The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1161-1170

Chapter: 1161
Chen Zekai and the three of them looked at Ye Chen who was bathed in golden sunlight, and they were completely shocked and speechless!
Today’s Ye Chen, overturned all their previous impressions of Ye Chen!
Today’s Ye Chen looks like a god in their eyes.
They didn’t dare to imagine that Ye Chen easily killed the Eight Heavenly Kings by himself. Instead of getting hurt, he also summoned the Thunder, causing an avalanche and directly burying the Eight Heavenly Kings!
Moreover, Ye Chen was in the avalanche with such great destructive power, and he was unscathed.
Seeing Ye Chen getting closer and closer, Wei Liang couldn’t hold back and knelt in the snow with a plop. He bowed towards Ye Chen and said, “Master Ye, please accept the next prayer, and I wish to bow down and worship Master Ye alone in this life!”
Then Hong Wu knelt down with a plop, “Master Ye, Hong Wu respects you in this life!”
Chen Zekai knelt on the ground tremblingly, with his hands up and down on the ground: “Master! From today, you are the only god in Chen’s heart!”
Ye Chen walked up to the three of them, smiled faintly, and said: “From now on, I will still be the same Ye Chen before, or the door-to-door son-in-law Ye Chen. Anyone tells what happened today.”
After the three listened, they repeatedly kowtowed. First URL m.
Ye Chen looked at Chen Zekai and said seriously: “Chen Zekai, especially you, you must not tell anyone in the Ye family what happened just now!”
Chen Zekai looked terrified, and blurted out: “Master, don’t worry, if the Ye family asks, I will say that these people died of an avalanche!”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “That’s good.”
Having said that, he said again: “This seems to be the only way into the village. Now that the avalanche has closed the road, you can use the Ye family’s power to quickly repair these roads. Before the repairs are done, send them first. The helicopter came over to deliver some necessary supplies to the villagers. Don’t let me affect their normal lives.”
Chen Zekai said immediately: “You can rest assured, Master, I will call to make arrangements now, and the arrangements must be made properly!”
Ye Chen gave a hum, looked at the time, and said, “Oops, it’s almost seven o’clock. My wife can’t find me and I should be anxious, so quickly send me back! I can’t make dinner for my wife this morning.”
Everyone was stunned.
Is this still the master Ye who defeated the Eight Heavenly Kings just now?
Is this still Master Ye who summoned the sky thunder to cause the avalanche?
I just killed the Eight Heavenly Kings with such a domineering method, but now I am very upset because I can’t cook for my wife.
Chen Zekai was the first to react and hurriedly said, “Master, I will take us to the airport by helicopter now, and then we will fly back to Jinling as soon as possible, and we can take you home in more than three hours!”
“Okay.” Ye Chen nodded: “Hurry up.”
In the morning sun, a helicopter quickly left Changbai Mountain and headed towards Changbai Mountain Airport.
At the same time, the local media have received reports on the avalanche.
While the media and the locals were following up, the Ye’s disaster relief helicopter also started flying to the villages in Changbai Mountain with a large amount of supplies.
At this moment, the Wu family of Suhang.
Elder Wu, lying on the sick bed, was still waiting for news from the Eight Heavenly Kings.
He didn’t sleep much all night last night. On the one hand, it was because of physical discomfort, but more because he was always feeling uneasy.
Before dawn, Wu Donghai had called the Eight Heavenly Kings, and Fan Linyuan told him that they were almost at their destination.

Chapter: 1162
Therefore, the Wu family thought that the next time should be the time for the Eight Heavenly Kings to grab people, so they didn’t dare to bother too much.
Seeing that almost an hour has passed, Mr. Wu calculated that the strength of the Eight Heavenly Kings is so strong that one hour should be enough for them to kill all of them, and then rescue the Wei family father and son.
So he said to Wu Donghai: “Dong Hai, call Mr. Fan and ask how things are going on.”
“Okay!” Wu Donghai nodded immediately, took out his mobile phone and called Fan Linyuan.
The phone rang for a long time, but no one answered.
He opened his mouth and said to Old Man Wu: “Dad, no one answers, will you still be doing business?”
Mr. Wu nodded: “It is possible, then we will wait patiently.”
