The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1101-1110

Chapter: 1101
At 7 o’clock in the morning, Xiao Churan slowly woke up. This time she slept more comfortably than before. She hadn’t dreamed or woken up even once throughout the night. She seemed to be in deep sleep throughout the whole process, so she felt full of energy.
Xiao Churan wasn’t surprised that he didn’t see Ye Chen after getting up, because Ye Chen got up earlier than himself every day.
Knowing that Ye Chen would take himself to pick today, Xiao Churan was in a particularly good mood and looked forward to it from the bottom of his heart.
After washing, Xiao Churan changed into a sports suit before walking downstairs.
She thought Ye Chen was cooking breakfast, and she could leave for the suburbs after breakfast, but she didn’t expect Ye Chen to be waiting for herself in the living room.
When Ye Chen saw Xiao Churan go downstairs, he immediately greeted him and said with a smile: “My wife, go, let’s go picking!”
Xiao Churan asked in surprise, “Ah? Is this going to go? Haven’t had breakfast yet…”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “What else to eat for breakfast? Come back and eat.”
After that, he reached out and grabbed Xiao Churan’s hand, took her and walked out the door.
Xiao Churan was held by Ye Chen’s little hand, and felt his heart throbbing and thumping. He was a little bit ashamed and a little surprised at the same time. He couldn’t help asking: “Ye Chen, drive to the suburbs to pick, and come back when you are done. For half a day, if we don’t have something to eat, what should we do when we get hungry?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “You’ll know when you go with me. I’ve arranged everything.”
Xiao Churan asked curiously: “Did you arrange a farmhouse there?”
Ye Chen pulled Xiao Churan to the door and said with a smile: “Come on, close your eyes first.”
Xiao Churan was even more surprised: “Ye Chen, let me close my eyes now, isn’t it too early?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “What’s it early? It’s not early, you’ll know in a while.”
Xiao Churan could only smile helplessly, closed his eyes, and said softly: “Well, for the sake of you taking me to pick, let’s listen to you.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Then you are not allowed to take a peek!”
Xiao Churan said seriously: “Don’t worry, I will definitely not peek! I am also a person who likes surprises!”
“That’s good!”
Ye Chen took Xiao Churan’s white tender and warm little hand, and carefully led him out of the house, all the way to the yard. At this time, at the east of the yard, more than an acre of fruits and vegetables had been planted.
Moreover, the plants of these fruits and vegetables were carefully selected by Wang Zhenggang. Not only did the fruits grow well, they did not even have a single insect eye. The fruits were brightly colored and the leaves were extremely green. In addition, some dew condensed in the early morning. It is even more amazing.
Ye Chen led Xiao Churan out and came to the vegetable garden. Then he smiled and said to her: “My wife, you can open your eyes.”
Xiao Churan asked in surprise, “Don’t you want to get in the car? Let me open my eyes before getting in the car?”
“Right.” Ye Chen said with a smile: “If you open your eyes, you will open your eyes.”
Xiao Churan smiled and said, “Then I just opened it!”
After that, she opened her eyes gently.
At the moment when she opened her eyes, the rising sun from the east cast brilliant morning light into her bright eyes, making her a little dazzling for a moment, unable to see clearly.
Immediately afterwards, her vision gradually recovered.
At this time, she was surprised to find that there was an impeccably perfect vegetable and fruit garden in front of her eyes!
She was surprised!
Immediately afterwards, he immediately covered his mouth with both hands!

Chapter: 1102
After that, she looked at Ye Chen next to her again, her face full of shock and incredible.
“This…I…I’m not dreaming Ye Chen! How come we have such a vegetable and fruit garden in our house?!”
Ye Chen looked at her dozingly, and smiled: “Silly wife, of course you are not dreaming. Don’t you like picking? You can come here every day to pick it. I have someone find it. We can find the best in Jinling. I will take care of this vegetable field in the future to ensure that it has abundant fruits for you to pick and taste for 4 seasons a year!”
Xiao Churan’s eyes flushed suddenly moved!
She never dreamed that her husband had prepared such a big surprise for herself!
When she was young, she hoped to grow some fruits and vegetables in the yard, even if it was just a tomato or a pepper, she would be extremely satisfied.
However, Mrs. Xiao never gave her this opportunity.
