The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1191-1200

Chapter: 1191
After agreeing with Qin Aoxue that she would definitely go to watch her game, Ye Chen took her back to the banquet scene.
At this time, some guests came to the banquet site, and the atmosphere gradually became lively.
Old Song Song heard that Ye Chen was here, and he hurried out to say hello, but when he came out, Ye Chen had already gone out with Qin Aoxue.
As soon as Ye Chen went back, Mr. Song greeted him and said happily: “Oh, Master Ye, it has been gone for many days!”
Ye Chen looked at the Song family and smiled slightly: “Old Song, you are still very strong in spirit, have you been in good health recently?”
Mr. Song said with a grateful expression: “Master Ye, thanks to you, my dying old man can regain his second spring.”
Then he asked Ye Chen: “Master Ye, how are you doing these days?”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled: “I’m not bad, everything is the same.”
Mr. Song said cryptically, “Master Ye, you seemed a little unhappy with the Wu family before. Since the birthday banquet, the Wu family has not made things difficult for you, right?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “What can they do if they make things difficult, they are nothing more than a bunch of clowns.”
Mr. Song’s expression was full of admiration.
He knew that Ye Chen had the ability to reach the sky. Although the Wu family was the No. 1 family in the south of the Yangtze River, they still couldn’t handle Master Ye Chenye.
At this moment, Song Honor came over and whispered in the old man’s ear: “Grandpa, Master Kong from the Yanjing Kong family is here.”
Old man Song was surprised and said, “Master Kong is really here?”
“Yes.” Song Honor said, “Master Kong’s car has just entered the villa area and it is estimated to be here soon.”
Father Song nodded and said, “Call Wanting, let’s go out together to meet her.”
After finishing speaking, he turned around and said to Ye Chen with an apologetic look: “Master Ye, please forgive the old and bad greetings. There is also a distinguished guest coming from afar from Yanjing. I will go out to meet him.”
Ye Chen didn’t take it seriously, and nodded gently.
Chen Zekai on the side was a little surprised. He whispered to Ye Chen, “Master, the Kong family is in Yanjing. It is a second-class family. The overall strength of Yanjing can be ranked sixth or seventh. It’s a far cry, but their family’s assets add up to five or six hundred billion. The Song family is just in the early 100s. It stands to reason that the Confucian family should not look down on the Song family, knowing why their young master came here. .”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently, and said: “Although I don’t know the specific situation of the Kong family, with the strength of the Kong family, in a place like Yanjing where the dragon and the tiger are hidden, it is really difficult to go further. What do you think they will do if it is advancing?”
Chen Zekai thought about it carefully, and said: “If there is no way to advance locally, it can only spread to the surrounding areas.”
After speaking, he asked in surprise: “Master, do you mean that the Kong family might want to develop in Jinling?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Jinling is just a springboard, and the Kong family must have realized that this time is a good opportunity for southward development.”
“Because the Wu family has given up the position of the first family in Jiangnan, the key now is who will be the first family in Jiangnan. Although the strength of the Song family is slightly weaker, it is not without a chance.”
“If I were the custodian of the Kong family, then I would definitely find a relatively good family in Jiangnan, and then unite with him to help him become the first family in Jiangnan, and at the same time let him be loyal to himself and become his external power.”
“In this case, I am equivalent to having extended my tentacles into Jiangnan, and at the same time lay a foundation in Jiangnan.”
Chen Zekai said: “Master, I understand what you mean. It seems that this is the Confucian family. It should be because of the Song family and want to cooperate with the Song family.”
Ye Chen nodded: “The Kong family is here for Miss Song’s birthday party at this time. I guess they have deeper thoughts, and maybe even want to marry the Song family.”

Chapter: 1192
Chen Zekai frowned and said, “Master, if the Kong family is married, they may not be able to look at the Song family.”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “The key depends on the status of Master Kong sent by the other party in the Confucian family. If he is the eldest son of the Confucian family, then the possibility is really small, but if he is just one of many descendants. , And it may be the one who doesn’t show up very much. If he is sent to marry Song Wanting, the Kong family is not at a loss, right?”