10 minutes later, Mr. Wu said again: “Dong Hai, call Mr. Fan again!”
Wu Donghai immediately followed suit.
But this time the call still couldn’t get through. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Mr. Wu frowned: “It’s not right. With their strength, how could it take so long? Some second-rate bodyguards are just a few second-rate bodyguards. To Mr. Fan and the others, it is not a problem. I still remember that back then. When I fought in the Quartet, Mr. Fan followed me into the opponent’s nest, and the opponent’s two dozen people were killed by Mr. Fan in one stick of incense. This level of strength is simply beyond the imagination of ordinary people.”
Wu Donghai counseled: “Dad, don’t worry. Changbai Mountain is in a remote location, the weather is cold, and the place is isolated from the rest of the world. What kind of minor situation will be caused by unevenness.”
Elder Wu nodded gently: “Then wait a little longer!”
After another ten minutes, Mr. Wu continued to urge: “Donghai, keep fighting!”
Wu Donghai immediately followed suit, but there was still no change.
Elder Wu is a little anxious now, and he feels that the situation seems a bit wrong.
Therefore, he urged Wu Donghai to call Fan Linyuan over and over again.
Fan Linyuan couldn’t get through, so he asked Wu Donghai to call other people in the Eight Heavenly Kings.
But the phone calls of several other people still couldn’t get through.
To be precise, the phone can be connected, but no one answers.
It took nearly an hour to contact the Eight Heavenly Kings, which made everyone in the Wu family feel a chill in their backs.
How can the eight heavenly kings disappear all at once? This is not realistic!
Even if the Eight Great Heavenly Kings encounter strong opponents, with their strength, it is impossible that none of them can escape.
After all, just a few hours before them, one of the sixteen people who went to Changbai Mountain escaped.
Those people are ordinary second-rate masters who use guns better than their fists, and they are not martial arts masters at all.
There is no reason, a super warrior like the Eight Heavenly Kings can’t escape after going there, right?
Mr. Wu was nervous, and even his breathing became abnormally quick.
He firmly grasped Wu Donghai’s hand, his face was pale, and he whispered to himself: “Nothing is right, this time it is really not right.”
Wu Donghai could only persuade him: “Dad, don’t be so anxious, and wait for a while!”
Elder Wu said earnestly: “Mr. Fan has followed me for so many years and has never had such a situation, so something is really wrong this time. I even suspect that they might have encountered an accident!

Chapter: 1163
When Ye Chen had already boarded the plane and returned to Jinling from Changbai Mountain, Wu’s family was already going crazy in a hurry.
The Eight Heavenly Kings rushed to Changbai Mountain overnight, just to rescue a father and son, but he did not expect to go there and immediately lost the news.
Wu Donghai made the phone calls over and over again, and the cell phone he used was almost dead, but he still couldn’t get through any cell phone.
At this moment, his mobile phone suddenly received a call.
The one who called him was the one who escaped from Changbai Mountain last night.
He was still hiding in Changbai Mountain City at this time. He was planning to wait until the Eight Great Heavenly Kings triumphed, and he was coming back with the Eight Great Heavenly Kings plane.
He also didn’t expect that he hadn’t waited for the Eight Heavenly Kings, but he had waited for an amazing bad news!
Just now, the local TV station of Changbai Mountain was broadcasting emergency news. The news said that an avalanche occurred at the foot of Changbai Mountain. The avalanche caused tens of thousands of tons of snow to vent down, breaking down the road into the mountain, and also two cars and Eight people were buried under the snow.
Local rescuers used large-scale rescue equipment to dig out eight unsightly bodies that had been hit by the snow.
Upon hearing the news, he immediately thought of the Eight Heavenly Kings. Remember to read in one second
Because he knew that the Eight Heavenly Kings drove two off-road vehicles into the mountain early this morning.
That ghost place doesn’t have many residents, and it’s not a tourist attraction. The local residents are very poor and can’t afford off-road vehicles at all. Tourists outside don’t like to go to such remote places, so the roads there are basically There is no car to go in.
When the locals want to come out, they all come out in horse-drawn carriages. There is no off-road vehicle.
So he can almost conclude that the eight people who died in the avalanche were the eight heavenly kings!