Unexpectedly, my husband would give himself such a large and good vegetable garden overnight!
Especially Ye Chen’s affectionate promise made Xiao Churan very moved!
Although Ye Chen had done a lot for himself before, nothing made him feel so moved. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
This feeling is like I only expect my husband to give me a flower, but I didn’t expect my husband to give me the whole flower sea.
As if I had the whole world at once.
Don’t look at these, they are just fruits and vegetables, there are no romantic roses. In Xiao Churan’s eyes, these fruits and vegetables are more exciting than the most beautiful roses in the world.
Even at this moment, she felt that she was more excited than she was when she saw Ye Chen make up the grand wedding in Shangri-La Hanging Garden.
At this time, Ye Chen by his side had already handed a small exquisite bamboo basket to Xiao Churan’s hand, and said with a smile: “My wife, don’t you want to pick it? What are you doing? All the vegetables and fruits in it It’s organically cultivated. You can pick it without any pesticides!”
Xiao Churan was very moved in her heart. She looked at Ye Chen, subconsciously threw herself in his arms, hugged his waist, and said movedly: “My husband, thank you, thank you for all this for me, I feel I am now the happiest person in the world.”
Ye Chen touched her cheek, and said lovingly: “Fool, are you my wife? Thank you for telling me anything. As long as you are happy, I will be happy.”
With that, Ye Chen looked at Xiao Churan who was right in front of him, and suddenly felt an impulse.
As a result, his brain was hot, and he immediately lowered his head and gently kissed Xiao Churan’s lips.
At this moment, Xiao Churan suddenly felt a blank in his mind.
This was Xiao Churan’s first kiss, and he was suddenly taken away by Ye Chen!
However, she was not angry at all in her heart.
She looked up at the handsome and gentle Ye Chen, and suddenly felt an unprecedented sense of happiness in her heart.
It turned out to be a happy little woman in her husband’s arms, it feels so good!
Although she felt very happy in her heart, she was still a little bit shy.
So after Ye Chen’s light kiss, Xiao Churan pushed Ye Chen away in a panic. She tidied the hair around her ear nervously, and said falteringly: “That, I’m going to pick it. …..”
Ye Chen hugged her lightly and said, “My wife, I’ll be with you!”
Xiao Churan blushed, and put the bamboo basket in his hand again, and said shyly: “Then you follow me, I pick it, you help me carry it!”
“Okay!” Ye Chen agreed at once, and took his wife’s hand into the vegetable garden.
On the third floor terrace at this time, Ma Lan looked at the two people in the yard and mumbled: “I was so tired and crookedly spreading dog food early in the morning, don’t you know that my old lady has lost my front teeth?”
Thinking of this, she shouted angrily: “Hey, you two pick it quickly, my old lady is still waiting to take pictures of the vegetable garden and post to Moments!”

Chapter: 1103
This morning, Xiao Churan felt that she was the happiest woman in the world.
However, at the same time, there was another woman who felt that she was the most unlucky woman in the world.
This woman is Qian Hongyan who is in the People’s Hospital.
At the beginning, she was in the department of gynecology, and after a long queue, it was finally her turn.
After entering, the doctor will give her a routine checkup, but when seeing the actual situation, even the knowledgeable doctor can’t help but be surprised and blurt out: “What’s the matter with you? How can it be done? Like this, don’t you pay attention to personal hygiene at all?”
Although the doctor who checked herself was also a female doctor, the doctor’s words still made Qian Hongyan feel embarrassed, and she wanted to dig through a seam.
She could only cover her face and vaguely said: “The doctor tells you that, the main reason is that he doesn’t like cleanliness…”
The doctor complained: “He doesn’t like cleaning, then you have to ask him to pay attention to personal hygiene! You see it hurts you, this problem is very serious, let me tell you!”
Qian Hongyan asked in a panic: “Doctor, what is going on with me?”
The doctor said with a dark face: “From routine examinations, there are erythema, infection, and erosion. I guess you have more than one problem.” Remember to read a book for one second
As he said, the doctor said again: “In this way, I will give you a test report. You can check your blood and secretions and see what the test results say.”
Qian Hongyan was frightened, and hurriedly asked nervously, “Doctor, I won’t get that kind of AIDS?”
The doctor said: “AIDS is not visible to the naked eye, it can only be confirmed by a blood test.”