Chen Zekai thoughtfully said: “According to what you said, it is indeed not a loss. The Confucian family seems to be quite prosperous. Among the young children of this generation, there should be six or seven males.”
Ye Chen said: “This intermarriage is like Tian Ji’s horse racing. The opponent’s overall strength is stronger than yours. It doesn’t mean that each of his horses is stronger than your best horse. Maybe his inferior horse is not as good as yours. Wait for the horse.”
Chen Zekai nodded again and again: “Master, what you said is very reasonable, I have been taught!”
Ye Chen waved his hand and smiled: “You have been cultivating in Jinling for many years. I believe you can still understand this point. Even if you don’t want to understand it for a while, you can figure it out clearly with a single sentence.”
At this moment, Paul, who was doing nothing with a wine glass not far away, really looked at Ye Chen with admiration.
He felt that Ye Chen had refreshed his impression of him again.
Because he didn’t expect that the entire upper class people in Jinling would even respect Ye Chen.
At this time, the one who followed Ye Chen and whispered to him was the spokesperson of the Ye family in Jinling. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Even he is so respectful to Ye Chen, which shows how much influence Ye Chen has in Jinling.
At this time, someone in the banquet hall suddenly shouted: “The third young master of the Yanjing Kong family is here!”
This sentence caused an uproar in the entire banquet hall.
The Yanjing Kong family can rank among the top 10 in Yanjing’s strength, with total assets of more than 500 billion yuan, a deep family background and superior strength.
In terms of asset size alone, the Kong family is at least five times the Song family.
The third young master of the Kong family unexpectedly came to Jinling to attend the birthday party of the Song family eldest, and everyone felt an unusual taste.
Some people even exclaimed: “Does the Kong family want to marry the Song family?”
Some people also said: “It is very possible that Miss Song is so beautiful, so temperamental, and capable, but in the eyes of Yanjing’s big family, she is definitely a good daughter-in-law!”
Chen Zekai said to Ye Chen, “Master, the third young master of the Confucian family is actually in a good position in the Confucian family.”
Ye Chen asked with great interest: “How to say?”
Chen Zekai explained: “The Confucian family had four males in the previous generation. Each of them has at least two children, and each of them has a son. This third young master is the only son of the second child of the Confucian family. Third, but strength and influence can be ranked second.”
Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “It seems that the Kong family wants to use their middle-class horse to fight the Song family’s superior horse.”
Chen Zekai smiled slightly and said, “I think Miss Song may not be able to see him.”
Ye Chen asked curiously, “Why did you say this?”
Chen Zekai said seriously: “Master, you shouldn’t fail to see it, Miss Song’s eyes have always been shining for you, a man. I believe Miss Song must like you very much. Get up, let alone the third young master of the Kong family, even if all the young masters of the Kong family add up, it’s not as good as you in case.”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said: “In the future, please don’t say anything like this. Miss Wanting is not yet married, and I am a married man. If you say this kind of words, it will affect her reputation. .”
“Understand.” Chen Zekai nodded and said, “Master, don’t worry, I will also tell you that.”

Chapter: 1193
Soon, a well-dressed young man walked in, surrounded by the Song family.
Song Honor and his father Song Tianming have been following the young man, and they seem to be very diligent.
Father Song and Song Wanting also followed, but Song Wanqing’s expression was a little cold.
Ye Chen looked at the young man, he was about 27 or 18 years old, his expression was very arrogant.
Chen Zekai on the side said calmly: “I see the third young master of the Kong family, it seems like a dragon came to the fish pond. He certainly would not have imagined that you, the real dragon, live in this small fish pond in Jinling.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, not commenting on what he said.
In fact, Ye Chen didn’t care. Others put on airs in front of him.
No matter how big other people’s airs are, it is their own business. As long as they don’t provoke them to pretend to be forceful, they don’t bother to control him.
The crowd exclaimed in exclamations, and no one expected that the third young master of the Kong family would actually come.
Among them, there are many Diaosi families who want to have a relationship with the Kong family. They look at the eyes of the third young master of the Kong family, like a greedy cat seeing the fishy. Remember to read in one second
The Song family accompanied the third young master of the Kong family into the banquet hall. Elder Song took the lead in bringing him to Ye Chen, and respectfully introduced Ye Chen, saying: “Three young masters, this is the famous master Ye Chen Ye from Jinling , Is someone Song’s lifesaver, just like you, they are young talents and dragons among the people.”