So, he immediately told Wu Donghai the news.
After Wu Donghai got the news, his whole body was struck by lightning!
It took him a long time to recover from the shock. Then he looked at his anxious father on the sickbed and said with a trembling, “Dad, my people just told me that there was an avalanche at the foot of Changbai Mountain. Two cars and eight people are involved in it. All eight people have died. It is very likely that they are the eight heavenly kings…”
Grandpa Wu suddenly seemed to hit his heart with a heavy hammer, coughing several times, and blurted out: “This is impossible, how could the Eight Heavenly Kings die in an avalanche?! They are all masters!”
Wu Donghai sighed and asked, “Why don’t I let my people go over and recognize a corpse, and check if it is right?”
Elder Wu was stunned for a moment, then nodded and said, “If this is the case, go and take a look.”
Xiao Churan got up in the morning and felt a little surprised when he didn’t see Ye Chen’s shadow.
She called Ye Chen and found that Ye Chen’s phone could not get through, which made her feel a little strange.
After three years of marriage, Ye Chen has never disappeared unexpectedly.
I used to wake up in the morning and couldn’t see him. He was either shopping for groceries or making breakfast.
But now, he suddenly couldn’t get in touch.

Chapter: 1164
Anxiously waiting until about 10 o’clock, Ye Chen still couldn’t get through, and Xiao Churan began to feel a little worried.
What she thought was that Ye Chen had been in close contact with many big people during the recent period, and helped many big people watch Feng Shui, and also took a lot of money from the big people, even this Tomson first-class villa. Rest assured.
Before that, Xiao Churan had always been afraid that Ye Chen would have a thunderstorm, just like those thunderous financial products, and suddenly his reputation would go bankrupt.
If his credibility really goes bankrupt, those big men will certainly not spare him lightly.
Just when Xiao Churan was thinking about it, Ye Chen called.
As soon as Xiao Churan answered the phone, he blurted out and asked: “Hey, Ye Chen, where have you been?”
Ye Chen had just got off the plane at this time and was about to take a helicopter, so he said to Xiao Churan: “My wife, I showed a friend of Feng Shui this morning. Their Feng Shui is quite strange, so I can’t use my mobile phone to radiate. , Which affected the judgment of Feng Shui fortune, so I turned off the phone.”
“Did you look at Feng Shui again?” Xiao Churan only felt that his head was so big, he blurted out, “Ye Chen, didn’t we say it? Try not to show Feng Shui to others in the future.”
Ye Chen hurriedly said: “My wife, this time I am not helping those big people to watch Feng Shui, but to help a friend of my former welfare institution to watch Feng Shui. He has had bad luck recently, so he asked me to come and have a look. I can confiscate them. Money.”
Xiao Churan breathed a sigh of relief when he heard him say this, and asked: “Then when will you go home?”
Ye Chen said: “I will be there in about 20 minutes and half an hour.”
Xiao Churan said in a convenient way: “That’s good, I’ll wait for you at home.”
Chen Zekai’s helicopter immediately carried Ye Chen, Hong Wu and Wei Liang to the city.
When I was approaching Tomson’s first product, Ye Chen said to Wei Liang: “Wei Liang, I will take the lawyer to Wei’s Pharmaceutical when I have time tomorrow. After we sign the contract, I will give you a good stomach medicine. child.”
Wei Liang blurted out: “Master Ye, Wei Liang has vowed to bow down to you in this life. You helped me take Wei’s Pharmaceuticals back. Wei Liang is willing to hand all the shares of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals to Master Ye!”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said lightly: “I already said that I want 80% of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals. No matter how much it is, I won’t want it, but no matter how little, I can’t promise to give you the prescription and keep it for you. 20%, I will never let you suffer, so you don’t want to tell me anything, just give me things like that.”
Wei Liang’s heart shuddered, and he hurriedly clasped his fists and said, “Wei Liang would like to follow Master Ye’s teachings!”
Ye Chen nodded, then looked at Hong Wu and Chen Zekai: “You two go back, remember not to tell anyone about this.”
“Master Ye, I will understand!”
“it is good!”
Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction. Seeing that he was almost at the Tomson Yipin Villa area, he said to Chen Zekai: “Let’s land on the golf course. I will walk over the golf course.”