Having said that, the doctor urged: “You hurry up and get it early. As a result, we can also come up with a solution earlier.”
Qian Hongyan had no choice but to get up in a hurry and take the lab test order prescribed by the doctor to pay for the test.
After drawing blood and extracting secretions, Qian Hongyan sat on the bench nervously and waited.
Because she was very scared in her heart, she couldn’t care about the itching of her body at this time, and just wanted to find out as soon as possible what disease she had.
The first thing that came out was the secretion test result, which showed that she had severe erosion and inflammation.
Qian Hongyan was flustered immediately, and immediately went to the doctor with the test sheet.
The doctor was not surprised after reading it, and said lightly: “Inflammation and erosion can be seen with the naked eye, but I didn’t expect it to be severe. You must be treated as soon as possible, otherwise, it is likely to cause major problems.”
The doctor asked, “Is there no blood test result? The most important thing is that!”
Qian Hongyan hurriedly said: “The results of the blood test haven’t come out yet. I’m not scared in my heart, so I can quickly show this to you.”
The doctor nodded and said, “Let’s wait for the blood results. After the results come out, many problems can be seen more thoroughly.”
Qian Hongyan could only get out of the doctor’s office and waited for her results at the place of blood test.
After 20 minutes, her results came out.
There were four results this time.
After Qian Hongyan got her hands, she started watching the first one.
This first report scared her to death!
Neisseria gonorrhoeae test, positive!
Neisseria gonorrhoeae? Isn’t this gonorrhea…
Damn, that damn dog overseer, even passed gonorrhea to my old lady? !
Qian Hongyan was terrified at the moment, and opened the second report with trembling.
The second report says: Treponema pallidum agglutination test, positive!

Chapter: 1104
Seeing here, Qian Hongyan was dizzy!
Not only got gonorrhea, but also got syphilis?
That dog day’s supervisor is a poison king!
Isn’t this going to kill yourself?
Qian Hongyan felt her legs soft and could hardly stand, so she hurriedly sat on the ground against the corner of the wall, wiping tears, and tremblingly opened the third report.
The third report reads: HIV antibody, measured value of 0.11, followed by a reference value of <1 is negative.
Qian Hongyan finally breathed a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, I didn’t get AIDS, otherwise it would really kill me!
She finally found a trace of comfort and opened the last report.
This report reads: Human chorionic gonadotropin: 5324.2! First URL m.
Looking at the indicators at the back, she flipped the bead that scared her up on the spot and almost fainted.
This…isn’t this an indicator of pregnancy?
Look at the remarks at the back, my own indicator corresponds to 4 to 8 weeks of pregnancy.
The time just coincided with the day when I went to the black coal mine…
It’s over, this time is really over…
At this time, Qian Hongyan wanted to hit her head on the wall to death.
She never dreamed that she managed to escape from the black coal kiln that made her desperate by relying on the light of the Wu family.
But I didn’t expect that just after escaping, I discovered so many diseases one after another!
Inflammation, erosion, gonorrhea, syphilis…
It’s fine if you have so many diseases, but why did you get pregnant?
I am 51 years old this year, a lot of age, and my son Xiao Hailong is 28 years old. At this time, I am pregnant. If this is passed on, where will I put my old face?
Wouldn’t I be scolded to death by someone poking my backbone in the future?
Thinking of this, Qian Hongyan hurriedly took the result and went to the doctor.
As soon as she entered the doctor’s office, she locked the door and knelt in front of the doctor with a plop, crying and said, “Doctor, you really want to save me, you must help!”
The doctor was also shocked, and blurted out and asked: “What’s the matter? Is HIV positive?”
What the doctor fears most is that she is diagnosed with AIDS. After all, this disease is really unsolvable.
At this time, Qian Hongyan hurriedly shook her head and said, “HIV is negative, but I not only have gonorrhea, but also syphilis, and more importantly, I am pregnant…”
The doctor breathed a sigh of relief at this time and said lightly: “Gonorrhoea and syphilis are troublesome to treat, but there is still a chance to cure them, as long as you actively cooperate with the treatment.”