The third young master of the Kong family looked at Ye Chen, and felt that this kid didn’t seem to have any great place, and he was nothing more than an ordinary person in dress.
The third young master of the Confucian family was about to sneer Ye Chen with contempt, but he did not expect that with a glance, Yu Guang saw Chen Zekai.
The third young master of the Kong family naturally knew Chen Zekai, after all, Chen Zekai belonged to the Ye family.
Moreover, the Ye Family’s power is much stronger than that of the Confucian Family. Even the Confucian Family wants to curry favor with the Ye Family, so he was surprised when he saw Chen Zekai here.
Then he looked at Ye Chen again, and suddenly felt that Chen Zekai was here. This kid was surnamed Ye, so would he be the young master of the Ye family?
Thinking of this, the third young master of the Kong family said to Ye Chen politely: “Oh, it turned out to be Young Master Ye, who looked up for a long time. Some time ago, I wanted to go to the house to visit Ye’s house, but I haven’t been able to do so. I didn’t expect to see it here. Master.”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently and said, “This gentleman should have admitted the wrong person. I am not the young master of the Ye family, but my surname is Ye.”
The third young master of the Kong family hurriedly looked at Chen Zekai, and asked with some respect: “Mr. Chen, you are from the Ye family. Isn’t this the young master of the Ye family?”
Chen Zekai smiled and said: “You have also heard Master Ye say that he just happened to have the last name Ye.”
The Third Young Master of the Kong Family nodded, and when he looked at Ye Chen, his eyes were full of disdain.

Chapter: 1194
A so-called Master Feather Ye dare to compare himself with him, is he a shit?
Thinking of this, he was too lazy to talk to Ye Chen again, hugged Chen Zekai, and smiled: “I didn’t expect Mr. Chen to be here today. I was planning to visit Shangri-La tomorrow.”
Chen Zekai said lightly: “The Third Young Master is polite. I wonder why the Third Young Master has time to come to Jinling?”
The third young master of the Kong family glanced at Song Wanting and said with a smile: “My sister and Miss Wanting were classmates abroad back then. This time I came to Jinling to talk about cooperation with the Song family. But I heard that today is Miss Wanting’s birthday, so I came here early.”
With that, he took out a very exquisite gift box from his pocket. After opening it, a shiny ruby ​​necklace appeared inside. He said to Song Wanting, “Miss Wanting, I personally selected this necklace for you. A natural ruby ​​from Africa.”
Everyone looked into the box one after another, and saw that there was a beautiful necklace in the box, which was also inlaid with a crystal clear ruby ​​almost the size of an egg.
Many people present involuntarily exclaimed.
Everyone also knows the goods, knowing that this ruby ​​is extremely valuable.
Seeing that everyone was startled by his ruby ​​necklace, the third young master of the Kong family smiled triumphantly and said: “Miss Wanting should also know that ruby ​​is the most expensive of all gemstones. The price is one carat in the world. It’s going to sell for tens of thousands of dollars, especially for such a particularly pure ruby, and it has 26 carats. I also found Tiffany’s best master jeweler, polished this gem, and finished the setting. The price of this one is more than 20 million U.S. dollars, and I hope Miss Wanting will like it.”
Many people are envious, their eyes are almost falling off. First URL m.
It was incredible to receive a gift of 20 million US dollars on my birthday.
But Song Wanting didn’t seem to be interested in the necklace at all. She said calmly, “Master San, this necklace is too expensive, I can’t collect it.”
“Is there anything I can’t take?” The third young master of the Kong family said with a smile: “It’s nothing more than a string of necklaces. For the Kong family, it is just a drop in the bucket. I also think this necklace really matches Miss Wanting’s temperament. I bought it specifically for you, so Miss Wanting doesn’t have to be polite to me, just accept it.”
Song Wanting said with a serious face: “Master, you are too polite. As the saying goes, how can I accept such an expensive gift from you for nothing? I have taken your favor, but I still ask you to take this necklace Go ahead.”