“Good master!”
After Ye Chen hurried home, Xiao Churan couldn’t imagine that her husband hurriedly set off from Jinling early this morning, went to Changbai Mountain more than 2,000 kilometers away, at the foot of Changbai Mountain, and killed eight villains with blood on their hands.
Since Ye Chen’s current strength is very strong, and his physical stamina is even better, so even after tossing such a big circle, there is no fatigue at all.
It just so happened that it was almost time for lunch, so Xiao Churan took him to the vegetable garden in the yard and happily picked a lot of the ingredients she wanted to eat at noon.
At this time, the door was pushed open, and Ma Lan, Ye Chen’s mother-in-law, walked in sneakily from outside with a crutches!

Chapter: 1165
Seeing Ma Lan walked into the yard with a crutches, she was carrying a huge shoulder bag with a bulging bag inside.
Ye Chen felt that her mother-in-law must have done nothing good.
Xiao Churan looked at her in surprise and asked, “Mom, where did you go early in the morning? I haven’t seen you.”
Ma Lan laughed and said, “I went to the wholesale market and bought something!”
Xiao Churan blamed: “Mom, you haven’t crutched your leg, why are you running around?”
“It’s okay.” Ma Lan waved his hand and said indifferently: “Don’t think it is not convenient for me to use crutches, but I am very used to it now, and my legs don’t hurt, and crutches are a bit tired. , It’s okay.”
Xiao Churan asked again: “Mom, what did you buy a big bag of? Are you tired? I’ll hold it for you!”
Ma Lan smiled and said, “I’m not tired, I’m not tired, all of them are hats, it’s not too much.”
“Hat?” Xiao Churan was even more puzzled: “Mom, why do you buy so many hats? There are no more than a dozen hats in a big bag?”
Ma Lan smirked and opened the zipper of the backpack. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Xiao Churan and Ye Chen both looked at them, only to find that the backpack was full of emerald green colors.
Ma Lan reached out at this time and took out a few various hats from the inside, all of which were authentic green without exception.
Xiao Churan stunned and asked, “Mom…why do you buy so many green hats…Who would wear this kind of hat…”
Ma Lan laughed and said, “I bought 20 various green hats, not for wearing, but for hanging on the balcony!”
“You didn’t watch the video of your grandma and the family in the hospital. That damn Xiao Changgan was actually put on a green hat by Qian Hongyan. How can I let him go for such a funny thing?”
“It happens that their home can see my bedroom terrace. Later I will hang all these hats on the side of the terrace facing their house. I asked him Xiao Changgan to look at these twenty green hats every day, so he was so happy. !”
Xiao Churan said dumbfoundedly: “Mom, why are you having trouble with your uncle like this? He was already bad enough.”
“Enough ass!” Ma Lan said angrily, “You don’t know how arrogant he used to be, how bad he was to our family, and now finally grabbing his handle, then I won’t laugh at him to death!”
Ye Chen shook his head helplessly.
Among other things, Ma Lan’s torturing ability is indeed rare in the world.
Xiao Changqian was already bad enough. If he could see 20 green hats on the terrace next door every day, he must be in a very painful mood.
It is estimated that Ma Lan could think of this kind of torture.
Xiao Churan felt that this was not appropriate, and wanted to persuade Ma Lan, but Ma Lan didn’t listen to her at all, and went straight into the villa.
After returning to his room, the first thing Malay did was to go to the terrace and hung 20 various green hats next to each other, all on the side facing the Xiao family villa.
With 20 green hats waving in the wind, this picture is really different and sour.
Since coming out of the hospital, Xiao Changgan has separated from Qian Hongyan.
The reason for the separation, of course, was that he had no feelings for Qian Hongyan in his heart.
And I felt that Qian Hongyan was too dirty.
Had it not been for Wu Donghai’s request, he would have divorced Qian Hongyan a long time ago, and would kick her out of the house even if she didn’t go through the divorce procedures.
But now that Wu Donghai had already made his mark for Qian Hongyan, Xiao Changgan naturally didn’t dare to disobey him.
But you can’t get a divorce. Separation is always possible, right?
So he drove Qian Hongyan to a bedroom on the first floor.

