen said coldly: “Throw him into the river for me!”
The helicopter immediately flew to the river surface by the bridge, and then the aircraft suddenly disconnected the rope, and the Mercedes Benz crashed into the river surface at a very fast speed.
This Mercedes-Benz itself is bulletproof, and the body is very heavy, plus the steel plate welded in a circle makes it heavier.
Therefore, the moment it plunged into the river at high speed, it immediately threw a spectacular splash of water!
The splashing water even formed a small rainbow in the sun!
Immediately afterwards, the Mercedes-Benz car sank directly to the bottom of the river and disappeared without any delay!
Everyone present knew that this fat man was bound to die.
Because that car has been completely welded to death, even if it is Da Luo Jinxian, it is impossible to escape!
Jiang Ming, Liu Zhaochen’s family, and Xue Nanshan’s couple suddenly collapsed with horror as they watched that Mercedes-Benz sink to the bottom of the river.
No one thought that Ye Chen would be so decisive when killing someone. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Jiang Ming also clearly realized at this moment that this orphan, who grew up with him since childhood, seemed to be able to kill himself today.
He crawled to Ye Chen’s feet, crying and he was out of breath: “Ye Chen, please let me go. I am different from them. I have never done such a mourning before. For the best things, I was just confused for a while, and blinded for a while, I beg you to give me another chance, you grew up with me, you know that I am not the kind of heinous person…”
Ye Chen looked at him in disgust, and said coldly: “Jiang Ming, you have to understand that some mistakes can be forgiven, but some mistakes can never be forgiven, even for the first time, you cannot forgive them!”
After finishing speaking, he used the camera of his mobile phone to aim at Xue Nanshan and his wife and said coldly: “Come on, I will give you and your wife a chance to confess to the people of the whole country. Looking at my mobile phone camera, you have done it all these years. If you behave well, I might be able to make you suffer less.”
Xue Nanshan’s wife Li Kaili was almost stupid, but at this moment, she knelt on the ground with a thump, crying and begging for mercy: “Big brother, please forgive me, I’m just Xue Nanshan’s wife, I don’t even know. What did he do on weekdays, I am really innocent!”
Then, she pointed to her flat lower abdomen, and said, “You tell me, I have been pregnant for two months, please let us go and give us a way out!”
When Xue Nanshan heard this, he subconsciously cursed: “Li Kaili, you actually want to betray me at this time!”
Li Kaili suddenly exploded: “Xue Nanshan, I have your seed in my stomach! Don’t I want to leave a queen for you Xue family? If we both die here today, your Xue family’s incense will broken!”
In fact, Li Kaili’s thinking is very simple, just to survive.
She didn’t live enough and didn’t want to die!
If she is allowed to die with her husband and live as a widow by herself, choose one of the two, then she must choose the latter.
Xue Nanshan also thought at first that she was going to live alone.
But listening to her say this, my heart suddenly shuddered.
My wife is right. If both myself and my wife are dead, even if the young man in front of him let go of his daughter, his own incense will be cut off!
Daughter, in the eyes of the Xue family, the incense cannot be continued!

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