Then the doctor said again: “As for pregnancy, you don’t have to be too surprised or worry too much. It’s not uncommon for a woman your age to become pregnant, and some even give birth to a child. ”
As soon as he finished speaking, the doctor said again: “I don’t recommend you to have this child. After all, you still have gonorrhea and syphilis. This syphilis is very powerful, and it can be transmitted from mother to infant. So I suggest you beat your child. And then actively cooperate with treatment to eradicate all these gynecological diseases and venereal diseases.”
Qian Hongyan thought, even if you put a knife on my neck, I won’t be able to give birth to this child!
If my husband, my mother-in-law, my son, and my daughter know that they have been in the black coal kiln for so long and are pregnant after being rescued, what face is there to live with them?

Chapter: 1105
Qian Hongyan’s first thought was to get rid of the child as soon as possible.
So she asked the doctor: “Doctor, what time is the fastest appointment for abortion surgery?”
The doctor opened his mouth and said, “If you want to have an operation, you have to make an appointment until next week, and the fastest is next Monday.”
Qian Hongyan immediately panicked when she heard that she had to wait until Monday, and asked anxiously: “Why wait until Monday? If it’s money, I can pay double or ten times the price.”
The situation is so serious now that one more day will be more dangerous to be discovered, so she can’t help but worry.
The doctor shook his head and said, “It’s not a question of money, but we only visit the clinic during the two days on weekends and don’t do surgery. So if you want to kill this child, you have to wait until Monday.
“Well… Monday is Monday.”
Qian Hongyan’s face changed again. Although she was panicked, she could only accept it. .
After all, she can’t do it on her belly by herself!
It is not a trivial matter to have a childbirth. At your age, you might die… Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
The doctor said again: “In this way, I will prescribe some oral medicine and the applied medicine first. You take it back and control it first. After the abortion operation is completed, we will conduct systematic treatment for your STD.”
Qian Hongyan nodded repeatedly and blurted out: “That’s really thank you doctor!”
The doctor waved his hand and said: “After you go back, it is best to ask your husband to check it up. Gonorrhea and syphilis are usually transmitted through sexual intercourse between men and women. If you have had sex with your husband recently, maybe He infected you, or you have infected him, and these two diseases are particularly contagious, so I suggest that he check it out. If you both have both, it is better to treat together and encourage each other. ”
Qian Hongyan felt a little stunned when she heard this.
Qian Hongyan knew very well in her heart that this disease could not have been transmitted to her by her husband, it must have been transmitted to her by the supervisor.
However, when I and my husband were at Wu’s house the day before yesterday, the sound of the waves continued. They did not take any measures at the time. The doctor now says that this disease is very contagious. Doesn’t it mean that my husband has Very likely to be infected by yourself?
Thinking of this, her heart was flustered.
It seems that the best solution is to cure her husband before he becomes ill.
In this way, if the time comes, if the husband finds out the illness, there will be no way to push him off.
At this point, Qian Hongyan hurriedly asked the doctor: “Doctor, if my disease is actively treated, how long will it take to heal?”
“This…” The doctor thought for a while, and said with some embarrassment: “I will tell you that these two diseases are actually difficult to cure, and the treatment cycle is relatively long. I estimate that it will take at least two months. .”
“It’s been so long…” Qian Hongyan’s heart sank even further.
The doctor comforted her at this time: “But it’s not necessarily. Everyone’s physique is different, and some people get better faster.”
As he said, the doctor said again: “You still don’t think so much now. Let’s make an appointment for the operation first, and come over next Monday to perform the operation. After the operation, we are in active treatment.
Qian Hongyan nodded. She knew there was no good way, so she made an appointment with the doctor for surgery on Monday afternoon. Just after the appointment, she received a call from her husband and asked, “You I disappeared early in the morning, where did I go?”
Qian Hongyan hurriedly said, “I’ll go out to do something, and I will go back now.”

Chapter: 1106
Xiao Changgan said: “Mom said that when you come back, go to the vegetable market to buy some meat and cook at noon.”
Qian Hongyan felt a little unhappy, but she said honestly: “Okay, I will buy some vegetables later and go back.”
Ye Chen took his wife and picked them in the orchard at home for half a morning.
Xiao Churan was happily like an 18-year-old girl, not only picking, but also very seriously loosening and watering the plants.
Ma Lan also waited to take pictures and post to Moments, seeing them both went in and wouldn’t come out, so anxiously.