Chapter: 1166
Qian Hongyan didn’t care about it. Although she was a little angry at Xiao Changqian’s unfeeling in her heart, she was still a little guilty deep down.
After all, he wore such a big green hat for him, and now the child in his stomach hasn’t gone to the hospital for an operation, he must see himself very upset.
At this moment, Xiao Changqian just opened his eyes.
Since coming out of the hospital, he has been suffering from sequelae, the main manifestation of which is weakness and lethargy.
I haven’t really slept enough until now, but in his sleep he always felt a sharp itching in his crotch, so he woke up while scratching it.
The itching sensation is very peculiar. At first, it was rather itchy, and then I couldn’t control it, and it became very itchy when I scratched it. If I scratch it twice, it becomes extremely itchy.
So he scratched himself to the extreme.
He couldn’t help wondering, what happened to him?
I have always paid attention to personal hygiene, so there shouldn’t be any lesions!
He was thinking about it, and he had jumped out of the bed. Remember to read in one second
Feeling dizzy, he walked onto the terrace while scratching it, wanting to breathe fresh air.
This is good for living in a villa. The privacy can be well protected. The neighbors are far away and there are no high-rise buildings. Even if you only wear a pair of underwear and walk on the terrace, you don’t worry about being seen by others.
He came to the terrace, stretched his waist, and then felt the unbearable itchiness even worse.
He grabbed a few hard and didn’t see any improvement. He couldn’t help but feel upset. He was about to go to the bathroom to take a closer look at what was going on. When he turned around, Yu Guang felt that he was on the opposite side of the terrace of Ye Chen’s house. There was a bunch of green things floating in the wind.
So he hurriedly looked intently, almost half dead in his sight.
Although it’s a little far away, it is still clear that the 20 windward things hanging on the terrace of Ye Chen’s house are green hats of different styles and shapes!
20 green hats, what the hell does this mean? !
And it’s facing the direction of your own, isn’t it the damn thing to make it clear for yourself?
Isn’t this just to make fun of yourself for being wearing a green hat by Qian Hongyan?
Damn, it’s outrageous!
Xiao Chang was out of breath, his fists were already clenched, and his nails were almost embedded in the flesh.
He doesn’t need to think about it, the person who can do this kind of devil’s thing must be Ma Lan, there is no second person.
At this moment, he really wanted to grab Ma Lan’s hair and slap Ma Lan’s ugly face dozens of times back and forth!
Thinking of this, he immediately turned back to the house, put on his pants and jacket, and rushed out of the building.
Mrs. Xiao was sitting in the grand master’s chair in the yard basking in the sun.
While basking in the sun, he sighed with emotion about the life of a local tyrant living in Tomson’s first product.
Except for the family who lives next to it which makes people feel bad, everything else is perfect to the extreme.
This makes the old lady feel very comfortable inside.
Seeing that it was almost time to cook, the old lady even wanted to go to Ye Chen’s vegetable garden to steal an order.
But when you think about it carefully, Ye Chen’s family is completely broken, it’s better not to eat their food, otherwise they don’t know what methods they used in it, and they may even use pesticides.
The last time I used daffodils as leeks, a family was admitted to the hospital. The feeling of a family of five jumping in the house and being pulled away by the ambulance is truly unforgettable.
Feeling comfortable, she saw her elder son Xiao Chang going out in a hurry, and hurriedly asked him: “Why are you going to do Chang?”
Xiao Changgan said with a black face, “I’m going to find Ma Lan, the bitch shrew!”

Chapter: 1167
Old Mrs. Xiao was a little unclear, so she didn’t understand why after her son woke up, the first thing she did was to go to Ma Lan to settle the account.
So she hurriedly followed up and asked, “Chang Gan, what are you going to do with Ma Lan?”
Xiao Chang said angrily, “Ma Lan, a shameless shrew, hung dozens of green hats of all kinds on the terrace of her villa. Isn’t this just showing me disgusting?”
Old Mrs. Xiao looked surprised, and blurted out and asked, “Is there anything like this?”
Xiao Chang gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t you know if you follow me to have a look.”
So the mother and son went out together.
As soon as he left here, Mrs. Xiao saw the 20 green hats fluttering in the wind on Ma Lan’s terrace.