The third young master of the Kong family suddenly looked a little gloomy, and asked her: “Miss Song, why are you and me so polite? This time, not only for your birthday, but also for the in-depth cooperation with your Song family. You If it is so polite at the beginning, how can this cooperation continue?”
Song Honor on the side hurriedly said: “Wanting, what do you want? The Third Young Master gave you such a good gift, how can you neglect the hard work of the Third Young Master? Don’t hurry up!”
Song Honor’s father Song Tianming also nodded again and again: “Wanting, don’t look at it. Whoever would give such a large gift on his birthday would be so generous.”
Song Wanting said stubbornly: “I know that the gifts of the Third Young Master are very generous, and I am very grateful, but I really can’t accept such an expensive gift. Please forgive me, the Third Young Master. If you have any comments on this necklace, please don’t get me wrong.”
Grandpa Song also came out at this time to make a round and said: “San Young Master, your gift is indeed too expensive. Wanting is embarrassed to accept it. It is normal. Please forgive me.”
The third young master of the Kong family frowned and asked, “Master Song, do you and Miss Wanting look down on me or our Kong family?”

Chapter: 1195
The third young master of the Confucian family suddenly began to attack, making Grandpa Song feel quite difficult.
He knew that the Song family was not as strong as the Yanjing Confucian family, so he was cautious and polite, but his politeness was only out of courtesy, and he didn’t really want to take this opportunity to build a relationship with the Confucian family.
After all, the old man has seen everything in the wind and rain in his life, so he can see at a glance what the purpose of the third young master of the Kong family came here today.
Regardless of how the Kong family wants to cooperate with the Song family, the third young master of the Kong family must have ideas about his granddaughter Song Wanting.
If it were put in the past, if the Kong family really wanted to marry the Song family, it would be too late for him to be excited.
But now I really have no interest in them.
Because in the eyes of Mr. Song, the best grandson-in-law candidate is Master Ye Chenye, who is close to him.
If Master Ye Shenye could become his grandson-in-law, he wouldn’t want to change even if he was the richest man in the world.
What’s even more rare is that my granddaughter is also enamored with Master Ye.
If it hadn’t been for Master Ye’s Rejuvenation Pill, I am afraid that I would be dead already, so how could I have such a healthy posture? Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
So in the eyes of Mr. Song, no one in this world can compare to Ye Chen.
Because what Ye Chen can bring to himself is precious life.
When Song Tianming next to him saw this, he was afraid that his father would offend Young Master Kong, so he hurried forward and said, “Oh, thank you so much, Master Kong, this gift is so precious, I must have liked Wanting too, but this child’s character is It’s relatively dull and doesn’t speak well, so I, as an uncle, took her to accept this gift, and thanked Master Kong for her!”
Song Wanting still wanted to talk, but Mr. Song winked at her.
Elder Song whispered in her ear: “Listen, don’t hit the smiley person, let’s accept it for now, and then return it to him privately after the banquet.”
Song Wanting nodded her head when she saw that grandpa said so.
Then, the third young master of the Kong family, accompanied by Song Tianming and Song Honor and his son, entered the banquet hall and took a seat.
The third young master of the Kong family has eyes above the top, and he has a heart for everyone and dismisses him. He only greeted Chen Zekai: “Mr. Chen, sit together?”
Chen Zekai wanted to see Ye Chen subconsciously, but he remembered that Ye Chen didn’t want to reveal his identity, and he was really not suitable for having too much open communication with him.
Just when he was about to reject the Third Young Master of the Confucian Family, Old Master Song on the side said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, let’s go together!”
There are six tables in the banquet hall, but one of them is the main guest table.
As the name suggests, the main guest table is for the host to entertain the most distinguished guests.
The old man of the Song family, with Song Tianming, Song Honor, and Song Wanting, sat in the ten-seat guest seat.
The remaining six seats will be ranked by seniority based on the strength of everyone present.
Song Tianming and Song Honor father and son naturally invited the third young master of the Kong family to take a seat, and Song Master invited Ye Chen to also sit at this table.
The remaining four seats were given to Chen Zekai, Wang Dongxue, Li Tailai and Qin Gang.
Although Wang Zhenggang’s strength was not bad, he was worse than Qin Gang, so he could not sit in the main guest seat.