After finally waiting for the two of them to pick up a large basket of things and enter the house, she hurriedly went downstairs, took out her mobile phone, and took various selfies in the orchard.
After taking a lot of photos in the sun, she immediately ran back to her room, while applying the aloe vera ointment that was repaired after the sun, while holding a mobile phone, carefully selected 9 pictures from it, and posted A circle of friends.
The accompanying text is: “Look at our vegetable garden, under my careful cultivation, it has grown so well!”
As soon as this circle of friends came out, it immediately caused countless people to like and comment. No one thought that Ma Lan could build such a large and spectacular vegetable garden in his yard. It took a lot of effort. It’s done. Remember to read in one second
Including the previous friend who bought a villa, opened a small plot of land and planted a small amount of vegetables, also said sourly: “Oh, Sister Ma, you are really good, you planted it at home. A lot, but how can ordinary people grow so many things at home, did you go to other people’s vegetable fields to pick them? Then you took photos and deliberately lied to us?”
“Oh!” Ma Lan immediately became angry when he saw this comment.
The old mother photographed the old mother’s own villa. Do you dare to question my old mother? Wait, I will take you a bird’s-eye view from the balcony on the 3rd floor to the courtyard of the villa!
Thinking of this, Ma Lan immediately walked to the terrace of his master bedroom on the third floor, turned on the phone shooting function, and prepared to take pictures in the courtyard.
But at this time, she suddenly saw a strange figure appeared on the phone screen!
A dark figure was leaving the fence of the yard at this time, reaching out and stealing vegetables from his own vegetable plot.
Looking at that hand, he already picked a big eggplant, and then went to pick a big cucumber and a big tomato.
Ma Lan immediately roared: “Hey! What are you doing? Isn’t it stealing my old mother’s food?”
As soon as the figure heard her yelling, he pulled his hand back, turned his head and ran.
Ma Lan glanced intently, okay, isn’t it the damn old lady Xiao who stole the food?
As a result, she was furious and cursed loudly: “Why are you such a dead old lady so shameless? You even ran to my house to steal food! Believe it or not, I will call the police and arrest you now!”
Old Mrs. Xiao couldn’t run fast with a basket of vegetables on her back. When she heard her scolding herself, she turned her head and glanced at her. Not only was she not afraid, she spat at her instead.
This time, Ma Lan was so angry that he immediately ran downstairs. Seeing Ye Chen and her daughter were washing vegetables in the kitchen, they blurted out impatiently: “You two are still in the mood to wash vegetables here, our vegetable plot was stolen!”
“Who?” Xiao Churan asked subconsciously.
Ma Lan said angrily: “Your old and undead grandma! Apart from her, who else is so promiscuous?”

Chapter: 1107
When Xiao Churan heard that grandma had stole vegetables from the vegetable garden at home, he sighed helplessly and said, “Mom, since grandma picked it, then if she wants to pick you, let her pick it. It’s nothing more than some vegetables. ”
Ma Lan blurted out: “That’s not what you said. What did your grandma give us? You forgot how she treated our family before? I can’t bear to come to our house with a shy face at this time! ”
Xiao Churan shook his head helplessly: “Don’t think about it so much. Grandma also looks at our food too, so if you want to pick some for a meal, let’s not be so stingy.”
Ma Lan said angrily: “You know that your elbow is turning out all day long.”
After speaking, she turned upstairs.
However, the more Ma Lan thought about it, the more he felt that this was a terrible loss. Such a good vegetable, even a vegetable leaf, could not be taken away by Mrs. Xiao! My daughter still feels indifferent! If this is to condone the old lady to steal once, she will steal twice, steal three times, and steal a hundred times.
So Ma Lan hurried out of the room again, went to the kitchen door, greeted Ye Chen, and said, “Ye Chen, tell me something, I have something to tell you.”
Ye Chen nodded and came to the door.
Ma Lan hurriedly said in a low voice: “Ye Chen, my mother kindly reminded you that you have to prepare such a good vegetable garden for Churan, and you must be careful to guard against theft. I have lived with the old lady for so many years. What kind of person is she? I don’t understand, if you don’t care about her, she can steal it for you tomorrow.”
In fact, Ye Chen has been in the Xiao family for more than three years and knows everyone in the Xiao family very well. First URL m.
He knows exactly what kind of personality each person in the Xiao family has.