At this glance, her nose was almost crooked.
The old lady said furiously: “This damn Ma Lan! She must have watched the video of our hospital. This is deliberately disgusting us!”
Xiao Changgan nodded, gritted his teeth and said: “Yeah, mom, I can’t want her for anything! Damn, deceive people too much!”
The mother and son came to the door of Ye Chen’s villa aggressively, and then the old lady slammed the door and yelled: “Ma Lan, you bastard, please open the door for me!”
After shouting, Ma Lan stood directly on the terrace on the third floor and cursed: “Oh, dead old woman, you are not at home to serve your pregnant eldest daughter-in-law and ran to my door yelling what?”
The mother and son did not expect that Ma Lan would tell Qian Hongyan about being pregnant as soon as he spoke.
This made the expressions of both of them suddenly become very ugly.
After all, it is said that family ugliness cannot be publicized, and no one wants others to mention their own pain points as soon as they speak.
The most depressing of these is Xiao Changqian.
As soon as he heard Ma Lan mentioned Qian Hongyan’s pregnancy, he blurted out angrily: “My surname is Ma, you bitch, if you fucking talk nonsense to me, believe it or not, I cut your tongue!”
Ma Lan curled his lips and said: “Oh, big brother, I really didn’t expect that you have such a great ability to cut my tongue?”
As she said, she deliberately laughed and said: “Since you have this ability, why not cut off the man who gave you a cuckold and made your wife pregnant? What’s the point of screaming and fighting with my old lady here? ?”
“You” Xiao Changgan’s face suddenly became extremely ugly.
Although he is not a good thing, he is a thousand miles worse than Ma Lan in the matter of cursing the street.
With Ma Lan’s combat effectiveness, it is not a problem for one person to scold him ten.
So seeing that Xiao Changgan was so angry that he couldn’t speak, Ma Lan pursued the victory and said with a smile: “Oh, brother, I really sympathize with you. The worst thing about a man is to be green hated by others, and you will be led by others. After so much, I didn’t expect my sister-in-law to wear a green hat to you, and she was pregnant. Didn’t this make you like being a father? If I were you, I would have divorced her long ago!”
This time I even touched on Xiao Changqian’s inner pain!
I want to drive Qian Hongyan out of the house in my dreams, and don’t see this damn bitch again forever.

Chapter: 1168
But Qian Hongyan was backed by Wu Donghai. She didn’t dare to provoke Wu Donghai, let alone disobey Wu Donghai’s meaning, so even if she was put on a green hat by Qian Hongyan, she could not divorce her.
A man wearing this kind of green hat can’t divorce his wife yet. What a painful thing, it’s a tragedy on earth. Unexpectedly, he would run into him.
Now that Ma Lan was slapped, Xiao Changgan’s face was so painful that he was slapped 10,000 times.
Old Mrs. Xiao was naturally also very angry. She was arrogant for a lifetime. What she didn’t want to see was the reputation of the Xiao family, and she was hit.
At the time Xiao Weiwei accompanied Xiao Yiqian, although it also caused a lot of criticism, at that time, the old lady was helpless. Besides, young girls and rich men are not uncommon in society. Although everyone laughs, they actually have two jokes. It passed.
But this time, the trouble Qian Hongyan caused was different. Qian Hongyan really completely lost the face of the Xiao family.
What’s even more hateful is that someone took a video and posted it on the Internet. This time it’s finished. The entire Xiao family has become the laughing stock of Jinling.
But in any case, the old lady could not accept Ma Lan, a shameless bitch, and dared to laugh at herself!
So the old lady pointed at Ma Lan angrily, and cursed: “The surname is Ma, you quickly rip off all those green hats to me, otherwise don’t blame the old lady for being rude to you!”
“Yo!” Ma Lan curled his lips: “I bought these green hats with money. In my house, I can hang them wherever I want. Why do you think you are the old Xiao? Old lady? Let me tell you, in my house, you can’t even point fingers at me!”
After that, Ma Lan hurriedly changed her words: “You are impossible and not qualified to enter my house! If you continue to swear at my door, then I will call the police and let the police arrest you again!” ://m. Kanshu8. nest
When the old lady Xiao heard that Ma Lan wanted to call the police to arrest herself, she trembled with anger!