Little Chili, although Qin Aoxue wanted to be with her father, sitting at the same table with Master Ye Chenye.

Chapter: 1196
But because the seats were full, she could only sit with Chen Xiaozhao.
Before the feast started, the old man stood up and said a word of thanks.
When speaking of thanking the guests in the thank-you speech, Mr. Song said as soon as he came up, “Thank you very much, Master Ye, for attending the birthday party of Mr. Song’s granddaughter today!”
As soon as Mr. Song said this, the third young master of the Kong family who was sitting in the main guest table, his expression turned black.
what the hell?
Is this Song family’s old man so ignorant of praise? He drove over to enjoy her granddaughter’s birthday party, but he didn’t put himself in the first place of thanks?
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but glance at Ye Chen at the same table.
This kid looked plain and unremarkable, and he had no idea why the Song family old man was so polite to him.
After the shoes thanked Wang Yecheng, they thanked the third master of the Kong family.
Seeing that he was actually robbed of the c position by Ye Chen’s unknown origin, the third young master of the Kong family felt angry. Remember to read in one second
At this moment, the old man Song finished his speech, so Song Wanting went up to thank him.
The dignified and majestic Song Wanting, like Mr. Song, is the first to thank Ye Chen when thanking guests.
When they talked, their big talking eyes looked at Ye Chen with affection, and said seriously: “Thank you very much, Master Ye, for taking the time to attend my birthday party in his busy schedule. I am flattered.”
After thanking Wang Yecheng, Song Wanting said again: “In addition to thanking Master Ye, Wanting also thanks all the friends who are here today, thank you for your support.”
After speaking, Song Wanting bowed to everyone.
The third young master of Kong’s nose is almost crooked.
Although the old man Song ranked himself second, he thanked him for his appreciation by naming him.
But when he arrived at Song Wanting, he didn’t even mention his name, completely conflating himself with others, which really made him angry.
At this time, he whispered to Song Honor next to him: “What is the origin of Ye Chen?”
Song Honor has always been very upset with Ye Chen, but he did not dare to neglect him. At this time, seeing that the third young master of the Kong family seemed to be dissatisfied with Ye Chen, he said in a smooth way: “This Ye Chen is our more famous door-to-door son-in-law in Jinling. At the same time, he is also a well-known Feng Shui master, who seems to be able to order Chinese medicine, so people call him Master Ye.”
After hearing this, the third young master of the Kong family couldn’t help but curl his lips: “What shit master Ye, who knows some feng shui, knows how to teach Chinese medicine, dare to call himself a master? This kind of parallel imports in Yanjing has long been known to be killed. Time.”
Song Honor hurriedly said: “What the Third Young Master said is that our Jinling is a small place, but you don’t think the place is small, but this temple is small and windy, and there are many kings in shallow water. Anyone who dares to call a true dragon in this pool .”
“Calling a true dragon in vain?” The third young master of the Kong family snorted coldly, raised an eyebrow and asked, “Does this Ye Chen claim to be a true dragon?”
Song Honor said in a low voice: “I don’t know if he claims to be himself, but in the rivers and lakes of Jinling, everyone is called the Real Dragon Leaf Master among others.”
The third young master of the Kong family sneered: “He is a real dragon on earth? My Kong Delong is also a dragon, and the dragon of the Kong family in Yanjing, I want to see today, who is the real dragon on earth!”
Song Honor hurriedly slapped a flattering: “If Ye Chen really compares with you, it will be so much inferior, I am afraid that you will not even be able to compare with you.”
“That’s natural.” The third young master of the Kong family glanced at Ye Chen with his nostrils in the sky, and sneered in his heart: “The smelly hanging silk from a small place dared to steal my limelight. Today, the young master crossed the river. Let’s get the operation done with you first, and let the old bastards in Jinling have eyes long, knowing who is the real dragon on earth!”

Chapter: 1197
Kong Delong wanted to compare Ye Chen in public, so he asked directly from the main guest seat: “Master Ye, right? I heard that you have a nickname called Real Dragon on Earth, is it true?”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently, and said indifferently: “The so-called real dragon in the world is also a nickname given by some friends in the world.”