In his view of the entire Xiao family, apart from his wife, Xiao Churan, who is a natural good person, there is only one Xiao Changkun who still has room for salvation. The others are counted as one, and all are rubbish.
This includes Ma Lan and Mrs. Xiao.
Therefore, he also knew very well that if he did not respond, Mrs. Xiao would indeed steal the first time and the second time as Ma Lan said.
Thus, he had a plan in his heart.
Later, Ye Chen asked Ma Lan: “Do you know what kind of dish the old lady likes most?”
Ma Lan thought for a while and said, “If you want to say your favorite, it should be leeks! The old lady will not cook for a lifetime, but if you want to talk about dumplings with leeks and eggs, she will definitely cook and mix the stuffing herself. It’s leeks!”
“Okay.” Ye Chen nodded, like eating leeks, that’s right.
Afterwards, he went to a place where no one was there and called Wang Zhenggang.
Upon the call, Wang Zhenggang asked him: “Master Ye, is your wife satisfied with the vegetable garden you got last night?”
“Very satisfied.” Ye Chen said, “I called you so that you could do something for me.”
Wang Zhenggang hurriedly said, “Master Ye, please give orders.”
Ye Chen said: “You go find me dozens of pots of the best daffodils, and you have to have the kind with no flowering and emerald green leaves.”
Wang Zhenggang thought for a while and said, “Master Ye, this daffodil is poisonous. If you have a few points, you might be better off. If you want so many, I’m afraid it’s not safe.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “I know it is poisonous, but you don’t have to worry about it, just prepare it for me, and send it to me before the afternoon.”
Upon hearing this, Wang Zhenggang immediately agreed: “Okay Master Ye, I will do it now.”
Old Mrs. Xiao stole a basket of vegetables from Ye Chen’s house. After returning, Qian Hongyan happened to be here.
then. She asked Qian Hongyan: “Have you bought the meat you bought?”
Qian Hongyan nodded: “Not only did I buy meat, but also a lot of vegetables.”

Chapter: 1108
Qian Hongyan is very guilty, so she is ready to please the old lady and husband. She just sold the coffee machine and has some money in her hand, so she bought some spare ribs and pork belly, ready to come back and make a hearty meal for her family. Meat dishes.
When the old lady Xiao heard that Qian Hongyan had also bought vegetables, she suddenly said with dissatisfaction: “Why is that money buying vegetables for?”
Qian Hongyan asked in surprise: “Mom, we can’t just eat meat and not vegetables, we need vitamin supplements.”
Old Mrs. Xiao took her to the kitchen and pointed to the basket of vegetables she had just stolen and said, “Have you seen? These good vegetables are all stolen from Ye Chen’s house. Ye Chen’s house has a large vegetable garden. The fence can be picked up by reaching out, and our family will never have to spend money to buy vegetables in the future.”
Qian Hongyan just remembered that when she left in the morning, she saw Ye Chen’s house was under construction.
I saw it by myself at the time, although I was a little surprised, but I didn’t take it to my heart.
She looked at the basket of vegetables of Mrs. Xiao carefully, and couldn’t help sighing, “Mom, don’t tell me, these dishes look very good, even better than the organic vegetables I bought.”
Mrs. Xiao nodded and picked up a green cucumber: “You see, this cucumber is long, big and long. Look at the little yellow flower in front of it. It’s not fresh, and it’s still very clean. Like!”
With that said, Mrs. Xiao took the cucumber, washed it under the faucet, rubbed it, and then broke it slightly harder, and the cucumber made a crisp click and disconnected neatly.
A rich and refreshing fragrance came out instantly, and the old lady Xiao couldn’t help but sigh: “How come this cucumber smells so sweet!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
He couldn’t help but put it in his mouth, and took a bite.
The old lady Xiao who took this bite was full of relief.
Old lady Xiao chewed on the cucumber and said vaguely: “This is really the best cucumber I have ever eaten in my life!”
Xiao Changgan just walked to the door of the kitchen at this time, he smelled the scent of cucumber, and blurted out: “Oh, it’s so strong cucumber scent, give me half of it.”
The old lady handed him half of it. Xiao Changgan took a bite and immediately gave Qian Hongyan a thumbs up: “Where did you buy the cucumber, my wife? It’s so delicious!”