Although the two were angry, they were completely helpless.
If she doesn’t open the door to herself, she can’t rush in and beat her, right?
If you rushed in, you would break the law. If you call the police, you will definitely get caught.
Just when the mother and son didn’t know what to do, Ma Lan took a huge green hat from the side of the terrace and put it on her head, smiling and saying, “Oh, brother, look at this green hat, how festive. Look, this green one is greener than the leeks you ate two days ago?”
While talking, Ma Lan wore a hat on the terrace exaggeratedly.
Although her legs are not good yet, doing a few square dance poses is not a problem.
Her twist made Xiao Chang even more angry!
At this moment, Xiao Changgan was almost on the verge of collapse. He couldn’t wait to take a rocket launcher and blow up Ma Lan on the third floor terrace directly.
“Ma Lan, you fucking bitch, do you play this hand with me? Do you know what’s going to happen to me?”
Ma Lan smiled and said: “Your wife was pregnant by someone sleeping, isn’t the person sleeping with your wife doing well? What will happen to him? I just say a few words, and there will be no end! Hahahaha !”
Xiao Chang was angrily and frustrated: “Ma Lan! I’ll kill you sooner or later!”
Just when Xiao Chang’s dry blue veins violently, Ma Lan directly flicked the green hat, and the green hat fluttered directly on top of Xiao Changgan’s head. Xiao Changgan took a step back and the green hat fell on the ground.
Ma Lan clapped happily, and laughed loudly: “Oh, brother, look at this green hat and he knows you, so he will fly directly over your head. If you don’t hide, it can wear it on your head by itself! ”

Chapter: 1169
Xiao Changqian was really angry.
He jumped and scolded angrily: “Ma Lan, you bitch, are you looking for death?”
When Ma Lan heard this, he immediately smiled and said, “Big Brother, don’t you be angry, my pile of green hats cost hundreds of dollars, but they are all for you.”
After that, Ma Lan didn’t know where he took out a green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles doll, and said loudly, “Brother, look at this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, he doesn’t look like you, not only has his head green, but he is also very bearable. It’s the best portrayal of you, big brother, hahaha”
Xiao Changqian was almost mad, trembling all over, and even his voice became trembling: “You bitch, why don’t you die? You are so wicked that you are going to hell.”
Ma Lan chuckled: “Big brother, I kindly gave you so many hats. You even cursed me to go to hell. You are too kind to avenge me? But I have always been adults not remembering villains. These are more than twenty. All the green hats are given to you so that you can wear them for 20 consecutive days without repetition.”
Xiao Changqian was really helpless, so he gritted his teeth and said: “Okay you Ma Lan, wait for me, I will call the property to report you now!”
After finishing talking, I immediately called the property of Tomson Yipin Villa and blurted out: “I am the owner of a04. I now complain that the owner of a05 hangs uncivilized things on the terrace of the house. You can take care of it!”
After a short while, an electric car from the property drove over quickly.
Afterwards, four property managers got out of the electric car and asked: “Did you call the complaint?”
Xiao Changgan blurted out: “Yes, it’s me. I complained to the woman upstairs. Look at what she hangs up on the terrace!” Remember to read for a second
Ma Lan said coldly: “How come my own hat is hung on the terrace, can you still manage it?”
The four property managers also said helplessly after reading them: “This gentleman, the owner’s terrace is the owner’s private domain. In theory, no matter what it hangs, we can’t interfere unless it is illegal. But people It’s not illegal to put on a hat, it’s people’s freedom.”
“Because of your mother!” Xiao Chang whirled around dryly!
If these 20 green hats were hung here all day long, wouldn’t he be mad at Ma Lan?
Several property managers were scolded by him, naturally they were very dissatisfied, but they still said politely: “Excuse me, gentleman, this matter is not in the management of our property.”
After that, I got into the battery car and drove away.
Ma Lan laughed more wildly on the terrace: “Hahaha, Xiao Changgan, now you can’t help it, let me tell you, my green hats will always be hanging here, and I will buy another twenty of them tomorrow. Here, I let you open your eyes every day and you can see a lot of green hats fluttering in the wind, fluttering with the wind!”