Kong Delong sneered, and said with a bit of sarcasm: “Master Ye, Mr. Kong is very curious about what birthday gift you have prepared for Miss Wanting today? A real dragon like you is definitely unusual for a shot, right?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “To be honest, I didn’t know Miss Wanting before. I’m going to have a birthday banquet today. After I knew it for a while, I hurriedly prepared a little gift. It’s just a show of my heart. You can’t compare with Mr. Kong. .”
The more modest Ye Chen is, the more Kong Delong wants to slap him in the face in public.
So he clung to Ye Chen and didn’t let go, and asked, “Why is Master Ye so humble? I just want to know what gift you have prepared. You can tell everyone or show it, OK? ”
After speaking, Kong Delong said again: “By the way, since Master Ye is a Feng Shui master, let me first guess, is it a piece of talisman paper that Master Ye gave to Miss Wanting, or a talisman? ”
Ye Chen smiled faintly: “Mr. Kong is really smart, he’s very close.”
When Kong Delong heard this, he immediately smirked and said: “Our family has a subordinate who makes small commodities in Yiwu. I heard him say that the amulet sold at Yiwu Small Commodity Market is only a few cents apiece. How much does the master wholesaler cost? If the master Ye wholesaler is more expensive, then I can introduce this servant to meet you and provide you with a cheaper source of goods.”
Song Honor smiled when he heard this, his father Song Tianming also felt a little uncontrollable, but other people on the table looked a little ugly. First URL m.
After all, Ye Chen has always been respected by everyone. In everyone’s eyes, whether he is Master Ye or Master Ye, he is an incomparable and indesectable existence to ordinary people.
Now this Kong Delong dared to attack Ye Chen as soon as he came, making everyone feel a little unhappy.
Chen Zekai almost subconsciously wanted to slap Kong Delong directly. I don’t know any good or bad dog things, opening a pair of dog eyes and pretending to be coercive to my master is really fucking blind.
But thinking about it carefully, he resisted the urge again.
It is very simple to draw this Kong Delong, but once you are here and draw Kong Delong on the spot, then it is very likely that Ye Chen’s identity will be guessed.
Ye Chen was smiling at this moment.
He didn’t pay attention to Kong Delong at all.
If Kong Delong is more acquainted with his own well, he might as well let him pretend to be a force here.
But this guy actually provokes himself blindly, so he has to show him some color.
So Ye Chen quietly instructed Chen Zekai to take out his mobile phone and record the video secretly. Then he looked at Kong Delong and said with a smile: “Master Kong is really a dragon and a phoenix. The first time I saw him this day, I felt that Master Kong was very different, and Master Kong. The magnanimity of the shot really surprised me.”
Hearing Ye Chen’s compliment, Kong Delong’s smile became even thicker. He thought it was Ye Chen who confessed to himself.
Unexpectedly, Ye Chen immediately asked: “Master Kong said just now that the necklace you gave is worth 20 million U.S. dollars. I wonder if it is true or not?”
Kong Delong said in a arrogant and cold voice: “My Kong family is in Yanjing, and it is also the top ten family. A necklace of 20 million US dollars is not worth my fraud.”
Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “Then Master Kong, guess what, how much is the gift I gave Miss Song worth?”
Kong Delong sneered: “Although I didn’t see what you gave, I guess it will definitely not exceed 10,000 yuan.”

Chapter: 1198
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Master Kong, tell you the truth, the gift I gave is not only more than 10,000 yuan, but also much more expensive than your necklace.”
When Kong Delong heard this, his whole body suddenly became furious: “Where the hell are you, how dare you pretend to be in front of me?”
Ye Chen smiled and asked, “If the gift I give is really more expensive than your necklace, what do you say?”
Kong Delong snorted coldly: “So many people witnessed that if your gift is really more expensive than the necklace I gave, I will eat this necklace on the spot.”
Ye Chen clapped his hands and applauded, and said with a smile: “Very good, then it’s a deal.”
Kong Delong frowned and said, “Master Ye, if the gift you give is not as expensive as mine, what do you say?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “If it’s not as expensive as you, I will eat the set of tableware in front of you.”
When Kong Delong heard this, he laughed and said, “This set of tableware is made of bone china. What if you can’t eat it anymore?”