Qian Hongyan hurriedly said: “I didn’t buy this. Mom stole it. Oh no, Mom picked it back.”
“Picked back?” Xiao Changgan looked at the old lady in surprise and asked, “Mom, where did you pick the cucumbers?”
The old lady Xiao smiled and said: “Ye Chen has made a vegetable plot at home. There are all kinds of things, and all of them are very good. I just went home and took a basket and picked it up. A basket.”
Xiao Changgan frowned and said, “Ye Chen doesn’t have a good brain? Why did he plant vegetables in the yard?”
“What about him?” Mrs. Xiao said cheerfully, “Anyway, we don’t want to spend money to buy vegetables in the future. Go to Ye Chen’s house to steal every day, and you can pick the best and freshest vegetables when you go out!”
Xiao Chang laughed and said, “Then this is really good! Not only is it healthy, but it also saves money!”
For this lunch, Qian Hongyan used the vegetables that the old lady had stolen from Ye Chen’s house to make several delicious meals.
It’s also because the vegetables are so good that the whole Xiao family is full of praise.
Xiao Hailong usually dislikes vegetables the most, but today he took the initiative to eat a lot.
Because today’s vegetables are really delicious!
Seeing that the vegetables on the table were all eaten, Mrs. Xiao couldn’t help sighing: “I really didn’t expect the vegetables made by Ye Chen’s house to be so good. In this way, in the afternoon, I will go to their house and pick some back. .”
Xiao Hailong hurriedly asked: “Grandma, if Ye Chen found out that we were stealing his food, wouldn’t he come to us?”
Old Mrs. Xiao coldly snorted, “Let him trouble me, as long as I dare to move me, I will mistake him!”
Xiao Changgan smiled and said, “Mom, you have a way!”

Chapter: 1109
After lunch, Wang Zhenggang arranged for another truck and sent a truckload of daffodils.
The daffodils he sent were all high-quality varieties that grew very lush and green, and according to Ye Chen’s request, every one of them did not bloom.
Daffodils look very similar to leeks, even more like leeks when they are not blooming.
People in the city themselves are not so clear about plants. In addition, most people have eaten leeks and have seen cut leeks, but they have never seen leeks growing in the ground, so it is easy to distinguish leeks from foreign ones. Daffodils get confused.
Leek is a vegetable that people love to hear. Whether it is stir-frying or boiling soup, or making pies and dumplings, it is an indispensable good ingredient.
But things like daffodils cannot be eaten.
Why can’t you eat it? Because daffodils contain narcissus.
Narcissus itself is a toxic alkaloid.
Ye Chen heard Ma Lan say that Mrs. Xiao liked to eat leeks, so he immediately thought of the plant Colchicum.
He knew that after Mrs. Xiao succeeded in stealing vegetables once, she would definitely steal it again, and she would definitely steal it often. Remember to read in one second
So he asked Wang Zhenggang to arrange workers to plant all these colchicum against the corner of the wall.
In this way, Mrs. Xiao could grab a large hand from outside the iron fence with one hand. It really couldn’t be easier to steal.
If she steals these daffodils and eats these daffodils as leeks, then her fate will be miserable.
Although it will not be fatal, it is inevitable to go to the hospital for a few days.
Ye Chen’s idea was to let her family eat daffodils and be admitted to the hospital. During the time they were in the hospital, let them turn all the fences into walls, and then build a glass house for their vegetable garden. No longer be afraid of someone stealing it.
When the truck came to unload the cargo, Mrs. Xiao, who was next door, happened to see it on the terrace on the third floor.
When she saw clusters of green slender leaf plants brought down by the workers from the car, she immediately felt her eyes bright!
It turned out to be leeks!
And so fresh leeks!
She couldn’t help thinking of the delicious meal at noon. Because of the vegetables stolen from Ye Chen’s house, this homely meal was very delicious and even felt particularly green and healthy.
Seeing that there are so many fresh leeks coming from Ye Chen’s house now, Mrs. Xiao is naturally ecstatic, because her favorite thing to eat is leeks!
Moreover, she was displaced during this period of time and suffered so many changes. She went to the detention center and stayed for several days. It has been a long time since she had eaten dumplings filled with chives and eggs!