“You, you” Xiao Chang was so angry that he almost vomited blood.
At this time, Ye Chen and Xiao Churan also walked to the terrace on the second floor and took a look. After they figured out what was going on, they both looked at each other helplessly and sighed.
Xiao Churan couldn’t help sighing: “Ye Chen, you said it’s not good for mom to do this.”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently, and said, “In fact, there is nothing good or bad. Didn’t they treat us too much before?”
“When they knew what problem we encountered, they also desperately mocked us.”
“You forgot that at the Tomson Yipin sales office, how did the family mock us?”
“And when your studio opened, didn’t they come to mock us too?”

Chapter: 1170
“Now that my mom wants to ridicule her back, I think it’s just to use her own way to treat her body. In the final analysis, it’s their own responsibility.

Xiao Changqian and Mrs. Xiao almost collapsed because of Ma Lan’s anger, but they couldn’t do anything about her behavior. They turned their heads away in anger.
Xiao Changgan cursed as he walked: “Damn Ma Lan, let me find a chance in the future, I must kill him!”
The old lady Xiao angrily said, “Don’t talk about her for now. Tomorrow we will quickly take the bitch Qian Hongyan to get rid of the bastard in her stomach. This is really a great shame that we have never seen in the Xiao family in a century!
Xiao Changgan also had a look of hatred, gritted his teeth and said, “Mom, don’t worry, I will go with her tomorrow!”
Back home, both Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei had just gotten up. They were in the living room, waiting for Qian Hongyan to cook, hungry.
Qian Hongyan had some money left from selling coffee machines last time. Today, she intends to ease the family relationship, so she bought a lot of fresh abalone and prepared an abalone feast for her family.
This pile of abalone cost thousands of yuan just for the ingredients, and to Qian Hongyan, it was indeed bleeding.
When the old lady Xiao saw Qian Hongyan buying back abalone, her first thought was that she was very happy. After all, she had good food to eat at noon.
But then the old lady thought of a detail and asked Qian Hongyan: “Where did you get the money to buy these abalones?” First website m.
Qian Hongyan lied and said, “A friend borrowed a little money while playing cards and never paid it back. Isn’t this tight on hand? I asked her to come over.”
Old Mrs. Xiao nodded gently, and said coldly: “Transfer all the remaining money to WeChat to my account. From now on, all the money in this family will be managed by me, including the money that Mr. Wu invested in our Xiao Group. , I also have the sole discretion to decide. If anyone dares to hide private money behind my back, sorry, please leave this house!”
Qian Hongyan immediately laughed and said, “Mom, don’t worry, I will transfer all the remaining money to you, and I won’t keep a single cent!”
The old lady Xiao looked at Xiao Changgan and said coldly: “Chang Gan, you hid more than 10 million private money before, but you didn’t want to give me life or death. In the end, all the money was lost, so from now on, if you dare to hide it again Private money, don’t blame me for being a mother, have you heard?”
Xiao Changgan nodded his head and said respectfully: “I know Mom, don’t worry, I won’t dare to hide private money anymore!”
The old lady Xiao nodded in satisfaction. It seems that the crisis of the Xiao family has helped to consolidate her position as the ruler of the family.
Soon, Qian Hongyan brought up a lot of various abalones.
Abalone feast, naturally every dish is abalone.
Steamed abalone vermicelli, as well as braised abalone, abalone sashimi, abalone soup, etc.
Because the ingredients are good, every dish tastes very good.
However, at the dinner table, Qian Hongyan herself had an ordinary bowl of Yangchun egg noodles, and she did not eat any abalone.
Xiao Weiwei was a little surprised, and asked her, “Mom, why don’t you eat abalone? Why don’t you eat a bite after doing so hard?”
Qian Hongyan is ashamed to tell the truth, how can she tell her daughter that she cannot eat seafood because of various venereal diseases.
So she can only say: “My stomach is not very good these past two days, and I can’t eat seafood.”
Xiao Changgan had just received a huge stimulus at Ma Lan’s place. He was so angry that he glared at her and said coldly, “As long as you want to eat seafood, you fucking serve it too! What the hell do you do with this seafood? Is that wild species?”

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