Ye Chen said calmly: “If I really lose, then even if this set of tableware is broken, I will eat a lot of it in my stomach.”
Upon hearing this, Song Wanting hurried to persuade Ye Chen: “Master Ye, why do you have to be familiar with him? Even if you really give Wanting a piece of paper, it is worth a thousand dollars in Wanting’s eyes.” Remember the website http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “Miss Song, don’t worry, I have always been sure about what Ye Chen does.”
Kong Delong saw that Song Wanting was so upholding Ye Chen, and his heart was annoyed.
Afterwards, he patted the table, stood up and applauded: “Okay! Master Ye really has the style of a master. There are so many people present today, then we will let them be a testimony. If the gift you give to Miss Song is really better than mine. If the gift is expensive, I will swallow the ruby ​​necklace I gave, but if the gift you give is not as expensive as I gave it, you won’t be able to swallow one less piece of porcelain for this set of tableware!”
Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “In this case, please ask Miss Song to take out the present from me.”
Song Wanting was a little worried, and took out the small gift box that Ye Chen gave to herself.
She hasn’t opened the gift box yet, so she doesn’t know what it contains.
Ye Chen said to Song Wanting a little apologetically: “Miss Wanting, I’m sorry to give you the gift, I want you to open it in person and show it to everyone.”
Song Wanting quickly and respectfully said: “Master Ye, you are too polite.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Then please Miss Wanting to open this gift box in public.”
When Kong Delong saw the gift box in Song Wanting’s hand, which was not as small as a ring box, he sneered and said, “With such a small size, even if you have no diamonds in it, my ruby ​​is expensive.”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Diamonds are just carbon elements. In my eyes, there is no essential difference between a diamond and a piece of coal, so why would I give Miss Wanting such a vulgar gift?”
When Kong Delong heard what Ye Chen said, his heart was immediately annoyed.
Ye Chen, this kid, it is clear that he is vulgar.
So he snorted coldly: “Don’t be silly here, let everyone see what the hell is your gift! I really don’t believe it. The things in such a small box can be worth more than 20 million US dollars of rubies. Expensive! This set of bone china tableware, you fucking have it!”

Chapter: 1199
At this moment, most of the people present gave Ye Chen a cold sweat.
Although everyone knows that Ye Chen is very good, and even has a lot of accomplishments in metaphysics, they really don’t believe that Ye Chen can compare to Kong Delong for this kind of purely more than money.
The strength of the Kong family is indeed much stronger than those of the Jiangnan family. From the perspective of the scale of assets, Kong Delong came to Jinling, that is, the Raptors crossed the river.
Because in Jinling, no one has beaten Kong Delong.
No one can beat him even in the whole Jiangnan.
Moreover, the $20 million ruby ​​necklace is almost at the top in the ruby ​​necklace.
Even an egg-sized diamond may not be worth so much.
So everyone was speculating about what exactly was in the little box Ye Chen gave Song Wanting that would make Ye Chen so confident that it would be more expensive than 20 million US dollars.
Song Wanting carefully unpacked the gift box at this time. When the small square gift box inside was exposed, everyone present became even more worried.
This kind of gift box does not look like a high-end thing, because the real good things, the gift boxes used for packaging, are also very elegant. Remember to read in one second
But Ye Chen looked like he was in a gift shop, and he bought one at random, which was worth a few hundred yuan at most.
At this time everyone thought Ye Chen was defeated.
After seeing the gift box, Kong Delong laughed disdainfully and said, “Master Ye, what is worth more than 20 million US dollars in such a broken box, is it a bit too cheap?”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “The value of a thing is not judged by its packaging, so although Master Kong is dressed well, your value may not be higher than those of ordinary people.”
Kong Delong asked with a cold snort, “What do you mean by the surname Ye? What do you mean, this young master is not as valuable as yours?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “It’s just an analogy. If you really want to think so, then I can’t help it.”
As he said, Ye Chen spread his hands helplessly, his face full of confidence.
Kong Delong was uncomfortable, but he didn’t bother to talk to him, so he said coldly: “Hurry up and let everyone see and see. I’m still waiting to see how you eat these utensils.”