Seeing that so many fresh and good leeks came to Ye Chen’s house at this time, the first thought in her mind was to quickly take a knife and cut two to make a dumpling filled with leeks and eggs, and enjoy a delicious evening!
After 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Mrs. Xiao took a nap and woke up. The first thing was to come to the terrace to see how Ye Chen’s leek was doing.
Seeing Ye Chen had planted all the leeks on the side of the iron fence, Mrs. Xiao was extremely happy.
Isn’t this just convenient for yourself?
So she immediately went downstairs.
At this time, Xiao Changqian’s family of four was sitting in the living room watching TV.
Xiao Hailong brought up the TV in an empty room downstairs. Although it was not as big as the one sold, it was already very good.
The old lady Xiao said to Qian Hongyan: “Hongyan, you go out, buy a box of eggs, and buy a bag of noodles.”

Chapter: 1110
Qian Hongyan hurriedly asked flatly, “Mom, why do you want eggs and noodles?”
Mrs. Xiao said: “Encourage dumplings with leek and egg stuffing at night!”
Xiao Hailong said in surprise, “Grandma, make dumplings tonight?”
“Yes!” Mrs. Xiao said with a smile, “Do you like leeks and eggs?”
Xiao Hailong smiled and said, “Oh, I love it so much! I haven’t eaten the dumplings with chives and eggs for a long time. When you say that, I am a little drooling!”
Xiao Changgan also smiled and said, “Mom, why do you think of eating leek and egg dumplings today? You haven’t cooked dumplings for a long time.”
Mrs. Xiao said: “I’m happy today. I have enough dumplings with chives and eggs tonight!”
“Great!” Xiao Changqian said with emotion: “I haven’t eaten dumplings in some days, so today I’m relieved!”
Qian Hongyan asked, “Mom, apart from noodles and eggs, don’t I want to buy some leeks?”
Old lady Xiao smiled triumphantly: “Ye Chen’s family bought a lot of fresh leeks in the afternoon, and I will go out and cut two of them back later!”
Xiao Chang said hurriedly: “Mom, then cut a little bit more. By the way, dumplings with leek and pork will do!
Xiao Weiwei said: “You can also bake pies with leek fillings!”
“Good, good!” Old lady Xiao nodded and smiled: “Then I will cut a little bit more!”
After 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Mrs. Xiao went out with a kitchen knife.
She put the kitchen knife in the bamboo basket and ran all the way to the fence of Ye Chen’s house.
Old Mrs. Xiao looked around and saw that there was no one in the yard, she quickly took out the knife, reached into the fence and cut a large handful of leeks.
After cutting this one, she cut two more.
I thought it was almost enough, but when I think about it carefully, such good leeks are really rare. If you don’t cut a little bit more, you will lose money.
So she cut six in a row, and the cut “leeks” couldn’t fit in the bamboo basket.
Seeing success, Mrs. Xiao hurriedly ran back.
At this time, Ma Lan saw that the sun was about to set, so he turned to the terrace to get some sun.
After all, the doctor explained to himself that if you want your legs to feel better, you should get more sun exposure to synthesize vitamin D.
When she came to the terrace, she happened to see Mrs. Xiao stole the vegetables again, and yelled angrily: “You old immortal thing, you just stole so many vegetables from my house in the morning, and you dare to come in the afternoon. You have to be shameless. ?”
Old Mrs. Xiao turned her head and watched her jumping and cursing in the street: “What’s wrong? You are my mother’s daughter-in-law, and if my mother eats your order, you still haunt my mother?”
Ma Lan scolded, “Who the hell is your daughter-in-law, you shameless old thing, next time you dare to come to my house to steal food, I will break your leg!”
The old lady Xiao snorted, “I don’t know when my broken leg will be cured, so dare you yell at me? Believe it or not, I will break your leg next time?”
As soon as Ma Lan heard this, he became furious!
Her leg was interrupted by Mrs. Xiao in the detention center. She always remembered this grudge.
Seeing that Mrs. Xiao came to steal food again and scolded herself for breaking her leg, Ma Lan gritted her teeth and cursed: “You can steal it! Old thing! With such a cheap mouth, you will be killed sooner or later!”
Mrs. Xiao coldly snorted: “Tell you Ma Lan, the life of my old mother will last. If you die eight hundred times, my old mother will not die! If you don’t believe me, let’s just walk around and see who will die first!”

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