Song Wanting looked at Ye Chen with a worried expression. At this moment, she didn’t know if she should open the gift box.
Ye Chen gave her a relieved expression and smiled indifferently: “Miss Wanting, since Master Kong thinks so, let’s open it and let him take a look.”
Song Wanting nodded and gently opened the lid of the gift box.
It doesn’t matter if you open it, a strange fragrance immediately rushes out of the gift box.
Mr. Song, who was sitting next to Song Wanting, felt like a lightning strike when he smelled this smell!
He is too familiar with this taste, because this is the magical rejuvenation pill that made him at least 20 years younger!
At this time, someone on other tables also exclaimed: “Oh my God, it is really a rejuvenation pill!”
“Master Ye’s handwriting is really too big, right? Miss Wanting’s birthday, he actually gave a rejuvenation pill?!”
“I really envy Miss Wanting, who can receive such grace from Master Ye!”
Many people who came to Song Wanting’s birthday party today have also attended the birthday banquet of the Song family.
Everyone saw with their own eyes the magical scene that happened when Mr. Song took the Rejuvenation Pill.
At that moment, everyone was full of ultimate desire for Rejuvenation Pill.
There is no doubt that everyone is rich, even if there is no Kong family so rich, but at least they have a lifetime of glory and wealth.

Chapter: 1200
Li Tailai, who was with the table, was shocked and speechless!
He is the richest man in Haicheng, and in terms of wealth, he is not much worse than the Song family.
And he has also reached old age this year, and he can obviously feel that his body is much worse than before.
This is irreversible no matter how much money is spent.
So he dreamed that he would have the opportunity to have a rejuvenating pill, even if he was asked to take out one tenth of his assets, he would not regret it.
Because he knows that apart from the rejuvenation pills, even if he spends several billion yuan, he cannot buy back 20 years of youth.
Macau gambling king Stanley Ho, he is really a very rich super rich, but he is over 90 years old, and there is no way he can buy back his youth.
The only thing he can do is to spend several hundred million to the hospital every year to let the hospital save his life.
However, the time bought from the hospital can only delay death. What if you live for two years, three years, or even five years?
The five years spent buying back several billions of dollars only continued his life and could not change his dying physical state. First URL m.
If it can make his body go backwards and return to a younger state in five years or even longer, then for him, let alone spend billions, even 10 billion is worth it.
At this time, what everyone sees is not money anymore, but things that are more important than money.
Such as time, such as youth, such as health, and life span.
So for them, there is nothing more fascinating for them than Rejuvenation Pill.
It is very rare that even a dying person will be able to restore health while prolonging life and prolonging life.
Even Song Wanting herself stared at this rejuvenating pill, so shocked that she couldn’t say a word!
She never dreamed that Ye Chen would give herself such a precious gift!
In my own eyes, the value of this rejuvenation pill is 10 times, 20 times, or even hundreds of times that of Kong Delong’s ruby ​​necklace!
Song Wanting’s eyes were instantly blurred by tears.
She looked at Ye Chen with affectionate eyes, choked and said, “Master Ye, how dare Wanting to accept such a valuable gift from you…”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said indifferently: “I will give it to you, and you will accept it. What’s the dare to accept?”
Elder Song, who was on the side, was so excited that he was about to faint.
After taking a rejuvenating pill, he has a more intense desire for rejuvenating pill.
After you have something, you will know how amazing it is.
After taking a rejuvenating pill, Mr. Song felt that the whole person was regaining his youth. Since then, he has been enjoying the magical taste brought by his 20-year younger body, while also looking forward to the opportunity to further improve his body. young.
At the same time, he was also worried that if 20 years later, he became the dying old man again, whether he could still ask for another rejuvenation pill from Master Ye.
After all, it has a life span of 20 years, and everyone will be crazy about it.
And now, Master Ye actually gave another rejuvenation pill to his granddaughter.
If you treat your granddaughter better, maybe your granddaughter will be willing to give yourself this rejuvenating pill!
Kong Delong found that everyone was shocked at that gray pill, which made him very upset.
So he snorted heavily and sneered: “Where did you get such a powerful pill with the surname Ye? Just this tattered thing, dare you say that it is more expensive than my ruby ​​necklace?!”

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